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  1. Gday all. I have a NAD 777v3. Small sub, centre and fronts/surrounds which are the basically the same. I like music from all four speakers and run them in stero mode as Im a tad deaf. Reading this site I see amps mentioned and how they can help with power etc. No idea and can I use another brand. I know they can be connected as I have the pre outs. What confuses me is how many watts, how big, how many and ohms confuse me as well. Do I stick to the same brand as I have read there could be compatibility problems? For example; I have seen a NAD https://www.selby.com.au/brands/nad-elec
  2. Gday all. I recently purchased another set of speakers. They are the same as my fronts. My room is open and Im a tad deaf. When playing music I like sound coming from all four speakers and run them in stereo mode. I normally turn the centre off via pre set for music listening. What I did not understand was on connecting for the 1st time; I was not getting sound from all four speakers ie when watching Foxtel with some shows. The new speakers were filling in...as such. I get it now. I just wanted more noise ie people talking in a show and sound not just from the fronts and centre bu
  3. Gday I have the NAD 777v3. Purchased last year as I replaced my previous NAD. Connected to my stereo are four Orpheus speakers , centre and sub. I have a pre set for music with BluOS and four speakers in stereo. I have a large room and -20db is great, tad more and the neighbors will hear my 70 & 80s music. Not a guru, but in regards to dirac setup some guides. May help you out. https://mehlau.net/audio/dirac-live-2-mic-speaker-levels/ https://mehlau.net/audio/dirac-live-avr-crossover/ https://mehlau.net/audio/dirac-live-2/
  4. GDay Steffen. Thanks for the response. I have seen bi amp in the manual but most pic I see on the net are with an amp. Unsure if I could use the spare connection as there was no diagram etc. Would this pic work?
  5. GDay all. My speakers have four posts. I know what they are for now....you can stop rolling your eyes. Just that I now have a newer receiver and want to have a play. Can I connect my speakers to the spare connection on my receiver? I would like to use Front L&R and the spare Surround Back L&R together. Would this be ok? Thought Id ask the gurus. The cables I have is in the picture attached. I have had a gander on the net and it deals with an amp and receiver. My receiver is a NAD 777v3. I have fronts, surrounds, centre and a sub. If its worthwhile, how is it d
  6. I posted the pic of the 103s as the jumpers threw me compared to other jumped speakers I have seen; just like Willcos diagram Most on the net were bridged + or - top or bottom only.
  7. Initally setup by a hifi shop. No idea or in regards to tweeter and woofer wiring. Just know they have them bi wired and working. Speakers are Orpheus Aurora 3. From Orpheus Duntech AU
  8. Gday all. The pic I posted was how I have seen speakers on the net using jumpers. What threw me is the pic below. Thats why I posted here to get an idea from gurus. Then Willco shows me his " quirky' diagram. Just to confirm, I can use either Willcos quirky diagram and / or my pic/diagram? Appreciate the assistance Ta.
  9. Gday all. I have speakers with bi wire posts. I would like to try them out with jumpers. Seen many pictures and read why it may / or not be worthwhile. I just want to have a listen. I have attached a pic. Would this be correct. Thanks
  10. Gday All I want to connect an older sub woofer to my NAD 777. NAD manual shows one cable from AVR sub out (1) to LFE on sub woofer. My sub woofer is a Monitor Audio Bronze BRW-10. It only has L&R. Manual states only method of signal input to the sub. "When using a stereo amplifier system, connection can be provided by a pair of quality signal cables from the pre-out section of the amplifier. If a digital A/V processor or A/V receiver/amplifier is to be used, a single cable can be connected from the 'sub-out' or LFE connection on the amplifier to the RCA input connection on the
  11. Gday gat474 Thanks for that. Like I said above..tad useless. Hence the post to gurus. A sub is connected. Had a gander at the menu..ill work that out. Ill also have to setup Dirac. Another grey area ill tackle when the speakers arrive. To confirm attached another pic. Appreciate the help. Ta
  12. GDay all. I am rough and useless with components. HiFi shop put my gear together originally. Not a guru. I have always had two front and one centre speaker. I managed to get a pair of rear speakers from Orpheus AU to match my older ones. Where would I plug them in? Read the manual and I drew a square where I assume they would go. Pic attached. Appreciate the help. Ta
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