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  1. I would caution against over generalising or painting with a broad brush. AFAIK the so-called Subaru CVT law suit is only for cars in the USA, and has no relevance here. John Cadogan promotes Subaru cars and if there are serious issues he would no doubt rise it. Same for Toyota. If anyone know of a CVT recall here that rivals the VW recall, please supply the link. As for DSG/DCT, most bad experiences seem to be with VW and Ford cars. Hyundai also produce DCT cars and I've not heard any widespread problems in that brand. I do agree conventional auto is probably the safest bet, but I am not completely certain about the reliability with very high gears like 8 or 10. Guess we have to wait a few more years to see how they pan out. I would assume a six speed auto, made by a reputable brand like Lexus, would be rock solid in this day and age.
  2. I've never been a fan of Cold Play's 'Fix you', but this cover version is really good.
  3. I think you are painting with a very broad brush. Nissan CVT is made by a company called Jatco that also make transmission for many other brands. Toyota CVT are made by Aisin, and seem to be less problematic than Jatco. Honda also make their own CVT. Toyota have evolved their e-CVT through their Prius for twenty years, so the technology has come a long way. Presumably the same or similar e-CVT is deployed in the hybrid RAV4, so I was a bit surprised by the review. The late model corolla CVT are actually quite good now that they have fixed their first gear where alot of people can have issues. Still, the feel of CVT is subjective, some people hates it, others don't mind it as much. For me, I actually prefer CVT over DCT.
  4. A new review of the RAV4 Hybrid. Take note of the comment on the CVT - this means a test drive is a must now.
  5. OP, so what is the final outcome of this car search? I've a friend who is planning to buy a new car as he starts his family, so the lessons learned in this thread could be useful.
  6. Another tricky one. Patty Smyth had a few hits with the band Scandal, but as a solo artist she only have the one big hit with Don Henley.
  7. LHC

    NRL Footy Tipping

    It is true the referee behind the goal line waved 'six again'. But the question is who made contact with the ball in the air? If one listen to Ray Warren's 'real time' commentary he said "it came off a Raiders player". If the in field referee also saw the same in real time, then it made sense to override the other referee's call. I thought it would have made sense at the time to halt the game and have a referees conference to decide on the right call; but I don't know if such circumstances can be reviewed by the video referee. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/league/news/nrl-grand-final-sydney-roosters-secure-premiership-after-raiders-are-incorrectly/11mss81o694lx1xjezmwb6x0nu
  8. This is a long thread. Has anyone posted this song earlier?
  9. This one is tough. This band has been around for a while but only produced the one international hit.
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