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  1. Item: KingRex PSU MKII Linear Power Supply Location: Sydney Price: AUD 170 each + shipping Item Condition: Both are excellent condition and only used a handful of times Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: I have two PSU's available one 3A/5V and the other is 3A/7.5V. I used with microRendu and Sonicorbiter and worked very nicely. I purchased both in 2017 Details are here on the Kingrex site: http://www.kingrex.com/products.php?c=6&s= The moon-audio site here https://www.moon-audio.com/kingrex-psu-mkii.html provides a good list of products where the PSU can be used, Photos:
  2. Directstream, BHK Pre and BHK250 sold. The P10 is still available.
  3. It is Signature - I have updated the description in the post
  4. Item: Supratek Cortese Pre amp and Phono Location: Sydney Price: 4000 Item Condition: Used for less than 80 hrs Reason for selling: Never used Payment Method: Cash Extra Info: Purchased Oct 2017 Review on the Supratek can be found on 6moons and also here on stereo net Specs are detailed in the attached PDF. Original packaging available. Shipping at buyers expense through courier. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved. Cortese6SN7X.pdf
  5. Item: P10, Directstream DSD, BHK250, BHK Pre Location: Sydney Price: See below or 20K for the lot Item Condition: Excellent, no marks or scratches. Reason for selling: I am not moving them again Payment Method: Cash Extra Info: These pieces of art came with me from Hong Kong when I relocated in January. I am now returning to said country and they are remaining in the motherland. Pickup is preferred but if you want to ship I have original boxes and if you arrange the courier I'll prepare. PerfectWave Power Plant 10 (US Sockets but 220-240v) Purchase Date:March 29, 2017 Price: AUD 4,500 BHK Signature Preamplifier *SOLD* Purchase Date:January 17, 2017 Price: AUD 6,000 DirectStream DAC w/- Bridge II *SOLD* Purchase Date:January 17, 2017 Price: AUD 5,000 BHK Signature Stereo 250 Power Amplifier *SOLD* Purchase Date:April 2, 2016 Price: AUD 6,000 Disclosure: P10, Pre and DAC are still in warranty but you will need to send back HK if you have a problem Magenta won't honour here in AU. I have replaced tubes in both Pre and BHK250 and have spare tubes for BHK250 that I will include. All items were purchased from Radar Audio in HK and I have the warranty cards. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Grrrr.. times like these I wish I lived in Melb. Great speaker great price.
  7. haha - you have good eye. Not sure my neighbour agrees with you 🙂
  8. Item: Lenehan ML5 Reference Location: Sydney Price: AUD 7500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Only room for one baby and I have my first real human one on the way. Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer, PayPal Extra Info: Can be shipped at buyers expense. If you would like to use the custom made crates shown in the photos please add AUD 250 (they are worth close to 1K alone) Purchased new in June 2018. This is very much a reluctant sale as they are a beautiful speaker. I also own ML1s and ML2s as I believe Mike L builds speakers of impeccable quality. Sadly I haven't had enough time to enjoy the ML5's and with a baby on the way they are just not practical to have in our house. They are heavy at nearly 80kgs per speaker and stand about 1 meter tall. I have custom made crates available with camera case style foam inserts available for an additional AUD 250. If you want me to ship in these thats fine but you will need to get the quote and arrange the courier. I have a small pallet that they could be used to load with as well. Photos:
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