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  1. We went for the rotary pump model Giotto - similar to this one
  2. We went from a Breville double boiler like you (in fact have had three in a row - first 2 seemed to last 2 years before failing and we traded the last one in the first year) to a Rocket espresso. Will never look back - whole family very happy with the move. We’ve had the rocket for over a year now and everybody’s favourite thing - esp when stuck at home.
  3. Back to basics - but have to say it's sounding pretty good. Have pretty much sold everything and gone back to my trusty Plinius/Line Magnetic/Naksa/ML1 REF system with PLX1000 to spin through a DIY phono. It brings me joy and it's back to listening as a focus. The room limitations didn't really allow me to get the best of some of the gear I've had through here in recent past.
  4. Sold - cheers to the many who were interested. Cheers AJ
  5. Love the banter - I knew what I was getting into with the boat - don’t worry I still have two complete HIFI systems to get me through if I get stuck at home. the last months maintenance bill exceeds my last 4 years spend on HIFI !! I’m strapped in for the ride
  6. Extra Info: I have the remote and original boxing for this beast of an amp. It's a powerful and punchy amp with amazing credentials. I have recently bought a boat and dicovered it's a super massive black hole Pickup only at this price - it weighs about 45kg. I have slashed the price on this as I'm motivated to sell it. pproved.
  7. Funnily enough it is - no rush to sell it it’s my daily driver but I do have other priorities. AJ
  8. Everyone goes through different phases in their audio journeys !!
  9. Perfect - just needs a turntable
  10. ML1 Reference - oh and meet my newest money hole “Berty”
  11. DC Offset on your mains? does it come and go or is it constant?
  12. Well that’s the next task sorting out the marine electronics and sound. Will have to get rid of a crap CD/radio head unit and put something more appropriate that I could stream tidal to. Oh I can see this is going to be a money hole - the P10 will be overkill haha!!
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