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  1. Still ignoring the bit about the fixed camera database that all the apps use I see but I'll keep the false sense of security bit in mind next time Waze notifies me of a mobile speed camera that wasn't there half an hour ago or a rozzer lurking in the shadows 😉
  2. Waze only gives you a notification for fixed speed cameras that aren't also red light cameras if you are approaching them near or over the posted speed limit. This would obviously apply to cameras in a tunnel. East Link, Princes Hwy, who knows but I use the Ring Road and Peninsula Link often and it never fails to notify of fixed speed cameras or the presence of average speed camera sections. Perhaps a settings issue with your installation or an outdated version of the program. Google certainly didn't pay us $966 million for an app that doesn't work. And kudos to you for never exceeding the speed limit and/or knowing where every fixed/mobile/average speed camera is.
  3. I haven't noticed too many errors or omissions with Waze and I'm pretty sure the fixed camera locations use the same database all the other apps use and it's all the other stuff like road hazards, mobile speed cameras and rozzers that are user reported. I do also run TomTom SpeedCameras and Magic Earth so between the three of them I doubt much is being missed.
  4. Reflections at St. Collins Lane, Melbourne
  5. I've never used cruise control even though all our recent cars have ACC. The audible warnings that Waze gives me are enough of a hint to ease off.
  6. Wow, no more charging for CarPlay. Next thing you know you'll be able to use Android Auto 😉
  7. In your first post you said most of your usage is during the day. Get onto your electricity supplier, not your retailer and get your actual usage data. They do it by the quarter hour I think. Base your system requirements on this. Best return for solar is to use the power you generate, not from pie in the sky returns from feed in to the grid.
  8. Thanks Awty, the trick is not falling down the escalator 🙂
  9. This is probably a bit out there for you guys but it was a creative photography workshop so when in Rome. Nikon D750 + Nikkor 24mm f/1.8G @ f/5.6 ISO100 10sec + Hoya NDx400 filter. Camera on escalator step. Not that easy to do 🙂
  10. 60 LG panels, impressive. Very nice installation. We run LG panels and Enphase inverters on our systems.
  11. Annual DIY-ers 7:45pm Wednesday 11th December Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading Melway Map 48 Ref G9 Contact: 9437 1249 It's that time of the year again when the DIY members get to show off their Hi-Fi projects at the December General Meeting. This year we have two distinct systems to listen to, one based around a full range speaker and the other a conventional 3way box design. Our first system is a 'one man band' of DIY projects. Mark H has been busy over the year building a number of electronic components. Starting off with the front end, a 'Raspberry Pi' music server running into a homemade DAC, using the AK4497EQ DXD chip. The Grand Fidelity tube preamp in a SRPP (active load), takes care of the analogue signal with its pair of gorgeous looking 6SN7 sphere valves. The amplifier of choice for the night will be his 180 Watt compact Tripath Class D power amp in a retro looking wood Cheek enclosure. The speakers are also built by Mark, using a single full-range driver the 'Mark Audio' 12P (8") in a slimline mini tower enclosure. With an efficiency of 92dB, these speakers should easily fill the Willis room with plenty of sound. Our second system for the night is based around the classic looking JBL L 100's. With a 12inch base driver in a sealed box, the speaker comprises of a 4inch Aluminium Midrange from SB Acoustics and a 1inch fabric dome tweeter. All mitre cuts and routering was professionally done to pre finished boards. The idea being, something easy to put together, and no complicated or expensive finishing process. The speakers will be driven with another Class D power amp based on the 100W Sure Electronics module, with a valve pre amp using a pair of 6j1's. Is there a theme here? Source material for the night will be from a SACD player. Each system will have an allotted time of 45minutes, to give each presenter plenty of time to explain their gear as well as play some music. Looks like we will have an interesting evening. Nick Karayanis, Program Co-Ordinator. Ken Tripp Wise and Wonderful Webmaster Melbourne Audio Club, Inc. http://www.melbourneaudioclub.org.au
  12. We heard it as we walked across Princes Bridge. Bit of a rush to get to the platform. Nikon D750 + Nikkor 70-200mm f/4
  13. Rockian Trading and Osborn Loudspeakers 7:45pm Wednesday 20th November Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading Melway Map 48 Ref G9 Contact: 9437 1249 Once again we thank Greg and Yvonne Osborn for providing superb audio equipment to demonstrate some of the recordings we distributed in 2019. As usual Beverley's bazaar will have a selection of recordings for sale to MAC members at special prices, and some particular bargains will be offered from the Rockian Trading catalogue. As many MAC members know we recorded and produced our own CD of The Delmatics rock and roll band in June and we were privileged to play some of the music live to the members at the July meeting. Although the band members all enjoyed the evening they thought it was the most demanding performance we have made in a very long time. Instead of playing to a room full of dancing people singing along with the familiar songs, we were on stage before a seated audience of audio and record enthusiasts. It was like, "Being under the microscope," according to one band member. It was fun, thank you. We have almost sold enough CDs to cover our production costs, so further purchases by MAC members will be most welcome And, although it may not be immediately obvious, The Delmatics is an audiophile album. Put the CD on a good, big system, turn it up loud and enjoy what The Delmatics actually sound like live. (And perhaps you can also dance a little.) As always there have been changes in our industry. Mobile Fidelity have shifted their recorded music output from quantity to quality. Instead of releasing ten or more 180gram LPs and SACDs per annum, this year they have produced three 180gram LPs, about five SACDs, and three One-Step double LP Box Sets. Time at the quality pressing plants has become precious so they are trying to make the best of a limited resource. We are waiting, impatiently for the anticipated release of four more Dire Straits albums. Cala Records sold-out to another British label that already have distribution in Australia. This meant no more new releases from the label. Cala Records founder, chief conductor and CEO, Geoffrey Simon, has partnered with his brother to return to the Simon family tradition of commercial property building and development. Geoffrey is the son of Leo Simon, the founder of LU Simon Builders Pty Ltd. NMC continue to supply us with contemporary classical works from The United Kingdom. Besides their own brand they also provide a number of other small independent, modern labels. Some challenging material and some rewarding gems on CD, and recently on LP and compact cassette. Opus 3 Records have released a few new recordings and re-masters from past efforts. These days Jan-Eric is kept busy making and distributing his "Open- Reel Tapes." This is not a format we have really embraced. Open Reel Tape is too limited in Australia and too expensive for normal distribution. Almost all reel-to-reel tape is purchased direct from the producer by the end user. Thankfully ATMA Classique record and promote a growing list of great Canadian artists and repertoire. Their releases can be very interesting because the Quebecois are reputed to be more French than the French, and the Impressionist composers are interpreted with great passion. Recent releases from Reference Recordings have provided me with a number of what I classify as "goose-bump" moments. Their recent double LP release of The Dallas Winds performing "John Williams at the Movies" has several such moments and their SACD of the Hermitage Trio performing Rachmaninoff piano trios is passionate Russian virtuosos performing passionate Russian repertoire. And, Reference Recordings have provided me with another "Organ Recording." Several of their releases on Fresh! from RR have also provided some interesting and rewarding listening. Stockfisch Records from Germany continue to produce interesting new recordings released on both SACD and quality LP. They have also exposed two more "Analog Pearls," gems from the Stockfisch Records tape vaults. Of particular interest to me is the latest collection of Allan Taylor songs released on his second In The Groove LP. This is of particular interest to me because I recently uncovered, in my own LP library, Taylor's first recording from 1971 titled "Sometimes." His beard is gone, his hair colour has faded and his tone has dropped a full octave. I thank the club for inspiring me to spend the best part of a week to playing the best recordings released through Rockian Trading this year. I hope to provide MAC members with some interesting listening and commentary. Rockian Trading continues to supply Mobile Fidelity, Chesky Records, NMC Records, ATMA Classique, Reference Recordings and Opus 3 Records through stores like Readings Books and Music. We also provide audiophile labels to specialist stores like Quality Records in Malvern, Greville Records in Prahran and Audiophile Reference Recordings in Cheltenham, as well as to hi-fi stores like Tivoli Hi Fi in Hawthorn, Audiophile in Heidelberg Heights, Audio Trends in Ringwood and a number of other specialist stores all around Australia. Ian Hooper - Rockian Trading Ken Tripp Wise and Wonderful Webmaster Melbourne Audio Club, Inc. http://www.melbourneaudioclub.org.au
  14. As of today... https://nikonrumors.com/2019/11/12/first-set-of-rumored-specifications-for-the-nikon-d750-camera-replacement-d760.aspx/ Here is the first set of rumored specifications for the Nikon D750 camera replacement: The Nikon D750 replacement will not be called D760 - it will have a higher model number (between D760 and D800, maybe 770 or 790) It will be a merge of the D700 series and the D800 series (not sure what that means - maybe in terms of functionality) 24MP BSI sensor 4k video support (no 4k 60fps), 1080p 120fps Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth No built-in flash Higher ISO (better than the D850) 2x UHS-II SD memory cards Between 51 and 153 AF points - one number that I was given is 105 AF points Touchscreen An updated interface like the Z -series Slightly smaller and lighter body than the current D750 To be released in 2020 (it could be as early as January-February, but this is not confirmed) 24MP BSI sensor, 2 SD cards and more AF points sound good to me.
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