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  1. Poor @Prana69 with all these positive comments now will be itching to get a hold of them 😂
  2. From a faded memory of the curved sided "point 2's" ... The 3 seemed a little bloated in the bass compared to the 2. Im not sure this was on the same amp though. I do remember clearly how good the 2 sounded that day. Still kick myself for not buying them...
  3. Wow, shouldn't last long at that price
  4. Hey cafad, sorry for not linking that forum. I wasnt trying to be obtuse, just only so much time and cut and paste on a mobile phone is painfull I cant find the other article/forum i read somewhere in the tubes.... but recall it was like ~300 of the I were made before the problem was spotted. And, sadly, I thought the trouble was rather self-destructive??
  5. I think the fix is the II model 😛
  6. 607NRA != 607NRAII I read the first version was unstable, but not many were made and the II version appeared soon after.
  7. huxmut

    Vintage HiFi

    I believe you about the sound.
  8. My mistake. Sorry @Cafad (Still a) Lovely stack @Sansui77
  9. huxmut

    Vintage HiFi

    Sorry @The Fez As good looking as that Victor is, I like the ax-s9 more
  10. Doesnt @Sansui77 have one of these with matching CD player ? Might be mistaken on the model ????
  11. huxmut

    Vintage HiFi

    Sorry @wolster Just poking fun. Hope 13000km sees the humour.
  12. huxmut

    Vintage HiFi

    OK 13000km Alcohol 3 LSD 4
  13. huxmut

    Vintage HiFi

    Alcohol 3 ?
  14. huxmut

    Vintage HiFi

    Well the photo looks good Not sure I can decrypt the message though ??