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  1. Hi Mike, No, the app is Auralic's Lightninig DS App. It controls the functions of the Aries streamer only. The trusty Vortexbox server is now being used only to store music files, accessed via the network with the Aries streamer. Francisco
  2. You will be delighted, very nice amp. BTW I had a 20watt PP tube amp playing through the HB2 and it sounded great, now I have a TM 45/2A3 with a massive 1.8watts and the HB2 sound devine. Its all about system sinergy. The Hoyt Bedfords are 97db and very easy to drive, ideal for SE tube amps. Regards Francisco
  3. It's worth it, and before you know you'll hear the TNT van outside delivering the new member to the family. And it'll be a keeper.
  4. I've had good success with "http://www.goodcomponent.com/index.html". Good feedback from Audio Asylum members. Regards
  5. A Virgin Hallo, first timer here, I think the $6K Dac is by Steve Garland,NOS components and apparently exceptionally matched in tolerances. I'm not a tech. so thats all I know. BTW I'm lucky to have one of Mike Lenehans Dac prototypes. It sounds so 'analogue' in my system, that it's going no where . Regardless .
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