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  1. Not sure that is correct. Pretty sure you can get digital in some form via HDMI out and that there are various hacks available for extracting the Digital audio from HDMI
  2. A couple of comments from me. I actually have a 93 and a 95. The 93 is in the downstairs TV area, so mainly DVDs, BR etc, not really fussed about squeezing the last bit of audiophile performance out of it. The 95 is in the 2Ch system upstairs and is mainly used for CD and occasional SACD through some pretty high quality ancillary equipment. Interestingly, I feed the 95 digital output to a Luxman DAC, rather than take analogue out of it. I think my DAC actually gives slightly better performance than using the analogue output from the 95. Perhaps the 105 might be better in the DAC department and there may also be a more discernible difference between the 103 and 105, but if you are using the digital output, then that difference won’t materialise. A couple of words of caution. If you play SACD, you can’t get digital out from the 95, just analogue, not sure if the 105 is the same. In that case you would have to use the 5ch analogue outputs, which are supposed to be pretty good anyway. I think the more recent models have more options for digital out.
  3. mjs

    Turntable service Melbourne

    Not sure about Pioneer knowledge, but Andrew Coles has done some great work on other turntables for me http://www.hifirestorations.com.au/default.aspx
  4. Not sure I’ve noticed any change in my system quality with the installation of solar, but here’s a little side story that might be related. We are in suburban Melbourne, three phase power and installed a 5kW system (LG panels and Fronius hybrid inverter). As part of distribution of home internet, also had four Netcomm Ethernet over Power (EoP) adaptors to feed the network to more remote parts of the house. These plug into power sockets and talk to each other, presumably modulating the AC in some way, so they do rely on the quality of the AC. They had been working fine and I was getting reasonable bandwidth. After installing solar, they refused to work, presumably because the solar system was adding a little more noise to the AC and they could no longer pair with each other. I did manage to get something working though, by installing a more up to date pair of EoP adapters. So, could solar affect the quality of AC? Maybe. Would it affect sound quality? Not sure. (Of course, never mind the effect of the EoP adaptors themselves!). I’ve been happy enough to drop a few bucks on an Isotek power board and a couple of types of power leads.
  5. mjs

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    Hard to see how my 25 could get any better 🤣🤣
  6. mjs

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    Can I go on a list for a 1400/1500? 🤣🤣
  7. Try a Chromecast Audio for 50 bucks!
  8. Chromecast Audio would appear to be a cheap and good solution, optical out from the Chromecast to your DAC. About 50 bucks. Wifi of course, not blutooth
  9. mjs

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    I wouldn’t necessarily say warmth for me. It was more around another level of detail and resolution, with that comes wonderful imaging and a greater sense of realism, just wonderful to listen to music
  10. mjs

    ME 25 setup for Vinyl and CD.

    From my experience with upgrading my ME25, I would say without a doubt that you would notice the difference. The latest upgrade is just not about replacing a few caps, Trevor at Rage Audio did mine, about $350 all up. As for using the ME25 with CD input, I guess it might depend on what configuration you normally use for listening to music, power amp and speakers. However I would tend towards using the ME25, it is just a great preamp turned into a superb Pre with the upgrade. Might depend on what input choice you have to the Marantz as well. If its an aux input then you are using some of the Marantz preamp section, if its an input straight into the power amp, then that would be better.
  11. You just need a VPN anonymiser for example like ExpressVPN, there are many others. No Linux box required
  12. Plus the Pennsylvania Ave thing ;-)
  13. Pretty sure HDTracks works on the location of “your” IP address, not so much on your credit card. VPN software connecting through a US based server would do the trick if you were so inclined.
  14. I did note that someone noted previously that they obtained a hi-res version of a Boz Scaggs album, but the site is not really aimed at hi-res stuff, or people interested in hi-res. Maybe it’s early days. Unfortunately joints like HD Tracks have an ocean for a market, some little start-up in Oz has an ornamental fish pond!