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  1. If you still have your 2 track https://tapeproject.com/ The Electric Recording Company releases look amazing but for that sort of money I'd go for tape.
  2. This is a great price. Otari recorders have exceptional build quality. This is a very handy machine with the ability to playback both 2 track and 4 track.
  3. Yes, pressure and surface area. Hence my suggestion to drill holes small enough to screw down the topplate so the ribs are tight to the wood. On areas you can't drill through as it would be unsightly you can weld threaded inserts to the underside. Then use a threaded rod to secure the topplate to the plinth at the edges. Here are some pics to illustrate:
  4. For extra coupling I would drill through the topplate (only under the platter - so it is not visable) and screw into the plinth.
  5. It's not as daunting as you may think. There is a 'copy to draft' feature. This feature let's you fill all fields with a similar release and just change some of the details. For releases that have nothing similar in the database it does require more effort but it is really only about 20 minutes work. You will probably be surprised when you get those albums out of storage how many of them will be already uploaded.
  6. Discogs is the answer. If we all upload some of our rare un-catalogued releases it gets better and bigger. Please if you use discogs and your copy in hand is not in the database take ten minutes to upload it for the rest of the world. If anyone needs help with uploading a submission pm me
  7. You can actually see where the rubber meets the inner wall leaving a mark
  8. The topplate looks made for cutting some shapes with dynamat to insert into the rebates. Is there clearance to apply dampening to the underside of the platter at the perimeter to avoid the idlers scraping?
  9. That's good news, motor must be running smoothly. A layered plinth (not hardwood internally) with hardwood veneer or cheeks for aesthetic value. I'd look at applying sound proofing under the topplate and some at the perimeter of the underside of the platter.
  10. What a find! Good luck with the restoration. How was the rumble?
  11. The red boxes on the right are World Record Club Opera series. OE-xx numbers. Great packaging, librettos and pressings.
  12. Just chillin' in the humble abode... *Surprise* This is not my system WTF. There is alot going on, What's in the room?
  13. Best price I've found for iso: https://www.sydneysolvents.com.au/isopropyl-alcohol-ipa-isopropanol-100-5-litre
  14. Got one of these for my Dad. He loves it, great for someone that wants the convenience of automation. Compact size with classic Luxman styling and excellent build quality.
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