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  1. Bookstores: Hill of Content - top of Collins street, Cbd the Avenue bookstore in Albert Park. Metropolis bookstore if you’re into art and Design books in the cbd. Readings books & music in Lygon Street, Carlton is an excellent bookstore and it has a reasonable vinyl and cd range. Carlton Audio Visual is close by. The Readings in Acland st, st kilda is also good for books and music. There’s a very large Dymocks in a basement somewhere around 240 Collins street in cbd.
  2. https://mailchi.mp/readings/patti-smith-in-conversation-in-melbourne?e=201c562fc5
  3. This stuff is good - very fine, dry and settles without air pockets. I two-third filled the stands on my B&w 805 - it was a significant improvement. https://www.bunnings.com.au/flexovit-10kg-garnet-sandblasting-grit_p6330485
  4. Can you tell me how the lid opens - does it slide back into the case or does it hinge upwards?
  5. Keep stacking the plastic and loving the music i’d say to him. I’m sure he looks with a little suspicion and pity at our fetishisation of the process and gear involved in sound reproduction. Let’s face it, nobody ever got spiritually transported because of clean grooves or an expansive soundstage - nice though they may be. Great music can do that to you on a transistor radio.
  6. Presto is very good for classical and jazz https://www.prestomusic.com/classical
  7. Just paid $22 for this CD. Sounds very good, but ripped and upsampled it sounds excellent. It’s a bargain. I enjoy my old vinyl but I certainly don’t buy new anymore - a lot of it doesn’t sound as good as my ripped CDs. Some hi res digital downloads are, inexcusably considering there is no physical distribution chain, a similar price to new vinyl. It’s a very weird market out there.
  8. The only acceptable fatigue is that which comes from an extended period of concentration or emotional absorption in the music. If you’re getting it from the system, sorry, change the system.
  9. Given away elsewhere to people more discerning than the philistines who inhabit these parts. thank you and good night.
  10. Where have you been, Al? I’ve been sitting here patiently for the last 4 months waiting for guidance. 😀 I checked out the Nikon z6 - feels really well made and very nice in the hand. I very nearly dived in but, realistically, the undoubted quality of FF is less important to me than fun and portability. With a 35-70 it’s still a pretty big chunk of hardware. I can throw my em5ii and 3 little primes or the 12-40 in my backpack and forget they’re there. I have them with me most of the time and really enjoy using them. I’m not a pro so I don’t have clients to worry about. Also I’ve significantly improved my pp skills so the noise and other irritations are reduced.
  11. the design is a bit too contemporary for him
  12. lots of cops on bikes on urban streets nailing people for mobile phone use. I saw a couple of people cop it on swan street, richmond in the few minutes I was stopped in traffic. Big fines, I hope.
  13. Always one to raise the difficult philosophical questions, Murray. It’s a fair cop - the white balance is off. The middle pic of the chair by itself is probably the most accurate. Alas, it’s a moot point now. Im waiting for someone to pick it up in about 30 mins.
  14. 2 channel Amps australia x 2 - Weston, Elektra UK x 1 - Arcam speakers UK x 6 - B&W 2, Proac 2, mordant Short 2 Subs US x 2 - SVS Dac Aust x 1 - Gieseler China x 2 - Topping, Eastern Electric PSU Aus x2 - gieseler Streamer US x 2 - ultra rendu, Apple TV Cdp UK x 1 - Arcam US x1 - Harman Kardon Turntable UK x1 - Rega
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