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  1. World Music: Currently Spinning

    im very late to the party - just discovered this album brilliant.
  2. World Music: Currently Spinning

    Very excited about this one. Its the Thimar band - unfortunately without Surman. i don't have any Anouar Brahem on vinyl so just ordered double LP.
  3. World Music: Currently Spinning

    Yes, I love VM Bhatt. Do you know Subramaniam? He's a south Indian violinist in the Carnatic tradition - he's absolutely extraordinary http://indianviolin.com/ These three are my holy trinity of contemporary Indian classical music - I've been boring people about them for ages.
  4. World Music: Currently Spinning

    He is really superb. I like his collaborations but I think his best material is straight out ragas: Calcutta Chronicles, From Dusk till Dawn - incredible music.
  5. Item: 2 tickets to grigoryan brothers & tawadros brothers in concert Location: 9 November, melbourne recital centre Price: $40 each - what I paid for them Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: I bought too many tix, 2 can't make it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: the brilliant oud player Joseph tawadros and his brother in concert with the guitar playing grigoryan brothers. http://www.melbournerecital.com.au/link/12505/Telepathy 5 SNA members going - you are welcome to come to dinner with us before the concert
  6. Thanks a lot, Prog. Records arrived this morning - beautifully pizza-packed and in superb clean and quiet condition.
  7. It may well be an extraordinary collection but that is your assessment. what criteria are you using to asses value? you are asking $7500 for a completely unidentified product and provenance.It's not an insignificant amount. give us a clue!
  8. I think you need to give us a bit more info here. You might not be bothered to provide info but I suspect few people to shell out this much money on trust.
  9. World Music: Currently Spinning

    Thanks that's a great review. It is a really nice collaboration. There are echoes of 'pieces of africa' - a superb cd Kronos did in 1992 featuring African artists and which turned me onto some great African musos and styles. thats a very good website - haven't seen it before.
  10. World Music: Currently Spinning

    Just picked up this cd - it's really great. I should have bought the vinyl.
  11. Used cdp

    This is an excellent CD player. Worth checking if it's still available.
  12. These please John Abercrombie / Jan Hammer / Jack De Johnette - Timeless - EX+ (SRWOC) / M - great album on the ECM label - $18.00 Philip Glass - Music in Twelve Parts - Parts 1 & 2 - NM / M - rare Italian copy - $15.00 To : richmond VIC 3121
  13. These 4 please: Incredible string band - both albums Santana - barboletta Traffic - Shootout At The Fantasy Factory to VIC 3121
  14. Another store could go...

    It's certainly tough, but you can't call this place a failure - 23 years in business is pretty successful. Most stores, cafes and restaurants round here barely last 23 months.