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  1. Weston Topaz KT 120

    Yep, shoulda bought your Harbeths! I think they would probably be retry good
  2. Weston Topaz KT 120

    Gorgeous morning here also. Just taken the mad little jack Russell we’re looking after to the park - release the kraken - then our saturday morning ritual of a double egg sandwich on sliced white bread and a cup of sweet, milky just about drinkable coffee ( I think he must be a Queenslander or a Brit) at the Gleadell Street market. An hour of sounds before we head to the airport for the first in the succession of interstate and intercontinental visitors who take over the house for the next few months. I have the vinyl on the far right and the cd on far left, tuner somewhere between.
  3. Weston Topaz KT 120

    Very cool. I still have the official Weston Corporation approved nobs carefully designed to make you guess which source is selected.
  4. Weston Topaz KT 120

    Well, you’re the one who cajoled me into buying a Topaz. I suspect you’re an agent of influence for the Weston Corporation.
  5. Weston Topaz KT 120

    That’s the one
  6. Weston Topaz KT 120

    A couple have come up in the last year, but you have to be quick. Maybe put up a WTB.
  7. Weston Topaz KT 120

    Actually since that photo I’ve switched them and now have the tweeters inside - I think Proac recommend that. I’m not sure which I prefer - the stage opens up a bit more with them on the outside - maybe a bit too much. The Proacs were an interim until I decided on something bigger but they sound so damn good I’m not sure about changing them. When I get slightly higher stands they will improve again. @blybo not sure about pre / power - Earle could mod one for you I guess. @blybo and @A J - I can do you a deal on the isolation devices. I had them specially imported from Sweden. They were very carefully packaged in a kitchen cabinet. i don’t know if it makes any difference but it’s a shame to waste such a nice chunk of IKEA cardboard. The piece on top of the dac is a serious bit of engineering.
  8. Weston Topaz KT 120

    I know i’m probably stating the bleeding obvious and preaching to the converted but I still want to add my voice to the chorus of adulation - this is a superb amp. I recently sold my Maggie 1.7s in order to create a bit of space in my 3.5 x 4.5 metre study. I continued using the Elektra reference and Aksa Swift GK1 which did such a nice job with the Maggies on the Proac 1s. No complaints - system sounded pretty good. Fast forward - two weeks ago I picked up my Topaz. Earle had run it in for around 10hours. It sounded fantastic immediately - dynamic, transparent, fantastic staging and venue atmospherics. 40hours later it is still stopping me in my tracks. In comparison, the previous pre/power sounds a bit congested and flat with the kind of music I listen to. The Topaz match with the Proacs is all that I hoped it would be - just fantastic. Even old golden ears @djb and @andyr have given it a gold elephant stamp. I should start a thread “much hyped gear that delivers” - this amp would be high on the list.
  9. I would certainly audition the new Proac Tablette 10 , or watch out for some used older Tablettes - they occasionally pop up on eBay.
  10. RAM for imac

    Yes, that’s what I’ll go for - ssd + ram. I owe it a bit of money from all I saved using Indesign 3 and photoshop for 10 years. The new OS finally gave up on them.
  11. RAM for imac

    Thanks guys, just spoke to someone who said that ram probably isnt the problem, more likely the drive is on the way out. It’s become pretty much unuseable today. He recommended a new ssd drive - I’ll probably do that.
  12. RAM for imac

    My late 2013, 27 inch iMac desperately needs some RAM since I upgraded the OS. It has 4 sockets currently with the original 2 x 4 gb ram. Can I put in 2 x 8 gb in the other 2 sockets or do I have to replace them all with same size RAM? I can fit the RAM myself but it is incredibly slow. Is there any point getting a service? Any recommendations where to take it in Melbourne? thanks
  13. That’s one pretty geetar! Alas, it would be wasted on someone with my (lack of) talent.
  14. If it’s going to be up against a wall then rear ports are out - you will need a front ported speaker.