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  1. When I was using the behringer, I had one of those free smart saver plugs that they were giving away to power it on and off, it had an IR Reciever on a long cable that would detect any remote ir ( for instance it would turn on when you turned anything else on) And you could set it to stay on for a set period of time ( I set mine to 3 hrs) then it would turn off. you can have it if you like edit: I know it has 2 outlets on it, it may even work as master and slave
  2. I Don’t know how to test that, all I know is using a tone generator, I do get movement at 1hz. It’s like a slow pulse, there is plenty at 5hz
  3. The hpsa1000 doesn’t have a switch like the sa1000. But Ive read even with the switch off it still rolls off sharply at 12hz. Which that graph you posted indicates. the Crowson go flat to 1hz. So I think you really should aim for flattish to around 5hz at least.
  4. I’m in Melbourne, it’s this one https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-hpsa1000-r-1000w-rackmount-subwoofer-amp--300-810 i have heard of these having something replaced inside to remove the filter. But I’m not diy savvy in that way. I used it with 2 passive subs, but the purchase of a further 2 means I needed more POWERRRR!!
  5. It funny you say that, I have one at home collecting dust. Would need a mod though, as it has internal filter at 18hz.
  6. No filters like that, I used the sub2 out from my processor which sends the same signal as my sub. Up to 80hz, to me the effect still blends in well. I used to set the gain on the a500 to about 70%ish and use the sub2 trim on the processor to adjust the volume. It’s important to know the correct levels to avoid clipping the amp and destroying the crowsons. the setup with the rotel is different as there is no gain knob and it triggered.
  7. The behringer I had was passive cooled no fan. A500 was the model. But didn’t have dsp. i have read that the inukes are good with the fan mod. I’d that the one your looking at? Just finding out there infrasonic capabilities is the hard job
  8. It convenience is a factor , amps with a trigger or auto on is very beneficial. The behringer didn’t have that, it was a pain in the arse, but there are ways around it.
  9. Just check, as a lot of sub amps can have built in subsonic filters
  10. Agreed. Which amp are you using?
  11. You just need to find an amp that has a very low subsonic response. It’s harder than it should be as most amps usually specify 20hz-20khz. I originally chose the behringer as I had found a review online that stated it was only. -1db down at 10hz and -4db down at 5hz. i had an intermittent issue with one of the amp channels cutting out, so I tried the rotel, as I had some unused channels. I used an app on my iPhone to measure vibration to confirm the rotel had more grunt at 5hz. It is a class d amp. Im not sure how the class a/b models perform, will take a bit of research.
  12. I use 2 channels on one of my rotel rmb-1077. Giving them around 170w at 6ohms each. before that I used a behringer a500 which has similar watts, But the rotel definitely had flatter and more tactile response at 5hz. 150w will still give an awesome experience. You don’t need 500w
  13. Yes, I purchased mine about 5yrs ago on eBay, the rep was selling them, they were ex demo, and got them for a steal, embarrassingly cheap. they have brought the most enjoyment in my HT, equal with the projector. He put his business card in the kit box. I’ll try and dig it put of the shed if it’s there.
  14. These were the feet that came with the crowsons , I removed a couple of plastic feet that were already on the recliners. I originally had the crowsons on the front and noticed it was more effect on my legs, but on the back when reclined the effect is in my bum and back. Much more intense. with the 3 seater you would best benefit from 2 crowsons on back corners. You could use one on the back corner, and would still get a good effect but probably half as good as 2.
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