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  1. Couple of comments generally in support of @hiya and @Snoopy8 I don't think that the CD/DVD drive matters that much, as long as it gives a good result. Your ripping software should be set up to enable bit perfect rips. People poo poo iTunes, but it's ok. I am using dBpoweramp for OSX on a Mac Pro atm, which seems very good. I rip uncompressed to either AIFF or WAV. I don't think you can rip to MQA. dBpoweramp will upsample rips to anything you like, but that's a different story. Sometimes use Metadatics if I need to check tags, album art etc My ripped files reside on a Syno DS918+ NAS, then stream either to an Auralic Vega G2.1 in a 2ch system using either Lightning DS (with MinimServer) or Roon, or stream to any one of a number of Roon end points using Roon. Streaming stuff from Tidal is also integrated with both Lightning DS and Roon. Your PS Audio should give you good results.
  2. YMMV, but tbh, this is not my experience. I used to have an all Windows/PC environment, but switched solely to Mac some 7-8 years ago, have never regretted it. Seems much more attuned to what I want to do in the audio environment.
  3. A couple of days ago, I installed dBpoweramp for OSX on my Mac Pro. Didn't seem to be half the fuss of the setup with XLD. I tend to rip to AIFF or WAV. I'm ripping the occasional CD to my NAS for streaming into other parts of the house and am reasonably impressed with dBpoweramp.
  4. I have a wireless keyboard and trackpad with my Mac Mini, with the Mini plugged into a Pio 50" plasma if I need to see something. Very convenient
  5. Perhaps some of us are more fortunate than other right now, in still working and being able to contemplate indulging some audio desires. I guess I am in that group and have pre-empted the six week lockdown a few weeks ago having become a little bored with the groundhog nature of WFH. Got into streaming by jumping straight to an Auralic Vega G2.1 Streaming DAC. Also jumped on board Roon for life. Just fantastic, playing a lot more music now, why wouldn’t you with the quality of the Vega!
  6. I think I'd be looking to use Roon, assuming you've got a computer on the network to install Roon Core. Roon is good at managing Tidal, you get a neat iOS app and I think you should be able to direct music to either the AppleTV or the Chromecast. It costs a bit to subscribe though.
  7. I'd be happy with a '45 Latour! 🤣🤣🍷
  8. @Ratbob Coincidentally, I have just turned 66! I have been in this obsessive "hobby" for over fifty years, through 5" R2R, vinyl, cassettes (a couple of Nak decks, including the beautiful N600), then CD in the mid 80's (Nak again, Sony ES, and now Oppo). I have had LP12s for forty years and still have one. About ten or more years ago, I got interested in digital, digitising vinyl using SoundForge on an old Windows machine, swapped to Mac Mini and started going through my collection alphabetically, but barely got past the "B's", just too tedious. Then ripping CDs to HDD and using Audirvana on the Mac, then a bit of Tidal, also getting the LP12 seriously upgraded along the way, now into hi-res stuff with files kept on a Syno NAS. So, I enjoy all of vinyl, CD and digital files on a pretty serious system. Good recordings in all formats sound excellent. I had cancelled my Tidal subscription maybe six months ago, just wasn't using it that much and maybe a couple of months ago, feeling a bit bored with the "groundhog day" nature of Covid WFH, I got a bit more interested in streaming and what that would mean. There's another related thread in DACs etc about streaming and Roon. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended up with an Auralic Vega G2.1 Streaming DAC and what a fantastic piece of kit that is. I'm using Roon as well. What a transformation, just gives you incredibly easy access to so much more music, playing lots of stuff on Tidal as well as streaming hi-res and ripped CDs off the NAS. Roon also allows me to stream to any one (or more) of a number of end points in the house. The quality of the music on my main 2ch system is superb. All in all, definitely the right decision to go down the streaming path, I encourage you to give it a go. cheers, Malcolm
  9. Cambridge DacMagic Plus is about the cheapest good DAC with balanced out. You could use Chromecast Audio as the endpoint with optical out into the DAC. Apparently the Chromecast has much better audio performance as a Roon endpoint than just normal "casting"
  10. We don’t have the environment for a projector and have always had plasma/LED. Lashed out twelve months ago on an 85” Sony to go 4K. Did the whole Foxtel iQ4 thing, The size and resulting enjoyment is great, no regrets there. Sport in near 4K is outstanding. Viewing is normally from about 3.5 - 4 m. TV wasn’t cheap though.
  11. Interesting experience here with EoP, bit of a long story, but here goes. We have a split level house (3 levels), internet connection to the study at the front of the house (mid level) with an upper level music room in the middle of the house and the downstairs tv/family area at the back of the house. The main router is in the front study. The downstairs and upstairs areas were both extended quite a few years ago, sadly without Ethernet cabling, and there were a few devices both upstairs and downstairs that needed to be hooked up. So I decided to try EoP and installed four Netgear NP506 Powerlines adaptors putting one in the study, one in the music room, one in the downstairs tv area and one in an upstairs bedroom. They all talked to each other nicely and coverage was great. The Netgear adaptors seemed about the best you could get at the time. However, a few years ago we got solar panels and for some reason that stuffed the whole thing up, whether the phases were changed or there was more noise on the line, not sure, but none of the receiving adaptors would link effectively back to the study. So, I had lost connectivity to the majority of the house. Fortunately that was partly solved by getting a pair of newer Netgear NP507 adaptors, a faster 600 Mbps model. They worked ok as a pair to the music area, but I couldn’t get them to work to the downstairs area. I then gave up on EoP further into the house and added another router as an access point in the music room and that sort of gave reasonable wifi to the rest of the back of the house. Wasn’t great though, as it struggled streaming movies to the TV. Final solution installed a year or so ago was to swap the second router for an Orbi base station as an access point, with the Orbi sattelite in the downstairs TV area. Wasn’t cheap but it works a treat. Regularly get 600Mbps speed in the LAN, sometimes more. Downstairs now has TV, Foxtel, Oppo, AppleTV and Sonos ARC connected and upstairs has Mac Mini, AppleTV, Oppo, Auralic Vega G2.1 and Sangean DAB+ tuner connected, in each case using a 5 or 8 port gigabit switch plugged into the Orbi to give me enough ports. Can stream movies and photos from a NAS In the study to the TV via Plex, and stream hi-rez music from the NAS to pretty much everywhere else via Roon or just to the Vega via Lightning DS or Roon, including Tidal of course. Pretty happy with performance and connectivity. At last count, I think there are over twenty devices connected in the home network! I see that Netgear now have newer Powerline adaptors up to 2000Mbps, so the technology keeps on improving. I guess other manufacturers have similar products, but I’ve been pretty happy with the Netgear stuff, including routers and switches.
  12. Don’t disagree, price of the DAC doesn’t necessarily correlate to performance
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