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  1. Start with something likes curious evolved and then experiment away!
  2. Thanks everyone - found what I needed for now!
  3. I listen to Spotify streamed on a Bose Bluetooth speaker - or YouTube via a bad line in cable to the wall at work and by the non upgraded Honda system in the car. It's nothing like the main or secondary system at home - but music first!
  4. Item: US powercable suitable for DAC (chord dave), or source ( antipodes server) Price Range: Also have a JPS labs Kaptavator power cable for trade if needed Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
  5. These are so tempting - alas I also have the kid problem!
  6. Item: entreq grounding cables Price Range: Item Condition: new or used Extra Info: Looking for one or two entreq RCA ground cables.
  7. would be interested in the ethernet cabling + ethernet switch/lps if you are looking at splitting.
  8. Oh wow.... I was considering these just a month ago but bought a different amp since! Could have saved some $$$
  9. Item: Shunyata Venom Au8 Price Range: Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I was after one of these - am in Sydney. Thanks! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. Been testing it today - roon on antipodes/Dave/pre/power/gryphon speakers etc. Quobuz doesn't quite have the library of songs that I like as compared to tidal (e.g Annette askvik, Carolina eyck). It is smoother overall - which helps for certain songs, but maybe sounds less dynamic?/airy? for certain recordings. Especially when comparing same resolution files. Would certainly think there's a different eq curve happening as compared with tidal. Will keep doing some back and forth testing! *Edit* - then I go listen to Tool -Invincible in high res and I'
  11. I'm sure this is a Ryu/Ken sorta matchup!
  12. Further information: I bought these here on SNA. Amazing and very rare amplifiers! They match very well with the ME14 pre which has been upgraded with a phono stage and new caps. It also has the upgraded power supply. Capable of driving just about any speaker you can throw at them with beauty and ease. They have both been looked at by Trevor Wilson, and one monoblock had some transistors replaced recently. I also got Trevor to change the speaker terminals to accommodate larger spades. I have two sets of interconnects between pre and power that I will incl
  13. The suggestions above are excellent. Probably a chromecast audio would be my pick. The next step up is something like a bluesound node but the price does go up, though with excellent simplicitly/setup . There are a couple for sale on the forums here (including mine ?).
  14. Further information: Almost new bluesound node 2i. I don't need to say much else about this! Best phone app in the business Balance of warranty remaining. Photos:
  15. Further information: Excellent condition chord Qutest. I'm the second owner and there is still a good bit of warranty remaining (will provide the original receipt. Awesome dac with excellent sound. Would prefer pickup but can ship if needed at cost. Photos:
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