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  1. No remote with this model. sorry, not keen to post it
  2. Further information: it ain’t hifi but it works. Nice cosmetic condition. Photos:
  3. Well regarded tuner in its day. In good used condition I also have an Arcam alpha 8 tuner
  4. Dennis, they’re not my speakers, I was just drawing your attention to them. They’re definitely worth considering.
  5. Sorry, reached the limit of my IT skills with that one. It would be good but the fact that theres a 3 lines limit suggests it’s not a feature. By the way I’ll be reporting you for breaching that limit. 😄
  6. Account > Account settings>signature in left panel
  7. as Andy said, no detriment at all. I discussed this with Arthur Rappos and he recommended i use the RCA rather than the balanced on my Elektra.
  8. I doubt very much the exposure is in same league as the Elektra or the Maya. If you can get the Pnyx and the HD 300 for $5k I would grab them and not think about amplification again for a long time. Even new these are a bargain compared to imported gear.
  9. I had the old Elektra power - its still a very good amp but I was looking for the newer HD300 power amp. They rarely come up used. I ended up buying a Sanders Magtech.
  10. I had the older Elektra reference combined with the Pnyx. Don’t know about the newer 300, but the Pnyx is a very good pre. I certainly wouldnt describe them as thin or cold. If you can get the HD 300 and the Pnyx for $5k I’d grab them - it’s a very good deal. The bags of power on tap with the 300 will open up speaker options.
  11. As Andy and Betty say it would be useful to know what speakers you are using. If they’re a benign load then I’d be tempted to go for the Maya.
  12. In order to isolate the component rubber, cork or sorbothane blocks need enough weight to put them under compression. Small speakers, turntables etc which aren’t heavy enough will just couple to whatever they’re sitting on, like spikes. I doubt very much that LS 50s are heavy enough to compress a whites or a cork block. Some sorbothane hemispheres or discs would be much more effective and they’re not that expensive. You need to check the weight of the speakers and buy the right spec. https://www.amazon.com.au/Isolate-Sorbothane-Vibration-Isolation-Circular/dp/B00X6R47N0/ref=
  13. I wonder if Kyron can do a Hyundai grey? if not I’m out. Seems to me, Con, that the gauntlet has been thrown down. You should be making another pair of OBs and throwing everything at it.
  14. It’s in account- profile, Andy. On the left a little mountain type image. first the maggies, now the skeletal Linn. The foundations are shifting.
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