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  1. Guys, guys - its not important - it's simply some cheap Chinese amp that has been very heavily modified with components hellishly expensive - as mentioned the NOS valves are worth more than the amp new. There are quite a few cheapish Chinese amps around - but to put this little discussion to rest it was a Migng-Da but exactly what model I don't know. The 250 BHK costs about $12k (at least when I got it) - this was't that expensive, it would cost maybe about the same as the other best amp I have heard - the Prima Luna Dialogue upgraded - you are looking at about $7-8K for that (it had Duelund and Jensen capacitors put in that are hellishly expensive). That is if you can get Rawl to build you one - he doesn't have that much free time. His day job is installing Hi-Fi and Home Theater systems and he is always busy with that. If you are interested providing your speakers are not that insensitive - say 86db or more get the Prima. But I have some speakers that are 83db sensitive nearing completion which is really low sensitivity and is why I spent extra to get more power power and got the BHK. Thanks Bill
  2. GIESELER Groß DAC Review

    If its better than the DS it could be a game changer - its under half the price of the Junior and MUCH cheaper than the normal one. I may sell my DS, at least one of them (I own both), but the bridge does MQA and can be controlled from your phone or Ipad. It also keeps getting better with each software upgrade. Decisions, decisions. The one I am getting is USB only - if I decide to sell at least one of my DS's will get Clay to build me another one that is coax only. I connect it to my Oppo for two channel Home Theater like I do with my DS now. Thanks Bill
  3. Don't know we didn't measure it. But it's true, and pretty well known, mains voltage tends to be 'cleaner' late at night which may have an affect. Thanks Bill
  4. Hi All This is what me, Rawl99, and two others that were there (one a Hi Fi nut like me and Rawl - one just with an interest) heard when we compared the following two power cables: https://kleinnovations.com/kle-innovations-klei-products/klei-ac-architecture/klei-gpower3-ac/ http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/YARBO-Audiophile-GY-9000PW-Cable-Cord-Per-1M-Germany-Hi-End-/151290418439 The system was as follows: 1 Heavily upgraded Wadia Transport 2. Killer DAC - two were tried mine and Rawl's - Rawl's has had a few more tweaks done and was better - that so and so. 3. Heavily upgraded cheap Chinese power amp. Up there with the best I have heard eg the BHK, heavily upgraded Prima Luna Dialogue etc - not as resolving as those amps or with as much 'aliveness' but a really nice textured sound. 4. RCA cables and Speaker cables also from Keith Eichmann - but I cant recall which ones they were, but knowing Rawl almost certainly some of his bettter ones. 5. Fully specked ML5 Reference with Duelund VSF Copper for all capacators. 6. Most stuff was on isolation springs to absorb vibrations. The power cable was into the amp. When I arrived, it had been playing for a little while but sounded pretty sweet - quite harmonically rich and textured. Rawl calls it harmonic resolution - I call it what I said - rich and textured. Think sterile and Hi Fi'sh - its the exact opposite. Some like that sort of thing though - sorry for using the word sterile if you are in that camp - you would likely say uncolored - not that I thought the sound I heard was colored - but different things float different peoples boat and describe it in different ways. We listened to a fair bit of different music including my reference - Dianna Krall - Case Of You. Voices lovely and alive but not lacking in detail - beautiful engaging sound that seemed to get better as the system continued to warm up. Rawl is biased of course but had recently been to the Munich show and thinks it was at least as good as any system he heard over there - but then again he is very very critical. He is the type of guy that will tell the brutal truth - when listening to a million dollar system if it sounds like rubbbish to him he will say so. OK time to try the Yarbo. We put it in but then sojourned to Sizzlers for some dinner so it could settle. When we returned for me: 1. It was flat and dull. Gone was the richness and texture. 2. It had a sort of metallic sheen - that's the only way I can describe it 3. Detail seems unaffected - the non Hi Fi person there plays the piano and said she thought the piano now sounded more lifelike. We played through the same songs and for me it was all the same - maybe the best way to describe it is the Yarbo was Hi Fi'ish - the KLE more emotionally satisfying. We then put the KLE back and gave it time to settle. The same as before - but as the evening wore on things seemed to open up more. It still had the same richness and texture but the detail came more apparent. The piano person now thought it was sounding more like a real piano. There is a big difference in the price of these cables. Is it worth the difference? I don't know - I would pay the price difference (the KLE now belongs to me - I bought it) but that's just me. You must listen yourself to see if it does it for you. Thanks Bill
  5. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Hopefully mine, that is USB only as well, is on its way soon to. And as soon as its in my hot little hands the first comparison is the Direct Stream - both normal and Junior. Added Later Sorry guys. That should have been USB only not SPDIF only - have changed it. Thanks Bill
  6. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    That will happen - both normal and Junior - cant help with the others though. Thanks Bill
  7. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    Make no mistake - it one of the best amps on the planet - even not upgraded. Once upgraded it IMHO is in the handful of best in the world - its the second best I have ever heard - not the HP of course in the sense of I have never heard one, but just the normal one. However I doubt the higher power version will be anything but bettter. Its not just me BTW - Stereophile released their list of 500 best audio products in the world. It was deservedly in the amp section of that list. Thanks Bill
  8. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    Black I think - but its been so long out of my system I forget. A number of people borrowed it and when I got it back it lasted about a year then some valves went and had to be replaced which I just got around to as well as having a tech check it out just to be sure. Everything was fine - but just in case replaced some minor things. Its now borrowed by someone thinking of buying it. I plan to use the BHK but am using Arion 500's right now. My BHK is at Mikes for the great speaker shootout - the ML2 Limited, vs Magnesium Limited vs the ML5 Reference. The result will decide the speaker I keep. Once its all sorted out will have a lot of gear for sale. Thanks Bill
  9. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    No pictures. Mike chats to the person first to see what they want to pay. He used Jupiter aluminium/beeswax in one he upgraded. Mine used Duelund RS and Jensen capacitors which is lot more expensive, but still way cheaper than the BHK it is comparable to IMHO. RS are OK - but slightly dry for my tastes compared to other choices - but Duelund ran out of VSF at the time. Personally IMHO the best bang for buck is Jensen capacitors and Jantzen superior bypassed by Duelund silver bypass. The Duelund VSF copper are better but must be purchased in lots of 10 otherwise you must get it from places like Parts Connection and they charge a bomb because Mike doesn't get dealer prices there - only when he buys from Duelund. The other good choice depending on values required is Jupiter Copper bypassed - lower values are quite a bit cheaper than Duelund - higher values about the same price. I really like it and rate it as good as the Duelund VSF Copper - but is slightly bloomy and the VSF is dead neutral. I don't mind that bit of bloominess but not everyone agrees. At this level make no mistake - we are dealing with some of the best amps on the planet regardless of price. The BHK IMHO has the edge - but some think a heavily upgraded Leak 20 I also own is better - its bloody good I can tell you - it took out the amp GTG we had a few years ago to my and few others ears against a $30K Gryphon - but of course, as how these things usually go, the decision was hardly unanimous. Still it shows what we are dealing with here - really good world class amps. Thanks Bill
  10. PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    Have't heard it so don't know. But upgraded with Dueluds etc the Dialogue is on par with the BHK but lower in power. Another good value amp is those cheap Chinese amps, forget their name, that Rawl99 upgrades. Evidently its a bit of work and the amp isn't available any more - but again the results were on par with the best I herd,. which still is the BHK. It was the amp Rawl, I and others did a mountain of work on tweaking the ML5 reference to get the best sound out of it. Just get the Dialogue Premium - they aren't expensive then gradually upgrade it. I also have one already upgraded for $5k if anyone wants it. Thanks Bill
  11. Low noise 9v, 12v & 15v 1.5A PSU

    Damn - I knew my plan had a flaw. Maybe just a few kind words instead - please, pretty please. Seriously Clay hand builds everything to very high standards - these things cant be rushed - its real deal Hi Fi - not mass produced and marketed stuff you get at your local Hi Fi store. Thanks Bill
  12. Low noise 9v, 12v & 15v 1.5A PSU

    Hi Guys One thing I need to mention for people wanting a ISO Regen for their GROB or whatever DAC they use is Mike is an agent for Uptone Audio and you can get it from him without all the hastle of going through customs and what not. He gets them without the power supply and Clay builds the supply for it. Mike has two on order - one for him and one for me, both due to arrive sometime this month. So Clay get out the soldering iron when you return from your well earned holiday down there in the wilds of Tasmania and start a building - you already have two supplies from me and Mike alone - one for Mikes regen (I already have one from the old regen I have) and one for my Aries. I will be down there with the whip and leather gear to 'motivate' you since you will be fully rested. Thanks Bill
  13. Low noise 9v, 12v & 15v 1.5A PSU

    Should be no problem. Both me and Mike have one on order and am getting it without the PS which Clay will be making. Already use it on the current regen and it makes a clearly audible difference - can hardly wait to see what the ISO regen does. Thanks Bill
  14. Low noise 9v, 12v & 15v 1.5A PSU

    Clay is being modest. Made a big difference with both the Chord and my Off-Ramp. We had a look at the SMPS on the scope - horrific - that stuff radiating around any audio gear connected to it cant be good for the sound. Clay's PS even then was dead flat on the scope - but has only gotten bettter since then. Thanks Bill
  15. GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    Same here. I will be giving Clay on the computer I will be lending him some DSD and the same DSD entropy encoded to PCM. I find HqPlayer makes a huge difference - more than DSD - but we will see. Thanks Bill