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  1. Happy to help lift things Brian. Dont be shy
  2. I actually laughed out loud when I read that!
  3. Nice work mate. You always have nice taste in gear.
  4. Not at this stage but it's always handy to know where to go.
  5. Have you had a listen mate??? What do you think???
  6. Thanks for having us Brian. Always a pleasure listening to your system, although briefly! Really enjoyed just sitting and having a chat. My place next time. Will PM you when I work out a time and date. Thanks again mate.
  7. If either of you guys every want to catch up and meet a few other like minded people down our way. Shoot me a PM. Dont be shy.
  8. Looking good mate! I'm glad you finally found a use for all the excess pillows crowding up beds all over the world![emoji13]
  9. Hey mate. Tommy gun records Elizabeth st Solda Elizabeth st Music without frontiers Liverpool st There are others but not that come to mind at the moment. Tip shop in glenorchy has some good ones on the rare occasion too.
  10. 4? Wow that went quick! You need to ditch the chair Chanh and bring back the couch!
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