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  1. Thanks. Did Solder successfully. Followed advice above. Took a lot of heat but all worked afterwards. Will think about crimping for next time Probably with a quality crimping tool... Thanks again.
  2. Thanks..was thinking that soldering was used for a reason in the original design. Replacing original with Solid State 50A original was 35A. Appreciate the advice. Steve
  3. I need to replace a module type 35A ( or maybe 50A ) bridge rectifier in a salt chlorinator power unit. Old one is soldered. A lot of heat was required to melt the solder on the old one due to the bulky cables used. Just concerned about applying too much heat when re attaching. Am wondering if it is advisable to use female spades or is soldering the only option? Thanks Steve
  4. If no one buys entire collection... could I have : Gary Numan The Best of Gary Numan $5.00 Radiohead Kid A $5.00 Radiohead Hail to the Thief $5.00 Radiohead In Rainbows $7.00 Gatefold Card Edition Foldout Radiohead Pablo Honey $5.00 Nirvana In Utero $5.00 Thanks
  5. I am using iPad. I gave up on 8 Player..then tried: PlayerXtreme mconnect Free mconnectHD Currently use mcontrol HD ( mainly from NAS to UEMegabooms via iPad ) Had to pay a small fee for some but have a look around at reviews and experiment with a few and see how you go. Interested if you find anything better than mcontrol HD for the price. Too bad JRiver don't do a cut down version for this sort of usage on the likes of iPad etc
  6. Item: CD's Location: Sydney 2118 Price: $8 each including postage ( or $6 each if picked up ) Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Clearing excess Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, money transfer Extra Info: Pick up welcome or post within Aust. Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour Melissa Etheridge - The Awakening Madonna - MDNA Metallica - Six Feet Down Under EP Nina Simone - The Platinum Collection Sheryl Crow - Detours
  7. Thanks for responding. I bought a card reader/writer this a few hours ago that took the Smart media card. Have just copied over the firmware and updated the Roland successfully only 15 mins ago. It was a generic 52 in 1 usb card reader.
  8. Have a Fuji Film Smart Media card that I want to put some firmware on to update a Roland MC909. Having trouble getting a smart media card reader writer to do the job. Have bought off ebay but although the ad claims they do smart media an adapter is needed. Anyone know of a brand that definitely does handle these old memory cards? Preferably USB based.
  9. Off topic? OP contained the following: "Also I am looking to put a considerable solar system on the roof (~5-8kW) again thinking from an audio perspective am I better of trying to put that power back into the grid and draw it back, or should I opt for a battery storage system and go that way." As to the article from Choice's accuracy I guess its up to the reader to weigh it up.
  10. Just throwing this into the mix...maybe this is worth a read (especially the comments) about Tesla storage batteries... https://www.choice.com.au/home-improvement/energy-saving/solar/articles/tesla-powerwall-payback-time
  11. As per Pete.. If you can find the specs on the Nippon, try and: 1. Choose the same value 2. At least the same voltage maybe go up a little if physically possible. 3. Same ripple voltage or better 4. Same ESR value or close to it especially for sensitive equipment 5. Same TAN theta value as close. 6. Same or better max temp rating ( and min temp if you plan to go to the snow ) 6. Same physical size or maybe a little bigger if it fits . But the container shape and size has a slight effect on the specs. Basically most the manufactures publish their specs. Try and get as close as possible to the original to avoid possible intermittent problems. Only Nippon types seem to be on ebay out of China.. eg. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sale-1-X-Nippon-50V10000UF-Snap-In-LOW-ESR-For-AUDIO-Capacitors-NEW-10000uF-50V-/181208484625?hash=item2a30de0b11:g:ErgAAOxyuMVSDG4D Besides RS ( at Smithfield ) you could try Element14 ( they also ship and you can collect if you are near Chester Hill ) Good luck
  12. Ok just to finish off this topic...the caps did the job..caps $9. Lessons...some of the plastic locking clips that retain the cables are very fragile mainly near the hot areas. Not really recommending this for anyone not familiar with equipment repair and the need to be cautious and observe all relevant safety precautions. Thanks for everyone's advice.
  13. Ended up getting Panasonic EEU-TP1V471B ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR, 470UF 35V 12.5mm x 20mm. It was the closest available for ESR, Ripple etc to the original and had a high temp rating, would physically fit (just) and was in stock at E14.
  14. If I was cynical ....this may be how in built obsolescence is built into products....have a couple of lower spec'd parts that will almost certainly fail after warranty / fail first. Make sure the expensive parts of the gear is relatively robust...easy low cost repair and keeps the cash flow going...
  15. Think you are right about the other caps... Looks like the only Samwhas are the two 470uF failures..would of been nice if they stuck to Pana's for the lot... No town gas in the street here...except for what I produce..
  16. Thanks.. For those interested here is a couple of pics.. Problem caps circled in red.
  17. KM5753. 4 plate induction. Paid a lot of $ for it. When new it failed after about 1 week. It was replaced. For the original cost and some of the longevity claims of the manufacturer I would of expected that they would of used better spec'd components in my opinion.... That said it was reliable for several years after that until about the last 12 months. Been great while working and my wife loves it. Not really wanting to bag the manufacturer but their servicing / probably more the spare parts costs are extremley high, in my opinion, in this country. My advice and some of my friends our families is that they buy say ovens/cooktops/dishwashers with say a 5 year warranty that are relatively cheap and even if they have to replace them a few times they could still be ahead...provided the replacements still fit the cut outs etc... Am thinking about all those other Samwhas in the rest of it now....
  18. Thanks for the responses.... Sound wise my son has some techno stuff that sounds similar to the cook top from time to time... According to my better half... repair guys estimated that a repair cost of between $800 -$1500 or thereabouts..without actually coming out and doing any PD.. So that got my attention..... Thanks again.
  19. Thanks, much appreciated. This has been causing an intermittent problem on the Miele induction cook top Error FE 32 or FE 30 that has slowly gotten more regular.
  20. Was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what capacitor Brand and type to replace some buldgeing Samwha Series WB 470uF 25V electrolytic from the power supply section of an induction cooktop. Samwha caps are radial 10mm x 16mm with 5mm lead spacing 105 degrees C Was thinking of Panasonic FM Series with maybe a higher voltage rating of say 35V? Any ideas of a suitable better cap?
  21. Ripper Settings that I think I changed a few things from default, otherwise pretty much default. Plenty of info out there if you want to experiment... Let me know if I missed anything important.
  22. Before dbpoweramp I used EAC which was great also but I found dbpoweramp worth the money. There is plenty of info on https://www.dbpoweramp.com/ in the support/forums and also with google searching. Basically it depends on what suits you for naming convention. What I use is pretty well standard and presents well when using things like the NAD M50 controller app or Bluos app or if using JRiver via PC and USB. Basically try the default or even the one I put in the post before. The FLAC and mp3 music tester is from: http://www.vuplayer.com/other.php My dbpoweramp settings for the encoder are attached If interested I can post some pics of the ripper settings in another post.
  23. As with agisthos..+1 dbpoweramp. For the last 5 years or probably more...Using the Multi Encoder I Rip to 3 separate drives FLAC lossless, ALAC and LAME 320kbps at the same time. FLAC and ALAC ?- couldn't make up my mind when I first started ripping.....LAME for iPod.. Can aways convert from FLAC to WAV I guess if I wanted.. Back up the drives to other USB's so have master / slave of each. Then upload to 2 x NAS. Initially used drag and drop to load the music folders and for incremental updates for new CD rips as I buy them use Karenware replicator to update only the changes to the files. Sometimes a new CD or maybe Metadata changes to track info ( add or correct composer etc ). Karenware may or may not still be available as freeware but probably something similar out there. Always have one NAS powered off usually and the USB's are stored in a case. Play the music usually FLAC lossless via NAD M50/51 from the NAS. A bit of an overkill probably with the number of copies but the thought of redoing the ripping from scratch is too daunting for me. Use Audio tester every now and them for FLAC and LAME files... FLAC takes about 15 hours for 1.4TB file...and correct any errors that can happen from time to time...last check had 1 track out of 40000 odd that had a CRC issue. I then found that the slave copy was good so re copied to the master ( or if the slave is bad also just re rip CD). When I decide to test it just run it over night. Maybe there are better ways of doing things out there or software for testing etc etc? Always interested in other ideas? I have the naming convention for each of the multi encoder FLAC, ALAC and LAME folders : [iFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[iFCOMP]Various Artists[][iF!COMP][artist][][]\[album]\[track] [artist] - [title] Also have added the DSP Effects: RG Replay Gain HD HDCD Folder.jpg Preserve
  24. Can I have pls 1.Derek Trucks Band - Songlines [VG+] Sony/Columbia, United States (2006) $4 2.Radiohead - OK Computer [NM] EMI, Holland (1997) $4 3.Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die [NEW] Universal, United States (2001) $6 (Assuming postage to Sydney included?)
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