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  1. This is all a good thing for those industries that would become losers due to the EV disruption. Industries like fuel distribution, retailing, lubrication etc. Now is the time to put in place a transition or diversification plan to survive. They can't use the excuse there hasn't been enough warning time.
  2. I am a fan of testing, so it was riveting to watch Australian made Penrite oil compete against the highest quality oil in the industry. In a series of videos the youtube channel Project Farm pitted a range of top oils against one and another, and remarkably Penrite made it to the final four, well done 👍. The video below is the quarterfinal where it is matched up against arguably the best oils in the market. Regardless of the result, one has to bear in mind boutique oils like Amsoil and Pennzoil are actually not available here through the usual auto chain stores, so they are typically priced much higher than Penrite oils. As those stores offer great discounts regularly, it makes Penrite oil seem like unbeatable value for money. A caveat is that the correlation between the tests carried out in the video and real world effects in cars is still debated, so please watch it with a grain of salt. The charts shown in the video from lab measurement are certainly relevant.
  3. LHC

    Tennis Discussion

    Congratulations Ashleigh, a worthy champion! 👍
  4. LHC

    Tennis Discussion

    Go Ash Barty, make us proud 🏆
  5. Collette pretty much had that one hit song and was gone. TV revealed that she went on to do make-up for a living as well as volunteering at Taronga Zoo.
  6. Ha ha. You tell them Chris
  7. Glenn Mederios had a few very popular hits in the 80's and disappeared from the scene. Apparently he changed career and became a school maths teacher in Hawaii.
  8. Surely they operate in different market segments, unless you just want to lump all EV buyers together . If competition drives the price of Kona down it won't be a bad thing (for consumers).
  9. Now this looks like promising news if true. NBN co trialing technologies that could upgrade existing FTTN to FTTH or FTTC.
  10. Later versions may be better, but this is the original and holds up well.
  11. Time travel was just a plot device in order for them to connect with their previous movies. If you enjoyed it, then it worked as intended. I think the difference/contrast was deliberate. The 'older' Thanos in IW was more seasoned and introspective, making him more likeable. Recall he said in IW that he had failed in the 'past', was he referring to his defeat in Endgame? Just before he got 'ashed', he sat down and seem to be reflecting on his situation.
  12. Vanessa Amorosi had so much talent and promises for the new millennium.
  13. Taron Egerton does the actual vocal here. Pretty good effort.
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