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  1. LHC

    YouTube Spinning

    I found it remarkable that this folk sound is still being produced today.
  2. Annapurna Pictures has done really well with picking up a lot of Golden Globe nominations. In particular this movie Vice leads the pack with 6 nods. Christian Bale is almost unrecognisable here; the things he does in the name of art. 👍
  3. In that RMAF 2018 video the MQA CEO have stated in no uncertain terms that they wouldn't implement DRM. It is on the record.
  4. I also received a 5% bonus coupon by email. Did you sign up for email deal notifications?
  5. Well, very few people could. At least it was a respectful attempt from some young people. Unlike the one below from a pro and an example of how NOT to cover a classic 😢
  6. There must be so many covers of 'Crazy' out there. This particular one I like for its honest style and simple arrangement, and not over singing it. @keyse1 did they do justice to Patsy and Willie?
  7. A recently published AES Convention paper on double blind listening tests with MQA, unfortunately it sits behind a pay-wall: http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=19396 Title: A Comparison of Clarity in MQA Encoded Files vs. Their Unprocessed State as Performed by Three Groups — Expert Listeners, Musicians, and Casual Listeners Authors: Generale, Mariane; King, Richard; Martin, Denis Date: May 14, 2018 Abstract: This paper aims to examine perceived clarity in MQA encoded audio files compared to their unprocessed state (96-kHz 24-bit). Utilizing a methodology initially proposed by the authors in a previous paper, this study aims to investigate any reported differences in clarity for three musical sources of varying genres. A double-blind test is conducted using three groups—expert listeners, musicians, and casual listeners—in a controlled environment using high-quality loudspeakers and headphones. The researchers were interested in comparing the responses of the three target groups and whether playback systems had any significant effect on listeners’ perception. Data shows that listeners were not able to significantly discriminate between MQA encoded files and the unprocessed original due to several interaction effects. In general one should not rely only on the abstract alone; it is always best practise to read the full paper (assuming any one cares to read papers in this forum). Note that this was a poster presentation, and I am not sure if it was refereed or peer-reviewed. The source below also said the study was not conclusive and McGill University will continue to work on this research. But it is good to see that proper scientific testings are done to examine the pros and cons of MQA. (source: https://www.audioxpress.com/article/show-report-notes-from-the-aes-milan-convention)
  8. LHC

    electric cars

    Almost on cue, he has a new video out on the Ioniq. No surprises, he didn't criticise the car but noted the pricing is still too high for its intent and purpose. Then he had his usual go at everyone he didn't like under the sun. 😂
  9. This was a very recent presentation given by Chris Connaker (of Computer Audiophile) on the spectrum of views on MQA out there. When Archimago's 'name' and critique on MQA was mentioned, it invoked an ongoing flame war between the audience members (some are MQA representatives including their CEO) and Chris. Very heated and horrid argument between adults; although much of the material presented and argued have already been covered in this thread. I felt sorry for Chris having his presentation disrupted in a rude manner; but I also felt his intention weren't exactly pure either. Like he said, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
  10. LHC

    electric cars

    No need to pay RRP, just hit up Auto Expert John Cadogan and he will 'save you thousands on your next new car'. Of course his love of Hyundai is well known, as are his views on EV cars. His review of the Ioniq would be most interesting. 😄
  11. LHC

    electric cars

    230km is indeed a bit short. Typically I drive 60-70km a day, so by the fourth day (without recharging) when leaving home, the car would still show sufficient charge. But in practice I won't have enough to get home. So maybe what is required is some alarm/warning that could be customised to one's typical driving needs, and serves as reminder to recharge at home before heading off next. One site quoted $750 for installation. 🤨
  12. LHC

    electric cars

    This looks like good news. How much does a home charger cost? As audiophile we probably will get into a debate over whether electric car chargers can make a difference and which one is the 'best' 😛
  13. LHC

    Car Batteries

    The RAA used to carried Exide, but have since changed to Century batteries. I couldn't get a good explanation out of them. When I had a car replace its battery at a dealership, they installed a Century battery that was rebadged to the car manufacturer. I don't know if the battery spec were custom tweaked to the car maker, or simply just a rebadging.
  14. LHC

    YouTube Spinning

    People here remember Karise Eden, the first Voice winner? She is back with a new album and songs, and a new look.
  15. Another Oscar bait movie but the on-screen chemistry looks good. The music is probably good too. EDIT: oops Cafe67 already posted this trailer earlier 😝