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  1. mjs

    Dual band wi fi

    Theoretically it is the potential download speed to your device
  2. mjs

    Dual band wi fi

    OK, similar to the speedtest that I use by the sound of things. Speed to my phone always seems to be 40-50% lower than desktops/laptops, so similar drop in performance to your phone. Not surprisingly, there is a bit of discussion on Whirlpool about Kayo https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2763582 All 300+ pages of it. not sure if there are any quality gripes Ok, (KO?) I've signed up to try it. It's ok on the desktop, then tried Airplay streaming with success from a MacBook to an AppleTV from Safari, quite good HD picture. Then also ok casting from Chrome to a very old Chromecast (I'm really just using the AppleTV for streaming stuff), it spluttered a bit then got a reasonable SD picture. Mind you, I have a download speed (from speedtest) at the MacBook of 105Mbps, with an internal LAN bandwidth (from the Orbi) of something like 170Mbps in the downstairs tv area at the back of the house.
  3. mjs

    Dual band wi fi

    As @sakabatou posted, I don't think that the range extender is going to give you any benefit. What exactly are you measuring when you say that the laptop gets 27Mbps. Is this a speedtest from the server of your internet provider which gives you download and upload speeds available? I am not exactly sure how kayo works, but I assume you have to get a stream from the kayo website then cast it to the chromecast, both activities taking up bandwidth. It will depend on the wifi connection to your chromecast as well. As a treat, can you mirror your laptop to the TV via HDMI etc and see if you can actually get a good picture that way? While you don't want to be tethered to the TV, it might prove things at the kayo end.
  4. mjs

    Dual band wi fi

    I also have a difficult house for WiFi, split level, main cable point at the front of the house at the study, large screen tv, foxtel, Blu-ray, Apple TV, etc at the back of the house, 2 ch system in the middle of the house upstairs with TV plus Apple TV, Blu-ray etc. Can’t install Ethernet cable to the back of the house (major oversight when I did the renovation 15 years ago). Has been using EoP successfully, even though we have three phase power, but installation of solar a few years ago stuffed that up. Then had a couple of Netgear R7000 routers set up in bridge mode, which was ok but it wasn’t reliable. Anyway, now have Netgear Orbi (one satellite) which is great, easy to set up, no problem with speed anywhere. Internal LAN speed is over 1Gbps from time to time close to the base station. We have Telstra cable with speed boost, so, normally get 100Mbps from the street. Don’t want NBN tbh.
  5. Where are the files that you want to play? On a Windows platform or Mac or something else? Regardless, Audirvana+ works on both platforms, I am a Mac user myself though and I play plenty of DSD files using Audirvana+. What it means to play natively can be a discussion.
  6. I know we have done it to death on other threads, but a second hand (if available) ME850 is hard to beat as a power amp for the bucks
  7. mjs

    loudness wars 2019

    Really disappointed with a digital download of the Stones recent Blue and Lonesome album. Absolutely compressed, average levels close to peak, bugger all dynamic range. Whether we are talking about average sound levels or dynamic range, the thing is that none of this highly compressed “music” sounds anything like it would if performed live, whether you’ve got cheap ear buds on a phone, or Stax headphones or my system at home.
  8. I have the Dyna DVxx2 Mk2 on an Ittok, excellent cartridge
  9. I have a Mac Mini using Audirvana+ with integrated Tidal, feeding an outboard DAC into a pre. Seems very good to me. Have a whole lot of other hi-rez stuff through Audirvana+ as well (as well as vinyl and digital sources). Works well.
  10. mjs

    How to download HIRES

    Just remember, you can’t get normal labels/albums from Linn. What they do produce may sound good, but you might not want it.
  11. mjs

    ME 550-II problem

    Yes, bugger the Xmas celebrations [emoji1787][emoji1787] Knowing how my ME25 benefitted from the upgrade, I would! [emoji23][emoji23]
  12. mjs

    How to download HIRES

    If you were to do this, don’t forget to select a US server on your vpn, then provide a US address, the rest should be straightforward
  13. mjs

    Magnapan 30.7 speakers

    Had a chuckle if Bill is getting 30.7s to replace the 20.7’s. I have been fortunate to hear Bill’s system including his 20.7’s in his converted garage when I was auditioning some DWM bass panels to go with my 3.7i’s, if I recall correctly, space may be an issue with the 30.7’s in that room [emoji1787][emoji1787] Congrats on the 30.7 purchase, I am envious
  14. I have had a DVxx-2 Mk2 in an Ittok LVII for about twelve months now, it’s excellent. It replaced an AT33 PTG and is significantly better. Don’t have any experience with the Krystal
  15. mjs

    ME 550-II problem

    Ron will do a good job, he adjusted bias and recapped my 850 earlier this year with excellent results