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  1. The Chaotic Magic of Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/the-chaotic-magic-of-bob-dylans-rolling-thunder-revue
  2. Welcome to Stereonet. im not sure that spending money on a power supply for a DacMagic is the way to go. Is it the original version? It’s pretty long in the tooth by now and budget level dacs have improved drastically in recent times. The go to budget dacs round here are probably the Topping D10 or D50. I have a D50 and it’s really very good, and a bargain. The d50 is under A$300 on Amazon and the D10 is about the price of that power supply. If you go this way I’ve found that USB is the best connection with the topping from my Mac. There are a few threads about topping dacs which might be worth a look. https://www.amazon.com.au/s?k=topping&i=electronics&crid=25U1K0294TDZ3&sprefix=Topping%2Celectronics%2C363&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_2_7
  3. Very hard to say, but after messing round for years with commercial integrateds my Elektra reference power amp was an eye opener which immediately demonstrated the benefit of having plenty of reserve power, even for low listening levels.
  4. These guys stock your Elacs - maybe drop in and listen to a few amps. its a friendly shop. https://www.stereophonic.com.au/power-amplifiers/?sort=priceasc&page=2 This power amp should probably be on your audition list if you're in melbourne . https://www.melbournehifi.com.au/collections/elektra/products/elektra-reference-hd-300-watt-stereo-amplifier
  5. Agree. Can’t believe it would be an improvement. I would think most cdps would have considerably dacs than that in the bluesound.
  6. That’s what I was wondering
  7. Oh, I thought it would be more than that. My Topaz with KT 120s is 45 per channel.
  8. Approx how many watts will this amp put out? 90 watts or so?
  9. Just bought an SVS SB 1000 on gumtree. I’ll see how it goes but will probably add a second.
  10. Of course not, Andy. I would never refuse ALL the wonderful advice.
  11. Thanks for all that, but I don’t really need to ‘recalibrate my expectations/beliefs of what is good.’
  12. Thanks Ray, that’s very kind of you.
  13. You know how it is, Al - love the system but how about if ...
  14. Thanks for this. I think I have most of the electronic options/tweaks under control and I don’t want to change any of the gear I already have - certainly not the speakers. My system is already the result of a long evolution and tuned to my tastes. I suspect a little extra bass foundation might improve it, but then again it might kill what I love about it. I believe a relatively sonically unobtrusive sub or two accompanied by room correction is worth a go. No beliefs were injured in the making of this thread.
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