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  1. Upfront

    Hi from Hobart

    If either of you guys every want to catch up and meet a few other like minded people down our way. Shoot me a PM. Dont be shy.
  2. Thoroughly deserved. Beautiful products in all respects. And a nice bloke to boot!
  3. Upfront

    Pops 110’s gear

    Looking good mate! I'm glad you finally found a use for all the excess pillows crowding up beds all over the world![emoji13]
  4. Upfront

    Where was your lunch location today?

    Ah. Nice spot ya lucky bastard!
  5. Upfront

    Where was your lunch location today?

    Where the hell are you today mate?!?!?!
  6. Upfront

    Second hand record shops in Hobart

    Hey mate. Tommy gun records Elizabeth st Solda Elizabeth st Music without frontiers Liverpool st There are others but not that come to mind at the moment. Tip shop in glenorchy has some good ones on the rare occasion too.
  7. Upfront

    Parallel capacitor impact

  8. 4? Wow that went quick! You need to ditch the chair Chanh and bring back the couch!
  9. Upfront

    Simple Gain Stage/Preamp suggestions?

    Sounds about right. It's never what you actually need is it!
  10. Upfront

    Simple Gain Stage/Preamp suggestions?

    There used to be a jumper on the board.
  11. Upfront

    New horn mounts

    Even your rough ones are better than the velcro and pencil holding my big ring together!
  12. Upfront

    Paper machè horns.

    We need photos of your build mate. It the law around here. Doesn't exist without photos![emoji13]
  13. Upfront

    New horn mounts

    Love the horn mount mate. I think it's the hardest part of the build. The balance of form and function is not an easy task. You've done well there.
  14. Upfront

    Paper machè horns.

    Get into it mate! Let me know what you think.