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  1. pardon my ignorance of rape and metallurgy but what’s a skmekne?
  2. Item: Primaluna dialogue premium pre amp or EVO 3000 Price Range: reasonable market price Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Melbourne only Id consider also a WESTON pre
  3. Further information: Quad 22L 2 in gloss black. As you can see its very difficult to photograph but they are in very good to excellent condition and a beautiful piece of furniture. Includes the original outrigger spikes. Transducer Complement 2.5 Way Cone Bass Driver 170mm / 6.5 Cone Bass / Mid Driver 170mm / 6.5 Soft Dome Tweeter 25mm / 1 Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms Frequency Response (-6dB) 30Hz - 28kHz Upper Limit (-10dB) 32kHz Power Handling - Continuous 150W Power Handling - Recommended Amplifier 50-300W Enclosure type Ported / Sealed Mid System Fb 35Hz
  4. Thanks. I’m really looking for the D2
  5. Let’s face it Trev’s ears are shot anyway. He wouldnt have noticed poor sound quality.
  6. I think the alpha 9 is the best cdp Arcam produced.
  7. Item: Proac D2 Price Range: reasonable market price Item Condition: Used Extra Info: All you fine folk with the crappy old dome tweeter version need to upgrade to the new ribbon tweeter. I'm prepared to take the old ones off your hands. Can't stay fairer than that.
  8. Thanks. Yes, I’ve had a look at those. They look good but Id like higher mass stands.
  9. Is that a world war 2 fighter plane? No I didn’t
  10. No music room is complete until you have to climb over gear to get in
  11. No. I like them. If I could get the same performance out of a Cyrus size amp that I get out of my ridiculous pile of big black boxes I’d take it every time.
  12. simple yet elegant lines, compact, modest and self-effacing with reasonable SQ. Yes, an affront to all self-respecting audiophiles.
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