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  1. Clay's DAC's And MQA

    Hi All I did a post explaing how MQA works: Reading it and the links posted by Kukynas you will see why the second unfold isn't really necessary. As the second link says: 'Stuart mentioned in an e-mail to me that much fewer than 1% of recordings contain musical information above 48kHz—something he knows for a fact, because MQA's encoders collect such information as they do their work.' As I explain in my post the first unfold reproduces everything up to 48k; only a very rare material benefits from the second unfold. So if you are worried about Clays DAC's not being a MQA DAC so cant do the second unfold - dont be - only very rare material will benifit from it. Thanks Bill
  2. Perfectus Amps

    I honestly do not know - but probably not - the guy is just down the road at Robina and wants to keep prices low by selling direct - he does it more as a hobby as far as I can see. Thanks Bill
  3. Perfectus Amps

    Thanks for that - yes you did - and I missed it - sorry Thsnks Bill
  4. Perfectus Amps

    Thanks mate. But Zaph is a well respected member of long standing - we all have - for want of a better word 'brain farts'. Its nothing to worry about - everything is fine now. I have done worse posts especially in my early days on the forum - we live and learn. Thanks Bill
  5. Perfectus Amps

    Yes they were good - on the right material actually divine would be a better word. Mike when he first heard them it was on that kind on material (Diana Krall etc) and rang me late at night gushing (that quite unusual for Mike) and even did a post on his forum stating it was one of the two best amps he ever heard and he has heard a LOT. This is not a lets put Earl down thread - its simply my journey with an interesting bit of audio gear that impressed me greatly. Now please can we discuss this amp - its what the thread is about. Thanks Bill
  6. Perfectus Amps

    Zaph - you are like me - a member of long standing. I already admitted I do not know which model. As I said all that required is - a hey Bill. There is no need to harp on it and call me lazy. Don't you know this - lets have a go, stir up controversy etc type posts turn people off? It's simply not good for the forum IMHO. I hasten to add Zaph has every right to do it - I just don't think its good for this thread or the forum as whole. Thanks Bill
  7. Perfectus Amps

    I too have posted many positive things about Earls amps and recommended them to others. I even purchased one - but sold it - not because it wasn't any good - it was - it was just I found it made certain music, in fact the music I listen to, sound divine, but I also do a fair bit of two channel HT listening and found some other amps better for that. I have now decided to solve the issue with two different systems - one for HT and one for music so these kind of amps are now back in consideration for me. The person on whose system I heard it got a Time Machine partly on my recommendation. As I said - love you Earl - and I do - but I preferred this amp because it didn't have the slight bloom I find in Valve amps - it was different to any other valve amp I have heard. Does that mean Earls amp's are bad and I wont be suggesting them to others - of course not - all it means is check out this amp as well and people may be interested in my journey of listening to a piece of gear that impressed me. That's all. Thanks Bill
  8. Perfectus Amps

    Hypocrisy - incredibly lazy comparison? You claimed I didn't say which amp I compared it to, you even asked was it in the same system. I clearly answered all those questions in the first post. I leave it to others to judge who is lazy. I would appreciate the reading of posts before making statements calling me lazy and hypocritical. You raised a reasonable question - which time machine - fair enough and I answered no - I did not know the model - but I was clear it was on the same system - yet you questioned that. Maybe the lazy was referring to not doing a blind comparison - you are welcome to do some and post the results. I have participated and been involved in them - as explained in another post - hardly anyone posts blind results for the reason I mentioned - as you would know if you have done them. Zaph I suggest taking greater care with reading posts before accusing others of hypocritical lazy behavior. Aside from misleading people who don't read the whole thread, it is simply not good posting practice. If you notice points like not mentioning which Time Macine model a simple - hey Bill what model was it is all that's required - why you want to go beyond that beats me. Drawing the conclusion I am hypocritical and lazy is a rather long bow and I suggest you think more carefully in future before penning your posts. People like Rob know me - they know I was simply passing on something I heard that impressed me so much I ordered one on the spot. That and further listening of the amp I have now got is all its about. I know a number of Hi Fi people and often ask them do they post here on stereonet - some do - but others say they once did but got sick and tired of the 'lets have a go' attitude you find in some threads. It turns people off - which IMHO is sad - this is a great forum for people pass on their experiences and what not. I am used to it - but others are not. Its simply not good for the forum IMHO. Thanks Bill
  9. Perfectus Amps

    I know two of Earls Amps - I owned the Tempest and heard the Time Machine - and I don't know the model number. As explained in the first post a direct comparison on exactly the same system with the Time Machine was done - that's when I decided to get one. Its a new amp that is not on his site yet - he calls it the A23 I think - but what he calls it doesn't really matter - if you are interested just ask about the new amp I got. Its available with a number of different transformer options. Its a DC coupled (except obviously for the output transformer) SET but you will have to discuss with the maker the exact topology he is using. I explained exactly what was done in my first post. I have written extensively on blind testing - it was not done blind. I have helped organise and participated in a number of them and they are a huge amount of work that can very easily be mucked up by some small error. If you want to do one - be my guest - but I rarely do them. By forum rules discussion of blind testing is confined to the great debate section. If it interests you - take it there - I will not be participating. Thanks Bill
  10. High Efficiancy Speakers From Mike

    Hi All Visited Mike Tuesday to hear my Perfectus valve amp. Mighty impressed - see my post in the amp section. Mike has got the Seas drivers in for the high efficiency speakers - its the Seas Exotic: http://www.seas.no/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=56&Itemid=326 He will be experimenting with the drivers but as a first thought he is looking at two versions. 1. His top of the line with upmarket capacitors, steel lined enclosure, new resonance cancelling mechanism used in the ML5, and his PRC crossover using the bass driver and tweeter. 2. A speaker using the full range driver. Its all early stages yet - he has to finish my Magnesium's for one thing - but whatever eventuates should prove interesting. I have put my name down for the top of the line one to go with my new amp. Remember these things will not go low - probably a -3db about 50hz or so. A subwoffer would be needed if you want deep bass. I think Mike is working on that as well. Thanks Bill
  11. Perfectus Amps

    Hi All Heard my amp last Tuesday for the first time. The system was a Grob DAC directly connected into my ML5 Reference - the full monty with Duelunds etc. The source was a windows machine running Jriver. All I can say is WOW - clear, clean, pure, detailed but above all oh so non fatiguing and relaxing. I could not hear any bloom or other characteristics associated with valves. It was more like SS but without the slight mechanical, metallic sheen - whatever you want to call it I find they usually have. I could not do a direct comparison to my BHK but have to say to my ears it may have the edge. I listened at levels I normally listen at which I know is a little bit below what others listen at. It ran the ML5's just fine for me - not for highly dynamic hard rock - that will not work that well. I used Dianna Krall, Ian Moss and Harry Belafonte - it worked just fine on that. Will try for a direct comparison with my BHK in the near future (Mike Lenehan has it right now to use in designing my Magnesium's) - as well as the two heavily upgraded Valve amps Rawl99 has - but these guys are busy and will need to wait until they have time. Mike Lenehan is going to build two speakers perfect for this amp - both use the Seas Exotic: http://www.seas.no/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=56&Itemid=326 The details do not really belong here - I will give more detail on Mikes forum. The maker has put the price up a bit - about $3.5k instead of $2.7k but will vary a bit depending on the output transformer you want. The most expensive will be mine and will be made to special order, but the amorphous cored ones, with a perhaps better mid-range than mine, will be kept in stock. You can get other transformers - so best to chat to the maker - but I personally would get the amorphous even though its not what I got - this things mid-range is where it's really at and the amorphous is supposedly a smidgen better in that area - but not as good in the bass. Thanks Bill
  12. Groß DAC owner's thread.

    Haven't heard it so I cant say. I got both the pre and DS Junior as a double deal at a good price. I had feedback on how good the BHK was so thought - what the heck. Cant get and check out everything. But if you want to buy it and compare it be my guest. Thanks Bill
  13. Groß DAC owner's thread.

    Sure - about $2500 for the amps - like I said paltry. The secret is, as it is for most valve amps, the output transformer used. The guy spent over a year designing listening, designing etc. He gets each one individually computer wound to his specifications. But remember - just 4-5 watts - your speakers must be at least 89db and even then don't expect thunderous levels. I heard them on 100db speakers and they did thunderous levels - but as you go lower in sensitivity your millage may vary. Both me and Rawl99 think it will run the Ml5's at reasonable levels - but no lower in sensitivity. We did this by measuring the SPL coming out of some ML5's while listening at normal levels from our listening position and measuring the SPL at 1 meter, then converting it back to the power needed to produce that level. Rawl who installs systems for a living though it would be fine - but you would not want to go any lower in sensitivity. Thanks Bill
  14. Groß DAC owner's thread.

    For speakers that sensitive - the Prima Luna Dialogue Premium. Get it upgraded as finances permit. When fully upgraded it in the same class as the much more expensive BHK. For low sensitivity speakers like my Magnesium's the BHK 250 or Arions. For high sensitivity speakers - say 89db (but no lower) and above a Perfectus amp - could be the best amp I have ever heard and the price is paltry: http://www.perfectusaudio.com/ I have purchased one and will be getting it delivered to Mike to use in checking out the high sensitivity speaker he is looking to build. It should run, just, the ML5's at low volume levels.
  15. Groß DAC owner's thread.

    By all means give them a go - its just my experience as far as price goes. Thanks Bill