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  1. Mono! I mentioned in another that that having a dedicated mono cartridge takes these recordings to another level. Miyajima Spirit - highly recommend.
  2. I sold a record to a buyer in Germany a fortnight ago. Arrived in 13 days 👍
  3. Coronet records are great. Some of the purple octagonal with gold lettering are exceptional.
  4. I've been playing mono records for years. True mono from the 50's and 60's. I assumed these records were noisy due to age even after an Audio Desk clean. Never assume. Once I got a got a Miyajima Spirit Mono cartridge every changed.
  5. Item: Lenco metal idler wheel Price Range: $60 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: One of my idler assemblies has some missing washers. I tried to fashion some myself to no avail. Italy will not ship small parcels with a replacement kit that I have ordered. So, I'm in need of Lenco appropriate washers or... an idler assembly with washers or... a full idler arm and wheel assembly
  6. Further information: The stylus is a new replacement. The original stylus broke due to clumsy fingers after only a couple of hundred hours. When I was waiting for the new stylus to arrive I picked up another cartridge and have never used this one. Comes with all original packaging and accessories. The rear clip on the guard has come off but is will be applied safely for shipping.
  7. If any of the sales fall through I'll put my hand up for all of them
  8. Don't have any experience with the extended range repro heads - where did you find them? IEC on my Otari as it is a 2 track only. All of my U.S. pre-recorded tapes (NAB) are 4-track and get played on another machine with NAB equalisation. If you are recording 2 track I would use IEC but then you have the problem of 4-track playback, depends what you'll use the deck for.
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