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  1. brabs

    Emotiva RMC-1 has a web page

    Thank you so much Andrew, that is a great explanation
  2. brabs

    Emotiva RMC-1 has a web page

    Thanks, seems complicated, do you need to do the declaration before it is shipped? What is FOB?
  3. brabs

    Emotiva RMC-1 has a web page

    No customs? That’s good, so it is really only the gst added, then the exchange rate conversion, is the FTA fairly new?
  4. brabs

    Emotiva RMC-1 has a web page

    So has anybody imported one of these yet? Wondering what the imports costs would be.
  5. brabs

    Mirage OMD-C1

    Hi, just checking if still available, if you have heard the older speakers, do you know how this would compare to the older om-c2? cheers
  6. Top and front heights is also an option in most Atmos processors as well.
  7. Can you lower the rear/sides? They should be at ear level with Atmos speakers, you don’t want them too close to the rear Atmos.
  8. Ok, you can also point the side speakers into the side wall to reflect it back to the listening position, this will make the virtual speaker up to 10deg around to the side
  9. You are right, but I think it would be ok. Can you move your left side next to the window. Is it possible to move the right side around a little more?
  10. The sides should really be ear height or a bit above. I would stick with 5.2.4. You don’t want your side up high with the Atmos speakers and back to front panning will sound “off”
  11. I should, do you take Monopoly money, that’s all I have right now, enough to buy a hotel on park lane though lol
  12. Of only Christmas wasn’t here and I had money, will buy when I save some money (if still available)
  13. brabs

    Free B&W P3 Series 2 Headphones - Raffle

    Well done and a great little raffle!!
  14. I’ll take it edit, sorry I may have to reconsider as I need an analog sound out as well. These just have hdmi. Sorry
  15. I’ll take it if Sam doesn’t buy