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  1. Lenco owners thread

    [email protected] is building it. There seems to be a que forming for his work. All-around good guy and Lencolover.
  2. Lubricant oil for Thorens TD124

    The 3 in 1 oil was from bunnings from memory. I used this for both the bearing and motor in a couple of Garrards I've rebuilt...
  3. Lubricant oil for Thorens TD124

    What are you lubricating? Idler wheel, motor or bearing? Sewing machine oil is ok for something like the idler wheel but a heavier weight oil for the bearing would be better. 40w as suggested.
  4. Where was your lunch location today?

    Masaaki is amazing.
  5. In beautiful condition. Would make an exceptional project for someone. GLWTS
  6. Where was your lunch location today?

    Saturday lunch (sorry I'm a bit slow!) Sushi in Geeveston. Was also slow at taking the photo. Amazing food.
  7. That's a looooooottt of work mate. Well done. I can appreciate the effort in trying to get them right.
  8. Very tidy work as always mate. We'll done!
  9. Less talk more photos![emoji13]
  10. Where was your lunch location today?

    Nice looking beach down there mate.
  11. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    any progress mate?
  12. Lenco owners thread

    Don't regret it. Either way I appreciate the photo and as long as your happy, thats all that matters. I like the stacked ply look. What mods will you do?
  13. Lenco owners thread

    Ha! No pressure! I have a shelf to build for it yet.....I'm not exactly in a rush.
  14. Lenco owners thread

    Managed to buy a new bearing and a couple of idler wheels for an upcoming PTP6 project.