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  1. Price drop to $1000. Perfect plug & play system or even a second smaller system for someone. Happy to post Australia wide.
  2. Tell me about it. I am happy to negotiate on price if anyone really wants this, the exhaust can also be sold if someone wants it that much lol
  3. I should have mentioned that i am happy to post anywhere in Australia if your happy to cover the cost of shipping
  4. They are F1 extractors from a Redbull car, the last to use the Ferrari V8 Back on track here guys LOL
  5. Hey everyone, i have a great opportunity here for someone in SA to get into Hi Fi or even add a small second system. There is everything here for a great little plug & play Hi Fi. All are used but as new condition. No marks or scratches.I have origional packaging in perfect condition for the amplifier, CD player & speakers. - Usher S520 Loud Speakers - Marantz PM5004 Intergrated Stereo Amplifier - Marantz CD5004 CD player - Quality speaker cable (banana & spade terminations with screw fitting) - Quality RCA interconnect - Lovan steel stands I am only selling as i have powered monitors that get 95% of my listening time and this has just sat. Everything is as new & it is just a case of plug it all in, insert a CD and enjoy. A very good sounding system for the money. I would love to keep it but money is tight & i do not listen to it anywhere enough. I am sure there is someone out there who will use it more than i do. I am happy to deliver within 100kms of Adelaide's CBD and help set it all up. Looking for $1000 [Edit Price Drop]
  6. Shameless bump, surely more Stereo net members have Headphones systems to share
  7. Item: Pair of Mach5 IXL 10's (dual 2ohm) Location: Adelaide, SA Price: $400 plus postage for the pair Item Condition: 1 is brand new in sealed box, other was in my wife's car off 400w for about 6 weeks. Reason for selling: No use for them Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These were the last 2 left in the country, purchased them with the intention of building a sub for my home theatre, but time constants have gotten in the way and never got around to it. Pictures:
  8. For what its worth i really liked my ES7's and i was very disappointed when i damaged them beyond repair recently. They come on a small carry pouch which i found i could wrap the cable around my Ipod classic and then store it protected in the pouch along with the headphones. I found them to very comfortable and fitment was snug enough that i could jog in them. As for the sound they are a very musical lively sounding set of headphones with strong yet reasonably well defined bass. They are reasonably sensitive too and i never had any problems driving them from my ipod. After 3 years of hard use the earpads were starting to wear but the cups still looked great and they provided me with years of service, i couldn't recommend them more as a set of transport/portable headphones
  9. Looking good Ryan. Its nice to see completed pictures up here. If your interested you could always make up another baffle that would recess the drivers and maybe even put a bit of a round over around the face of the drivers?
  10. And yet i only spoke with someone in the industry the other day who had experienced better sales last period than the one before and was expecting better again this year. While i completely understand the state of the industry at the moment its not all doom and gloom.
  11. I cannot think of anything pro audio off the top of my head that is balanced with a DAC, most 'pro' audio headphone amplifiers (think SPL Phonitor etc) are simply headphone amplifiers. The only unit that really springs to mind at under A$1000 that is both a DAC and balanced is the GD Audio http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB10XLR/NFB10WMEN.htm However you could not buy it locally, price would be a bit over $800 shipped with the current exchange rate though.
  12. Ok well an update of sorts... Thanks to this little Fella my AKG headphone cable has seen better days, thankfully he does not seem to like techflex cables but small soft rubber and its game over. So i decided to get a Mini XLR and 6.5mm plug and make a replacement. The cable is simple Jaycar 4 core microphone cable with a Amphenol 6.5mm plug and mini XLR. Against the original Amphenol plug against the OEM 3.5 with screw on 6.5mm adapter. ] Mini XLR's, photos are deceiving as to how small these things really are. One more photo... The really interesting thing is on the OEM cable i could measure 0.5Ohm of resistance which surprised me over 3 meters. I cannot get the multimeter to pick up resistance in the new cable. I have not had a chance to do any back to back listening but i might to see if there is any audible difference between a cable that read 0.5ohms and one that reads 0.0ohms on my multimeter. Interesting point, i think an OEM AKG headphone cable was $50 for 3 meters, i made the replacement for about $15 and im certain that its higher quality than the OEM cable. Hopefully ill have some new equipment to update this thread with soon
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