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  1. I have a Mac Mini using Audirvana+ with integrated Tidal, feeding an outboard DAC into a pre. Seems very good to me. Have a whole lot of other hi-rez stuff through Audirvana+ as well (as well as vinyl and digital sources). Works well.
  2. mjs

    How to download HIRES

    Just remember, you can’t get normal labels/albums from Linn. What they do produce may sound good, but you might not want it.
  3. mjs

    ME 550-II problem

    Yes, bugger the Xmas celebrations [emoji1787][emoji1787] Knowing how my ME25 benefitted from the upgrade, I would! [emoji23][emoji23]
  4. mjs

    How to download HIRES

    If you were to do this, don’t forget to select a US server on your vpn, then provide a US address, the rest should be straightforward
  5. mjs

    Magnapan 30.7 speakers

    Had a chuckle if Bill is getting 30.7s to replace the 20.7’s. I have been fortunate to hear Bill’s system including his 20.7’s in his converted garage when I was auditioning some DWM bass panels to go with my 3.7i’s, if I recall correctly, space may be an issue with the 30.7’s in that room [emoji1787][emoji1787] Congrats on the 30.7 purchase, I am envious
  6. I have had a DVxx-2 Mk2 in an Ittok LVII for about twelve months now, it’s excellent. It replaced an AT33 PTG and is significantly better. Don’t have any experience with the Krystal
  7. mjs

    ME 550-II problem

    Ron will do a good job, he adjusted bias and recapped my 850 earlier this year with excellent results
  8. mjs


    I assume you are talking about a sound bar for a flat screen tv. Have you considered a couple of smart speaker style speakers,one each side in stereo? Not as clean as a single sound bar but I suggest a better quality outcome. Would be an issue of course if the screen is on a wall
  9. I suggest (tongue in cheek) a Mini Maggie system https://www.magnepan.com/model_mini_maggie
  10. Audio Research porn [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  11. mjs

    Dacs as preamps

    As an RME user (Fireface 400) I agree that the ADI-2 would be a great option, it is an excellent device, not exactly within the OP budget though.
  12. mjs

    Which 70's Amplifier?

    Forgot to mention that I used this amp with my first LP12, using a diy Marshall Leach design Pre-Pre. Sounded great.
  13. mjs

    Which 70's Amplifier?

    The first decent amp that I had was a Technics SU-3500. Excellent integrated, >40W/ch, served me well for quite a few years.
  14. mjs

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    The MC input in my 25 has certainly down the job for me for various cartridges over the years. Have had LInn Asak (going back a while), AT carts, now Dynavector DVxx2 Mk2, plus recent upgrades to 25 pre and 850 power. Singing now.
  15. Not sure that is correct. Pretty sure you can get digital in some form via HDMI out and that there are various hacks available for extracting the Digital audio from HDMI