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  1. shogun2

    Dante Network Adapters

    One of the limitations of Dante is that it can't do video. You should check out the AVB protocol. Both video and audio in the one stream through the network. The implementation from Biamp TesiraLux does 4K60, 4.4.4 video. Unlike Dante AVB TSN is also an IEEE standard.
  2. shogun2

    Annoying earth hum issue using USB

    That rca isolator is most likely transformer isolation, so you will lose sound quality. Try just lifting the shield from the rca connections.
  3. I have an older Lavry DAC I use to run audio from my laptop to my tannoy self powered studio monitors. You may want to put a knob volume control between the laptop and monitors. I find myself forgetting where the volume has been set on the laptop.
  4. shogun2

    Dante Network Adapters

    They are interesting, but limited in that they are only two channel devices. I have QSC Qsys Core fitted with a Dante card and use the Dante virtual sound card software in my PC to send and receive audio direct, so don't need the adapters. Attero Tech also have some interesting new wall plates worth investigating.
  5. Two different formats. It was over 40 years ago that I used these bits, but from memory we would record onto a DAT audio recorder in .wav format, but I used the DAT drives for my computer backup. They could see but not read the files. You need a DAT audio recorder/player.
  6. As long as you don't need any crossover function, all it takes is two resistors. http://marcusmorris.blogspot.com.au/2010/04/stereo-to-mono-converter-how-to-do-it.html
  7. shogun2

    System For Warehouse Gym

    250 square metres is a large space. The sound system mentioned above will possibly work for you, but it depends on how loud you want to go. If you push these cheap PA systems too hard they can become harsh, although the on line specifications talk about dynamics, which should limit distortion caused by overdoing the speakers. However, 150 ways peer channel is not very powerful at all for what you are trying to do. I would suggest listening to a set of these at full volume before purchase. Personally, i would put in a distributed sound system. Multiple ceiling speakers and some sub woofers, then the music doesn't have to be loud for everyone to hear it. This does require some specialist design, though, and performance of any system also depends on the architecture and acoustics of the room. Another possible solution would be to stream music for people to listen to on their phones??
  8. JBL LSR305 and LSR sub would fit the bill.
  9. shogun2

    What's "good" in cheap outdoor speakers?

    They would work for a while, but they don't provide any IP rating. The OP said NOT protected from the weather, but the documentation for these suggests installation in a sheltered location. Sent from my SM-T815Y using Tapatalk
  10. shogun2

    What's "good" in cheap outdoor speakers?

    Ok. You're not helping much. If it's for a permanent install the speakers have to be able to withstand all the weather elements if it's not protected. There's nothing 'cheap' that I know of that will do that. If it's temporary you can use anything and then take it back inside when finished. If you're worried about a weather event during the party put a garbage bag over the speakers. I can't be anymore specific unless you can be more forthcoming with some kind of budget.
  11. shogun2

    What's "good" in cheap outdoor speakers?

    Ok. Next Q's. what's almost non existent in terms of budget? Is this to be permanent or temporary?
  12. shogun2

    What's "good" in cheap outdoor speakers?

    Couple of Q's? Are they outside: ie in the weather, or in a sheltered location? What size area do they need to cover?
  13. I've had an ECI-2 for the last five years powering my upgraded Tannoy 15" dual concentrics. 50 watts is more than enough. More than happy with the setup.