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  1. That's great to hear Randle. Yes active is certainly a substantial step upwards from passive. Really glad it has all come together for you. I'll be interested in your thoughts of the power cables after we discussed this.
  2. Hey Randle, Check out Ben Webster. He played with Duke Ellington and is considered one of the most important tenor players ever. One of the big three at least. In particular Warm Moods would be right up your alley. I have a digital copy of the vinyl that is just outstanding. For vocals check out Jacintha Abisheganaden. Seems to be unknown in many circles but as a vocalist she arguably has the sexiest voice ever. Most of her albums are very well recorded with some top notch musicians in support. Normally goes by just "Jacintha" as a performer. She could be considered a bit of a one trick pony but for breathy vocals no one will surpass her. Will sound amazing on your system ;-) Tony
  3. Would like to support a local artist if possible. I'm not against getting prints but thought there would have to be a couple of artists on SNA.
  4. I like your work Mondie. Have you got photos of other work you have done? Would like to see more. I have always thought it would look really cool to have an artist paint a series of iconic record covers. Allow the artist to have some freedom with them so you recognise the image but it's different to the original photo.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm looking for some art work ideas for the dedicated music room. Would love to see what other people have. Also if there is any budding talented artists out there please contact me. Happy to commission something if you have a love of music. Would really like to see some jazz based artwork especially. Thanks, Tony
  6. They sold 50 amplifiers in less than 24 hours. Next production run ready in about 2 weeks. Seems there are lots of people interested in this amplifier at the moment.
  7. I'm also a EQ tragic. Would never ever give mine up.
  8. They have just signed off the new designs which include a DAC, Phono Stage, Preamp, an Integrated Amplifier and 200 watt mono blocks. I think they are aiming to have some or all of these out early next year.
  9. Thanks Davey. Got to love the SNA network. Hopefully Tuyen will enjoy them with his horns.
  10. Hi Yassou, Yes I have become the distributor for the Korean Bakoon products.
  11. If I get enough interest in Sydney after Brisbane I will send it down to you if you like. A few people are getting a bit confused about Bakoon Japan compared to Bakoon Korea so I will do my best to explain it as follows: The Japan base is where the circuit designer (Akira Nagai) and the original development came from. The Korean partnership came about after Soo In Chae from Korea had built a few of the DIY circuit boards that can be purchased through Japan. They built up a bit of a friendship between them and a manufacturing agreement came about. Soo In has been working at inheriting the knowledge of Akira Nagai who is now in his 60's. Soo In wanted to develop the circuit as far as it can be pushed from an optimization point of view. He also loves industrial design and wanted to bring the exterior up to more contemporary standards. So the Korean models have progressed a bit further along however Akira still over looks the design and gives it his personal approval. So from an internal point of view the Bakoon from Korea is using the latest circuit development, with what they believe to be the best lay out including the separate power supply. From what I can see they have been a bit more selective with connectors, binding posts, caps and resistors. I have compared them side by side and the differences are certainly there but not in the way people expect. The best way to discribe it is that you can feel the emotional impact in greater ways. From a technical point of view they are very similar in every way. You can certainly tell that both are very much Bakoon products. Both branches of Bakoon believe they can offer the customer different things so at this point in time they are operating side by side. Like I said if we get a few more people in the Sydney area interested I will post it down to you first and work from there.
  12. Ok so far we have the following: Crazikid (end of this week 25-Oct through to early next week 31-Oct) Damohpi (31-Oct through to 7-Nov)
  13. At this stage it isn't for sale but if it comes up it will be on my specials page. Would prefer to share it around first.
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