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  1. buddyev

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Yes, he really is one of the greats. I suppose he got the award for Hudson? Havent heard it yet.
  2. buddyev

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    This is a terrific album Jack DeJohnette with the sons of 2 jazz greats - Ravi Coltrane & Mathew Garrison
  3. buddyev

    Hi Fi Flippers

    Seriously? Getting the pitchforks out for @evil c? He does more for this community in Victoria than anyone. You got nothing to explain, Clive. Seems to me we are missing the point here. SNA isnt just the classifieds. I’m sure there are flippers in it for a buck. But, really, so what if there are. Is the SNA community so fragile that someone making a a coupla hundred on an amp is going to bring it crashing down.
  4. buddyev

    Arcam A19 or Rega Brio R

    I don’t know the Rega, but I’ve had a couple of older Arcam amps and CD players - not this one. They certainly haven’t been fatiguing. Arcam’s house sound in my experience is quite inoffensive and very easy on the ear. Try to audition before you buy.
  5. buddyev

    Arcam A19 or Rega Brio R

    It would be good to know what speakers you are using
  6. buddyev

    djb treasure chest ...

    Or early Kylie
  7. buddyev

    djb treasure chest ...

    It’s a matter of great sadness that our favourite professor of QMA (quality anachronistic media) has slumped to this level where he’s going through a box of an old truckers cd rips. Does he like Skyhooks?
  8. buddyev

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    just bought Magic Eraser for $2 from Coles — its really good.
  9. buddyev

    SOLD: FS: sonore microrendu usb player

    Too late for me. My Ultrarendu is being delivered this week.
  10. Yes it’s the new p3 - this is a bargain for someone with all those upgrades.
  11. buddyev

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    Yes, I have been known to use my fingers on those pesky bits when the brush isn’t effective. (Not that I’d admit to that in public.)
  12. buddyev

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    I usually use one of those little round stylus brushes. When you say Magic Eraser is it some fancy audiophile miracle product or this stuff?
  13. Probably better to listen a lot rather than read a lot to get an accurate impression of an amp. I hadn’t read that what hi fi review of the Primare i32 but it accords with my experience of the amp. These things are quite subjective. I had one for 6 months and couldn’t get on with it at all. I have no hatred of things digital and I wanted and expected to like it. Yes, it gives the impression of being detailed but I thought that was more to do with a hard and brittle treble and general brightness. I found it uninvolving and unpleasant with longer listening sessions
  14. buddyev

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    Alas, the cosmic accountant won’t be appeased so easily. Fraid there won’t be any gtgs here for the foreseeable.
  15. buddyev

    Are GTG's becoming extinct??

    Oh well, I’ve been publicly shamed. Better keep my head down.