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  1. Ain't nothing like a good class A/AB warmth to make a nice bed! Great amp!
  2. Thanks for that - seems to have a lot of 16 bit flac - as far as I can tell thats just CD quality. Will have a look for some extra high res stuff. Thanks for pointing out the other thread!
  3. Hey everyone, Any suggestions for where best to download HD albums? I can use tidal, but don't find it has the same sound as cdrips on my server. Any HD Tracks alternatives? Thanks! Vinay
  4. Good that they did that! I took some gambles buying various products second hand. Not all make things better, just different. I think the better your components are the more you can hear all the differences, but likely get bottlenecks. it's a first world thing however!
  5. Ive been using the purple isotek ones, but have been slowly changing out. I like the recent synergistic research cable I got from a friend. I would find some in the classifieds for not too much and see what you think! A lot of hifi shops will let you borrow also.
  6. I don't think you can research them really. Plug them in, see what it sounds like then repeat! Different cables with different components and depends on how resolving your system is etc. The same cables that sounded good with one component don't do as well with the next upgrade etc... I've heard some super expensive cables recently and wish I hadn't ! =(
  7. I wish it were clear cut which cables work well etc. P10 has been a very good investment. But each powercable into it changes the sound =( Haven't thought about changing the fuse however....
  8. Further information: Hi guys - I bought this DAC from @amdan not that long ago. It sounds amazing - great body to sound, picks out fine details, good soundstage. Plenty of reviews (see torq @ superbestaudiofriends). At the moment I prefer the flavour of 'Chord' dacs (never thought I would find myself saying that!). That means that the Spring 2 and possibly soon another dac will have to go... Photos: Taken from the previous ad:
  9. Thanks guys. I hadn't thought about whether my antipodes version will run HQplayer NAA, but seems like I managed to install it. Now to get it to work and play nicely with roon.... =P I'm not keen on replacing my server as it has been working so nicely thus far, and the coaxial out would stop working if I got it upgraded to a DX gen 3. @justin - nice thing about the mini is that it screen shares nicely. I had it running as a roon server when i was overseas, I think I plugged in a keyboard/mouse once to get it set up. Hopefully that still works.
  10. Hi Everyone, I've recently done some upgrade of my system (new pre and amp) and am getting a lot more sound out of my system. I have also been experimenting with a chord qutest DAC that I recently picked up. It may not be the dac I use forever so to speak, however it seems to respond well to tweaks and upgrades. I'm waiting on some new cables, though have not yet changed it's power supply. I was considering feeding it with an upscaled source (in lieu of an mscaler). I have a mac mini sitting unused in my cupboard, and thought I could use it with roon/hqplayer to upsample everything for the qutest. I am currently using an antipodes dx gen2 server with roon (as server/endpoint). My model has a coax output as well as the USB. I was thinking of using the Mini to upscale and as a roon core, then feeding the antipodes via ethernet (used only as an endpoint). It could potentially sit elsewhere in my house. Could I ask: 1. In this setup do I need to worry about upgraded powercords/cables etc as I would with something directly connected to the hifi system? Given that the signal is going to then travel across my ethernet cable in the convoluted path it takes around my house. I understand what antipodes does with its servers (to some extent), but does this matter again if not connected to the system directly? 2. Is there any reason that I should think about putting this closer to the main hifi system chain (same ethernet switch) 3. Is there anything specific I should do with the rest of the system in terms of optimisation? I will be running this headless and not using it for anything else. Hope that makes some sense? Thanks for any advice!
  11. Interested to hear what you think! Am considering adding a tube pre myself.
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