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  1. The speakers are with me in Canberra, but my partner and I spend a lot of time in Sydney - so they can picked up either from Canberra or Sydney.
  2. Further information: For a time these little bookshelf speakers were 'the' entry level speakers to get - they were the best value sub-$500 speaker on the market. They have been used occasionally as my desktop system in a my office. Fed with the with the right power amp, they shine. Quite a few of my friends are highly musically/ audio literate were shocked by the price-quality ratio. I've included a couple of reviews to help you get a good sense of what these are like. https://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/1205usher/index.html https://darko.audio/2011/01/usher-s-520
  3. I realised I had to log in to see the price. Mistaken post.
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