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  2. Didn't think you could get one of those for $50k. Still don't understand why you think the Yaris is ridiculous though. A compact and affordable hot hatch with some serious mechanicals including a proper AWD system unlike what the Germans give us.
  3. Looks like a fun car to me. Perhaps I'm not old enough.
  4. Yeah I did get that, hence the "Will a 8 speed DCT broaden it's appeal, time will tell. " bit.
  5. Speed wise they got near it, some would say past as the i30N sure is quick and a fun car to drive. Will a 8 speed DCT broaden it's appeal, time will tell.
  6. Apparently SUV's now account for 45% of new car sales in Australia. So the first EV from VW to be sold here will be the ID.4 which is a SUV and due here sometime in 2022 or as late as 2023 rather than the ID.3 that you can already order in Europe.
  7. Volkswagen Group executive Herbert Diess hosted Tesla CEO at the Braunschweig Airport. Elon Musk during his visit to Germany was invited to test drive probably the main competitor of the Model 3: the VW ID3. The first overall impressions was good, although Musk didn't like the acceleration, which, as Diess mentioned is not a big problem for a non-sport car.
  8. Battery gauge was still green but yeah he had commented on the tyres. There is only so much a square setup set of 275/35 19" Michelin Cup 2's can do with 1800kg. He did appear to be chasing them pretty hard afterwards though.
  9. He had to slow down when he moved off the racing line to let them pass otherwise the next corner would have been a problem. Respectful driving at the Ring. Faster cars come up behind you, you let them pass. They did disappear off into the distance despite the Tesla being bloody quick in a straight line. 😉
  10. Bloody YouTube, go there to watch a Tesla clip and end up watching a whole heap more. This was posted a week ago and not bad for a stock engine (195kw) Golf GTI Clubsport in a lot of traffic. So nice to hear an engine and not an annoying passenger 😉
  11. That is a long list of mods but still pretty impressive, although he did get passed by a Golf GTI 😉
  12. That may limit sales but some will no doubt think manual only is a good thing considering the rest of the specs for the car. And then there's the real men drive manuals and all that nonsense. Manual only didn't appear to hurt Hyundai i30 N sales although they've now introduced an 8 speed DCT as an option for the new model.
  13. Nah, that was a Yaris YR. Completely different 😉
  14. Compared with the regular Yaris, the new machine has an entirely different body, with a lower roof, three doors instead of five and significantly reworked bodywork to aid aerodynamics. The bodywork makes extensive use of carbonfibre polymer and aluminium to reduce weight. It also includes a substantially wider rear track than the regular Yaris, along with new double-wishbone rear suspension. Kerb weight is 1280kg. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/toyota-gr-yaris-hot-hatch-2020
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