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  1. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Not sure that adding new elements is going to help at all - it’s just going to introduce the potential for instability. You already have direct coupling to a non-resonant base - from speakers to concrete - that’s pretty much ideal.
  2. Does the remote do source selection or only volume?
  3. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Yes, thanks, I was going to get some next trip to Bunnngs.
  4. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Do you mean boards from Ikea? Haven’t seen bamboo at Bunnings. I have a couple of bamboo cutting boards from Kmart - I’ll try those. They’re now garlic infused so that should help as well.
  5. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Andy, yes, it seemed to stop the transmission of the vibrations into the floor. I wasn’t very confident the Oregon would do the job but it was a pretty meaty chunk of wood so I thought it worth trying. I do need to fill the stands sometime soon.
  6. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    spikes on coins have always worked for me, as well. Coupling to a concrete floor is certainly the way to go. But the jury is still out - at least for me - on coupling to the floor of my study - it’s basically a big resonating wooden box. Anyway, you know how it is, always got to be fiddling with a perfectly good system.
  7. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Just tried isolating my speakers - currently spikes on 5 cent coins on timber floor. So : Spikes into a heavy 2 inch oregon timber slab sitting on Bunnings rubber isolation pads onto timber floor. Back to the drawing board. It killed the top end and the bass got very flabby - it was immediately apparent. I don’t think timber as an intermediary is ideal but I had the oregon sitting around so thought it was worth a try. When I can be bothered going to Bunnings i’ll try pavers on the rubber pads. Its fun to try a few cheap tweaks but I suspect my current set up - spikes, 5 cent coins - will prove to be if not the very best solution at least good enough not to worry about it, without spending a bucket of speculative money that is.
  8. buddyev

    New Kraftwerk 12v 4A PSU versions

    I have a Gross dac which I’ve been very happy with. I auditioned the standard kraftwerk PSU before Xmas. It’s not night and day and TBH I would have been perfectly happy with the wall wart - the gross is excellent as standalone. But for me it was worth the upgrade so I finally got round to ordering the nichicon gold tune PSU. I’ve been fiddling with my system quite a bit recently - rack, cables, speaker isolation - so I can’t give a reliable or authoritative comparison between the various power supplies. But I will say that the gross/nichicon combo is very very nice. It does all the hifi stuff you’d expect, but what i particularly like about it is that it doesn’t draw attention to itself with accentuated effects or dramatic staging - forgive the old cliche but its a very musical combo. A PSU is not a cheap upgrade and you shouldn’t expect to be blown away by it - if you have a gross already its a bit of extra icing on an already very tasty cake.
  9. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    I,ve just thought of a better use for those rubber pads. Nurse ...
  10. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    No I haven’t, but I don’t think that’s going to help with the resonance into the floorboards is it?
  11. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    These TT springs are impressive.
  12. buddyev

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    There’s no doubt I’m getting a bit of energy draining into the floorboards - listening to some Charlie Haden bass playing today and it was very obvious - so I think isolation is going to be worth a go. I’ll try the Bunnings rubber vibration pads first, then add some pavers. It’s cheap enough to try the various options to see what works and prove the concept. Obviously I will have to have the brains trust (or is that the ears trust) to adjudicate. @andyr
  13. buddyev

    Post Your 2-channel System

    No sorry, they're composite stone. Oh good. I just started a thread on this and assumed that the mass of stone would be best.