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  1. Might not be Pretoria's but no doubt there will be a 19" wheel option to go along with other weight adding options like the bigger stereo with sub, electric leather seats and sunroof. The new DCC can be dialed in softer than "Comfort" which is fine if looks are more important than performance. Other than on the track the current Mk7.5 GTI is already sprung too tight for 19" rims if your run the DCC is "Sport" mode but as anyone who drives one fast knows they handle much better with 18" rims.
  2. You can put stiffer bushes in the torque arm to reduce tramp, pretty simply job for a i30N Powerflex for one make three different grades.
  3. Rats attacked one of our cars a few years back. Chewed up the bonnet lining, some wiring, some hoses and even attacked the brake master cylinder. Close to a couple of thousand dollars all up. Insurance company didn't even blink, apparently fairly common, although more so further north.
  4. And from the previously posted six things... "On the hardware front, the Mk8 nicks the more rigid, marginally lighter aluminium subframe from the last-gen GTI Clubsport S, the front spring rate is up five per cent and various other suspension components have been reconfigured. Meanwhile the rear axle gets a new wishbone bearing and spring setup, as well as new damping bearings and hydraulics. Here the spring rate has been increased by 15 per cent, which is a lot." Good upgrade. I wonder what rear bar we'll get.
  5. The bad news: Golf Mk8 now due here in early 2021 rather than late 2020 as planned. The good news: The GTI will be released here at the same time as the rest of the models and not later as planned.
  6. McLaren using Renault engines consistently beating Renault last year was telling.
  7. McLaren it is. Alonso to Renault?
  8. Top Gear: 13th May. Six things you need to know about the Mk8 VW Golf GTI https://www.topgear.com/car-news/hot-hatch/six-things-you-need-know-about-mk8-vw-golf-gti#1
  9. Hopefully the Yanks will get a proper GTI this time.
  10. Yay, Nurburgring is out of lock down and to celebrate a new clip because I know how much you're all enjoying them. From just a couple of days ago a boring and totally unexciting to drive FWD Golf GTI TCR with a few suspension tweaks but a STOCK engine chasing down a BMW M2 Competition, that's the 400HP twin turbo 3 litre straight 6 one. And how's that dick in the Porsche, typical.
  11. If only there was a new car I wanted to buy 😞
  12. At least you're not up for an outrageously priced Oettinger split rear spoiler.
  13. It could certainly do without those fake rear vents.
  14. Not surprising as Hyundai tried to make a Golf Mk7
  15. I don't mind the electrically-assisted racks in the Golf's, variable ratio and you can change the weighting. The lighter more nimble R is the GTI. The stripped down GTI was the Clubsport and more recently the Clubsport-S.
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