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  1. I have tried Jaycar and Altronics here in WA without any luck. Any suggestions I can gets some from locally
  2. I went with my 12" option so if I ended up selling the G99 I would have to purchase another arm. I still have to connect it to my system to see if all the effort was worth it. I race pigeons and it's amazing how much time ina day they take up. Hopefully I will get to listen to some lps in the next day or so.
  3. Decisions will have to be made one day. Hope that's still some time off. First to go will be the Lenco if my suspicions are correct.
  4. Something about solid hardwood plinths that gets me excited. The ones that I have made have been terific platforms to mount chassis in. The one major drawback is the cost but that has been outweighed by the looks and sound I am getting. If I can continue to build them I will do one for my Garrard 401 and then the Technics SP10 Mk2 and then I will sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Will come a day that I will have to settle on one table, not looking forward to that day.
  5. I was thinking all along to go with a 12 inch arm so that's wht it was positioned where it is. I am just curious to how it will compare to the Garrard and Commonwealth Electronics 12 D/3 so that's why I am in a hurry. Looks like the CE will be stored for a considerable time so I will take the arm off that for the time being. The G99 will be sold at some stage and that is another reason to put a 9 inch arm on. I can always get my son to take about 75 mil off the plinth to balance it out.
  6. Andy I prefer this Salmon Gum to the Tuart. Trouble is I am light on for 12 inch arms so unless I rip one from another table this project will come to an end for the time being.
  7. Looking at the plinth and table position I feel that a 12 inch arm would be the way to go otherwise it would look unbalanced. What do you think
  8. As you can see I'm a novice when it comes to anything like this and I am wondering if I mounted the Acos arm and I'm not happy with it do I have many options with a 222mm mounting distance.
  9. Brilliant, much appreciated.
  10. With headshell on distance increases to 245mm.
  11. I have this S shaped tonearm that I would like to mount on a plinth and I would like to know what the mounting distance is. From pivot to end of tonearm without headshell is 190mm. Unfortunately I do not have a better arm to use on this Lenco project.
  12. Hi Poulina, welcome to stereonet hope you have a great time either reading or contributing. My current system is Garrard 301 in Salmon Gum hardwood plinth, DIY 6550 PP valve amp and valve phono and Tannoy 15" Monitor Red speakers. Enjoy your stay.
  13. I'll second the bit about never needing parts as I still have 3 spares thinking that I would need to pinch parts from them when needed. I had been using the Commonwealth Electronics for 20 years and basically all it needed was a few drops of oil in all that time
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