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  1. I’ve had the Mac Mini for a few years now (2011 model) and it’s been great. Just upgraded RAM to 16Gb and installed an SSD drive all for $250, so it’s a new beast now. Audirvana is one solution, pretty simple and cheap, synchronises with Tidal as well. Can handle DSD files and high res PCM. IPad remote works well, so you can run it headless if you wish. I use a Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad with mine. there are a few ripping solutions, but I usually use iTunes.
  2. Those devices do look good! i guess I’m a bit old school, CDs ripped and other hi-res files stored on a NAS on the home network, then accessed by Audirvana+ on a Mac Mini, then via USB to a Luxman DA-250 DAC, then to amps etc. Works for me.
  3. Interesting one this. I am a big RME fan, have had an RME Fireface400 AD/DAC for some years now and it is very good. As other posters have said, very clean and accurate. Had been using it for ripping vinyl. Have watching the progress with the ADI-2 models over the last couple of years. I think the ADI-2 DAC is great bit of kit, they both are. The reviews I’ve read, including the one referenced here are interesting but you note it’s all about measurements with no comment on how they sound. I am considering replacing my Fireface with the ADI-2 Pro fs at some stage and seeing how it stacks up against my other DAC, a Luxman DA-250.
  4. Andy, if you are connecting both amps to the same speaker binding posts, then you will undoubtedly blow up each amp. Each amp will see the other amp’s very low Zout cheers Malcolm
  5. I tend to stick with HDTracks, reliable, reasonable range for my interests, Jazz, blues, bit of rock, some classical. Have also used Acoustic Sounds. You will need a VPN.
  6. Tbh, I’d be happy with Magnepan 30.7’s, they seem to be about sixty large 🤣
  7. I'm really interested in any comments on this thread. I have been interested in the ADI-2 Pro fs and the ADI-2 DAC. I have been using an RME Fireface 400 primarily for A-D duties and it is a very good D-A as well, it is an absolutely excellent product. I have a Luxman DA-250 for D-A stuff that is in the normal signal path (either hi-res stuff on a Mac Mini or audio from an Oppo BDP-95). I am an RME fan and would really like to see how either the ADI-2 Pro fs or ADI-2 DAC perform in comparison. The ADI-2 would be almost just as good I suspect. Thoughts anyone?
  8. Andy, As the owner of the ME850/ME25 and MG3.7i's in question, thanks for the comment. I have to admit I am still on a journey of discovery with the amps. I have had them for 18 years but, had them both serviced (new caps etc) and the 25 upgraded recently. Have been carefully and enjoyably listening to a range of familiar music recently as well as some new stuff (like the 45rpm vinyl we listened to) and continue to be staggered by the inner detail that is present. No complaints from me about the synergy of the ME amps and the Maggies. The soundstage is almost holographic. cheers, Malcolm
  9. Or even how you manage to achieve a full ribbon bass that actually manages to move any significant amount of air
  10. Bill actually sourced me some Mye stands for my 3.7i’s about a year ago, very happy with them
  11. There is a feature called Bravia Sync, which may allow control of both devices by one remote. I’m not sure, certainly the remote for my 85X9500G doesn’t have any direct AVR functionality. The AVR remote may though. Have a look here: https://helpguide.sony.net/ha/strdh77/v1/en/contents/TP0001043089.html i assume though, as the panel will be in a home theatre situation that there will be more inputs than terrestrial TV. Otherwise, you’re not really taking full advantage of the quality of the TV. Which almost certainly means more remotes for other devices (Blu ray, Foxtel iQ4, Apple TV4K, Netflix etc) unless you go down the Harmony or similar route
  12. These are older models. The 75X9500G is at HN for $3999 which is a comparable price for new models, for example. The 95G is better than the 85G, I would go for the 95
  13. Sony 75X9500G would be my recommendation
  14. Sony store is >$5k, but this is currently <$4K at HN
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