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  1. By rim drive, I meant that the belt drives the outside of the platter, as opposed to something like a Rega or Thorens in which the belt drives the platter using a smaller inner platter (hub) I hope this clarifies what I was meaning. Additionally, I was saying that rim belt drive has more cogging because there is less flywheel effect happening, since any motor cogging directly affects the spinning. Whereas on a Thorens, because its driven from an inner platter, the weight of the outer platter acts as a flywheel and softens the cogging effect. sorry if Im not good at explaining what i mean. I hope you now understand? It is rim drive by my definition above. > the belt drives the outer rim of the platter. I can see by your comment that you were thinking I was suggesting that it was an idler wheel turntable. - your mistake. I wasn't saying that! I've owned a couple of Silcron and JH turntables. I do know what Im talking about.
  2. List updated as of Sunday 17/02/19 at 12 noon😊
  3. Item: Sony CDP-S41 CD Player using TDA1543 DAC Location: Croydon South Vic Price: $80 or nearest offer Item Condition: Working perfectly. Some minor marks / scuffs. Reads discs quickly. Changes tracks quickly. Draw smooth. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: Highly desirable TDA1543 CD player. Lovely smooth sound from its TDA1543 R2R DAC. Great sound from inbuilt headphone amp with volume control. Pick up is OK. Can post at cost if requested for additional $17.60. Pictures:
  4. list of available CDs updated today. Sunday 10/02/19☺️
  5. The thing is Dave out of respect for the OP and his topic, I repeatedly ask for any discussion to go to PM, but for the record I know, and you should know that I know what digital theory says. I'm well and truly aware of it. I'm pretty sure anybody here in reading this thread would be aware of it. I repeatet I am aware of it. You you have not provided me with an education. All you've done is created further distraction. so I feel that you didn't actually want to discuss it with me, you just wanted to belittle me, or make yourself look more intelligent. If I'm wrong I'm very sorry, but from where I sit that's what it looks like. For the benefit of anyone else reading this if you've got something on this particular topic to say to me please take it to PM. And for the record I will not be replying to any further comments, or reply to anybody quoting me in this thread, and if anyone wants to set out to give me an education, all it's really saying is that they don't want learn something and they don't want to have an open mind. If you think the world is black and white and everything's been figured out, then that's great for you. But don't bother sending me a p.m. to give me an education about something I already know. There are plenty of things in this world that people don't understand. We can see the pyramids of Egypt, people have theorized about how they were built, but nobody actually knows how they were built. There are plenty of other unexplained mysteries in this world. The phenomena described in the article and observed by myself and other people I know including well respected international mastering engineers, is one of those mysteries. I don't care one iota if you believe it or not. I don't want to debate it this with people who haven't experienced it and people who want to just blindly dismiss it. I have better things to do. For the last time I know what digital theory says. Cheers All the best,
  6. You must be very happy to discover what you like. I'm happy for you.
  7. That's great. So your ABX tests confirm that you prefer a certain sort of sound? It sounds very scientific.
  8. Just one question. Do you listen to your filters or just measure them? 😂
  9. The article I mentioned (for completeness) http://www.enjoythemusic.com/hificritic/vol6_no1/audio_networking.htm I will let you read for yourselves. Please see the section rewards the bottom entitled "New Zealand LOG Rips " The person mentioned - Kethal in the article is my penpal technician friend from Sydney. Please though, for respect to the OP, if you want to discuss send me a PM. I didn't want to distract from this thread.
  10. Actually, this test has been done and the improved sound quality persists. This test has been verified by enthusiasts around the world, but so far none of us have figured out why. We just accept it. If I find the article I'll post the link. But I won't discuss it further in this thread because this thread isn't about this topic. It was a passing comment. Anyone can PM me for more details, but I've told most of it already. The reason I mentioned it was in reply to something someone said, and is only there as an explanation for my thoughts on things. I'm not passionate to prove it, or defend what we've observed. If you don't agree that's cool. I won't hold it against anyone, or be surprised if 99.9% don't believe. That's the logical thing to do. But if you did hear it, like us, then you'd have to believe, even though it can't be explained with normal digital theory or measurements. But it can be perceived. Please, back to the topic of upsampling. 😊
  11. I'm going to try to find you an article that actually says it can. I'll post it later. I and another technician from Sydney have anecdotally verified that the OS settings, and PSU power quality of the CD Drive do actually affect the sound quality of ripped CDs even though the checksum of the files are the same, the percievable sound quality is different. The same tests have been done with ripped DVDs (video) If you don't want to believe it, that's ok. I have no intention of getting into a debate. And I have no way to prove it except to suggest trying different things for yourself. But if I find the article I'll post a link. As for affecting an existing audio file on a hard drive, I wasn't implying anything like that at all. Understood.
  12. @legend when i was referring to filters I wasn't specific, but was talking about the normal sort of linear phase filters found in normal cd players and DACs. Which shouldn't have any phase or frequency response issues. @Ittakuif there is a change in frequency response then there is always a chance someone can hear it. But I don't know why people would set out with that goal in mind except as an experimentation. I didn't suggest that noise in the electronics could effect the upscaled file, but there is much anecdotal evidence that changing settings (even OS settings) on a PC does effect sound. So the amount of processing being done could be having an effect (not necessarily always positive) There are no isolated systems in this world. Everything affects everything else. Some people think that if they only change one thing it will just affect the next thing in the chain that they intended, but there are also other effects. Think of the butterfly effect, and the double slit experiment 😉
  13. @Ittaku How do filters affect timing or phase or amplitude within the audible frequencies? The filters only work above frequencies that we can hear. There are other explanations as I've put forth above. It's well understood on the DIY Audio forum. (And in the field of electronics design) Electrical noise is IMO the primary cause of audible differences. Phase is on the periphery of what we can perceive unless it's a gross change from zero degrees. Can you hear one degree of phase change? What degree can you percieve? Even if you can perceive a change, how much is important to the enjoyment of music?
  14. A story... Between 5 and 10 years ago I used to muck around with PC playback software and tried the upsampling etc. Of course, different upsampling sounded a bit different. To cut the story short, of course I used the one that sounded best to me with my DAC, and associated equipment. but these days I'm not so sure that it's possible to say that one is definitively better than another. Different yes, better; I'm not necessarily sure. I am convinced that anybody could probably pick a favourite in their own system, and many people may concur with those settings. But there's always going to be someone who disagrees in their own system and there's probably a fair reason for the disagreement. The impulses shown above don't actually exist in real music. But they're really good to show what the filter is doing. Not even a snare drum or a cymbal crash has that sort of impulse. Which leads to the obvious question why do different upsampling filters sound different? I don't have a definitive answer but I do think that electrical noise such as electromagnetic radiation and ground bounce in digital circuits plays a large part in the sonic signature of different oversampling or upsampling filters. so I think it has more to do with the speed at which you run the data through your digital chain and how your electronics deal with that, more so than the actual filter itself. When I think about it, my logic thinks that since we really can't hear at or above 20 kilohertz any effects of the oversampling filter even basic types are well above what we can hear. But we certainly can hear the effect of ground bounce and emi affecting frequencies within the range of our hearing. For example I note that in these sorts of discussions people often comment about sibilance in female vocals but this is around 7 khz. How possibly can different filters be affecting this frequency? I don't think it can. But electrical interference and noise and ground bounce can. So a lot of it I think it comes down to how the decoupling capacitors and ground plane in all parts of the digital chain manage to suppress the unwanted effects of digital switching noise. Long story short is to pick the one sounds best to you in your system, oh, and too much trying different things can make you go a bit mad and lose your reference point and start to become unhappy with how everything sounds because you can start to overanalyze everything rather than enjoy the music. I think the best thing is to pick a setting and stick to it 😊
  15. eltech

    Dire Straights - Love Over Gold

    Depends what you have in the cupboard I guess.