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  1. +1 It's a plague in the theatre, some smart-arse with one idea pinned onto Ibsen, Chekhov. Write your own goddammed stuff.
  2. Going the way of the second-hand bookshops . . .
  3. There's also a Naxos transfer which can be downloaded in FLAC. Could be better than EMI . . .
  4. This (top one) is likely to be your friend's pick. (There's also an experimental stereo take from the same date, included in EMI's box set of the symphonies and concertos.) Once you adjust (style, tempi) his Beethoven is incomparably powerful. The coda to the 4th movement of the Eroica still makes my remaining hair lift off.
  5. I've sent this to all five of my kids & on to the grandchildren. Thank you for an inspiring post. A plug for an organisation I know well and trust - Plan International.
  6. I'd even go to $500 . . . Nah. Grace, check out this post to see your amp compared with other MEs, search the site for other sales and so on. Take your time - these are sought after.
  7. Act IV Scene i BENEDICK What offense, sweet Beatrice? BEATRICE You have stayed me in a happy hour. I was about to protest I loved you. BENEDICK And do it with all thy heart. BEATRICE I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest. BENEDICK Come, bid me do anything for thee. BEATRICE Kill Claudio.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I found the Ken Branagh/Emma Thompson version a touch clunky compared to the best version I've ever seen: John Bell dir. Anna Volska as Beatrice for Nimrod a million years ago. Cod Italian accents, which worked fine for the broad comedy then faded out as we approached the spine-chilling 'Kill Claudio'.
  9. If you're going as far as the Beyers, I'd be looking at a separate headphone amp! Those are some serious cans. If the Oppo has two sets of outputs, you're in business.
  10. These very closely resemble Fostex T50RP. Could be a rebrand, or a knock-off. Is there any info on the box about the driver?
  11. What kind of headphones do you have / have in mind?
  12. The basics remain so long as they are living with you and at school: where are they going? who with? what are their plans? when are they expected home? Check out what it would be like if your kid went missing, the police were at the door and you had to answer Don't Know to any of these questions. But the relationship rests on trust. A kid who feels mistrusted or under surveillance will kick up - as you would. Strict and harsh parenting is as bad as the lax kind.
  13. I can recommend a DVD of the Rite: Mariinsky Orchestra and Ballet/Gergiev (BelAir Classiques BAC041). An American lady has reconstructed Nijinsky's choreography, and the costumes are reproductions of the original. (She's been sniped at for getting it wrong, but hey, that's the dance world.) What's particularly interesting: you think Rite - primitivism - sweat and mud and carnality, which is the usual take nowadays. In fact, the costumes run to the picturesque and the whole effect is exactly 1910, upholstered, hyper-civilised, slightly decadent.
  14. On the figures, they're easy to drive, but they have a lot of power-handling capacity, so an amp with grunt is indicated. They sound pretty good through my Audio-GD 11.32, even better fed from the pre-amp out of me ME25.
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