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  1. Depends on what breaking the bank might mean for you. Having had an Auralic Aries G2.1 for a couple of months now, I would certainly recommend that as a streaming/ digital transport solution. Also agree with the other suggestions from @BugPowderDust
  2. Roon is a bit exxy, a lifetime subscription a few months ago cost me the best part of a grand. Since then, I seem to be using the native app on my Auralic devices (Lightning DS on the iPad) rather than Roon on the iPad, but it does come in handy when I want to stream to something that the Streamer can't do natively, even things like a Sonus Arc Soundbar at the TV downstairs or an outside pair of speakers and it can handle multiple end points.
  3. Hmmm, I am a bit perplexed as to why the iPad is not seeing the Auralic G1, they should be on the same wifi network. As @Pebbles said, it might be useful to see if you can connect via Ethernet (might require a long Ethernet cable). If it is a Smart Modem (white, approx 100mm x 100mm x 250mm high), I would be surprised that it doesn’t work. Have you got the right wifi network name. Anyway, the Netgear router that I suggested should work fine, there are others of course from other suppliers, I have an Auralic Aries G2.1 and a Vega G2.1. The Vega is ethernet only, but I have had the
  4. Couple of questions first. Are you on NBN and is the Telstra “router” actually a Telstra Smart Modem? How far is the router from your music gear? I’m just wondering if you are going to get a decent wifi signal for your gear (Auralic Aries G1 or what?). Modem and router technology is rapidly changing and you can pay serious money for either high powered units or mesh systems that talk to each other and give you wide coverage. Assuming you’re not that far from your gear, one good solution that is not too expensive would be something like a Netgear R7000 which can be had for well unde
  5. Of course, once you have the streamer setup, you normally have access to streaming music services such as Tidal and Qobuz, Roon is another software solution which is arguably complex and simple at the same time. Roon can serve your files and stream them to any compatible device, streamer, DAC or even wireless speakers.
  6. Just be aware that a NAS is normally just a repository for (in this case) digital music files, it can store other media if course. The point being you need a means of playing the files, or getting them off the NAS into a DAC then into amp/speakers/headphones. There are a number of ways to skin the cat, you could use some software like Audirvana to play the files. You could also use a streaming device, of which there are many options. You might choose to use server software like a generic UPnP /DLNA server which might come with the NAS or might be a third party application like MinimServer. You
  7. Yes, sky’s the limit for streamers (I’ve spent far more than I intended, but am enjoying it). Bluesound Node 2i seems best bang for buck at about a grand!
  8. Mine were modest than that, perhaps 1.2m in height
  9. Agree, they seem non standard cabinets. this combination of drivers was very popular in the 70’s/80’s. I built some transmission line speakers with a similar speaker complement in that period.
  10. I am using my Auralic Vega G2.1 as a preamp directly into my ME850 power amp. I still use vinyl with output from my ME25 Pre into the analog input of the Vega. The analog volume control on the Vega seems excellent and I’ve got no complaints.
  11. Well, perhaps I go back to your original post. You said the budget was up to $5k. You can certainly get something under that which is better than the Bluesound IMO.
  12. I've not experienced the CA 851N but it gets good reviews. The CXN V2 is somewhat cheaper and also gets good reviews. I am sure they would give you "CD quality" as you desire. Tidal can sound pretty damn good tbh, better than Spotify I would think.. Other services like Qobuz, which have higher res material are harder to sign up to in Oz atm. I guess at this level and beyond you get into the rule of diminishing returns. Would more expensive streamers sound better ... probably. How much better, at what cost and is it worth it, well that up to you to decide.
  13. I am a bit of an Auralic fan and have a couple of their higher end products. In your price range, the Auralic Altair G1 is a great all in one product, should be able to get it for a little under $4k. Next step up would be a Vega G1, a really excellent DAC with streaming capabilities, but a little above your $5k limit. See if you can tee up an audition. Both of these devices easily do better than CD quality interns of resolution. Auralic has a very good iOS based control App, so that ticks that box. There are good products from other makers including Lumin and Matrix Aud
  14. Mini Magneplanars with DWM bass panel https://www.magnepan.com/model_mini_maggie
  15. Couple of questions. Do you want a streamer that is just a digital transport, ie only digital out and no inbuilt DAC, or do you want a streamer with an in built DAC? What is your budget? There are good options from $1k up to $10k.
  16. Further information: Magnepan's bass panel for use in conjunction with any of their panel speakers, except perhaps the 30.7's. They augment bass to low mid frequencies, but they are not subwoofers, you won't get much out of them at 20Hz. I have been using this pair of DWMs with my MG3.7iR speakers when I felt that the main speakers needed a bit more at the bottom end, but I have recently completely changed the music room orientation, such that the 3.7i's are now fine by themselves. The DWMs are black with light oak trim. They will be packed in their original boxes. Photos:
  17. The Tidal offering is basically CD quality lossless FLAC. Some albums are also offered in MQA format which is a means of getting higher sample/bit rates than CD quality, although It seems that MQA is a bit controversial, not everyone is convinced by the quality. You need MQA compatible hardware/software at your end to take advantage of it. Qobuz offers lossless FLAC recordings still better than CD quality, although subscription in Oz is problematic. Others gave correctly noted that DSD is not offered by any streaming service, I assume that required bitrate and bandwidth would be an issue.
  18. @lebowski I am sure both the Lumin U1 Mini and Auralic G1 (I assume you mean Auralic Aries G1) would both provide a substantial increase in quality. I have become a fan of Auralic, having recently acquired a Vega G2.1 Streaming DAC, it has really improved the digital side of my system, although it is firstly a DAC with streaming capability built in. In your case I assume you will continue to use the RME DAC, (which is very good by the way, I have had other RME ADC/DAC interfaces previously) to take the digital signal from the streamer. The Auralic Lightning DS iOS app is very good and integrat
  19. I second the RME ADI-2 Pro. You get outstanding quality in both A to D and D to A
  20. Something a bit cheaper, A2A (and others) will have the Cambridge Dacmagic Plus which has balanced out. Been round for a while, but a good unit <$700
  21. I'm with @andyr and @Bronal I've got a WFT-3, it works well, quite a few features
  22. @Munce31 Vince, good job, I have weighed in as well
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