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  1. I have been with ABB for a little while, and when I signed up they either sell you the NF18ACV or you could supply your own modem. Maybe now they supply one for free? Anyway I did some research over the net, and the NF18ACV seem to be a reasonably priced and reliable piece of gear. One could get better by paying more, but for me it represents the lowest risk as ABB is familiar with it. I didn't want a powerful but exotic modem that presents an unfamiliar challenge to the ABB tech support if I run into problems. I actually looked out for sale and purchased my own box of NF18ACV to save some money. The ABB modem does come pre-set and plug-and-play. Not a problem as I found configuration and setting advices online. ABB also provided useful set up information, and any problems (like VoIP) were resolved after engaging with their support team. In my home I set up the NF18ACV in bridge mode, i.e. I do not use its router functions. The modem side of NF18ACV is as advertised, quite stable connection, although the initial hand-shake took some time to establish each time I restart it. Over the last twelve months we did experience semi regular problems with slow NBN/internet, and restarting the modem didn't resolve the issue in all cases; so the suspicion is with ABB. When working well the download speed is good. However the bufferbloat is average; again, I don't know if that is the modem or the ISP issue.
  2. This is the only video of Kanye that I've seen. I think that is enough for me.😅
  3. Yes, I am currently digging some electro swing
  4. What about Gasly as a number 2?
  5. A possibility if you find your max limit is well short of the price the dealer is willing to sell is to buy it through a lease deal. Dealers make money from arranging finance and may be willing to drop the sale price in exchange. So you can have the car you wanted now, but in the long run you end up paying a bit more. I don't know if lease terms are negotiable, but worth a try if nothing else works.
  6. Refuelling a hydrogen car only takes 3 to 5 minutes, just like getting petrol. 😛 Just saying.
  7. MC Hammer fans would definitely argue he was more than a One Hit Wonder. But to the casual music fan he was remembered for this song, and his dance-off challenge to Michael.
  8. Did you tried hitting up on John Cadogan?
  9. Time for some groove ... brings back sweet memories
  10. How about this one. This was their one hit song.
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