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  1. I doubt you'll ever see that but the Group 3E production class comes closest although the permissible mods list is extensive.
  2. Perhaps they could just make the races shorter 😉
  3. I still enjoy the racing even though a couple of teams, as they always have done, dominate the results. Interesting times for the series, having dropped the V8 in order to open the door for other configurations and makes, will that happen. The current cars are fast so it would be a shame if it devolved into something like the BTCC which every year gets closer to production racing for 2L 4 cylinder cars. Or on the other extreme the DTM with their 1000kg, 4L V8 600HP, all aero monsters. At least our current cars look similar to what's on the road even though they share nothing in common with a production car.
  4. " On the road, in the real world, though, Watson reckons the new BMW M135i is likely a bit quicker. Thanks to its new all-wheel drive system that’s mostly front-biased, it feels a bit more stable and is easier to drive quickly through corners. While the old car is a bit more tail-happy and more of a hooligan. That’s hilarious good fun but it’s not as quick. "
  5. You could be right. Down on power and slightly heavier (how?) but on our dirty roads and especially in the wet you'd probably benefit from the extra grip.
  6. Well that would explain the maximum 50% rear split. A bit of a backward step then.
  7. If you pulled it out of the box you could ignore the arrows indicating to store and ship vertically 😉
  8. It is full time AWD so better than a Haldex system but it's front biased with a maximum of 50% going to the rear rather than the usual xDrive with it's 60:40 split and the ability to send the power anywhere. You do get an LSD but only in the front. So not that different or better than VW. The AWD drive system in the new Yaris makes all the Europeans look a tad stupid. Grip is always an issue. It sure does
  9. Yeah, well copy the best 🙂 That and the reality of everyone moving to hybrid/electric in the near future. It is a quicker than the 140i, straight line and in the twisty bits but like most BM's overpriced as you can get an AMG A45S for not that much more money.
  10. Pure Music Group: OAD & ATC 7:45pm Wednesday 19th February Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading Melway Map 48 Ref G9 Contact: 9437 1249 This month we welcome back Warwick Freemantle from the Pure Music Group. It was two years ago when Warwick introduced to the club, a new range of Australian designed and made electronics from Open Audio Design. Jon de Sensi, the chief designer and owner of OAD, has developed a new stand-alone Phono Stage for the Australian market. The OAD UP1 Phono Stage is a two-box device with a separate power supply. The main box contains the electronics with two separate boards for each channel. One of the design criteria for the UP1 was to provide enough gain so that it would suit even the lowest output moving coil cartridges. A general MM 40dB gain or MC 60dB is the first step, then a separate set of dip switches are provided for an additional 20dB of gain, in 5dB increments. Six cartridge impedance loading switches are provided along with three capacitance settings, ensuring that you can match almost any cartridge to your system. Warwick will be demonstrating the phono stage with a Kuzma Stabi S turntable with a Stogi S arm. This minimalistic turntable features a heavy cross-shaped tubular brass chassis that uses rubber O rings for decoupling purposes, doing away with the conventional suspended sub-chassis. The rest of the system will feature the ATC CDA2 Mk2 CD player/DAC/Preamp. With both CD playback and plenty of inputs - both analogue and digital - the unit can accommodate all your additional sources. Designed to drive long cable runs when connected to active speakers, the CDA2 Mk2 makes a perfect match to a pair of ATC SCM50 ASL speakers. These 3-way floorstanders house the famous ATC 3" Soft Dome Midrange driver. A 25mm Tweeter takes care of the high frequencies while the 234mm/9" Bass driver incorporates ATC's unique Super Linear Magnet technology. Each driver has its own dedicated and individually matched amplifier manufactured in-house, totalling 350 Watts per speaker. Looks like we will have another full house for the night, don't be late. Nick Karayanis, Program Co-Ordinator. Ken Tripp Wise and Wonderful Webmaster Melbourne Audio Club, Inc. http://www.melbourneaudioclub.org.au
  11. It only takes a few seconds to plug a phone in and with Android Auto once Bluetooth kicks in the phone and car do their stuff and launch all the apps without any input from me. iOS needs a bit more work but still pretty quick and simple. Golf 8 is wireless. Yay.
  12. CNY Melbourne on Sunday - Dia Loong Association's Dragon Parade. Lt Bourke Street looking long and steep
  13. CNY Melbourne on Sunday - Dia Loong Association's Dragon Parade. A tad fewer people there this year 🙂 In the thick of it
  14. They're tram tracks mate although some of our trams are the length of a light rail train 😉 He was just one happy dude and had danced his way and posed for photographers all along the Bourke Street Mall. Thought I'd get a candid shot from a distance.
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