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  1. Silicon Chip Magazine Hi-Fi Speaker

    It appears like @Anton finished his set, but never came back to this thread to give us his thoughts
  2. Raspberry Pi Klein combo interest

    You might be interested to know that @Greg Erskine is one of the amazing devs of pCP The pCP team are super active and adding new features "a lot" Did you try the "audio" version? And have you seen the experimental bluetooth support is being played with?
  3. Vintage HiFi

    Thats very cool
  4. Vintage HiFi

    Lovely old unit. Glad you rescued her What does the glowing green line show? Is it part of a tone control setup?
  5. That veneer looks so deep you could swim in it
  6. Vintage HiFi

    The poster says California Beach ....
  7. SOLD: FS: yamaha ns-1000m

    Stop pandering to the 5yo. It is high time that they grow up and learn life isn't all Santa Claus and Easter Bunnies...
  8. @craka might still be chasing headphone amp. and it'll feed his tube addiction at the same time
  9. Vintage HiFi

    Quite the quote Thanks for pointing out my Engrish
  10. Vintage HiFi

    And here i was thinking it would be a quite Monday morning ...
  11. FS: Squeezebox Touch [BNE]

    Id suggest withdrawing this and waiting a while. Then relist with a much higher price and tell the lowballers they are welcome to throw a price into the ring. They cant help themselves
  12. FS: Squeezebox Touch [BNE]

    PSU looks original. Well its the same as mine Squeezer for a free android app that totally kills it Edit - it still has the blue plastic cover on the back stand
  13. SOLD: On hold: Orpheus Aurora 2 speakers $150

    With a sound to die for and a giveaway price I imagine fast eddie has had numerous offers Great community price
  14. I have an identical pair running on a 28 watt class d integrated, and they sound so clear and revealing its not funny. marvelous little office setup