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  1. I will assume most people (but not everyone) knows this - there is a risk to relying only on VOIP phone line in the event of an emergency that involves a power cut. It is recommended that one have a backup phone alternative such as a traditional landline or a mobile service. This site shows ABB's warning about this situation. https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/help-centre/phone/nbn-phone/can-i-call-000-emergency-services-using-voip/
  2. This could mean a 'trap game' for Port 😲
  3. I don't own a Mazda, but in our Japanese car there is a second button (in the glove box if I recall correctly) that can defeat the boot open button. The purpose is to give an extra layer of security to the boot as the glove box can be locked with your key.
  4. The reference to 6us is in the previous section 4. That reference have been debated before on SNA, not everyone here accepts the validity of the reasoning that led to the 6us limit. I just want to acknowledge that. It is related to what Dave has said about timing resolution being infinite.
  5. Apologies up front, this could be a red herring or rabbit hole. This compilation paper by Bohdan Raczynski pointing to the need for linear phase speakers may, or may not, be what OP is thinking about. http://www.bodziosoftware.com.au/Attributes_Of_Linear_Phase_Loudspeakers.pdf If the content within is relevant, but have already been discussed before on SNA, perhaps someone could just post a link to previous threads to avoid going over old grounds here.
  6. This won't answer your question directly, but it seems the Yamaha Professional Audio team do care about speakers reproducing temporal resolution down to 10 microseconds or even less, for a studio environment. Please read section 5.9 of this Yamaha white paper and make up your own mind. https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/contents/proaudio/docs/audio_quality/05_audio_quality.html As said above already, much of this subject has been debated and continues to draw debates; nothing new I can add to it. I just want to point out that some manufacturers are aware of the issues in respond to your OP question.
  7. I believe the latest models from Toyota solved this by adding a proper first gear to their CVT.
  8. I got 3/5, but kicking myself I didn't pick up another one (I went against my intuition). The other one I got wrong was really difficult to tell apart.
  9. Fascinating discussion. Years ago when CA emerged as a thing, much of early discussions resulted in the conclusion that an USB to S/PDIF converter was crucial to achieving good sound from an USB transport --> DAC arrangement. John Darko drove a lot of the discussion around here, and this is his take as of 2013 https://darko.audio/2013/07/when-should-you-use-an-external-usb-spdif-converter/ So fast forward to 2019, is an USB to S/PDIF converter still necessary today, particularly for sub-$1000 DAC?
  10. This is one long spin - Aussie Ray Chen performing with the LA Phil The highlights are the Four Seasons starting at the 1:06:41 min mark. and his own arrangement of Waltzing Matilda as an encore. This is a very charismatic performance.
  11. Another one hit wonder. Toni Basil was close to 40 at the time of this video, and didn't have another hit to follow up.
  12. No longer the Wimbledon, but Nick Kyrgios is certainly winning fans over with his style. Watch the rally point starting at 0:32 mark, it is wicked.
  13. This will probably be a divisive song around here. Nevertheless it is certainly a 'one hit wonder' song for Charlene who have released several versions.
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