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  1. Always a good dose of thoughtful angst
  2. I think those lacks have inherent damping abilities built in - at least I’ve found that when used with a turntable.
  3. Cheeky Spaniard down in Esperance before a tough day fishing tomorrow
  4. He is a guru that’s for sure - I still think the Grandinote/ML5 combo I heard is probably the best I’ve ever heard
  5. I always toast my meet - I suppose if I was a vegan I wouldn’t but then I’m not. I find toasting two meets at 65 gives enhanced stereo flavour.
  6. Pfffft ... can’t see what the fuss is about frankly and I missed out on some great vino opportunities - I’ll just slap myself next time I have that ridiculous thought pop into my head. AJ
  7. It’s much easier to blow speakers by under powering (via clipping) than to have ample power. You are on the right side of the equation although I suspect it’s not 250W of class A
  8. Every time I come back into the fold - my wallet squeals - the classifieds are an endless source of temptations. When I go quiet it usually means I’m keeping temptations at bay. I do enjoy the discussions and when biffo breaks out I just ignore that thread till it calms down.
  9. Grandinote amps (Grandinote DAC and ML5 speakers) Dartzel driving YG Carmel’s Naksa 125 driving ML1REF That’s the three best sounds I’ve heard - all these amps have special qualities to me
  10. Often 2 sides to a story - good post
  11. I’ve been to a few lately Midnight Oil - epic amazing energy and great concert Motley Crüe & Alice Cooper - not so good - way past prime and going through the motions The Cure - amazing Rodger Waters - amazing Bruce Springsteen - dud Bryan Ferry - amazing Some can & some can’t. I think Leonard Cohen for one just gets better with age.
  12. My copy has seen too many parties so tics and pops even in the quietest moments for me
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