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  1. Any series of Sansui with a 9 at the start of its name need not ask for permission to enter ...
  2. huxmut

    Sansui HiFi

    I'd can not say I am shocked by this Except I dont even need to power them up. Happy to just look most of the time
  3. huxmut

    Sansui HiFi

    Not sure where you got ripped off, but don't forget you have a network of Sansui friends here that will go and inspect on your behalf if they have a chance. I recently went and grabbed a little piece of history up here in brissy and packed her up for someone here ... You can see it in this thread for the before and after pics. He's fairly average at restoration works ... lol Honestly, if any of you guys down south need something looked at/picked up here in south east QLD, just holler. I love going and seeing what I cant afford
  4. huxmut

    Sansui HiFi

    It's certainly the better looking sister in my eyes
  5. Martin Logan ? Might want to edit that title
  6. huxmut

    Sansui AU-70 tube Amplifier

  7. huxmut

    Sansui HiFi

    Average clean up job ....I can only see the reflection of the dials on the face on the far right three dials ....
  8. huxmut

    Sansui HiFi

    A very nice clean up indeed. Looks like the blue tape did save that leading top edge, and just a minute or two spent cleaning the face and dials too How did those two small bits on the side edges of the wood work go ? Just needed some food/oil I guess ?!a Well, hurry up. I need to see that little red led glow on the front now
  9. huxmut

    Sansui HiFi

    Ummmm, gets mystery box of Sansui and has the next week off "sick" Your boss will start to put the peices together shortly... Edit - posted from a coffee shop a long way from my work....😂
  10. huxmut

    Sansui HiFi

    one in the box with original documents .....
  11. huxmut

    Sansui HiFi

    Hey @Snapper() your link is dead for me. Is this the one ?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sansui-1000a-Kenwood-kw-60-Pioneer-sx-800-stereo-tube-receivers-hoard-1-in-box/254047636738?hash=item3b266b4d02:g:eGMAAOSwYkBZwa83:rk:26:pf:0
  12. huxmut

    Power amp considerations.

    You should of jumped onto the Onkyo Integra power amp in the forums a few days back. It sounds as good as it looks
  13. huxmut

    Sansui HiFi

    How did they make buttons in the 80s and 90s ??? I have some that are worn the same on an old Fluke DMM from 1989. Notice the play and pause on both of Charly's examples are losing their markings yet the open/close buttons are fine. And (almost) impossible to find replacement parts
  14. huxmut

    Vintage HiFi

    Arrrr yes. Lids have been lifted. Be fore warned, she's a 80s lady, so things arent as trim as todays standards. Still a looker though I'll try to snap some glamour shots tomorrow And some temperature measurements. This ones got hot blood.
  15. huxmut

    Vintage HiFi

    Bumpity bump. Sorry no photos yet, but I have aquired a Onkyo Integra M5060R https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/onkyo/m-5060r.shtml I spent the day with this old girl being feed direct from an AudioGD dac, and I have to say, impressive. Doesnt have a bottomless reserve of grunt, maybe its only as deep as the Marianas Trench though.... Those big VU meters are a visual delight especially when the amp is front and centre in the room. She needs a little restoration on the case but still sounds amazing for a 35 year old amp that hasnt seen a tech. Anyone else heard this model ? Thoughts ?