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  1. If you have Ambience Reference Ribbons, I would say that the speakers are fine!
  2. Thanks @Tweaky all good comments I’ve had an Xrite colorimeter and software for some years when I have calibrated previous panels, made a good difference on my Pana VT30. Yes, grayscale is important
  3. It seems that there is no perfect panel, I’m not sure that viewing angle enhancement is a kill factor
  4. Yes, aware of that, Vincent Teoh on HDTVTest for example. Sony doesn’t split the panel into as many dimming sections as say Samsung, so I would describe the dimming as a bit coarse by comparison. Will be interesting to see if it is noticeable, eg if there is a bright light in a dark section of picture, or near the edges for any effect on letterbox bars. Of course, there’s a hell of a lot to like about this panel. Interesting comparing with the Q80 and Q900 Samsungs, the latter being quite a bit more $$ for non-available content. They are all great panels, but colours on the Samsungs are just a bit too saturated for me. Gonna be a big week [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  5. Will do, although I suspect I won't have it set up till Tuesday
  6. For me, I heard a pair of Tympanis in about 1980 and I was just transfixed, in lust of you will. But, the timing and circumstance wasn't right. I went through various iterations of cone/box speakers for number of years after that, but in the early 90's I wanted to support a great local designer and went with Ambience ribbon hybrids, which were great, and I enjoyed then for a long time but in the end, they just didn't quite do it for me. A couple of years ago, the circumstances were right and it was a case of, I've been in lust for more than 30 years, f**k it, I'm getting Maggies. At the time, the 3.7i's seemed a really good fit, I'd heard them and been blown away at a local hi-fi show, and Bill duly got my business. Have never regretted it, the sound was a revelation, the absolute three dimensional sound stage that you could walk into and around, just astonishing, the details, the engagement, I could go on, but hopefully you get my drift. I will NEVER buy another pair of conventional speakers.
  7. Pulled the trigger on a Sony 85” X9500G, if I’m gonna’ go bigger, might as well do it properly [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  8. You could listen in model order, you would be welcome to listen to my 3.7i’s before Drake’s 20.7’s then Gary’s 30.7’s [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  9. Have had a Pana 65” VT30 for many years which has been great, but there’s an itch developing (which I am starting to scratch), for a 4K panel at 75” or greater. Few sales on atm, the Sony Z9F and X9500G models are about the same price, haven’t done too much more digging yet, but just wondering whether there is any major difference between these panels? What other 75” panels would be recommended, don’t think I can spring for an OLED just yet. Also vaguely considering 85”. The X8500G is a little more then the 75” panels above, again, any thoughts or experience with this panel? Just have an interest in the emerging number of 4K programs, sport in particular, would clearly go IQ4 and AppleTV4K as well. TIA
  10. Given I have 3.7i’s and have heard and am familiar with 20.7’s, I definitely lust after 30.7’s! Just a problem of 56 large 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍
  11. I’m still not quite with you! I assume your preferred work flow is CD -> Amp then speaker. Is your non-preferred work flow a computer -> USB of the DAC -> amp/speaker? In my case I quite like computer (MAC Mini) -> USB -> DAC -> Amp, In my case I even prefer CD digital out -> DAC -> Amp rather than the DAC stage of the CD player (in this case an Oppo 95) -> Amp. Sorry for the options.
  12. ME25/ME850 driving MG3.7i plus pr of DWM bass panels in parallel
  13. Not sure what you mean by USB DAC rather than your DA-100. Even your DA-100 has a USB input
  14. Short answer is you can’t ..... in a retail sense at least. There are no Maggie retailers in Melb. Best bet is probably to ask nicely here, for a SNA member to offer a listen. Failing that, go to McLeans in Gosford in NSW
  15. I’m with GTMM on this one 👍
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