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  1. buddyev

    Old encel component stand

  2. buddyev

    Das Boot mini series on SBS.

    Watched 3 episodes tonight - it’s really good. Yes, I noticed the Sunderland. It was one of my first airfix models, after the spitfire of course. I suspect catalinas were used mainly in the pacific.
  3. buddyev

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    someone will be along shortly to recommend a dac!
  4. buddyev

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    Look a that — a helpful, collegial consensus delivered in just 5 minute!
  5. buddyev

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    I just place it on the deck and gently drop the stylus onto it. That's usually enough to grab any dirt — it will leave a small black dot on the block. At times I have very gently rotated the block under the stylus, but don't drag the stylus across the block. I don't use liquid of any kind - you don't need it. Maybe if your stylus is really bad you could use some record cleaning fluid?
  6. That's because you're part of a molly-coddled permanently offended generation.
  7. They’re accomplished and inoffensive - a kind of rock equivalent of Abba.
  8. Yes, I’ll give you that one.
  9. rubbish - U 2 are the greatest band ever.
  10. Bloody hell Mrbuzz - you've fed the beast. we're going to be arguing all week over this.
  11. Yes, but the Stones acknowledged the dark, tragic side of human life. Its a much more interesting and realistic take on human nature and existence. It wasn't 'they' who piled up bodies in blitzkriegs or napalmed villages - 'after all it was you and me'. It was 'us'. It avoids all that self-righteousness pomposity of 'love' being the answer and accepts responsibility for what happens in and to the world.
  12. Menace and subversion are the vital energy sources of rock, but the best is more subliminal, attitude and snarl just gets boring. The Beatles had that at times, but their social threat level dropped pretty quickly, probably because they usually had at least a few songs on each album that your mum could sing - as well as some gems. There is a lot of trash music hall filler on their later albums.
  13. Yes, agree with all that.