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  1. Choosing a dac

    Agree completely with @rantan above. Don’t buy or sell anything you have till you have the speakers sorted - try to be systematic about how you approach things - flipping all your gear and starting from scratch can result in expensive mistakes. First, Listen to a range of speakers with music you are familiar with. When you have those in the bag think about the amp. The Rega may or may not end up working well with your chosen speakers but in any case it will give you comparison with which to decide what different qualities you want in your amp. Forget about the dac till you have amp and speakers producing the kind of sound you want. on another note, which Haydns do you have? The new versions with the tweeter set in the port? I don’t know these at all but I leap to the defence of the older more conventionally designed Haydns - they were a beautiful speaker which Ive always regretred selling.
  2. Choosing a dac

    Upgrading the dac will of course make a difference, but dacs are a bit of a minefield and you can spend a lot of money and not get a big improvement. I think I’d be settling on an amp before spending $2k on a dac. What amp are you currently using?
  3. PMC PB1i 3 Way Speakers (Cherry)

    Pictures of actual speakers might help
  4. If truth be known, frequencies below that are probably wasted as well
  5. I would certainly expel you from any society that accepted you as a member. interesting experiment - they are spectacular tweeters.
  6. Weston integrated in Adelaide ?

    @McCvinyl @Luc hammered me for ages with this same rap - just buy it, don’t think. I hate to admit he’s been right in my case - l do love my Topaz KT 120 and what it does for my proacs. BUT if you’re buying one of these you are restricted to relatively efficient speakers - I doubt you’d be happy with a Topaz if you had dynaudios or similarly hungry speakers. The rule - specially when faced by the badgering of one-eyed fanboys like @Luc and I - is try and audition if you can and talk to sensible sober owners (not @Luc even if I do agree with hm) about their experiences. Also a good idea to talk to earle - he’ll be very straight with you about what might work for you.
  7. Thats true but unfortunately it’s the 4 ohms that’s the deal breaker. They are desirable for sure.
  8. Seems mad not to bid on these Sonus Fabers - fantastic buying. Unfortunately I don’t really have a place for them in my current small room set up.
  9. Wilson Benesch or Audiovectors ?

    He was a bit of a miserable [email protected]
  10. Wilson Benesch or Audiovectors ?

    It’s a bit like that Harold Pinter play A Kind of Alaska in which someone wakes from a 30 year coma for a few days only to realise she’s no longer 7 years old. Thankfully she falls back into oblivion.
  11. FS: Nikon FE

    Sorry, sold elesewhere
  12. The White (farmer) Australia Policy

    until they come for you
  13. The White (farmer) Australia Policy

    Nobody has been slaughtering buddhists in Burma - at least not since the British. And getting Buddhists off side is very easy these days. Burma, Sri Lanka and Thailand are all undergoing a very unpleasant form of religious Nationalism led by Buddhist monks. In these countries the particularly nasty fundamentalism is Buddhist. Look up Ma Ba Tha.
  14. My System this morning

    You picked up a Brooklyn dac at the market - great score.
  15. Lovely C1s - what are they like for near field listening?