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  1. OMG OMG - this must be in the top 10 rubbish finds of all time - don't forget me when you get it going. Would be happy to lend you my folded simplistic fet phono amp which is tuned for OM2 Black cart for a run around the block !!!!! Been so distracted by my boat I've been absent a bit from audio goodness like this ! I suspect you will be at Frank Prowse Line Magnetic night shortly?? AJ
  2. I've asked my source - I'll get back if any joy
  3. Hi Ken, Plinus is well built stuff, I've had a Hautonga amp. If it's worthwhile potentially you could get a tech here to liase with Plinius tech in NZ to resolve what should be a simple fix. I could reach out to the tech there as I've upgraded a few Plinius components in liason with them. AJ
  4. Man - they must have put poor Phil through some serious rehab - last time I saw him he was pretty out of sorts !! good to see though - epic even
  5. We went for the rotary pump model Giotto - similar to this one
  6. We went from a Breville double boiler like you (in fact have had three in a row - first 2 seemed to last 2 years before failing and we traded the last one in the first year) to a Rocket espresso. Will never look back - whole family very happy with the move. We’ve had the rocket for over a year now and everybody’s favourite thing - esp when stuck at home.
  7. Back to basics - but have to say it's sounding pretty good. Have pretty much sold everything and gone back to my trusty Plinius/Line Magnetic/Naksa/ML1 REF system with PLX1000 to spin through a DIY phono. It brings me joy and it's back to listening as a focus. The room limitations didn't really allow me to get the best of some of the gear I've had through here in recent past.
  8. Love the banter - I knew what I was getting into with the boat - don’t worry I still have two complete HIFI systems to get me through if I get stuck at home. the last months maintenance bill exceeds my last 4 years spend on HIFI !! I’m strapped in for the ride
  9. Extra Info: I have the remote and original boxing for this beast of an amp. It's a powerful and punchy amp with amazing credentials. I have recently bought a boat and dicovered it's a super massive black hole Pickup only at this price - it weighs about 45kg. I have slashed the price on this as I'm motivated to sell it. pproved.
  10. Funnily enough it is - no rush to sell it it’s my daily driver but I do have other priorities. AJ
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