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  1. Hi Trong, Welcome to SNA. It is nice Classe cdp 300 you got. Enjoy time here.
  2. Nice score. Alistairm. I thinks last time I paid 1 k for shipping and duty. I am interest about your impression au alpha 907 limited. I didn't have chance to listen it. The sansui b/c 3021 and b/c 2302 occupy main living room. Cheers
  3. Digital cinema in Sydney have Kef ls 50 and they offer free delivery . Cheers
  4. Pm send. Member want to know please send pm for me. Cheers
  5. I paid $1.650 include next day delivery from sydney. It sound nice with my Sansui aux 1111 mos.
  6. You may try accuphase p1000. I work for me with revel salon 2. Cheers
  7. Yes they are Japanese models. My sansui g22000 and g33000 are multi voltage models. Cheers
  8. Some of my sansui collection sansui aux 111 and aux 1111mos.Cheers
  9. Hi skippy,When you busy to hold Sansui au 719, BA-F1 . I grasp sansui au-x 1111 mos and sansui ba 5000. It is interesting that sansui ba 5000 also require 22,000 uf 63v can but It needs four of them. Cheers
  10. This is easy. Sansui BA-F1. It is hard to found. Congrat.
  11. I should check out put transistors first and then check transitors from driven board. Very nice sansui . I run it with my B&w 602 at the moment. It is worth trouble to fix it . Cheers
  12. I think It is true in your case. There are few amplifier that demain alot of power like your Krell. I have no problem to run two Accuphase P1000 via transformers. They may deliver 2000w in ohm
  13. I paid a fraction of that price for sansui b2301. the pream c2302 may cost even more!!!
  14. Be prepare 2k for shippind and duty for monster Sansui from the state.
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