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  1. I'm still holding onto my 1sc and still looking out for a high powered amp to pair them with :-). Or an Accuphase Integrated :-).
  2. Great receiver which works particularly well with B&W speakers. Good price too. GLWTS!
  3. Item: Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens Location: Western Sydney Price: $old Item Condition: Great! Reason for selling: Moved to FF Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Awesome lens for landscape. Great reviews online. I would keep it but I have moved to FF. Lens always protected with lens protector which is included. Pictures:
  4. Wow. This is an insanely good setup for very little money! Somebody ****** this up.
  5. Item: Apple iPhone 6 64Gb (Unlocked) Location: Sydney Price: $300 Item Condition: Excellent, no scratches on body or screen - always been kept on an enclosed leather case, in a handbag. Reason for selling: New phone Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Up for sale is an excellent condition iPhone 6 64Gb. The phone is in excellent condition, no scratches in either the body or the screen. Always had the screen protector on, and always in a fully enclosed leather case. Comes boxed, with manuals, headphones, charger and cable. The battery was replaced 14th of April 2018. Can deliver in Sydney personally (within reasonable distance). Pictures:
  6. Depends on your seating position - but looking at your photo - I don't think it should be toe'd in as much as your C803. On my setup, there's a toe in that works well no matter which side of the 3 seater couch I sit on. I prefer that.
  7. Congrats, they look great on your setup! I find the 244 benefits a bit from toe in, but they image well even without. Find some modern, synth or rock music and enjoy.
  8. $2000 is a great budget for bookshelves - especially for 2nd hand. See if you can try the bookshelves people have already mentioned. Personally I'm on the lookout for B&W PM1s myself - look them up - they may have the warmth you are looking for. I bought a C803 and could not live with it myself. I swapped it for an Elac BS244 the very next day - the C803 simply outputted too much bass in my listening area. If you love the C803 signature though (and it works well in your setup) - you might want to consider other changes - like another amp. It can complete transform your setup and may breathe life into your speaker. The C803 is as close to a floorstander I've heard and works well with games/movies. Warmth - Dynaudio Contour S1.4 regularly goes down under $2k - if you can find it...
  9. Thanks for the insight and comparison to the other speakers (D1, Tablette and P3ESR). I have not had an opportunity to hear them but have heard good things about them. Your setup looks great too - thanks for posting the pics! I had low expectations on detail retrieval and transparency after reading a comparison vs the ML1. Happy to be wrong. I would love to hear an ML1 one day, but somehow imagine it to be quite similar to the Elac BS244s I have - where detail, speed and imaging are held above all.
  10. Thanks Moonstone, great to hear from someone else who still appreciates the 1SC! Funny I think most people have moved on already :-). I have mine toe'd in quite agressively - I will try your advice and have the tweeter toe'd to my shoulder (rather than ear at the moment). There was also some advice to have the tweeter slightly above ear height (ie. raise 60cm stands slightly higher). I've tried Kimber 8TC on another set of speakers, but thought it slowed the speakers down horribly (compared to Chord Silverscreens). Maybe just bad synergy. I'll keep a lookout for 8TCs again.
  11. Thanks LLH. I'd like to avoid a sub as much as possible. I played the idea of mixing a sub (albeit cheap) in my previous setup and I never got it to sound as together as I wanted. I don't necessarily need slam - I just do not want to lose any more bass speed than what I have with the Hybrid. I'll keep a lookout for REL subs though - that may have been my missing link. Thanks blybo, I thought about this - but would like to keep it as simple as possible. Makes sense though. What's the Elektra combo?
  12. Thanks, will keep a lookout! Anywhere to audition these? Cheers Keith, would love a Cary, although the 805AE is definitely out of my budget. Looking to dabble in tubes only at this point.
  13. I'm sure I'm not the only one who hunts around Ebay and the Private Classified sections daily - but after 5 years of hunting around for a Proac 1SC - I finally got my hands on one! Although it does feel little bit bittersweet when you finally get that thing you've longed for so long... Anyway, loving this speaker to bits - and I can definitely see what the fuss was about (5-10 years ago). The 1SC renders voices, strings and piano very well. Not the best for bass-centric music - but does surprisingly well with a lot of music I didn't think it would do well on (even some rock). For anyone that's heard the 1SC - would you think tube amplification is essential? Or should I instead "invest" in a power amp? I know there's room for growth if I replace my 80w Hybrid Unison Research amp - as I heard the Proac D2 through it, and it lacked the body an Arcam power amp musters. Would the 1SC be as power hungry as a D2 however? Is there such a thing as a Tube amp that has SS bass slam? I think the bass is sufficient as it is, but I would hate to lose bass slam/speed if it is lost with tube amplification. Why am I looking for something else to buy? Help me! PS: Thanks to this wonderful forum and its passionate and friendly community. Thank you for making me yearn for things I don't need and never previously wanted. All advice appreciated :-).
  14. Try some ELACs (older Jet III tweeter) bookshelves - the bass slam's pretty impressive for bookshelves. Quite good for electronic too - keeps up well with the music. If you like bass - try Jamo C803s. They are like mini floorstanders!
  15. Item: Galax Geforce GTX 970 EXOC Black Edition Video Card Location: Sydney Price: $Sold Item Condition: Excellent - see pics. Lightly used - I do not game daily and only play Assetto when time permits. Reason for selling: One last upgrade before my wife and I have our first baby :-P. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Lightly used and in near brand new condition (see pics). A well reviewed card due to improvements on the 970 reference, with better performance (higher gpu/mem speed) and much better cooling (20c less under load). Packed and ready to go. Includes cds, accessories, manuals and box. Pickup preferred. I can also deliver if you are local. Pictures: Attached.
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