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  1. eltech

    Best Digital Recordings

    Urge Overkill - Saturation album. The "Sister Havana" song displays the accuracy speed clarity, frequency extension and bass power that only digital can deliver. Ugly Kid Joe - Menace to sobriety album, same as above - raw power with extreme clarity and punch. Nils Lofgren- Keith please dont go accoustic live. If you want to hear "warmth" from digital, listen to the title track to be blown away - turn it up, a sonic delight. Frente - Shape album. The track "Air" is one of my favourites. Some powerful deep bass on this one. Faith no more - Angel Dust. Listen to midlife crisis track. Dire Straits- Brothers in arms album. A classic! All above are digital recordings. 👍🏻
  2. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    I can't fix the rattles at extremely low frequency, its a built in feature of my house. But I understand your point. What I was saying about long wavelengths has more to do with the realities of the common listening room resonance (echos). Youre correct, headphones prove you don't need distance to hear long wavelengths. but due to room resonance (echos), hearing an undistorted 20Hz tone in a average untreated room I think is unlikely. Am I wrong that "boomyness" in a room is caused by echos and high SPL at certain low frequencies? Where boomyness exists clarity decreases. Speakers outdoors without room reflections, from experience sound more clean with a full wavelength of distance when listening to ultra low frequencies.(subjective opinion), and listening to a bass drum (as used in a marching band) sounds better (subjective opinion) from further away, than close up. But this could have as much to do with reducing the air pressure in my ears? I don't particularly enjoy the compression of my ears caused by high SPL and ultra low frequencies and the thing with "hearing" 20Hz is that by the time it's at sufficient SPL to hear it pressurizes my ears to a level which is not very pleasant to experience.
  3. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    Furthermore, if the 20Hz content is say 30dB below the average. That means the average SPL at your ears has to be about 105 dB before the 20Hz content is barely audible. If your average SPL is say 60dB, then the 20Hz content is at only 30dB which makes it completely inaudible. See how this lines up precisely with what I originally said?
  4. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    This is exactly the point I was trying to make, but clearly I failed to make my point, or I was misinterpreted. I hang my head in shame for my lack of clarity. I appreciate your post for explaining it clearly. When I said I can't hear the tone at 20Hz, Ive used twin 21" subs of 2000 watt power handling. By the time they are outputting sufficient SPL everything else is rattling, so the tone, if there is one to hear, is at lower amplitude than the "everything else" that's rattling. Get what I'm saying?
  5. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    I go by what I measure not random articles. You should also do some measurements and come to your own conclusions. I don't mean to be rude. Measure things, don't just randomly "believe" it's a better way to be.
  6. eltech


    [mention=105453]Tasso[/mention] I think you missed the point I was making about measurements. Just because an innocent bystander prefers something doesn't make it better. And your point about preamps has nothing to do with motors which is what we were discussing so I'm not sure why you mentioned it.
  7. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    @20hz I hear port noise. I hear a slight amount of cabinet resonance, i can hear the spider and surround making some stretching noises, I hear all walls rattling. But really don't think I hear the 20Hz. I feel it. I start to hear a tone at around about 27Hz. I find it very interesting that people say they can hear 20Hz.
  8. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    I can't hear wifi frequencies.🤔🤔
  9. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    Well, blow me down. I stand right next to subs flapping at 20hz and don't really hear it, only feel it. Must just be me. Oh well 😂
  10. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    20Hz isn't really that audible. I've had to test many subs at low and high SPL and I can feel the air pressure, and hear them rattling walls and ceilings but as for actually hearing the fundamental sine wave. Nope. You need a very long distance between yourself and the sub to hear it.
  11. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    Really? On most music I doubt it. It depends on so many factors. Room size and accoustics of that room, as well as the roll off characteristics of the 30Hz speakers you're referring to.
  12. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    Really????? It's usually at much lower amplitude than the 80Hz to 3k region. I have 4 X 15" subs in one pair of speakers and 2x 18" in another pair. I do know about bass, and I like to look at spectral analysis because I'm a nerd. So I stand by my comment.
  13. eltech

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    Most music doesn't have much content below 50Hz, with the exception of some EDM / electronic. Bass drum is typically at 80hz. The 8" driver will move more air than the 7" version. But not all that much difference. If the speakers have a high pass and your sub has a low pass, use the sub with either speaker to reduce the excursion of the LF drivers in the top boxes. Finally, just buy whatever you like the sound of. You're the one who has to listen to it. If your not keen on what you've already heard, then keep looking.
  14. eltech

    Buzz/Hum Issue from Preamp?

    Does the valve preamp cause buzz when connected to any other power amp?
  15. eltech

    Catman's Analog Musings

    By the way @catman, your thread here has over 20,000 views which makes you one of the most popular members here. Your insights are very valuable and have been read and appreciated by many people. Including myself.