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  1. No, you’re not upsetting me. I was curious.
  2. @Nordost that was a question. Why are you welcoming people who joined 2 months? Im genuinely interested.
  3. It’s good to welcome new members but why are working your way back to people who joined and made a single post months ago. It’s weird. @Nordost
  4. That’s a very similar interface to XLD. I think the files are corrupted.
  5. yes, I've used XLD a lot and its usually excellent. It's making what looks like a flac file but it won't play. I think the original .wv files must be corrupted.
  6. I'm having trouble converting a .wv file to something that Audivarna can recognise. Using XLD it seems to work - ie it becomes '.flac', but the file still won't play. Any ideas?
  7. I really hate its as well. i took a bootload of old printers from Joss's office to Officeworks a while ago. I'm not entirely confident they don't end up in landfill.
  8. I think you will need to spend quite a bit more than the $2k you’ll pay for the p452 to get that kind of power and quality in a new a/b power amp.
  9. Thanks for that. I Have Audivarna on my Mac pro and its pretty good sonically and stable but it’s a very clunky interface. TBH I’m doing due diligence before I switch to Roon.
  10. Anyone using Audivarna with room correction plug ins? What do you recommend?
  11. Don’t think they have DSD. you have to select hi res in audio quality settings
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