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  1. The best way to keep your wallet shut is not to visit the Classifieds :-). In all honesty, it's a great forum, and an awesome place to try out and move gear. I just bought the Ananda about a month ago, after leaving headphones for a while - I cannot believe how much of an improvement it is over my existing gear!
  2. Just a crow flyby at La Perouse. Would love to get into bird photography, but I'm rubbish at it. The one below is half interesting out of many shots taken 😂.
  3. Thanks for the impressions! I was considering jumping into the bandwagon but due to an extended time WFH, decided on a desktop setup instead. I am guessing being closed back has a lot to do with the sound signature. Nothing airier than open Planars. I am enjoying the Ananda's myself, which is a step down from your Aryas for the same reason. I thoroughly enjoy my 3 year old XM2s - they certainly have their place. For some reason I also liked their sound signature more than the XM3s. They are nowhere near comfortable for me though - they're basically ear muffs (good for the cold though) and that's a worry if the Panda's are not as comfortable. Funny we're going through a similar journey. I just sold my Topping D90 and am getting my IEM's repaired (Sennheiser IE800). For IEM's maybe try the IE800S?
  4. That's a great price for a speaker that plays all genres well. GLWTS!
  5. Finished it a couple of nights ago. I understand how it can be divisive, but I personally enjoyed it. This has got to be the best animation I have seen in games. Both in play and in the cut scenes. So much detail everywhere - the work that went into this is mind boggling. The end did drag quite a bit though. They really could have ended it a few hours earlier. On hard I think I finished it in the 38 hour mark - took many pictures on the way, and savoured every moment of it. I'd love to see this on the PS5 like they did with the first one remastered for PS4.
  6. Sounds like it would make a good Home Theatre power amp, which is what the guys in the US primarily use it for. Insane power and neutrality as well as great bass handling. I think soundstage/depth etc takes a backseat when you have a separate surround system.
  7. Thanks for sharing this. I wanted to try out the xls2502 as well but we have such a vibrant second hand market here, I think I'd rather take a punt on purpose made home stereo amps. In saying that, I still get tempted once in a while... How did you find the mids and depth?
  8. That's a great price for a speaker not even run-in - and DrMikeOz is a top bloke to deal with. If a floorstander or sub is out of the question in your listening room, need good WAF or need to put your speakers close to walls, then this is a perfect speaker. It's a great all-rounder. Pretty amplifier friendly, but it does improve with better amplification.
  9. I think it's ideal for the obvious reasons - the the tonal characteristics do not change when you have panning effects front to back or vice versa. It's a much smoother transition. In saying that, I would totally understand people spending spending less on the satellites - specially if 2 channel music listening is a priority.
  10. For sale is an Xbox One X 1Tb in pristine condition and 3x games: Forza Horizon 3 Star Wars Battlefront 2 The Division 2 Comes with Xbox One X controller, HDMI cable, power lead and box. Sorry, no offers. Selling as it is not being used. Originally planned as a 4K Ultra BluRay playback device, but never even bought a single 4K Ultra disc. Further information: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. For sale is a well taken care of Oculus Rift, complete with remote control, 2x IR trackers and touch controllers. Outer boxes and travel case in pristine condition. Has not been used for a year, but tested very recently with Half Life Alyx and works very well. Some slight wear on the face-plate from normal use - but this is replaceable. Selling as I bought a Rift S on release. Further information: Photos:
  12. For sale is a Pro-Ject 1.3 RPM Vinyl Turntable in excellent condition. Runs both 33 and 45 rpm records. Comes with a wall wart power adaptor. It needs a cartridge replacement, hence the massively reduced price. Very well reviewed and still retails for over $500. https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/turntables/pro-ject-rpm-1-genie-3-678479/review Please no offers at this price. Only selling as I am fully invested in digital and this was an experiment with vinyl I did not pursue. Further information: Photos:
  13. Hi Tom, Want to give my 2 cents worth, because I was in kind of the same spot. I bought a Topping D90 from @DrMikeOz - that had the AK4499 chipset. I liked it - and it had detail, realism, soundstage and smoothness - but it was missing the enveloping sound of tube from my previous DAC which I never thought was so important until Iost it. I subsequently sold the DAC and went back to my old one (also to fund another gear purchase - I did not dislike the DAC). I believe DrMikeOz felt the same about his tube DAC. He's selling the gear he went back to - see below. You might want to have a chat with him. Good luck!
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