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  1. Paper machè horns.

    Unusually wet here today in Hobart. Shed's nice and dry! Speaker building time!
  2. The Twins

    2 rooms at the new place. I'm 100% backing the pokies going. Anti social freaking things. Good to hear you have a gig mate! Well done!
  3. The Twins

    Was more thinking of physical real estate slowly being eaten up by all these massive speakers! 2 x 18s. 4 x 21s. Big horns. Pse speakers. You seem to be slowly losing meters out of your room!
  4. The Twins

    Yeah what you have now is a good sized room for "normal" speakers. It's a little different now!
  5. The Twins

    Well you have plenty to keep you amused! Plenty of room at the new place to have them all set up nicely. Keep up the good work mate.
  6. The Twins

    Will be interesting to see what you do with them mate
  7. The Twins

    At least it will make it easier to move the bloody things!
  8. Beryllium would be an interesting one but I'm sure, like your saying, that with a little work you'll get it right. They are amazing speakers mate. Any improvements now could only be small ones. I spoke to Pat from Perth about your speakers. He's very keen to hear them next time your over and you are free?
  9. The Twins

    Very tidy Matt. Well done.
  10. The Twins

    Good stuff Matt. Looking forward to seeing how you make a grill for those odd shaped horns!
  11. A clever idea to test. I love a simple plan like that! Have you tried no baffle for the tweeter Brian?
  12. The Twins

    Apart from being MASSIVE, they look good mate!
  13. The Twins

    I'd say they look subtle..... But they're 6' tall!