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  1. I think it’s an excellent initiative, predictably unappreciated by the curmudgeonly.
  2. Hi, What’s the warranty situation with these? How much remains? Is it transferable?
  3. That store has some great bargains. Didn’t they some Monitor Audio platinum for a ridiculous price?
  4. Some excellent Fyne 502 in the classifieds.
  5. This is absolutely a storm in a tea cup. He’s had the amp since early September. I don't know where you guys get your hi fi repaired but 7 weeks hardly seems grounds for legal proceedings to me in normal times never mind in pandemic. In case people haven’t noticed Victoria has been in hard lockdown with many businesses closed down completely. We haven’t been able to get a bloody haircut for the past 4 months, never mind get an amp repaired.
  6. Given the standard of comments I suggest its time to reach out to a more sophisticated class of listener. With this in mind I suggest a brand name change: What Ho FI.
  7. Mike said he would be measuring them - that’s why I asked. Other people have found nothing but Mike might use different parameters. Surely that would be interesting?
  8. any news on the measurements @Lenehan Audio @Luc we’re still waiting on your report on the XOTs - you’ve had em long enough now. C’mon buddy. I have discretionary dosh burning a hole in my pocket. What am I going to spend it on?
  9. I have no idea about the Yamahas - I quoted the 3 dynaudios the OP mentioned.
  10. Well done on all these improvements, Marc - looking really good
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