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  1. Ok the current setup is: RS20i HDMI in: UB900 OPPP 103 Mede8er HDMI out: Connects to DVDO Matrix6 DVDO Matrix6 HDMI in: RS20i HDMI out: Connects to JVC HDMI 2 UB900 HDMI 1: connects to RS20i HDMI 2: connects to JVC HDMI 1 JVC HDMI 1 UB900 HDMI 2 RS20i via DVDO So by adding the DVDO Matrix6 between the RS20i and the JVC it eliminates my issue of no audio when the UB900 is playing. I can also achieve audio by disconnecting the HDMI OUT from the RS20i. By doing this I can still flip between my UB900 and the other non 4K sources. So if I can find a device that emulates a dormant HDMI port I can remove the DVDO from the equation.
  2. Hey Colin, you hit the nail on the head I had this set to on - changed it to off and it fixes the problem. Thanks for RTFM On the video / audio issue, would you believe it still exists For some reason I couldn't replicate what I had obviously done on Sunday, even though I thought I had it complete. Nonetheless I did figure out the issue being the HDMI out from the projector going to the alternate HDMI input into the projector. So tonight I grabbed my DVDO Matrix6 and put it between the projector and RS20i and left it powered off. As I expected it worked! The HDMI switch causes the HDMI cable to be disconnected and fools the RS20i output that it isn't connected to anything, so I thought! I then turned it on and sure enough it was still working. Now the question I have and need to answer, how or what is the DVDO Matrix6 is doing to the HDMI signal to allow it to function. For the moment this is an expensive solution but it allows me to have the UB900, Oppo 103, PS4 and Mede8er all connected. Really need the Matrix6 to handle the additional inputs that I need but can live without it for the moment. Does anyone know of a HDMI disconnection device that allows me to power up and enable the HDMI port when needed?
  3. Hi all I think I have finally nailed it. Late last night I realised I had the system working when there was no HDMI output connected to the RS20i. So this morning I set out to replicate the configuring and had it partially working. Audio and video working but only PCM 2.0 output. That aside I had it somewhat functioning but had no other sources viewable ie oppo, ps4, mede8er, Foxtel etc. So I then changed the configuration on the UB900 as follows: Video output to 4K from automatic Audio HDMI 2 port set to Audio only - this happens automatically once video output is set to 4K. Audio set to bitstream UB900 to Projector locks in @ 4K@50/60 4:4:4 12 bit UB900 is connected to HDMI 2 on projector RS20i is connected on HDMI 1 on projector Sure enough success! The only issue left is the audio decoding and making sure that is functioning correctly as its not doing what I would be expecting it to do. For now one problem solved. The UB900 also didn't take the bitstream change till I did a reboot which I thought was strange but haven't read the manual that might tell me that this is normal behaviour. No idea why locking the video output to 4K fixes this for me but hey why complain! Thanks everyone for their input and assistance in trying to resolve these mind numbing problems! A special thanks to Quark who offered up his blackbird for testing even though his person life is hectic at the moment. Thanks mate! Thanks Arthur
  4. Yep they are doing both.
  5. Frustrating is an understatement. Just want it sorted one way or another by Friday so I can calibrate projector. Have avical conning over to do mid morning.
  6. Agree mate and thanks once again for taking time out to help out....
  7. Sorry Al should have replied to you. All tested in so many different ways that I have gone nuts to no success. The only way to get it to work was to kill 4K output.
  8. Unfortunately I thought that the UB900 would do the same. I think the UB900 outputs HDCP 2.2 on both and don't work independently of each other. Thanks Kazz I will be looking into a 203.......
  9. Hi all can someone verify whether hdmi 1 and 2 can operate independently of each other? What I mean by this is, can hdmi 1 connect to a 4k@4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 vs audio out on hdmi 2 connect to a HDMI 1.4 receiver. Currently having an issue with my Panasonic UB900 which won't play ball with my RS20i and JVC X9500. I can't get 4K output and audio to work as I am having HDCP sync issues. If the oppo handles this differently then I'm going shopping Monday. Thanks Arthur ps I will be borrowing a blackbird from Quark to see if we can fix the problem
  10. Hey Quark This morning I played around with the RS20 and looked into the logs where I could see copy protection flipping between hdcp and unknown. I guess this is pointing to a hdcp issue. My question regarding the blackbird does it downgrade hdcp to 1.4 from 2.0/2.2 So I can then connectthe audio output to the RS20? I'm in Melbourne bayside area, thanks for the offer....
  11. Yeah video+audio on HDMI 1 and audio on HDMI 2. Have changed them around on x9500 but still no luck. Too late now will work on it tomorrow again....
  12. Interestingly enough when i change the projector from A to B on the edid seeing I get audio for a split second. The cables are from ezyhd rui pro cables.
  13. Hi all I'm struggling to get audio happening when I have that ub900 connected in 4k to the x9500. I have the ub900 connected on hdmi 1 of the jvc and the audio out to the rs20i but I can't get it to play ball. Did a factory reset and the only way to get it working was to restrict playback to 1080p. Anyone able to shed any light? Have run two new 4k cables to the projector just for this and I'm no better of than when i had the v1.4 cable in place. I have seen this issue retorted elsewhere but haven't found a resolution. Thanks Arthur
  14. I would be saying I actually need to calibrate as its a new projector non HDR looks great and picture is quite good but most likely well below par from what it can be
  15. Hi all. Need a bit of help in setting up the UB900. Firstly I haven't run my new hdmi cable and using my old 1.4. The projector, X9500, is showing 4k 4:2:0 on playback. HDR is very dark. If anyone has any info I can read up on settings and configuration recommendations it would be awesome.
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