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  1. Dangers of cycling

    @nigel So, please clarify this - you'd find it "funny" if someone deliberately screamed at you at 100dB when you're enjoying a walk? And you can't slow down or go around for what reason? Just because someone doesn't see you doesn't mean you should continue at full pace and bully them off the path. Let me say this. I wouldn't find it funny. I'd find it extremely inconsiderate. I think it's also aggressive. Some may not agree, but that's what I think. I commend your truthfulness. At least its on record, we all know what sort of person you are.
  2. Dangers of cycling

    I'm very thankful nobody was hurt. I was just sharing my experience. I dont think its cool to harass and bully people.
  3. What would it take to change your view?

    I didnt read the whole thread. But I if I have a strongly held opinion I ask myself "is it true?" I have often changed my opinion after asking this question. Sometimes I end up just thinking "i don't know anymore" at least that allows me to release the tightly held belief, and have an open mind.
  4. Dangers of cycling

    Oh, I'm not even sure how to put this. I'm OK with people riding on the footpath, or road or whatever. Just think people should take care not to injure others and be considerate. Its just so difficult in this modern world with people being so "in a hurry" because yr boss is going to chew yr butt if your 1 minute late and that sort of nonsense. People should go easy on each other and things will be OK. Slowing down is OK, and being considerate is good!
  5. Dangers of cycling

    I was walking the other day on my lunch break. I like walking. I was on a suburban street looking at the trees and escaping my worries. I hear a bell behind me which startles me, because I'm walking and trying to relax, and in my own world. Two cyclists zoom past me (on the footpath) Which as it so happens is also a cycle path. (however there is also a road with usually zero cars on it because its a dead end street - FYI) Then two more come past. I am feeling disorientated having these people zoom past so fast. The sudden and unexpected movement of the cyclists coming past to my right makes me feel a bit dizzy (something like that), I want to step left out of their way, but I accidentally step right due to the disorientation and slight dizzyness. More cyclists come zooming past. I nearly stepped into them. In the end about 15 cyclists went past. I guess they would be travelling at about 50 km/h (on the footpath, with a slight downhill grade). They came past me about 30- 40 centimeters from my arm. I think this was dangerous of them, and inconsiderate to go past so fast when someone is walking on the footpath. It isnt the first time I've had this sort of thing happening. I would like to urge cyclists to take more care, give more space, and slow down when passing people who are walking.
  6. Spending money on older cars.

    Yes exactly. These things are metaphors for all things in life
  7. Spending money on older cars.

    Where was I going with the story above? Things I learnt - dont love your car. It wont love you back. No matter how fast you think your car is, someone else has a faster one, and will proove it! Dont be a poser. The car will ensure you are embarrased at some point. Your car says little about who you are. Cars break. Warranties mean s**t if they cant (or won't) fix it. Just a monumental waste of time. Australian consumer law is a nice sentiment, but try using it, you'll find it really difficult! Dont sweat the small stuff. (though its difficult not to when small stuff is shoved in your face constantly) Its often better the devil you know. If it aint broke dont fix it. New car values drop like a lead balloon. Impossible to truly know what you are buying. Insurance is expensive and excesses are a pain, and getting a panel repaired is a pain. Trying to sell a car at "market value" is VERY difficult. I can only sell a used car at "bargain" price. AND every private person selling a car thinks its "worth" market value, but no secondhand car is actually "worth" market value because nobody will call you about your advertised car unless it is a bargain!!!!! (Market value is an insurance concept to do with how much money you'd need to pay to replace your vehicle if you need to buy another one RIGHT NOW) Its nothing to do with what people will actually pay from a private seller. (I've added to these points as I've thought of them)
  8. Spending money on older cars.

    I think cars are a pain. Perhaps I just have bad luck or my expectations have been not in line with reality? The best value in terms of money spent and time owned have all been old Valiants, back when they could be bought for under $1000. The parts were cheap and although I did have repairs and they werent new, overall, they cost less than new cars to repair < that was my experience back in the day. Virtually everything was $50 whether it was a door, or a ignition barrel or a steering column - $50. Good! Same I assume for old Kingswood / Falcon. ( this isnt the case these days) When I bought a used Avalon, both front electric windows decided to break. Each side cost $800 to repair. The car was only worth $4500. That has unfortunately put me off buying Toyota. It may be an isolated incident but that seems to be my luck with cars. My 1984 falcon had the whole gear stick come off in my hand whilst I was driving it. My Torana SLR had the clutch cable break whilst driving it, and the gearbox required rebuilding twice and the clutch needed changing twice, then the crossmember broke whilst driving it. My SRT8 had the radiator fail twice and the fuel pump leaked at the tank, then it developed an in intermittent fault where it wouldnt accelerate when the pedal was pressed and required shifting back into park before it would work. It left me without confidence in driving it. It is dangerous to not respond to accelerator input. Also the auto leveling headlights failed. Had intermittent rattle in dash. Latest Chrysler 300 diesel. Better than SRT8, but has rattle in dash that Chrysler tried to fix over 14 times. Months off the road with BS "loan vehicle" Ongoing for years. Still not fixed. Turbo something failed. Repaired under warranty. Year later flex joint connecting turbo to exhaust develops leak. (I strongly suspect this occured due to rough treatment when attending to the turbo issue) Refused to fix under statutory warranty (things shoud be fit for purpose and be durable) they dont care. Drivers seat creaks sometimes. Clock spring intermittent. I pretty much hate cars, becuase I never seem to have much luck with them. Perhaps I should get a Kia with 7 year warranty? Pff. I'd probably get one that needs fixing 10 times a year.! ? ! ? ! ? LOL
  9. My Oath! I have two AT150Mlx. Just the other day recorded Tim Finn - Escpade LP. I compared the LP to the CD and found the frequency response was almost exactly the same, and the tonality exactly the same. This is one record and CD that have the exact same mastering! The AT150Mlx when loading is optimised 47K / 100pf has a 1 db dip in the midrange, by design. This is exactly what I saw on the FFT graph. Awesome!
  10. So, IMO, this is "the best bang for buck" cartridge https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-AT440MLB-Phonograph-Cartridge/dp/B00OQUJ1QO Microline and cheap. I'd like to support local but cant get it for this price buying local.
  11. The only stylus profile that can track upper midrange and high frequencies acurately, because it replicates the shape of the cutting stylus, is a microline, or other equivalent stylus such as Jico SAS, (Van den hul, or Replicant etc.) No other stylus profile will trace the grooves as accurately, and so wont sound like the master tape. So, my opinion is that the best bang for buck is any cartridge with a microline stylus. (get the cheapest one you can afford because anything with a microline will sound great) If someone cant afford a microline, then I cant give advice, since all cartridges sound slightly different and their sound is heavliy dominated by the stylus profile. Ellipticals sound like ellipticals. Spherical sounds like spheirical. Microline sounds like master tape. I have read two interviews on the internet with mastering engineers. They spoke about how they compared their master tape back to back (AB) with the lacquer and said that the laquer was indistinguishable from the master tape. One interviewee said they used the Shure V15Mk III, the other interveiewee said they used a Shure V15 mk IIII. Both use a microridge (similar to microline) One thing funny to me is that I know many people say these two Shure cartridges sound a bit different from each other (????) The moral of the story is to use a microline.
  12. Correct. The AT150Mlx will prefer a lightweight tonearm (9-14g) with a lightweight headshell.
  13. A different viewpoint on so many things

    A general reply. I think that money should be eradicated for many reasons: humans are cooperative animals, we cannot live without the help of others, our parents, teachers, a friend to confide in, someone to do the work we cannot do ourselves. We are social. Without others we are miserable. Individual inventiveness is real, but ideas are not generated from a vacuum but from observation of prior ideas. We can only live because of each other and those before us, and natures gifts. 99.9% of work done is voluntary and unpaid because anything whatsoever that is "done", either thought, or action, is work. Cleaning your teeth is work. Making dinner is work. Mowing the lawn is work. Getting up to go to the toilet is work. Going back to point 1, humans can't exist without other humans and human’s greatest asset is our cooperation. It’s how we survive, build dwellings, make tools from nails through to cars to computers, and launching satellites into outer space. It's all done through cooperation. We cooperate because we know that we need to, to survive. The world provides an abundance of food and resources for everyone. But some people have much more than they need, and others don’t have enough. At this point pause. Keep an open mind. Think about being the best version of yourself. Think about being kind and compassionate and loving. How can we bring less stress to peoples lives, raise living standards? How can we remove the threat that not eating or being housed is only one misfortune away? Some people say that money is a motivating factor to do better, earn more, create more. That’s true. But if a person’s primary motivation is to “get money” it is a corruption of their purpose, which is to do their duty. What is our duty? From birth we are all raised by our parents who have a large influence on our likes and dislikes, our fears, our confidence, our general outlook on life, and attitudes. What we want to do when we grow up is based on the things we are exposed to as children, what our parents did for a job, the things they like etc. We choose our careers based on experiences that had a profound effect upon us. We either follow our parents to the same sort of work, or we reject the work they did, and choose something different. But hopefully what we choose to do is something that we like. In other words our duty is to do something that “makes us tick”, “does it for us”, “calls to our soul” , is a “passion”. By doing this sort of work you are doing your duty to yourself and others, and the world. You don’t have to follow your passion always in a day job, doing it as a hobby or in other times is OK too, as long as you actually do it! We all have different passions, but whatever passion we have, it is important for each other’s survival, and the world in general. Every job done is very important! Those jobs that we presently know to be the lowest paid jobs are equally as important as the highly paid jobs. A hospital cannot work without a sanitary environment, so the cleaner must do a very diligent job to make sure the hospital is clean. The sewage must not block up, so the builders and plumbers job is very important. The rubbish should not build up in our cities to avoid rats and disease, so the garbage workers job is very important! The factory worker makes things for us to use so their job is very important. Every job is equally important as any other job because humans cannot live without each other. It is true that study is very challenging and requires great determination and commitment. Studying to get a qualification is hard. I know about it. But I have a big problem with the concept that some jobs deserve higher pay than other jobs. Many people are “smart”, “intelligent”, but what makes us study certain fields is our inner passion. A person who has a passion for something like welding or cleaning is no less passionate and no less needed in this world. In summary, following your passion is important not just for your own contentment but is good for the world. Thank goodness everybody’s passions are unique, because every job is vitally important, and we cannot operate without the cooperation of each other. Our beliefs are not reality, but they create one reality. Presently we live in one version of reality, and it is based not on fact, but on belief in a story. The story goes like this – Some people are better than other people. Some people are smarter than other people. Some people work harder than other people. These people deserve more money.Some people are dumb, they don’t do much for the world, and they smell, so they deserve less money. Those people are a blight. I wish they would get out of my sight. Bring the lobster Jeeves! Its called the class system. This story is a belief system created by the powerful to keep themselves powerful. It is discriminatory in the same way as sexism or racism. The stories surrounding the class system hold no more water than stories of how males are superior to females or one race is superior to another. You can make arguments for this and that and defend your position, but in the end, it is nothing more than unfair and unwarranted discrimination to hold your power. I have a qualification because I have an interest (passion) in a particular field, I see myself as a cog in the machine of society, fulfilling a duty to myself and society and see myself as not superior to anyone else who earns less than me, and not inferior to anyone who earns more. The economic system is based on the story of the class system. The purpose of money is not to avoid the barter system, or to make trade easy, or exchange a token for goods and services. That is all a story. Its whole entire purpose is to keep the powerful in power. It is one giant story, or game, where the participants are all hemmed into playing it with seemingly no escape and is created by the powerful a long time ago. If you run a business or understand business you will be perhaps saying that you cannot pay employees more because the business only makes a certain amount of money, and if people were paid more the business couldn’t run because there would be more outgoing costs than incoming. This is true. But this is only due to being hemmed into a system and being forced to play an unfair game that nobody I know of asked to play. Questioning money and the economic system itself often results in the rebuttal – “it may not be perfect but its better than the other systems” – always in reference to communism or socialism. I want to be very clear that I am NOT proposing communism or socialism. My motivation for thinking about this topic was if I was to invent a system of living on this planet which is fair, eliminates poverty, guarantees everyone has a home to live and food and water, what system would I come up with? I need to make sure that some key things are eliminated Corruption Greed Existing power structures Overt and covert class system Poverty and homelessness The system must promote Kindness / Compassion / Caring Equality of ideas and opportunity Harmonious living within the environment People following their passions Cooperation NOT competition. We all know that certain things should be done which would benefit the world, improving living standards, eliminating poverty, improving the natural environment etc. but those things don’t get done because; It costs too much money There is no profit in doing so If we spend money here we must cut spending there. Money is finite. (actually it could be infinite, but the system creates false shortages through various methods) The monetary system simply doesn’t work to address the problems we face in this world, and tweaks here and there will never solve the problems. The system is completely unworkable to create a fair worldwide society and healthy environment. To keep believing in the story of money is clutching at straws. Look at what money does to us, and how it makes us behave. In the view of the powerful all things should be commodified to be sold at a profit. Anything which is free is unacceptable. In reality: Labour is only limited by the number of people. Ideas are infinite. Money limits ideas being turned into action. Only ideas that generate profit get turned into action. If we have a system with money, it means that some will have more than others. People seeing how the game is played want more money. Our democracies can become corrupted by bribery, or incentives. When our democracy doesn’t work, it means it’s not a democracy anymore. To be a democracy the ideas need to come from the people, and those ideas represented in government by representatives of the people. Greed stems from fear. People are fearful their home or lifestyle is insecure, so they want to buffer themselves against poverty by being greedy. The system encourages this behaviour. A system of living without money means that power can only come from ideas. The smartest ideas win out, the most urgent problems get attention first. A system with money means that the powerful get their way. Their ideas become enacted, in other words anti-democracy. The monetary system forces debt upon countries, and individuals. All tax money made from your labour instead of going towards improving the world and your country goes towards interest payments to overseas banks. The proof of this is that every country in the world is in massive debt. Everyone in the world is working their whole lives to pay interest to banks, rather than getting infrastructure built or the environment repaired, or solving homelessness and poverty. If there is no money, there can be no debt. All labour goes directly towards doing necessary and important things. Many hands make light work. With everybody doing some light work, lots of work will get done. There are no wages to pay so no excuse not to do necessary work. The idea is to concentrate on and understand the overall concept of a world without money, and to consider a way of moving beyond the capitalist story towards a compassionate kind story for this world where the value of cooperation is completey understood and valued highly, where the value of following your passion is understood as of great value and contribution to the world and that we should not be hemmed into the motivation of seeking money, because of the fear of loss of status, home and life, but work for the motivation of filling the world with our creative ideas. This only touches upon the ideas in my head and is incomplete but gives a reasonable introduction. I hope to expand upon this sometime. Thank you.
  14. My new speakers are sometimes too bassy.

    I dont understand why you can't turn the bass down. It would appear to be the first thing to try doing.