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  1. Further information: Magnepan's bass panel for use in conjunction with any of their panel speakers, except perhaps the 30.7's. They augment bass to low mid frequencies, but they are not subwoofers, you won't get much out of them at 20Hz. I have been using this pair of DWMs with my MG3.7iR speakers when I felt that the main speakers needed a bit more at the bottom end, but I have recently completely changed the music room orientation, such that the 3.7i's are now fine by themselves. The DWMs are black with light oak trim. They will be packed in their original boxes. Photos:
  2. The Tidal offering is basically CD quality lossless FLAC. Some albums are also offered in MQA format which is a means of getting higher sample/bit rates than CD quality, although It seems that MQA is a bit controversial, not everyone is convinced by the quality. You need MQA compatible hardware/software at your end to take advantage of it. Qobuz offers lossless FLAC recordings still better than CD quality, although subscription in Oz is problematic. Others gave correctly noted that DSD is not offered by any streaming service, I assume that required bitrate and bandwidth would be an issue.
  3. @lebowski I am sure both the Lumin U1 Mini and Auralic G1 (I assume you mean Auralic Aries G1) would both provide a substantial increase in quality. I have become a fan of Auralic, having recently acquired a Vega G2.1 Streaming DAC, it has really improved the digital side of my system, although it is firstly a DAC with streaming capability built in. In your case I assume you will continue to use the RME DAC, (which is very good by the way, I have had other RME ADC/DAC interfaces previously) to take the digital signal from the streamer. The Auralic Lightning DS iOS app is very good and integrat
  4. I second the RME ADI-2 Pro. You get outstanding quality in both A to D and D to A
  5. Something a bit cheaper, A2A (and others) will have the Cambridge Dacmagic Plus which has balanced out. Been round for a while, but a good unit <$700
  6. I'm with @andyr and @Bronal I've got a WFT-3, it works well, quite a few features
  7. @Munce31 Vince, good job, I have weighed in as well
  8. Same, Bailey transmission lines with Kef speakers a la Concerto. Took me a few turntables to get to an LP12, but it was worth it. I still have my second LP12, albeit that most of it has been upgraded 😂😂 Cirkus bearing/inner platter, Keel sub chassis, new arm board, new plinth and lid, Mober DC motor and controller, Tramp2 base, DVxx2 Mk2 cartridge, new tone arm leads, only original bits are top plate and Ittok. 😂😂🤣🤣
  9. I would modify that slightly ..... spending all your time listening to music, then it sounds great
  10. The crazy thing was I was a budding audiophile and still a masters post grad uni student. Saved my hard earned for the Nak N600. Then a couple of years later, also dipped into more serious turntables with my first LP12. At that time I also had a dbx117 in conjunction with the Nak for extra noise reduction. Lots of common ground it seems. Speakers were Chartwell LS3/5A which replaced some Bailey transmission lines (Go figure) which replaced some Richard Allen three ways.
  11. Always marvel at how everyone revered Nak cassette decks and just how good an outcome those decks could deliver. I had a beautiful N600.
  12. @No Regrets Don, another happy Mober DC motor/controller user for my LP12 here. I have the black controller version, looks good. I did have a slight issue at first, turns out that I was pushing the buttons too hard and Edmund advised that i just need to touch them lightly to activate speed selection, no problems after that 🤣 I trust things work out with Edmund getting back on deck cheers, Malcolm
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