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  1. May have found what I'm looking for but if t falls through I'll let you know. How much do you want for it. Should know about the other by days end.
  2. Chasing some tonearm wire so that I can have my SME 3012 rewired. Looking for the best quality available. Any recommendations.
  3. I still have one pair of 511B's left. Call on 0401669917 if interested.
  4. Problem solved, got really agro with the collar and it finally came out after plenty of persuasion. Once out I pushed the pin in from the rear and all good. What a relief.
  5. Just went to play some music and I noticed hum coming from the left channel and it turns out that the trouble is in the collar on the arm where the 4 pins are located which make contact with the headshell. The earth pin is pushed in and not making contact. I took out the screw on the underside of the arm thinking that the collar would just pxull out but I can't budge it. How do I remove it without damaging the arm
  6. Gave a pair to a mate, sold 2 others so looks like the other 4 may go as well. I had doubts.
  7. Pictures showing the eye droppers in place would be helpful.
  8. Love your enthusiasm, wish I had your talent
  9. If you make 12" I might be interested in trying one. Kerrys uncle owned Marshs Furniture Store in Mulgrave Road, Cairns. Not sure when they sold out. Loved visiting and going on the furniture truck delivering to people all over the place, loved the Atherton Tablelands the most. Ahhhh, they were the days. Joe May have found a suitable carton so I'll try to pack tables and see if it suits.
  10. Maybe you should start making a nice 12" tonearm. Are you anywhete near Yungaburra (hope I spelt it correctly). Kerrys cousin lives at the top of the Gillies H'way. Magic location.
  11. No worries, if I come across a good one I'll grab it Joe
  12. I'm looking for a good 12" tonearm. Wouldn't have anything like that would you.
  13. Findind the right grommets will be a challenge
  14. I have someone interested in all the Orpheus tables along with the SP 10. Hope they go as the last thing I need is more turntables.
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