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  1. Item: Washers for Lenco idler wheel Price Range: $10.00? Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Does anyone have an old idler wheel mechanism not being used that I could cannibalise the washers from? Attached are pictures of the Pertinax washers that are needed
  2. Great plinth! Very well mitered edges to keep the grain flow and avoid end-grain showing from the front. Some of the other plinths on their site are not done like this. Good choice 👍
  3. Highly recommended. Mine has done 1900 records so far and has not skipped a beat. If you have a large record collection and would prefer to listen to music rather than waste time manually cleaning then this machine is a must.
  4. Fan drying is great, no residue. I have an Audio Desk which is brilliant. It's the original model and on the odd record may not dry the record complete. When this happens I use an anti-static hair dryer on cold to finish the job. Makes me think that it could be good dying option for those without a drying option on their cleaning machine (like the Kirmuss. Could be a win-win, buy your partner a high quality hair dryer and 'borrow' it occasionally 😁
  5. Wow! I love it. That is a special piece doing justice to great Australian engineering. Just wonderful.
  6. I'm surprised this was not on the list. I'd have it in the top 5
  7. The point of this video is to highlight reissue records that are still in print. These records are all analogue. Makes sense that they are dated...
  8. I've mucked around with recording some of my bass heavy records onto 2 track reel to reel. Love vinyl but wow, proper tape (not cassette) does something out of this world to the low frequency. James Blake - limit to your love is ridiculous. It's not real - it's unreal.
  9. I use these too, purpose made for LP's, the best I've used. They shut down their Aus warehouse earlier this year.
  10. That was quick. Looks balanced, excellent work
  11. Looks great. I vote for cutting them back. Will make them more versatile in the future if you need to change configuration.
  12. It's from a mechanical knitting machine, not a sewing machine. I've got no idea how they work, just found this spare part at an opshop.
  13. I found an old Singer knitting machine timer, works just like the cheap clickers
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