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  1. Earth to Echo was a surprise, especially near the end
  2. Got one of these covering my Nas, PC and wifi cable modemhttp://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15_1120&products_id=22039 Cheers
  3. Saw your post and thought I'd check my current storage level.... With 8 (4x2TB + 4x3TB )out of 12 bays used I've currently filled 12.6TB with 2.6TB free space. Looks like I'm gonna have to grab some more HDD's soon. Cheers
  4. Fyi, and I didn't know this until checked, as of 2000 the Australian standards are 230v nominal with a +10% to -6% (253v-216v) variation. All electrical equipment available to us are designed to work within that range, and many are designed to operate well outside that range.Cheers
  5. I believe Arthur was referring to the ASEQ Cheers
  6. I think you got gremlins simon........they seem to love you dude
  7. That's assuming the EQ1 grounds the RCA
  8. I think that's what simon had originally. The RCA-XLR adapter Mark supplies with the Submersives has the ground wire cut on the XLR endCheers
  9. Simon, you mentioned you can only hear it when you put your ear near the subs........are you sure it's not just the normal noise floor of the Seaton gear. My cats are the same, within a foot or so you can hear them.........doesn't phase me as you can't hear it from the listening position. I've never checked the subs. As for suggestions, maybe remove all those power conditioners/filters and just plug the whole system straight into the wall......although iirc you've got one hard wired into your homes powerboard. Cheers
  10. Bump for those who may have missed it Cheers
  11. Home Acoustics Alliance returns to Melbourne October 7 for HAA Level I & HAA Level II Training. This is a great opportunity for both professionals and enthusiasts to gain knowledge, experience and (if required) certification on acoustic design, calibration and much more. Click for more information and registration Cheers
  12. It's like if you plug your ears with your fingers you can hear all the low frequency vibrations(mostly muscles twitching) from your body being transferred through your finger and ear canal. Cheers
  13. Gravity has a pretty heavy bass track, mostly in the low end.....all the bumps and thumps as they're working in space. This was intentional as sound does not propagate in a vacuum so the only thing they could hear in their suits(other than over the comms) was low frequency vibrations from anything touching their suit. Btw, did I say I loved that movie
  14. Btw, Tarzan has some decent ULF.........but it's a pretty s#it movie Cheers
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