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  1. A J

    HIFI scenes in australia

    I’m enjoying Perth - bought some really decent kit here - when in Syd I had a bunch of stuff shipped over including Mario’s ML1’s - I suspect I now own both sets he used to have.
  2. A J

    No more riding for me

    I can sympathise - about 5 years ago I was hanging in hospital with a morphine drip after a MTB adventure - took a while to recover but I was back on the bike eventually. 2 punctured lungs smashed ribs etc etc - adds to the bucket of memories I can look back on
  3. A J

    SOLD: FS: PS Audio Directstream DAC

    I think you jest ?
  4. Its a great looking amp - would love to see how this would partner with my LM502-CA Dac Had I not just bought a Vitus I would have pounced
  5. A J

    Sub connect to two amps

    I am no expert but caution when hooking up two amps outputs - even though you are talking line level here.
  6. A J

    Hi from Perth

    Some awesome gear over here for sure - enjoy 😊
  7. A J

    Brilliant new digital microscope

    Here's a 2M Red
  8. A J

    Brilliant new digital microscope

    Here's my effort this morning - comparing 2 OM2 Black shibata stylus One a few years old one brand new
  9. That’s a yes from me .......
  10. A J

    Annoying Pictures in Classifieds

    Same-same - I’ve reverted to Tapatalk app which works fine - also I found the StereoNET one took ages to refresh content when launched - Tapatalk seems much faster even though they are more it less the same ??
  11. A J

    FS: 2 x Mcintosh MC1201 - 1200 watt Monoblocks

    Wow - might have jumped too soon !!
  12. I usually think it’s whatever I just bought - but the biggest revelation was my first really decent amp a Plinius 8200P which I had for about 15 years. I just bought this which for now and until the shine wears off is the greatest purchase
  13. A J


    I bought a GCPH in from the States and it was a dual primary transformer so was easily able to be converted for local voltage. This might be an option with yours ?
  14. A J


    Having just bought one myself I can vouch for the quality of sound and value - these are impressive and powerful amps AJ
  15. Ahh sucked into this thread by fake news - I take it these are less suited to high power amps ?