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  1. Another Top Gear review and from another Ollie but this time for the Clubsport version, albeit a non DCC version which is a bit odd. "Overall I enjoyed it. The ride and handling are about exactly where I’d want them and front end traction is improved enough that I wondered if I’d have this over the forthcoming Golf R. We haven’t driven that yet, but I bet the lighter, front drive Clubsport is every bit as fast as the R in almost all conditions, and presumably a bit sharper overall. It really does enjoy being hustled. Well, the chassis does at least." https://www.topgear
  2. It is priced in Australia from $59,900. https://thedriven.io/2021/01/11/personality-plus-mini-electric-hatch-fits-right-in-the-big-bling/
  3. I am serious, I like it, it looks way better than stock, not to mention some serious aero for the track, but I'm not a 22 year old Asian. They also make a Mk7 Golf kit, only $8,500 😉
  4. Looks real good with the wide body kit fitted. Not so keen on the $12,900 price tag though. https://www.garage88.com.au/product/pandem-rocket-bunny-wide-body-kit-package-for-toyota-yaris-gr/
  5. 1st Drive GR Yaris - Honest opinion 2021 Toyota @Evolve Automotive
  6. From a VW facebook page... European Autotech Suburb & State: Mona Vale, NSW Mullerhaus Suburb & State: Strathfield South, NSW Southern Eurotech Suburb & State: Kirrawee, NSW German Performance Garage Suburb & State: Castle Hill, NSW Carbon Autohaus Suburb & State: Silverwater, NSW A1 Autohaus Suburb & State: Ryde, NSW Autotechniker Suburb & State: Wetherill Park, NSW
  7. The CO2 numbers for ICE vehicles would appear to be a rather high with not a single car with less than 300g/mile. Must be an American issue although they did say calculated not measured. Average CO2 emissions for passenger cars in Europe 118.5g/km (192g/mile), not so good here at 171.5g/km (278g/mile), 2017 figures. https://www-cdn.rac.com.au/-/media/files/rac-website/about-rac/public-policy/vehicle-co2-emissions-information-sheet.pdf
  8. Banned for depicting unsafe driving 😉 Despite these precautions, the Australian Advertising Standards Board noted a scene in the advertisement "showing a white vehicle leaving a shed and appearing to lose traction in the back tyres". The Australian Advertising Standards Board "considered that the action of losing traction in the rear of the vehicle would be considered to be a loss of control of the vehicle" and "considered that the advertisement did depict the vehicle engaging in unsafe (driving) which would be likely to breach relevant law were it to occur on a road or
  9. The Most Powerful Car in the World eventually gets driven around an unpaved car park at walking pace. Congratulations supercar blondie for making it onto the Golgafrinchan Ark Fleet Ship B passenger list.
  10. The twin LSD versions should be quicker off the mark. I suspect the "drag" was a rolling one in which case the R would be at a disadvantage due to it's weight. Even a standard GTI will give an R a scare once on the move.
  11. Posted today on a FB group and FWIW a Stage 1 Mk7 R puts out around 260kw and 450nm and should do 0-100km in the mid 4's 😉
  12. I wouldn't mind living in France, somewhere down south perhaps. The problem is other European countries are heading down the same route and if car makers can't sell ICE cars then they won't make them and we won't get them here. Sadly that is probably the plan.
  13. https://www.evo.co.uk/hot-hatchbacks/203347/hot-hatchbacks-under-threat-new-french-car-tax-laws-and-what-they-mean-for "France has taken another swipe at the performance car, with its already-severe CO2-based taxes in some cases more than doubling for 2021. The increases will result in a new Renault Mégane RS costing its first owner as much as €10,488 in CO2 tax on top of its €40,700 price tag."
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