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  1. If it has the "expert Technicolor" settings that my LG SK8500 has, I find this offsets a lot of the CR issues at wider viewing angels... don't ask me how, but very impressive gypsy magic ;-)
  2. Yeahh, I (reluctantly) bought an ex display LCD from JB, as the price was too good to be true, but even the salesperson told me to steer clear of the ex disp OLEDs. Too high risk, after running every day on full brightness for 12 months straight!
  3. Thanks Static. I was a little reluctant to share, as I wasnt that sure anyone else would be as excited as I am about it!! Glad it could make someone's day... and you never know what you'll find out in the wild ;-)
  4. Too early for that. This was only the second model they ever released. A revision of the TPS-L2, almost identical on the outside, bar colour.
  5. Just wanted to share this vintage score with you all. I picked it up a few months back from a local op shop. After importing new headphone foams and a belt kit, she's literally as good as new! The sound is decent, but obviously nothing to write home about! Definitely was the dawn of an era though! There is not a single thing missing from this original box, and the whole unit is barely run in. Matching serial numbers, the demo tape and instructions and warranty info are all still sealed, even the little piece of foam that goes over the tape head from factory is there!! This one is a keeper!!
  6. Hi Quark. Found some broken diffuser plate thingies, pulled them out, looks like crap without them... honestly, if I was sure these were the only issue, I'd probably seek out replacements, but don't want to throw money at a maybe, so selling on as a parts machine.
  7. I have a data projector I do exactly that with... just hoped this would be an upgrade ;-)
  8. Yeah, Damn!! Thanks guys, I feared as much. I paid $50 for it and it came with a brand new epson lamp that they hadn't installed. I should be able to more than recoup costs anyway, but would have been nice to have a good projector for that money :-)
  9. Okay, so I got this projector second hand for a song. Replaced the lamp, aaaand this is the image :-( Could this be convergence related, or is it a dead LCD? Feedback on specific issue would be appreciated, if anyone knows, thanks in advance :-)
  10. Anyone noticed that there is finally a version of Kodi in the Windows store? This means support for X-Box!! I have installed on my XB1S, but haven't really had time to play around with it very much yet! Very useful though!!
  11. Hi all. Sorry if this has been covered, but I tried searching and couldn't find anything. I bought a 50" "ULED" Hisense on clearance last weekend, as an upgrade for my bedroom TV, and have been playing with settings. Wondering who else owns/knows this TV in depth, so I can have some consensus on a few issues/observations: 1. Local dimming is not only a joke, but NON EXISTENT!! I've tried with the setting on and off and medium through to low backlight settings and can say 100% that this TV does not dim the backlight regardless. I've run a youtube test on the TV and compared with my 65" Q7F (still edge lit) and it is chalk and cheese -- there is nothing happening!! Anyone else tried, can tell me if it's maybe just not working? 2. Blur and judder reduction cause artifacts on screen, the likes of which I've never seen in a "premium" model TV. I'm overall a fan of these features, when they can be set subtly, like on Samsung's range, where you can manually set each one (I like them on 3-4). The model Hisense I played with in-store had these manual controls, yet when I get mine home and install it, there are only four presets -- clear, standard, smooth, and off... I called their support line today and was told (unconvincingly) that this was actually due to it being a newer model. Seems strange that you would remove a feature like this, yet leave so much fine tuning for white balance, RGB, sound, etc... they are emailing me the latest firmware, so I am holding out a glimmer of hope that it's included... 3. App store: bitterly disappointing! 4. Remote button "click" grinds my gears -- I'll get over it... HOWEVER... what the heck is with the responsiveness... no matter how hard or soft you press the buttons, or what angle you have the remote on, it randomly drops one every 8-12 clicks. Sounds like nothing, but when you're scanning netflix trying to find nothing to watch, and you expect it to scroll and it does nothing, it hurts my brain? Is it just me? Overall, I quite like the TV, but don't love it. It really comes into its own on a good 4K demo video and so long as images are high res, with a bright and diverse range of contrast and colours, most of the issues I have mentioned are not noticable! I know I'm setting the bar high, comparing it to my Q7F, but when Hisense and reviewers have been comparing the two for the best part of 12 months, I guess i just expected a bit more for my money! Appreciate hearing from other owners on these topics and any tips for getting the best out of the picture :-)
  12. Yeah, I've had quite a few Sammies now too! This is definitely the best yet!! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  13. Haha, unfortunate side effect of Melbourne winter is that it can't get enough no matter where I seem to put it :-/ Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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