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  1. I have the 2312 model and too get that dreaded clicking sound the sound drops out but for only the 2 surround speakers. Many Thanks : )
  2. Now Listening to..............
  3. Yes Yes cant stop the Blues
  4. Item: Klein DAC Location:Hobart 7050 Price: $550 Inc Postage Item Condition: 10/10 Reason for selling: Going back to Headphone setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: Purchased from Gieseler Audio 18/10/2016 Pictures:
  5. For me the Klien is the Bomb Dont know much aboots the other 2 . Many Thanks
  6. Just moved to MyRepublic from iinet, FTTP no data limit, 12 months contract on 100/40 and for only $59.99. Initially was a pita signing up but overall took about 10 days and after a month with them am pleased to report my line speeds come @ 96/35. $40 pm cheaper than iinet. many thanks
  7. My Klein is just over a month old now and its one of the better investments that i have made
  8. Hello Everyone, Just finished setting up my Klein Dac via optical and nothing but static from speakers so i dumped the drivers installed new ones from Amanero and changed the feed to usb and not only is it working it blew me away within seconds. Mr Gieseler you are one genius. Many Thanks
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