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  1. I see an alpha in his future
  2. I hope my 101 gets to meet these in May
  3. Minty Odyssey by name Odyssey by Sansui adventure
  4. I'll just echo the three posters above. A real dream speaker for many I'm sure (me too)
  5. If you do post some closeups of the soldering we can let you know if we see anything like dry joints. Grab a little tub of flux for the next one, its amazing stuff 👍
  6. Hahahahahaha Your sickness is in fine company
  7. Somewhat fitting that the pictures of my 101 are on page 101 of this thread. It's going to be a while before the boys with 907's get that opportunity 😛
  8. @pete_mac has the 907 NRA ??? Possibly even better looking (only just) than the 907 Limited ?? And if you are looking for something that fits the era, Hotel Morrison "just fits" the AU-101 nicely, I imagine it would sound exceptional on the AU-505 Something about playing period correct that seems to work very nicely on the AU-101
  9. A long story for another time, but I no longer have the alpha ... I do miss her, but it was the right thing to do (in my mind) But yes, I do love this little 101, I think it's better looking than my 2900 and 317 ...
  10. Know what you mean .. This ones for Sansui77 ....
  11. Another convert... Dare we introduce the alpha series at this tender time ??
  12. I wonder. Maybe they need breaking in ???
  13. How is the condition of the surrounds and the spider materials Cafad ?
  14. I seem to remember reading of using the speaker outputs on a AU101 to drive some very inefficient planner/electrostatic type headphones ???
  15. That ebay listing price is eye watering I lile Cafads price much more. Although I suspect the shipping costs narrowed the gap a little
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