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  1. I have a jbl sub-550p not being used if your interested sealed 10” $300
  2. When mine failed I researched and found out there was a common issue with no sound. Had a local tech look at it, replaced the failed part with a better quality/speced one. I have no idea what the part was but it has been great since.
  3. Awesome speaker! , can be used as a right speaker too. Tweeters to the outside. Or upside down for the left.
  4. I have a JBL SUB 550p/230. sealed 10” really nice. i have had a technician fix a common fault with better component. So should be good to go for a while. im in Hastings
  5. I have a jbl sub-550P. Has had a component inside upgraded when it was repaired for power fault. $250 this one https://www.jblsynthesis.com/products/loudspeakers/type/discontinued-loudspeakers/SUB+550P.html?dwvar_SUB 550P_color=Black-USA-Current
  6. Hi vinnie, just checking you received my pms this morning?
  7. Further information: great condition. No tears and from a pet and smoke free home. These have serviced me wonderfully for many years and only selling as Ive moves to a different setup. These speakers are omnipolar or also called bipolar. included is Mirage OM-12 fronts Mirage OM-C2 centre 10” JBL SUB-550P the sub has had a repair to rectify a common fault. which included some components upgraded. this sub plays hard. if you want a complete setup including receiver, I will soon be selling an Integra DTR-50.4 and a Marantz NR-1602 7.1 receivers can seperate, but 3 Mirage’s should go together. These produce an amazing live feel to the sound. The rear tweeters on the OM-12 have slight creasing (they are not torn) this doesn’t effect the sound whatsoever. There are a couple of slight marks on the centre. I have misplaced the binding post bridges as I decided to use a better way for hookup to my speaker cable which I can show you. I am sad to let these go as they have served me brilliantly over the years, I’m particularly regretting selling the centre as this is better then the speaker I’m replacing it with. but really needs to be sold with the other mirages as a set. I can deliver if local as I have a van.
  8. Model h10, looks like from 2005! So Spotify would be doubtful
  9. Don’t know, it was given to me and I’ve never turned it on. I’ll find it and google it.
  10. I’ve got an old iriver floating around
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