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  1. I actually had an AT30E years ago. I did enjoy it! But I can only remember that it had a smooth detailed sound. I sold the body a few years ago.
  2. The diamond is a greeny yellow colour. I think this means it's a natural diamond gemstone - not a cultured diamond. It is what it is. That's the deal with moving coil cartridges. I had avoided MC for years due to the non-replacable stylus. I now regard myself as having made an erroneous decision. I was told many years ago to get an MC. With hindsight I should have listened.
  3. During the "run in" period my cartridge behaved very badly. 😆 It was initially balanced then sounded bright and brittle, then it got a hole in the midrange. But after the suspension ran in it was fantastic. I have read some comments on forums 🙄 where people described all of the above and I get the feeling they gave up before it had run in. I hope you have a good experience this time. I'm running mine with a very heavy headshell on a light-medium mass tonearm.
  4. I agree it is very interesting. I actually owned two AT150MLX which sounded identical. I tried them on a variety of turntables. I used them for critical evaluation of tonearms and turntables themselves. I used them with ultra lightweight tonearms and medium heavy tonearms. The sound was incredibly similar irrespective of which tonearm they were on. For purposes of comparison I made recordings on different tonearms and turntables. I am very familiar with the sound. The DL-110 is a much better cartridge. It's a step up in sound across all frequencies. More exte
  5. X2 Cardas wire sounds good! It's very flexible, and solders well. I can't think of any reason to use anything else.
  6. I bought my AT-150MLX for AUD $350 new when the AUD was at parity with USD. At the time it was the best cartridge I'd ever heard. I bought a Denon DL-110. I compared recordings made with the AT-150MLX and I found that the Denon has a flatter frequency response. The Denon is clearer, more accurate, and even the high frequencies are faster and more defined and the bass is deeper and overall more dynamic than the AT. This was interesting to me because I thought that a microline stylus would be more revealing than a special elliptical, but no. So I have learnt that MC has bet
  7. Definitely upgrade speakers first if you think you can improve on them after auditioning other speakers. I'm sure you realise that every link in the chain matters....
  8. I registered to do the test. I downloaded the files. I honestly performed the test. I got my results today. I got 60% correct. And 40% wrong.
  9. When did you buy yours? The problem was around from day dot and still present last year apparently according to that post. And how deep does the bass on your speakers go? Only asking because if you have small woofers you may not notice motor noise.
  10. Uh. Yea. That's what I said in my posts above.
  11. This is my RP-7000 sporting an origin live tonearm. But I still advise to get an old Denon direct drive. When it comes to turntables specifications matter. Lower wow and flutter and rumble make for better listening! My reloop is still highly listenable and more so than a project.
  12. Every Project turntable Ive heard has motor noise which is audible through the speakers. I haven't personally heard the carbon esprit so cannot personally confirm or deny the noise. A quick google revealed this person who had the motor noise problem in 2019. https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?t=113225 I can advise that my reloop doesn't have noise problems. The motor noise is why I'd avoid project.
  13. The turn 5 is not a cheap direct drive. It's a good direct drive. The motor is from the Reloop RP-7000. It has wow and flutter measurements of 0.13%. Personally, I suggest you get the RP-7000 because it's cheaper and unless there's a really good reason to get the turn 5 - just get the RP-7000. But having said that. If you want to spend near to $1000 on a turntable get a vintage fully working Technics SL-1200 or Denon direct drive which have far better noise and wow/flutter specifications than either the Project or Reloop.
  14. Stereo cartridge cantilevers have up/down movement to generate stereo sound. Mono cartridge cantilevers only move in the left/right direction . It's the lack of up/down compliance of a mono cartridge that can damage a stereo record. They'll bounce around too much on stereo records and that's where damage can occur.
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