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  1. As far as covid-19 parodies go this one is pretty funny
  2. The legendary Sony/Columbia Masterwork recordings of Budapest String Quartet playing Beethoven are available on Spotify. How terrific https://open.spotify.com/album/2qsuzJohSCbuD80tAQQxSY?si=FvfWNW4vQzy5vVLwocZxbg
  3. Yes, Todd seems incredibly knowledgable; as are others from that website. 😅 You are fully entitled to your opinion, but would be fun to discuss it here. Now I know how you are going to vote in the ABC Classic 100 Beethoven 😄 https://www.abc.net.au/classic/classic-100/beethoven/
  4. Talented Allison Young team up with Post Modern Jukebox. Looks like a perfect match to me.
  5. Given the lack of F1 action this year, I want to share two videos from last year that offer ideas on making F1 more exciting for fans. I think they are thought provoking.
  6. Does anyone know what to make of this chart on the ACCC Broadband performance chart ('Average daily outages per user lasting longer than 30 seconds') https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/internet-landline-services/broadband-performance-data It is showing TPG and Telstra as having the least amount of outages on average. Optus, Aussie and Exetel are comparatively bad in terms of drop outs.
  7. RIP Enjoyed his reviews through the years
  8. It's Easter, so a little song for our times.
  9. Look a used pair of Emit M20 is available in the Classifieds. Unfortunately located in Brisbane though.
  10. Granted what you said is correct. But if every company use the same practice, does it matter? By using the same approach the consumer can still compare AVR relative to each other, even though one can't know their true level of performance.
  11. Not at all. You've done a good job researching the background and seeking evidence. Even if you managed to only confirm what others already know, IMO that is still well worth doing.
  12. I thought some earlier Arcam AVR can use their surround channels to combine with the main in two channel applications. Kind of like a bi-amp.
  13. It would not be wise to purchase speakers blind without audition. If you have a spare AVR, consider taking it with you to your local hi-fi retailer and ask to use it to audition the M20. That way you get a much better idea of what the combination may sound like. Take your CD or music files with you as well. While there you could ask the sales rep about the pairing.
  14. Dynaudio's 'reputation' for power and current needy was garnered from their more expensive higher end speaker range. Their more affordable Excite range is designed to be driven with receivers in mind, so I won't be surprised if the Emit range is similar in thinking. Looking at their specs the Emit m20 has a sensitive of 86dB which is quite average, i.e. you wouldn't need a very powerful amp to make them play loud. Their impedance is 4 Ohms which means some parts of the music may be more difficult to drive and draws on more current. So that is something to watch out for. Check if your receiver has a tap setting (check the back of the unit) to select its output specifically for 4 Ohms speakers (or for speakers with less than 8 Ohms). That is the correct setting you should be using. This is just my opinion. Ultimately it just depend on how loud you wish to play your music, and what genre of music. If you mainly play at a moderate to medium level, with music that are not overly demanding, then you should be fine. If you can hear distortions in your music as you turn the volume up, then I suggests you back off by turning it down. You won't want to 'clip' your amp and possibly cause damage to your speakers. There are plenty of people in this community who can add much more to the above.
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