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  1. buddyev

    FS: Metrum Octave

    How many times do I have to tell you : don't go mistaking Paradise For that home across the road Send it to Poste Restante - he’ll be along in a week or two.
  2. buddyev

    FS: Metrum Octave

    Too late now - you had your chance to make amends.
  3. buddyev

    FS: Metrum Octave

    Item: Metrum Octave dac (version 1 separate power) Location: Richmond, 3121 Price: bottle of red to me & donation to SNA (or swap for some SGR Maestros, any model) Item Condition: not working Reason for selling: one that works Payment Method: Pickup Richmond only Extra Info: I’ve had this dac in my system for several years. It’s the model that established Metrum as a serious dac maker. Not the last word in detail or dynamics compared to the latest dacs, but very listenable for long periods. Well, it used to be very listenable - it ain’t working now. It may be a very simple fix or it might be completely cactus. It powers up but no sound. I’m technologically challenged, can’t fix it and don’t want to pay someone else to fix it. So if you’re a bit handy with a soldering iron, as Judas Priest said to Frankie Lee, my loss will be your gain. It won’t go to the first person through the door - prefer an established SNA member who wants a project.
  4. I like a good lynching. oh hang on, you mean me!
  5. Dead can Dance - pompous twaddle useful only as fodder for auditioning equipment.
  6. buddyev

    Mat for acrylic platter?

    The Achroplat replaces the platter and mat. Horses for courses, but I get a much cleaner, better resolved sound than with the glass and felt.
  7. buddyev

    Mat for acrylic platter?

    I use my Achroplat on a Rega without mat — as intended. Never had a problem with disc slippage or static. Using a mat would defeat the considerable sonic improvement I get with this platter. I give it a quick brush before each session to make sure there aren't any hard, scratchy bits on the surface.
  8. buddyev

    DACs & DSD

    Yes, I know. I had a lot going on at the time and probably wasn’t paying proper attention. Plus I was just starting my research for a new dac then and didn’t really know what I was looking for.
  9. buddyev

    DACs & DSD

    Problem is that mob is more likely to be Young Liberals hunting down Greens.
  10. buddyev

    DACs & DSD

    Welfare dependency stunts aspiration - I would to want to do that. You can come and have a listen, though.
  11. buddyev

    DACs & DSD

    How the hellareya Puli? Reading a bit about that denafrips today - it gets rave reviews. If it was up the road I’d give it a go.
  12. buddyev

    DACs & DSD

    Thanks for that, Dave. Do you have an opinion on Chord dacs? I’m auditioning a few dacs this next few weeks and plan on buying something soon. I was hoping something would come up in the classifieds but it’s been pretty lean for dacs recently.
  13. buddyev

    DACs & DSD

    Yes , happy to use software for conversion. I use Audivarna at the moment to upsample pcm and to convert to dsd. The jury is out for me whether this is better - I think it is.
  14. buddyev

    DACs & DSD

    Yes, that’s the plan - to find something I like. I’m not a flipper - I tend to find things I like and keep them for ages so that’s why Im doing due diligence in this confusing and argumentative world of dacs. I have no loyalty to files or formats - I’ve got and enjoy everything from Tidal to vinyl. But I have recently acquired a collection of DSDs - a lot of them are double ups on my own cd rips and I find them significantly better. While I enjoyed cd rips on my Octave for years DSD even on my little cheapie Topping dac has got me wanting more.
  15. I’m on the lookout for a new USB dac. I have a decent library of 16/44 cd rips but really good DSD capability is essential - I’m a convert and now have a pretty substantial collection. I use Audivarna. I was pretty much decided on a Qutest - I’ve had a short audition with one and liked it, but wasn’t able to have a good listen to it with DSD at the time. Recently I’ve read some negative stuff about it’s ability to play native DSD. Apparently it converts it to PCM for playback. In the real world does this matter in terms of SQ? Anybody have any experience or opinion on this?