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  1. Thanks. I had read similar. Will give you a call to chat at some stage!
  2. I'm definately more into my 2ch hifi than home theatre. And would probably prioritise unnecessary speaker upgrades etc upgrading my projector visuals. In saying that the projector gets a lot of use, though I think when it's installed I care more about the content itself. I finally have a somewhat dedicated room for both my 2ch channel and home theatre setup this time round. Ironically I have both separate audio setups for my home theatre & Hi-Fi. I may look at rationalising that - but the 2ch is more Liable to chop and change. So there is some sense in keeping them separate!
  3. Thanks good info! Seems native 4k projectors aren't cheap (closer to 10K), or pseduo 4k ones can be had for 2-5k. I'm happy with my Epson currently but will check it out before committing. I'm not against waiting and buying something super nice if it's worth it in the end!
  4. I have little kids - never used my speakers more! Keep them on and they will sleep through anything!
  5. Hey everyone, I've been using a Epson TW9200W into a screen technics dropdown screen for the past 5 or so years. It has served me well and gets used every day for all Netflix/movie etc watching as we don't have a standard TV. The wireless feature had been great and trouble free as I was unable to run cables across my room in my current place. I'm now moving house and will have a more dedicated room (light controlled) for HT and the possibility of mounting to the ceiling and running cables etc. I understand that 4k projectors and content are far more widely
  6. beautiful speakers - my first setup! My sister still uses them with a nice class D amp and turntable!
  7. Further information: I used this dac with my ARC DSi200(also for sale) - for the past 5 years with great effect with dynaudio speakers. It produces a beautiful organic sound. This is the original version without the upgraded USB board, but really will best suit use with a good digital coax cable (how I ran it) or a USB to coax converter. I have the original box so happy to ship.
  8. Further information: Selling my most loved integrated amplifier - bought 5 years ago from Carlton AV. I've used it on dynaudio contour and confidence speakers with great effect. Runs cool, amazing power and beautiful Audioresearch sound. Plenty of reviews online. https://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/arc3/1.html In very good condition. I have the original packaging so happy to ship as needed at buyers cost. I'm also selling a ARC Dac8 make a perfect combination! Photos:
  9. Thanks Clay. Did you ever perfect your mscaler power supplies?
  10. Hey MScaler owners - what cables have you tried/replaced your stock mscaler dual bnc cables with? I have read the audiobacon review on this topic but many of those cables are not easily available in Australia (or quite expensive to try and sell on if we don't get...) Would love to hear peoples experiences. Thanks!
  11. Ain't nothing like a good class A/AB warmth to make a nice bed! Great amp!
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