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  1. I found this new favourite rum !!
  2. Yep pretty good with KT150's in UL mode - plenty of punch. Very smooth also - and inky black background. Pretty hard to fault clearly haha !!
  3. Yes welcome - just run the aircon as I am won’t to do now that I’m running some hot KT150’s
  4. & Just like that..... an M51 turns up....
  5. You are the undisputed master of quaffers !!! AJ
  6. I’ve got these and they are excellent at drowning out a constant droning sound - I recommend you get a pair !!
  7. once that magic smoke gets out...……………………………….:(
  8. Brilliant album - I’ve got 3 versions on vinyl. AJ
  9. Brilliant album - I’ve got 3 versions on vinyl. AJ
  10. So the dog suggests a speaker imbalance just looking at his/her ears
  11. So a little heathen I know but travelling - mini 200 ml grey gooses
  12. The requirements for a turntable (motor) supply are quite different than a digital circuit so it wouldn’t be conceivable that you could have a dual that would work.
  13. Listening on take-off Perth to Auckland - what a perfect soundtrack to an overnight flight !!
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