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  1. Have you considered building your own speakers? Get a cabinet maker to cut out the speaker cabinets on a cnc machine and glue them together for you and then add the pieces yourself which is very simple. You could also get them to spray them for you like they would for new kitchen cupboards so you can choose any colour or do what i do now and use Duratex, its the easiest and best way ever to coat mdf cabinets. Check out these couple of videos..
  2. What a let down of a season! The last 2 season have been average compared to the first 6..It really felt like they had a list of things to tick off in the story so they just went through the motions to get it done..I'm devastated! Lucky i can always fall back to Deadwood and the Sopranos over and over..
  3. $385 plus delivery for the HDFury.. I think a new receiver would of been my option..especially if you sold your old one to recoop some money..lets hope your receiver doesn't pop anytime soon..
  4. See my post on previous page regarding this tv. I don’t get people worrying about viewing angles, how far off centre are people actually sitting..
  5. I purchased the Sony 55” 900E, pretty much the same tv as the newer F series and I’m happy with it and haven’t had any issues with it. I came from a 50” Panasonic plasma and was worried about motion blur and grey blacks but it’s been good with neither being a problem..Don’t overthink it as you will never view 2 tv’s next to each other at home and I’m sure you will be happy with the Sony. My only regret is not getting the 65”... Im actually keeping my eye out for the 65” and if it gets cheap enough I’ll probably grab one..
  6. Good job..I made a set myself and coated them in a copper coloured hammer tone spray paint which looked good with these drivers.. great for a small room; bedroom or computer setup...
  7. I would go second hand Orpheus, I'm sure I seen a set of auora 3's for sale on here or eBay for well under your budget so if you wanted you could add a sub and have a great setup.. i have the auora 2's (curved cabinet) and love them..
  8. What model Iphone is it? My guess is that its not going to get much better due to the actual compression of the files on the Iphone no matter what connection you use. I use an rca to 30 pin or whatever it is for ipods and my old Iphones...
  9. Any recomendations, or have you seen any for sale recently you could point me in the direction of? Im guessing i need a 4 ch if i want to switch between 2 sets, and will all 4 ch have switching capabilities or what does it need to have?
  10. @@Green Wagon. Ye i understand different amps will sound slightly different but thats not a concern as its mainly to test them and get a general feel for how they are going to sound. @@davewantsmoore. This was my original thinking aswell until i seen how cheap i can pick up a second hand full size amp with generally 50+ w per ch and thought that might be better than the new smaller ones which will generally have less than 20w per ch. i was thinking if i wantd to show someone there potential i would need to give them enough power...
  11. I'm running the Orpheus 2's off a Yamaha amp punching out 100w per ch and i love them! From what i auditioned they were miles better than the rest in there price range and seem to have alot of music coming from them and dont sound flat or boring. Where they are set up is far from perfect and i feed them through an ipod,bluetooth and a cd and they just give you plenty of sound, i couldnt be happier! You really need to listen to a few but as you might like something completely different....
  12. I think you are over thinking the cd player and amp. There might be slight differences in sound between the million amps etc for sale but you are not going to have them all at you're place switching between them so you will never know. I wouldn't spend over 1k on a cd player either, i got the yamaha s700 or whatever the number and it works perfect but who knows if another one one would sound any different/better...I'll bet my house you could buy an amp and cdp for under 1k and be perfectly happy and also leaving change for a sub....which is what i would do. You're room would make more of a difference in sound than the difference between a s700 and s1000 cdp id think... But i'm no expert...
  13. Like the title says im going to have a go at making some speakers for a bit of fun and probably try to palm them off onto friends etc when completed. I'm looking for an amp to just sit in the shed and hook speakers to when i finish them to test and compare to each other. Should i look at something new like a small T class amp(Lepai LP 2020 or SMSL SA50) or go second hand Pioneer/Yamaha reciever or similar? I'm just not sure what would be more suited for this situation and i'd really like something that i could have 2 sets connected to at once and switch between them whilst listening to hear the difference in real time... Budget is hopefully under $200 Any suggestions or assistance would be great. Thanks
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