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  1. If reference the only upgrade would likely be to use Cast capacitors. But they are frightfully expensive. Much better to get one of his new stands that have a 3hz isolation platform. Thanks Bill
  2. Clay has recently got a Aries G1 from Mike Lenehan. He is very impressed. Mike recently installed a system with an old Gross USB only DAC I have and a G1 and was very impressed. The person will be getting Clys new DAC when released. So impressed he wants to build a special cabinet for the G!, Clay's DAC on an isolation platform which should sound very impressive. I found with the Gross USB only sounded noticablt better, I do not know if thats the case with the new DAC, but once things have settled down a bt it could be something Clay can investigate - hint hint. BTW when Mike releases his new speaker there will be a comparison between this DAC, The Grandinote and the Chord TT2 direct connected to speakers. These other DAC's are MUCH more expensive, but I have zero doubt Clays DAC will hold its own. We already knows Clay is a genius producing likely the best value for money DAC in the world, but if it takes out those two DAC's he deserves a Nobel prize. And do not think, no way that will happen. My USB only Gross DAC took out a Direct Stream. Thanks Bill
  3. Hi Yes I have the Grandinote and as you would expect it is very very good. I also have the Chord TT2 with M-Scaler. I have heard both but not side by side. I prefer the Chord direct connected to the speakers over the Grandinote - but we really need a side by side comparison. The midrange purity of the Chord on music I listen to just blew me away. Now when Mike has finished his new speakers we will do a comparison (Covid permitting) between Clay's new DAC, the Chord, and Grandinote. Despite Clays DAC being much cheaper it is supposedly better than the Gross I have, and that took out a Direct Stream. Caveat - it must be the USB only version. So this will be a genuine contest. If it takes out those DAC's Clay is simply a genius. I still will likely use my Chord though because you can direct connect it to speakers doing away with RCA cables, power amp etc. However purely in sound quality terms things could be very interesting indeed. BTW Mike is so taken with the combination of Clays DAC, and the G1 streamer he wants to build a special cabinet for it on its own isolation platform, but best he gives the detail of that. Thanks Bill
  4. Hi All You convinced me - just ordered one from Mike. He recently installed a system with base grade ML5's and an old Gross DAC I got ages ago from Clay (the guy will be upgrading to Clay's latest when released) and was totally blown away. But Mike said he will do a post about it with the full details. Thanks Bill
  5. I would not worry about it being 3k - even going from 4k to 8k is nearly, but not quite, impossible to detect: https://www.techhive.com/article/3529913/8k-vs-4k-tvs-most-consumers-cannot-tell-the-difference.html The real benefit is shooting in 8k and using good downscaling to 4k. Then you can notice a difference over being shot in 4k. Why - it is thought to be due to reduction in noise during the down scaling. It even works for HD - 4k downscaled to HD looks better as well. Strange - see a previous post I did: Thanks Bill
  6. Of course I will be there - the magnesium's they will be compared with are mine after all. I trust Mike who firmly believes they will be a significant step above those again. We will see. I will make sure my Chord and M-Scaler is there as well and will see how well they go driving the new speaker directly - my current magnesiums are too insensitive for the 18w they produce. It works with the ML5's and these new speakers are nearly as sensitive. Thanks Bill
  7. Hi All Just chatting to Mike again about the state of the new speakers. It's all progressing well. But he found something interesting. He is optimising the shape of the foam baffle. But found with changing the shape, the crossover needed to be tweaked. So it's now a process of iterating the foam shape and crossover design, hence it will take a bit longer than first thought. Thanks Bill
  8. Yes Clay's DAC's work with Windows - you just have to download the appropriate driver. But I dislike it personally because sometimes during a big widows update it seems to disappear. That's why I use a Mac. It doesn't often happen though - but when it does it is a bit annoying. Thanks Bill
  9. Hi Again all. Just chatting to Mike to see how close they are to hearing. Not quite yet. But he explained the difficulty with the crossover was ensuring the breakup was tamed and it remained phase coherent through the crossover. Traps muck about with the phase. You often hear how phase coherent speakers sound better - Mike has checked that many years ago and the critical thing is phase coherence throughout the crossover - outside the crossover its not so important. Thanks Bill
  10. People may be wondering, since this is a well known high quality driver, why Mike didn't try it before. The issue is taming the breakup in the crossover and it not having audible effects. Seas recommends a devilishly clever fairly simple crossover in their DIY designs eg: https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/mtm-speaker-kits/new-thor-kit-pair/ It's a crossover and trap to tame the resonance all in one. But other high quality speaker designers like George Short claimed he could always, doesn't matter how hard he tried, hear the trap - and traps tend to 'drift' after a while, making the situation worse. It took George years to design a crossover he was happy with, and the same with Mike when building my speakers. Massive amount of R&D. But Mike has done it now so its time to make use of his research. Thanks Bill
  11. I have been at a number of comparisons of Clay's DAC's. They often beat DAC's costing a lot more. Value for money nothing touches them. Thanks Bill
  12. Yes. Sorry about that. Damn this Covid - I would normally hear it as soon as Mike has finished, but it's fingers crossed at the moment. Thanks Bill
  13. I have a TT2. IMHO that's what to get because the output is 18W so you do not need an amp. I also have M-Scaler, but bang for buck the TT2 is the go. Because of Covid I haven't had a chance to really put it through its paces, but had a good listen just before Covid really hit and it was the best DAC I ever heard driving speakers directly. Thanks Bill
  14. Still at Mike's Covid playing havoc with getting stuff installed, listening etc. Rawl has a lot of work backed up and hasn't time to install them at my place. Besides both Mike and me would like them down there to compare to the new speaker he is building. Thanks Bill
  15. Hi All Just rang Mike and he said he will be posting soon. He is working flatout on these and will have them finished in not that long - but no firm date yet. He has done some accelerometer measurements and this speaker is even less inert than my 'prototypes', which were the most inert speakers Mike had made. But he found there are slight differences between each driver and the individual tuning he always does will be important. The crossover is a little different to my Magnesium Limiteds - but not a lot. Anyway as I said Mike will do a post when he can - I just promised to do one to get the latest out there. Thanks Bill
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