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  1. This is off topic but just so people understated why I mentioned it, its about self reference. We have a rule here about debate on blind tests is confined to the Great Debate Section. But even mentioning that is discussing blind testing. Its a strange quirk about English (and any other human language of course) that we as human beings sort that sort of thing out. Here the key word is debate - we were not really debating it, I was just mentioning if you are worried do a blind test. But if you wanted to debate it then you cant really do it in this thread. It takes you into strange realms like Godel's theorem and the halting problem - the fact you cant write a computer program to determine if another program will ever stop. Thanks Bill
  2. Of course, Ever read a book called Godel Escher Bach? You should. Thanks Bill
  3. So whats new? BTW remember discussion of blind tests, by forum rules, is confined to the great debate section. Thanks Bill
  4. Sure there is the issue of exactly what is more of a sales pitch than textbook truth. I trust Mike Lenehan - but Rob I simply do not know personally well enough, although I have chatted with him on the internet. I suspect he is on the up and up - but sure there is no way to be certain. Of course you can always trust a blind test. Thanks Bill
  5. Yes, but you must interpret them properly. Please see the following by Rob Watts: The blind test IMHO is the ultimate arbiter and they are easy to do for just one person. Unless of course you have learned to trust your ears - I personally do not do them, but if you are just starting out its a very good idea. Walk out instantly from an store that will not do it for you, What is probably going on and why I found the ISO Regen made a bit of difference, but the linear supply into it an even bigger one is noise floor modulation talked about by Rob (amongst other things) and the Explorer 2 uses the power from the USB. Just a guess - but with that DAC is was particularly noticeable. It's a really interesting video - noise-floor of 130db vs 150db you would think isn't really audible - but it actually is - quite surprising. Thanks Bill
  6. Love these mostly measurement based reviews. With a number of other audiophiles we heard an earlier one and it sounded Ok - somewhat better than without it. Then we put in a linear supply - instant quite noticeable difference. Mike sells them. Bring your DAC and have a demo. Do a blind test - its that simple. But ring him first - I will need to bring mine down as he doesn't have one in the shop right now. Thanks Bill
  7. Yes they do. For example my Grandinote Volta at $13.5k sounds better than my PS Audio Direct Stream at about $8k and Direct Stream Jr at about $4.5k and surprisingly the about $300.00 Explorer 2 with good cables sounds nearly as good. But to get this level of performance from that little DAC you also need a ISO Regen with linear supply;: https://uptoneaudio.com/products/iso-regenx http://www.speakerparts.com.au/ProductsPage/index.html You also need good cables - both USB and RCA - all up that raises the price to about 1.5-2K. That's nearly the same as a Grob DAC at 2.1K, which only the Grandinote I have found better. So yes, more expensive is generally better, but there are a few standouts as far as value goes and you do require good cables and perhaps a regen plus good power supply to go with it. I used to be the DAC guy around here and can assure you the gap between some of the cheapest and most expensive has closed. Personally if money was no object I would get a Chord M-Scaler, and Dave DAC and feed it directly into some high quality sensitive speakers. It produces 2W into 8 ohms directly but because of the ears logarithmic volume response it is lot louder than you may think. I have done a few tests on my system which has 89db speakers. I have 500W monoblocks and a Direct Stream DAC. It produces 1.25V max voume ie at 100 on the voume control. My amps produce 500W when fed with 2v but for ease of calculation lets assume the DAC produces 2V at max output. Now each digit of that 100 in the volume control of my dac lowers the volume by 1/2 db. I find the volume I listen at is about 40 - ie 30db down. Now 10db corresponds to 10 times less - so my amp is producing - on peaks - a puny .5W. See what I mean about power - you don't really need much. Personally I think its the way of the future - you feed the output of your DAC directly to speakers - no thunderous levels but for sensible listening just fine. In fact Chords new DAC, the TT2 will produce 18w into 8 ohms which is fine for virtually any speaker. Yes things in DAC land are changing and there is no need to spend much for top gear and I think cheaper DAC's will only get better in the future. Thanks Bill
  8. bhobba

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    That's exactly what I meant by certified - they are on the databases. Keith specifically told me they were. This is my last comment on it - they are fully compliant - either that or three people I know well have been telling me porkies. Thanks Bill
  9. bhobba

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    How do they know that? As I have said many times - Keith, a professional engineer, and a licensed electrician have all told me otherwise. I said very early on all this will degenerate into is each side retreating to their entrenched position. I have no idea how to break it. It will go nowhere. BTW I am not going to take one of my cables apart or anything like that - they are simply too expensive for such an indulgence. Thanks Bill
  10. bhobba

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    That of course is the other way power cables can be compliant - if they are built by a licenced electrician. My father used to build his own extension chords all the time for himself and friends. He was a licenced electrician. So unless the law has changed that is legal as well. Thanks Bill
  11. bhobba

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    I apologize for any vagueness on my part. I will state precisely the situation with Keith's cables, reconfirmed yesterday with both Keith ans Rawl99. They have been certificated. It cost Keith a whack of money. Keith has a certificate of certification. They comply. I have a rather large number of ordinary cables just like I think most people have eg one I picked up at random with the part number KKS-10A. I am sure whoever makes the KKS-10A has certification for it, just as Keith has for his. I have no idea why anybody would be saying Keith does not have certification - why would it be doubted anymore than the KKS-10A after the maker has confirmed they have certification. GMDB simply stated - 'I used to sell them before finding out that they were non-complying with Australian standards.' I have zero idea how he knows that - Keith says he has certification - I have no idea why you would doubt it. If anyone does doubt it as a I have said before you can go to government agencies like the the office of fair trading with your evidence and let them take it from there. Thanks Bill
  12. bhobba

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    Thanks mate - but let me assure you Mike Lenehan, Keith Eichmann and Ralw99 have ears that make mine like lead. I have seen all of them perform feats that make my mind boggle. For example Mike will say a speaker is 2 db down here - measure it and guess what - its 2 db down where he said. I have seen Rawl at a blind DAC listening session pick what each DAC was and in correct order. Only 2 people got it right - I was way off. Mike mentioned a prototype speaker he was working on had an issue - a prize (a chocolate I seem to recall) to anyone that can pick it. There were a number of audiophiles there - I couldn't pick it - Keith said straight away - the mid-range is off. He got the chocolate. It is very humbling. Thanks Bill
  13. bhobba

    KLE Innovations USB Cable

    It is. The amp I had issues with was actually a nice sounding amp - but it had that problem freely admitted to by the designer. It may have even been in the instructions - but who reads those? You should of course - but many skip it. As far as the Grandinote goes it was put into Mikes system by the distributor who should have been aware of it - so it may be something else - or just a time poor distributor who also didnt read the user manual. Thanks Bill