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  1. eltech

    Is anyone watching Rake?

    Thanks for the reminder. I View it is!
  2. To prove what I've written above: Locate your amplfier as close as possible to the passive speaker terminals and use a short (say 20cm) length of wire to connect your amp to your speaker. notice how the sound gets "faster" and more detailed due to the absence (or dramatic lowering) of capacitance resisance and inductance in the wire. Thats one reason I suppose for active speakers becoming more popular. Of course a disadvantage is that the internal amp may not be of the same quality as a good power amplifier. But it all depends what you've been used to hearing.
  3. No, except in one case I know of which is that Powersoft amplifiers have "active damping correction" (which I believe adjusts the amount of feedback to adjust (lower) the output impedance of the amplifier so as to avoid "power compression" in PA speakers. But, thats to do with heating of the voice coil, not the resistance of the speaker cable, so this is a different thing and a bit off topic. good. So am I. Frequency response is rarely affected by cables that are intended to be used as speaker cable, since that sort of cable generally has low (enough) capacitance and inductance and resistance so as to not affect the frequency response in the audible frequencies. (when using speakers in a domestic environment ((say 5-10 meters of cable per speaker)) These parameters act in conjunction with the resistance, capacitance and inductance of your speaker drivers and the crossover network, and the output impedance of your amplifier which all combine to give the resulting sound. Its not often if ever the frequency response, its more likely to be the rise time of the signal, affected by inductance and resistance and capacitance. I'd say the difference in sound people hear is mostly the rise time. Which will affect attack, and if the rise time is slow, this would cause "smearing" of percussive sounds (to use reviewspeak) Not really because a DSP can't decrease the rise time of a signal, and the frequency response is not affected in the audibible frequencies, which means that it can not be corrected with EQ in a DSP.
  4. eltech

    I let go of Foxtel

    Well, actually you can watch it on your TV in full size with kodi. Picture is great I'll let you figure out how to do it. google Kodi AFL.
  5. eltech

    Drought crisis

    I think the best way to achieve this is to adopt a philosophy based system of governance that has kindness and compassion at the root of the phlosophy. What we have presently is a system whereby worldwide we are all imprisoned by money, all work for money, are enslaved by money, and all our thoughts and actions revolve around getting money, spending money, worrying about money, and we live and die, based money. I propose a system whereby kindness and compassion towards people, animals and the environment is normal. A system where people are not homeless and unloved, a system where forests are respected for their contribuition to clean air, biodiversity an their beauty. A system which does not destroy nature and abuse people for profit (money). @Eggcup The DaftI could have answered your question based on economics and ideology but I disrespect any form of system that values one persons work higher than anothers. Public transport would be unworkable with the toilet cleaners and the plumbers who built the toilet. A hospital surgery would be unworkable without the cleaners who mop the theatre floor. The Homo Sapien is sucsessful because it can cooperate. We should never forget the reason for our sucsess, nor devalue another person because they choose to do a menial job. I do understand the way the world works presently. I don't like it. I understand its history, the reason why things are how they are. For our own survival we need to change. So, I deliberatly won't engage with "inside the box" answers, because to do that will only perpetuate a system that devalues people and makes their lives more difficult than required, and causes massive environmental damage which is suicidal. I simply dont like the way this world is adminstered, so as much as possible, I choose not to play that game, and propose an alternate game.
  6. eltech

    Drought crisis

    People often like to overcomplicate the simple. I agree exactly with what you said. Nobody is more important than anyone else. All jobs are important, if they were not, they would not exist. But to avoid the obvious - that without food you die, puts perspective upon the importance of farmers to people who live in cities. I agree Yes. Let's see if the government starts an Australian government (taxpayer) owned factory to make this or give it away? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-08/hydrogen-fuel-breakthrough-csiro-game-changer-export-potential/10082514
  7. eltech

    Drought crisis

    Economics and politics completely skews and screws peoples understanding of the world. When we think only in terms of economics we take on an erroneous view that each person is a business and their earning potential is linked to their “worth”. From that erroneous thinking we then deduct that farmers are business people and their success or failure is a measure of their value. We also think that because they are business people, that some of them get very rich, and the others are simply bad at business. All the while forgetting that nature has the final say. This erroneous view flows through society like an infectious disease. It’s a terrible view of the world, and of our farmers. So, I’d like to reject the above view and put forward a more practical view based on reality. The most important things people need are water, food and shelter. In that order. People need to get that to stick in their head. Its fundamental to life. Food and water security are the most important things for any functional society. Without these things people die. Farmers are providing food for people. You and me. Without farmers we’d be dead, or we’d be gnawing on tree bark and eating our lawn clippings. How long could you last doing that? If you live in a city you probably don’t grow your own food. It comes from farmers who have farms. Farmers aren't growing food for themselves. They are producing it for you! If you reduce everything down to economics it completely misses the point, that without food you die. Food isn’t produced with money, its produced by nature. Its always been there and pre-dates money. You could eradicate food. Everyone would die. You could eradicate money, food will still be there, and people will live. Anyone who puts money ahead of food is operating in the illogical capitalist mindset that is detached from nature of which humans are part of. I support the farmers. Always will. Don’t care how much it costs. Farmers make our countries food. Without them we die. Simple. We will have a big problem with food security in this country if the population continues to increase, and we keep building houses on farm land. https://veil.msd.unimelb.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/2355148/Foodprint-Melbourne-summary-briefing.pdf If anyone thinks they know a better way of farming, or doing anything, then without hesitation, demonstrate it, if it will benefit the world. Compassion is what makes a community thrive.
  8. http://asmrion.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response
  9. Don't listen to the PM; just look around and that will tell you all you need to know about the economy.
  10. eltech

    SOLD: FS: gone

  11. eltech

    SOLD: FS: gone

    Item: Gone to heaven
  12. Any 4 in 1 out source selector can be used in reverse to have one input switch to 4 outputs. https://m.ebay.com/itm/4-Port-4-Input-1-Output-AV-Audio-Video-RCA-Switch-Selector-Adapter-Splitter-Box-/332689731661
  13. eltech

    SOLD: FS: withdrawn

    Thanks. Agree.
  14. eltech

    SOLD: FS: withdrawn