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  1. Those super tweeters are tiny. I’d be interested to hear what effect they have. Ones I’ve heard are barely audible but when set up properly they have really opened things up.
  2. Yes, SBS SB 1000 - excellent little subs. I was a bit anti sub until my trusted hi fi advisors persuaded me to get these. They work their magic throughout the frequency range, not just bass, with the standmounts. Currently switched off.
  3. I’m still waiting for a new tweeter for my b&w805 d3 and have been using my elderly Proac 1s in their place for the past few weeks. Obviously latest gen B&Ws are a superior speaker in almost every way to my little geriatric Proacs, but I love these speakers - they are probably my desert island speakers. And, with twin SVS subs dialled in very very subtly, I don’t consider them much of a downgrade. Anyway, I’ve had a long term itch for some floorstanding Proacs and was able to scratch it courtesy of @muzzworld and his D18s. Thank you kindly. They will eventually be going to my 2nd system with a Weston Topaz, but I just set them up temporarily in the study and am planning a few hours of Proac love. So far so good and certainly no need for the subs. Tweeters in or out? They sounded best ‘in’ in my smallish room with the 1s.
  4. Anyone thinking of buying a new P3 or P6 - don’t. Do yourself a favour and buy this and save a pile of dosh for vinyl. With all these upgrades a new Rega isn’t even close.
  5. Amazing these haven’t sold yet. Fantastic sounding system and a trustworthy and honourable seller.
  6. Not sure that spending $4-5k on a power generator quite fits in the ‘bang for the buck’ category for better bottom end punch.
  7. You’re certainly not alone in your obsession. Lack of bottom end punch isn’t necessarily a speaker problem - I’d try to borrow a few different amps to try in your system.
  8. Not familiar with B&w 904 - do you mean 804? Upgrading the bluesound would probably help but i’d be looking at the amp.
  9. @blakey72 @djb ran his older Turnberrys with a Troubador - actually it may have been a Time Machine - anyway quite low powered and it sounded lovely. You really don’t need tons of power with those speakers. My integrated Topaz runs Proac 1s - they appreciate quality amplification and it handles them beautifully. It doesn’t quite do it for my B&W 805 which love plenty of SS grunt. As for relaxation - I wouldn’t say my Topaz is any more relaxing than my big Elektra. it’s different but certainly not pipe and slippers. I think that’s a misleading cliche about valves. It’s relaxing or exciting as the music demands. Talk to Earle before you buy - he’ll give you good advice.
  10. Topping have brought out an lps specifically for the d50 - the topping P50. $175 on amazon. http://www.tpdz.net/products_list/pmcId=24.html
  11. Ain’t that the truth! But this is probably the simplest using Tidal and existing kit.
  12. Do you want a fully networked house with multiple music centres? If not, I’m with Snoopy, why not just dedicate the Mac laptop to tidal in your main listening room. Then it’s very simple - as a start, go direct USB from Mac into your DAC into amp. You can fiddle with it later if you feel the need. If you don’t have a USB dac plenty of them come up in the classifieds for not a lot of money. I do this in my second system with a topping d50 - it’s dead easy to set up, works well, and sounds very good.
  13. Elektra Pnyx. Very happy with it and it was a big leap forward in SQ from my previous pre. But it was bought at a time when i was still using multiple sources frequently - vinyl, tuner, CD, Dac - and I’m not sure it’s the best thing for a system with a single digital source.
  14. Very good to scratch that itch, Con, and confirm that what you have is pretty much state of the art.
  15. I couldn't see a reference to the MLT3 on the Lenehan site - whats the difference?
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