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  1. Similarly recommend a gigabit switch, I have a couple of Netgear switches here, 5 port and 8 port, very easy to use, turns one cable into 4 or 7 available ports. They will have a small wall wart power supply.
  2. @PonyTail Ron, there is a second hand ME1500 currently for sale on evilbay. Do you have any idea how much a service and potential recap would cost for such a beast? I think its about late 90's vintage, no idea if its had any work done to it. You recapped and re-biased my 850 a couple of years ago PM me if you'd rather do it that way thanks Malcolm
  3. Hmmm, very interesting. They don't make them like that anymore, I would hate to pay the freight! Anyone want my 850? Interestingly the ME25 serial number in the other listing indicates it was 57 units earlier than my ME25, which makes it old, old style remote I believe as well. Of course, both units could be (and probably need to be) serviced to be brought up to first class working condition. I had both my 25 pre and 850 power upgraded and recapped a couple of years ago and they are both in superb shape.
  4. email sent, scan is 8MB, hope that's ok
  5. I have my original ME25 manual, which I am sure is pretty much the same. I could scan that for you if you wish cheers Malcolm
  6. Magneplanar MG3.7i 😄 You have the amps and a sub
  7. My current DAC, a Luxman DA-250, actually has analog RCA inputs for this purpose, enabling the DAC to be used as a preamp with a range of digital sources and a single analog input. However, I just use it as a DAC as it doesn't suit my particular power amp. Probably a far more expensive solution than the OP had in mind.
  8. If your Bluesound is connected to your router by Ethernet, not sure how an Ethernet switch box would make any difference, you still have to get from your router to your Bluesound.
  9. Sounds like you are using a mobile device (iPhone?) to access Tidal. You would need a lightning to USB adaptor, then USB cable to a USB DAC. If you have a later model iPad Pro, then it will probably be USB C to B to the DAC. Using an outboard DAC should give a better audio result than Airplay
  10. Yeah, doesn’t seem that easy to find much info. I gather it’s an update to or later model than the DA-100 which inherits some of the features of the DA-250. Small form factor, suitable for computers as a source. i haven’t any experience with this model but I have had a DA-250 now for a couple of years or so, which I really like. Two main digital sources, a Mac Mini with hi-res stuff playing through Audirvana and an Oppo 103 for CDs etc. I think the DA-250 shades the Oppo DAC section. Overall, excellent detail, soundstage etc. so, if the DA-150 is similar, it would be pretty good. Whether there are other DACs in that price range that might interest you, well that’s another question, eg RME ADI-2 DAC
  11. Seems the Aktimate Micro B is available on evilbay for $310. Woudl appear to suit what you are looking for, haven't heard them personally though, and I would try to do that first if you can somehow. Has USB input.
  12. So, if you just want to bolt on some better speakers, then maybe something like the Audioengine A2+ would suit, USB input, just a little north of $300 though.
  13. The Mac Pro doesn't have a sound card as such, it has audio circuitry that handles digital and analog signals. If you use optical, you are getting digital out and you will need an external DAC and amp in some form, could be separate or could both be in active speakers. If you use analog out, you are using the audio circuitry int he Mac to process from digital to analog. This will be ok, but perhaps slightly inferior to keeping things in the digital domain and using an external DAC (separate box or in active speakers) to convert to analog to feed the speakers.) To be honest, if you are thinking of speakers in the couple of hundreds of bucks range or slightly higher, analog out from the Mac will be fine. If you want to spend best part of a grand on speakers, then go the digital route.
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