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  1. Consider also the commercial licensing of the music you will be using. Check that whatever you use for streaming is properly licensed for public relay.
  2. There's a large range of brands available now. Over the last two years we have commissioned systems using the Thunder and Lightning systems from Imag Systems. (Australian company) These use the SDVoE chipsets, Also looked at Extron, Q-Sys and many others. I am currently commissioning a system using Biamp TesiraLux using the AVB protocol, 30 transmitters and receivers in each room, total around 250+ boxes. Saw today some interesting boxes from Aurora, again using the SDVoE chipset. Another less expensive option would be Bluestream, another very successful Australian manufacturer. Many of the boxes have distribution and/or switching built in. These all require Cat6. Some require shielded. Cable installation needs to be d excellent, otherwise you will suffer issues. Network design is critical, as it's switch selection. It's not a simple job to design and implement a system.
  3. We run 21 panels with microinverters here in Adelaide. They have been running for six years without missing a beat.
  4. Copying the look of a classic Mic is no guarantee that they have copied the sound quality. Don't be fooled. There are so many characteristics of a Mic performance that goes towards making suitable for a particular application that it is impossible to go too deeply into in here. If you are interested I would suggest you buy a book to read up. But just to give you a heads up, some of the characteristics include: Sensitivity Pickup pattern (fixed/ variable) Linearity Frequency response Noise floor Off axis response Dynamic, condenser, ribbon Construction (gooseneck, hand held, lavelier, PZM, etc.)
  5. Bluesound now have a professional range. Bluesoundprofessional.com If you want some help give me a hoy. I've been playing with it at home.
  6. I use a Lavry DA11 for exactly that purpose. It uses a Philips compatible IR remote for control. Only issue for you would be that it has XLR balanced outs, but you can use adaptors to go to RCA.
  7. I have a pair of Monitor Gold in Arden cabinets I am thinking of selling. Speaker surrounds were professionally replaced, crossovers upgraded and the cabinets have been French polished about 5 years ago. I'm in Adelaide if you are interested. PM me. Cheers Rod
  8. Ok, what is absolute phase? This is a weird conversation. Explain to me with science what you understand about absolute phase and how it relates to a microphone and singer. Because this is our source. How does a sung note have a phase?
  9. Lol, do you actually understand what you are saying in your post?
  10. I run my Node 2 directly into a pair of Tannoy Ellipse powered studio monitors and rely on my Android phone for volume. Had to make up a pair of RCA to XLR interconnects.
  11. You will get less bass if one side is out of phase with the other. If they are both 180 degrees our of phase they are actually in phase with each other and there will not be a drop in bass. Singer breathing in or out has nothing to do with what you are hearing. No ideas where people get these crazy ideas from. When a singer is breathing in they don't make any noise. They only make noise when they breathe out.
  12. Try to find one of the original controllers. It's probably too difficult to accurately reproduce the controller processing in another signal processing platform. You then need a pro amplifier, 4 channels, 300-500 watts per channel would do. You also need a preamp/ controller. And lots of perseverance. There are some pro audio groups on Facebook that could probably assist. People there would know the gear.
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