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  1. There’s some good rubber mats at Clarke rubber you could cut to size the material seems good quality as good as expensive isolators
  2. Here is a vintage Pioneer PL-514X turntable Made in Japan Very clean albeit missing a lid includes original hinges. plays very well with new belt, RCA leads and stylus fitted. Plays 33 and 45’s Automatic return Plenty of great reviews online and a testament to the quality Pioneer produced in its peak hifi days the PL-514x is still sought after by collectors and audiophiles a like for its fine build and sound quality Melbourne pick up only donation will be made to stereonet post the sale
  3. I’m selling a lovely vintage Pioneer SA-8500 MK-II Stereo Amplifier. Made in Japan 240v model Dual transformer design - The sound signature is typical Pioneer of the period sporting a wonderful analogue experience Specifications below thanks to www.hifiengine.com Power output: 60 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Dimensions: 420 x 150 x 376mm Weight: 13.9kg The amplifier works as it should on both channels and on all inputs - bias is set to factory spec and the amp has had all its electrolytic capacitors replaced excluding the o
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