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  1. Well, you guys were right. Vibration isolation had a more positive effect than filling the stands. The final sound was a combination of the things I liked with having the stands at 95% filled and at 0% filled. More definition, tighter bass, and less brightness. The dynamics also did not die unlike the stands at 95% filled and the soundstage width remained the same. For a $9.70 investment from Bunnings, not bad at all. https://www.bunnings.com.au/whites-200-x-200-x-15mm-anti-vibration-square-2-pack_p3961976
  2. I would have thought damping would be a positive too. I have completely taken out all the filling and prefer this sound the best vs 50% and 95% filled. Maybe there is such a thing as over-damping! Anybody want some used HiFi kitty litter? 😛
  3. Good point - I'm using aluminimum on a heavy metal base. There's no resonance with kitty litter filled to nearly 100%. Sound's not the best though. Try the kitty litter (unused LOL). Cheap and you can tell the difference. I suggest taking a base-line listen - filling halfway - having another listen and do the full one. See what you prefer.
  4. After a decade of playing around with bookshelf speakers, I finally decided to see what effect filling speaker stand would have in my setup. I used kitty litter (bentonite clay) and filled the stands to 95%. The kitty litter was also unused😛. I have always read the benefits of filling speaker stands and the science is sound - dampening the stands ensures only your speakers are making sound and minimises the vibration. However... I never thought that filling stands could have anything but a positive effect on the sound. In my setup, it improved imaging, but practically took the life out of the speakers. The dynamics died. WTF. I was so confused I had to test it with another set of speakers to make sure what I was hearing was right. Second speakers hooked up - and exactly the same effect. Stand placing was exactly as before and after filling. In the end, I reduced the fill to ~50% and voila, the dynamics were back. Anyone else have the same experience? I know good sound is subjective and every room is different - but it goes to show how much of an art speaker making is and how hard it is to make a speaker most people would like. I also would have thought bookshelf speakers are tuned on 100% dead inert stands... but I kind of doubt it after this experience.
  5. Wonderful power amp with great features like auto-turn on and off and independent left/right volume control. Transparent and can drive inefficient speakers. Good luck with the sale!
  6. Yeah Ribbon tweeters! Had an Elac with a jet tweeter (like ribbon) also bought from Apollo and definitely enjoyed the clean sound. Pin-point imaging too. Enjoy your new setup and stay away from Stereo.NET for a while. Especially the classifieds. Else your curiousity will get the better of you. 😛
  7. Should be more than enough 🙂
  8. Agree. Research and audition some speakers. Then find the amp to match. Your choice of DAC will also have an effect on the clean sound you might want. Eg K701/Q701 is pretty clean sounding - almost analytical. If you want that kind of sound you may want to audition KEFs.
  9. Welcome! I had and enjoyed the Bs244 for a few years. Best imaging speaker I have had so far. Try some amps with good current and not necessarily watts. It was quite happy with my Unison Research 80 watt amp when I had it. 🙂
  10. Welcome Georgie and sorry for your wallet. Speaker stands + bookshelf speakers + velcro adhesive tapes work well.
  11. See this video re: break in differences. You should be able to tell the differences with resolving headphones or speakers.
  12. Awesome news! Does the Nuprime DAC10 synergise well with it? How is it now vs the Halcro in different musical genres from memory?
  13. Hi Stephen, congrats on your purchase! Build quality is very nice. Not sure what finish yours is, but mine is matt black. It looks more grey than black due to the finish. It is very well put together and the binding posts are high quality. What may surprise you though is the weight - as relatively lightweight speakers do not give a good impression of quality. The youtube reviews are also what made me purchase this - and when I got it thought how big of a mistake I had when I listened to it. Bass was nowhere near as good as the reviewers hyped, it sounded shouty and shrill and the midrange sounded muffled. The quick decay of the treble was overly quick. I was so disappointed I even re-purchased an LS50 I sold. When friends came over, I would connect the LS50 - as it was immediately more impressive. I kept breaking it in however - pink noise+frequency sweeps - and after a few weeks (and playing around with toe in) - it started coming together. The sound started to open up, bass tightened and it was no longer shrill nor shut-in. When I hook up the LS50 now, it only stays connected for a few days - I miss the S400 immediately. I loss more than I gain. I think it was Zerofidelity who said Buchardt should offer a break in service - I agree because itseriously sounds pretty awful out of the box. I can't imagine how many returns they'd have because the break in time is so long and many people will give up in the 30 days out of frustration. The most honest review I have seen - and describes the characteristics I have heard (good and bad) is the below. His observation is spot on. Thomas and Stereo's observation regarding system matching and treble decay preference is also spot on. When you get yours - please allow it to break in and reserve judgement for a few weeks. PM me should you want the pink/frequency sweeps I use. And do not buy new hardware until it is fully broken in. If still unhappy - you are welcome to come over and have a listen to one that is fully broken in and see how it sounds powered by a different amp/source.
  14. Second Al.M's suggestion and would buy second hand to get value for money. The LS50 needs to be powered up with beefy gear. On the weekend for fun, I paired it with a Marantz 110Watt receiver which runs the home theatre pretty well - and it felt lost in a 3x5 room. The amp just did not have enough grunt to run the speaker. If you like the sound of the LS50, make sure you power it well. One option is to get more efficient floorstanders - in the above room the Marantz powered a B&W 683 floorstander better - and sounded way more balanced for the room than the LS50.
  15. Glad you are enjoying it. I had the non-luxury version and thoroughly enjoyed it with vocal-centric music. The sound was truly holographic and smooth. To me though, it lacked the punch which made rock and modern music sound quite slow and a little bit too refined. Do you feel they fixed this with the Luxury edition? Loved the VU meters and never tired watching them.
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