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  1. It was a locally stored song on her phone fyi.
  2. Well that's not true, it was tested and reviewed on two audiophile websites linked above and widely discussed on fora. People did know about it. Anyway it's discontinued now. Just like the squeezebox. History.....
  3. What Google devices are you talking about... I only have Android and they seem to work fine.
  4. I guess this is why you have to listen for yourself and perhaps specs aren't everything..... Sounded pretty bad to me...
  5. I can because I thought the marketing implied it could do the things I wanted it to do, which is why I bought it. I didn't think their marketing was clear about what it could and couldn't do.
  6. Didn't have it. Don't have it. Not interested. Didn't work out-of-the-box with my DLNA/ Samba. Didn't work with my set-up. Sounded awful to me and my wife.
  7. I bought one a while ago. Didn't know I needed a subscription to some audio service to use it. I thought I could stream from a local NAS. NOPE! Thought I could stream from regular YouTube. NOPE! My wife managed to get some audio playing from her iPhone. It sounded awful..... and had drop outs and lock ups. Even she didn't like the sound. Returned it to Officeworks for full refund. Apparently has high jitter... http://archimago.blogspot.com/2016/02/measurements-google-chromecast-audio_27.html?m=1 Not surprised it's been discontinued. Bargain..not in my opinion. Not even worth the $50. Good riddance. 🤣 (Sorry that's just my opinion and experience)
  8. Item: Bert Kaempfert bulk lot. Withdrawn
  9. Item#1 Two Mahler LP box sets and one "The great Russian composers" box set $50 for all three. Item#2 55 Classical LPs for $50 Location: Croydon VIC Price: $50 and $50 Item Condition: Box sets all VG+ LPs mostly VG+ Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Available until reported sold. Please send PM if interested. Pictures:
  10. I want to elaborate on why I think ABC classical is good. It's mostly that the music seems to suit the weather. I'm not sure if this just relates to Melbourne? But the music always seems apt for the weather. I don't know how they do it, but it seems to work. For me, classical is more about suiting my mood, and my mood is affected by the weather. I think ABC aces it in this department. They also seem to get the music right for the time of day, so I think the programming is clever and intuitive. My colleague at work agrees with me about this.
  11. At work we listen to ABC classic FM and I'm always entertained. I think it's great.
  12. Item: 58 7" singles Location: Croydon VIC Price: $25 or best offer Item Condition: varies Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: must be picked up before tomorrow night or they go to the op-shop Pictures:
  13. Item: 28 LPs see photos Location: Croydon VIC Price: $28 for the lot. Only selling as a lot. Item Condition: G+ VG- some VG+ Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: pickup only tonight or tomorrow. If not collected by tomorrow night they will go to the op-shop. Will suit someone who wants some records to play who isn't too fussy. though, really they're not that bad. ive played them and they're okay. Pictures:
  14. eltech

    FS: PCM58 Non Oversampling DAC

    @zippi If you like 1543, this is a DAC you'd love. It's got the same sort of smoothness, but with increased clarity. But, shipping isn't a great idea.
  15. eltech

    FS: PCM58 Non Oversampling DAC

    No contest. Different league 😉