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  1. According to this article (https://qz.com/1692498/taylor-swifts-new-album-lover-proves-she-can-still-sell-cds/) Taylor Swift is the only musician left who can sell a large number of CDs. Ed Sheeran comes in a distance second. Yes, Adele's CDs can out sell her, but as you know Adele doesn't release many albums. The worrying thing is that Taylor is also pivoting to streaming platforms with her latest album. The end may finally be in sight 🙁
  2. Very chill live music. Prefect for summer.
  3. I don't know. Billie Eilish is a force at the moment, and her Bond theme has just smashed some records.
  4. Harry Potter were quite good especially for fans of the books. Expectations were exceptionally high and the studio mostly delivered. LOTR were fantastic; the Hobbit not so much.
  5. Oh, why not. More Aussie Crawl 😄
  6. Behold a future star of musical theatre.
  7. No covers can ever best these originals, but young Angelina Jordan brings a freshness to them, like one is hearing them for the very first time. [According to this article the living Queen band members were wowed by this rendition of their song https://ultimateclassicrock.com/queen-bohemian-rhapsody-angelina-jordan/ ]
  8. This video is a highly rational look into the reasons why ICE vehicles still make sense today and will continue to be so for some time yet. Or put another way, the video discusses four challenges facing EV cars in today's circumstances (science, cost, environment and people). The host owns a Model 3 and is a EV lover, so there is nothing political here; just the facts about where we are at this point in time. Having said that I do believe all these points have already been mentioned or debated previously in this long thread - they are just nicely packaged together in this one video.
  9. Saw this indie movie on the plane recently and loved it. A coming of age story inspired by the music of Bruce Springsteen. A little cheesy and full of 80's nostalgia, but the story is balanced and the message nuanced. Well worth a watch. It
  10. Hi All. I am at an end with my old PC and Windows 10. Every recent 'update' crashes my computer ('critical process failure') and require a restore point for recovery. I want to take the next step and do a clean re-install of Win 10 and hope this can clean up my problem. Can anyone offer some advices on performing a re-install? I assume an activation key is not required provided there is no change to the hardware.
  11. Maybe give this Pierre Fournier set a try (if not sold out) https://www.deutschegrammophon.com/us/cat/4796963
  12. It is known audiophile lore that well designed gears should sound good at both low and loud volume.
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