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  1. LHC

    F1 2019

    Still early days, but Ricciardo was the slowest driver on the first day of testing. On the second day he had a rear wing failure that limited his laps.
  2. LHC

    HIFI scenes in australia

    Yes, Krix is made in Hackham, in Adelaide's south. Some members here have visited their factory and posted photos in the past. Adelaide does have a nice concentration of speakers makers though some have left the industry over the years.
  3. LHC

    HIFI scenes in australia

    Is Eastwood Hi Fi still operating?
  4. LHC

    F1 2019

    Dan also need to learn to let go, and not let the non-racing stuff bother him (yeah, easy to say 😝). He appears to be still bitter over that infamous crash incident with Max. https://au.motorsport.com/f1/news/ricciardo-red-bull-exit-verstappen-baku-renault/4338793/
  5. LHC

    HIFI scenes in australia

    It is only a 2.5 hours drive away (+ another half hour to CBD or Lane Cove).
  6. LHC

    Alita - battle angel

    Speaking of 'swan song', that is the song from the Alita soundtrack
  7. LHC

    Dangers of cycling

    I hope she makes a full recovery and be back on her bike.
  8. LG's V40 was just released to the Australian market a few days ago. Presumably the G8 is next, followed by a new V50 in the future.
  9. LHC

    loudness wars 2019

    Yes, but where and when was it determined that this is not acceptable in a car environment? So there was no consensus (between producers and consumers); it probably started as an industry trend that became ubiquitous driven by peer pressure - don't want to be the odd one out.
  10. LHC

    loudness wars 2019

    Who decided for us that music played in a car has to be 'loud'? I drove home today with music playing at a soft level, no one outside of my car can hear. Sure, some quiet parts were drowned out by traffic and car noise, but I still heard enough to enjoy my ride. For pop and rock music, especially those that are familiar, there is no need to be loud. Seriously, even back in the days of cassettes in car, no one really called for loud recordings. This Stereophile article ( https://www.stereophile.com/content/moby-sound-mind) look at the pressure to record loud from a musician's perspective. I quote: "I understand why they do it, because every musician has had that experience where you make a record, you mix it, you master it—and then you play it up against someone else's record, and their record just sounds so much louder and more dynamic, and you become sort of envious. And so then it's this escalating process where the next time you make a record, maybe you, like, put a few more things on the master bus in Pro Tools—some more limiting, so you get some more gain. Then, when you master, you have the conversation with the mastering engineer, where you say to them, 'Okay, I don't want to have an overly compressed, overly loud record.' But then, when they master it in a way that's not overly compressed or overly loud, you get scared and go back to them and see if you can find a happy medium—which escalates this process of louder and louder and louder." So what we have is similar to why TVs are tuned from factory to be really bright: so that they can stand-out from their competitors in the show room. It is a peer pressure thing.
  11. LHC

    YouTube Spinning

    Since I am in the mood for Bach and cello might as well try his well known Air on G string, but transposed to cellos. This is surprisingly effective.
  12. LHC

    YouTube Spinning

    This is a rather enjoyable rendition of Bach's cello suite no.1. Yo-Yo Ma just released another music video of this piece a few weeks ago, and IMO it pale in comparison.
  13. Hello. Does anyone have experience comparing Final Audio's E2000 IEM to its E3000? They are very similar in price, but apparently their sonic performance and tuning are quite different. Reading the online reviews also revealed a difference of opinions regarding which earphone is better with one camp preferring the balanced presentation of the E2000, while another camp thinks the E3000 is more refined and sonically superior. The video below is one example of such reviews; you can hear a comparison of the two IEM starting at the 4:38min mark followed by an analysis of their frequency responses. If you have any experience of the E2000 and/or E3000, please share. ✌️
  14. LHC

    Best phone for audio

    LG V30+ on sale for $479 at JB hi-fi. Can't purchase on-line; one needs to call or visit a store to check stock level. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/phones/Outright-Mobile-Handsets/lg/lg-v30-128gb-handset-black/551424/
  15. LHC

    Dangers of cycling

    I agree it is disproportionate, and probably unreasonable. However, drivers are allowed to feel rage and anger insider their vehicles. What they are not allowed to do is to act on that anger and break the law, i.e. abuse or assault other people. It is a fine line and often goes both way; I've seen cyclists flip the bird to motorists. Is that a form of abuse?