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  1. Do you fill the two copper oiling tubes on the CE or do you just put a few drops every few months
  2. I have been spinning mine every week when not on holidays since June 2000 and apart from a few drops of oil I have not experienced any issues like that.
  3. Couldn't notice an improvement with the Rola. If I only had the Rola I couldn't see wanting to change it.
  4. Talking about having to acquire spare parts I was concerned that if needed where would I find any for the CE. With that in mind I went out and bought 3 more in case I was in need of something. All I have had to do since 2000 is add a few drops of oil. Picking up those spares became a disease as I went out and added a Garrard 401, Technics SP10, ROLA Professional and a Goldring G99/Lenco thinking that the next purchase would sound better than the CE. HOW WRONG.
  5. I have been using the CE turntable since 2000 and I am pondering a full service on my 301 but before I do has anybody done a proper comparison on the two tables and if so which do you think is the better turntable. I have listened to both but it was an unfair comparison as the 301 is in an inferior plinth. Need to know if it's worth spending close to a grand on the 301 and then put it away again as I have for the last 20 years. I must admit the looks of the 301 is sort of hard to beat and I would love to have it on display just for that reason.
  6. I have been in touch with the Turntable Doctor, seems pretty reasonable with his prices on labour costs. The unknown is the parts cost as the parts are about 65 years old. I will continue with my Commonwealth Electronics 12D/3 for the time being and give a service some thought.
  7. I was also looking to have my grease bearing Garrard 301 completely stripped down and serviced. Untouched since 1955 so I am sure it could do with some TLC. Unfortunately I am in Perth and it's so much harder to track someone down.
  8. Not sure what forum to ask but I am looking for an easy to build platform to place lp's on so that you can clean them in an ultrasonic bath. Needs to have lowering and raising capabilities along with a motor which will rotate slow enough to allow enough time for cleaning. Anyone here built something that they can share.
  9. I have just come home with a perfectly working AVO MK4 as all that was wrong was a dirty switch. All of the switches were cleaned with a good electrical spray and presto "ALL GOOD". Would have been a waste as a boat anchor. $50.00 well spent.
  10. After thinking this over last night I was wondering if it is a tonearm worth using or to dispose of as I have other arms that I can use if I decide to build up another system. I have a Garrard 301 and I have seen these arms being matched up with those turntables.
  11. Thanks, that has been a great help.
  12. Thanks for that. Is there any way to tell what model cartridge is attached ie: Mk1, Mk2 Mk3. They all look the same from what I can see.
  13. I have a Decca tonearm and I was wondering if anyone knows what model it is. It has been sitting around for many years and I have never tried it out and doubt if I ever will. I would love to read up about the cartridge as well and see what they might have to offer. Joe (OLLY)
  14. I have an AVO MK4 tester that has been un used for about 10 years. Tried to test a valve yesterday without much luck so I need to find someone who can service it locally in WA. Any ideas on who I can contact. OLLY
  15. Over the top. Last 12D/3 I sold locally it went for $2,500.00. Sitting on the 3 spares for the time being
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