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  1. Why wasn't he wearing a helmet with the back protection? Great to see genuinely fast and hostile fast bowling.
  2. I don't find a batsman that middles the ball and times his shots so well, ugly to watch. His reactions to variations are uncanny. I'm still smarting badly after the humiliation in Auckland. Yes, he middles the ball in a spookily brilliant way - no doubt. He’s probably the best test batsman in the world at the moment. I still find all his ticks, rituals, weird bat swings when he doesn’t play annoying to watch. You could never describe him as an elegant batsman, but obviously that doesn’t matter. I wonder about his longevity? What will he do when that extraordinary coordination and lightning reactions start to fail him. will he be able to fall back on technique in a way that many others have done to extend their careeers? I hope so. Still, there are still a lot of other batsmen i’d rather watch.
  3. Smith looks like he’ll make a few runs. I know he’s one of the best but he’s such an ugly batsman to watch.
  4. Fish out of water is one of my favourites. Also sangam and rabo de nube
  5. Thanks, Con, it was a very nice arvo. Fantastic range of music on an absolutely superb sounding system.
  6. If, as seems to be the consensus in this thread, there is no practical difference/improvement in 24 bit over 16 bit is there any point paying the premium for 24 bit files?
  7. @sfdoddy any suggestions / recommendations for open baffle speakers? there don’t seem to be many around.
  8. Forget the 30.7 ? presumably because they’re 3 x budget and so irrelevant to the question at hand.
  9. Boros is terrific.. I’ve been playing Local Objects a lot recently. Not sure how come Iran produces such wonderful women guitarists but Golfam Khayam and Lily Afshar are great. I love this album
  10. I thought I heard CAV we’re taking on Spendor - might be worth a call.
  11. B&W 803 d3 are you planning to upgrade the amp as well?
  12. Not all that helpful really is it? Your Maggies are nearly 3 x price of the Harbeth 40s and 7 or 8 x price of the SHL 5.
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