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  1. Where did you get them? Are they much more expensive than temp insulation batts? This raised floor will be along the entire of the back of the room, so there is potential for corner treatment (at least within the raised floor).
  2. A friend is installing a raised floor at the back of his modest theatre, and would like some tips on simple (and inexpensive) ways to ensure the floor doesn't stuff up the room acoustics. His theatre is pretty echoey already, so a simple solution that also cuts down on reflections and acts as a bit of a bass trap would be ideal. Would filling the hollow area with roof insulation batts, or some sort of foam rubber, make a good improvement?
  3. While I've been pining to upgrade the cheap lounges in my theatre, today the Missus sat down in a La-z-boy Clarkston Recliner, and suddenly the upgrade has jumped up the priority list! The Clarkston's were about $1300 each on special for the Leather finish. The way we use our theatre, we (3 of us) prefer separate chairs that are easily moveable (so we can clear an area for parties/games/kinect/rock band/etc). The Clarkston's were pretty light, and fairly easy to move around - although I don't know how they'd stand up to years of shuffling aound. Eventually we'd also like a matching 3-seater for the back row (which won't have to move quite as much). I've read mixed reports on the quality of La-z-boy online, although most of the bad reports seem to be from US sites. However, on our budget, $1300x3 is a heck of a lot of money, so I'd like to get some more info on what people think of the quality & longevity of the recent La-z-boy products, and if there are any reasonably priced alternatives... From recent googling, I suspect getting the Recliners with a fabric instead of leather finish would drop the price a decent chunk - we were a bit rushed and didn't get a price while we were in store. Any info and ideas would be appreciated! Thanks.
  4. The Aktimate's look interesting - and I missed earlier that they do have a remote for volume control. I'll take a look, although I think I'd prefer a speaker I can wall-mount (or stick with my old floor-standers for now). I have no interest in the ipod dock feature. I can't find much info on where they're sold though (I'm in Perth). It would be nice to check them out...
  5. This is something I'm after too - there seems to be very little in the cheap end without getting too nasty. My system is in the bedroom, and has an ancient Marantz Stereo Amp with a dodgy volume Pot. We picked up a cheap TV, but the sound is terrible - but the only sound output is Coax Digital at line level, so volume control is rather impractical - a remote is a must. (I picked up a cheap DAC ($35 on Ebay) to get Analog before finding out it was stuck at line level.) Shopping around for a simple integrated Amp with remote all I can find is $400+ amps, most labelled as "great low-end audiophile quality gear". Well, the cheapest is a no-name (squinting at the image, it looks like "Digitech") Amp from Jaycar for $200, then it jumps up to $400+ name-brand amps. I'm not overly interested in sound bars, since it's also used for music. Heck, it's often cheaper to get a low-end AVR - but I really don't want a behemoth with a bunch of functionality I won't ever need. I'm eyeing off something like the Cambridge Audio Azur 350A (~$500) with maybe some new decent bookshelves - but it'll take a fair bit of WAF arm-twisting, given it's just a sound upgrade on a cheap TV. It's just somewhat ironic and frustrating that I can get a 32" 1080p TV with decent picture quality for under $300, but have to spend quite a bit more to get half-decent stereo sound along with it...
  6. I have a few more questions/ideas, if you don't mind humouring me. For the double-thickness shelves, did you just glue them together, or did you use some wood screws? It's a shame thicker MDF isn't more easily available. Would it be better to use casters with bolt holes, directly on the ends of the bolts, rather than casters on the bottom near the bolts? That way the whole weight is on the bolts to the floor, rather than through the bottom shelf. Google says such casters exist, although I haven't yet raided Bunnings to see if they stock any suitable ones, to match the rods.
  7. Thanks for the details! How have you attached the front timber strips? I assume they'd need more than glue if they were to add stability. Were they only attached to the top & bottom shelves, leaving all the inner shelves adjustable? Likewise with the aluminium faceplates - are they just glued on, or did you screw them on? So the bottom shelf effectively holds the weight of the other shelves via the bolts? You mentioned earlier you found the easier to use loose nuts later on - was there any advantage to go with the vinyl lock nut over the loose ones, or do you think the loose ones would've supported the weight fine without any slippage? How thick was the MDF shelving? It looks like you perhaps used 12mm, and doubled the thickness for 3 of the shelves? Would 16mm for all shelves suffice?
  8. I have a couple of design questions (probably obvious stuff, but us amateurs have to start somewhere) I'm hoping MM can give me feedback on: Since you covered the shelves with cloth backed vinyl, is there any need to prime the MDF much beyond a basic clean? Was the 4 rods for the back an aesthetic choice? ie; would 4x12mm rods at the corners be sufficient support? (Sounds like putting the nuts on is a good reason to go with less at the back!) Would 6x12mm, 3 down each side, be overkill? Lastly, what did you use for the feet-end of the bolts (and would you recommend any alternatives)? Were they just cap nuts, or coasters, or wheels? Thanks!
  9. I recently started toying with ditching my grand plans of a custom entertainment unit and going for a Rack In The Corner, which got me looking at options... Your project is an awesome design, and quite inspirational!
  10. My first reaction on the price-hike was a knee-jerk "How Could They", but after consideration, I'm happy to pay a little more for better BD support. I was on the $20 for 2/8, and now it's $22. Services go up in price all the time, so a 10% increase after years at the same, for a bit better service, is reasonable. They've also finally started to treat BDs as a different media type in their library, rather than a category/genre - still waiting for it to stop recommending DVDs to me all the time though. (And their Mobile site/app still didn't have the ability to tag things as Returned last I checked...) Sure, BDs are dropping in price, but I'm still not gonna pay $10 for a random BD I may watch once when I can rent it effortlessly for less than $3. Now, finding the TIME to watch all the movies that rock up in the post is another issue, but I can't exactly blame QF for that.
  11. I picked up H.A.A.R.P on DVD dirt cheap recently. While the concert was entertaining, I thought the music mix was very average. It sounded like they'd chucked a few Mics in front of the speakers (and in the audience). I prefer concerts where they mix it more like a studio session - actually balance the levels of the instruments, get some decent sound-stage going, etc... Some concert recordings are fantastic, but most are meh. I'd love a Blu-ray Muse concert where they do a decent sound mix to go with the stage theatrics!
  12. I must admit, I'd actually not seen Beetlejuice before. woodvaliens' review was pretty comprehensive. I thought the PQ was good, given the age of the film, and definitely better than DVD could do. It's no super-remaster, though, so the effects do show their age. As mentioned, the TrueHD audio wasn't the default, and is tricky to find & activate, and the extras were minimal (3 of the Beetlejuice cartoons). For a "20th Anniversary Edition" on Blu-ray, it was a pretty slack production, but at $11 (or $12 from K-Mart), and not owning it on DVD, it was a bargain.
  13. The Harmonix & Vortex are tonally matched, as are the Neuphonix & Epicentrix. I'd go with one set or the other, to keep your front sound-stage tonally matched.
  14. I too picked up Beetlejuice ($11 in the JB b2g1f), not having owned it on DVD and it being a favourite of the wife's. We watched the entire thing in Dolby Digital, and then I found out at the end it had a TrueHD track! Grrr. Don'tcha just hate it when DD is the default over something better?
  15. That's awesome! What sort of bracket did you use?
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