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  1. A J

    Mains in Perth - solutions??

    I guess this is somewhat dependent on where in Perth you are as I don’t get too many issues - well designed gear that is built for Australian standards should be ok - some gear that is marginal wouldn’t be and I think in this case you would need a regenerator or a step-down transformer to drop the voltage down to 230
  2. Born in the USA please and crime of the century AJ
  3. I would live maybe 5 mins walk from the Frank Prowse HiFi store - my condolences
  4. A J

    Sad tale of lost post.

    I feel also for the seller that probably did everything right and was not a contributor to the outcome.
  5. A J

    currently drinking

    Hmm I think dinner will be ok - kangaroo on the BBQ and some cheeky Pinot
  6. A J

    currently drinking

    Have you tried Felton Road Merlot?
  7. A J

    currently drinking

    So I’ve tried to get some of these - any tips for a young player such as myself ? AJ
  8. A J

    Currently Spinning

    Is that a C-sharp?
  9. A J

    FS: Lenehan ML1+

    Item: Pair of Lenehan ML1+ - Kajaks original Location: Perth Price: $1825 Item Condition: two small marks not normally noticeable - refer the photos Reason for selling: Have picked up a pair of references Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These candy-apple red speakers have been my mainstay for the last 6 years or so - had them shipped from Perth to Sydney then we shifted to Auckland - and … we're back in Perth the original home of these speakers. They are impressive and always get amazing comments with their amazing candy-apple red finish. I know I'm going to miss these babies but I've got more audio gear than I need and its time to see if these can find a new home. Two marks on speakers can be seen on the first two photos. Never thought I would sell these. Looking for pick-up buyer only as the packing in the original box is probably not up to a trip. Pictures:
  10. black Friday weekend discount
  11. black Friday weekend discount
  12. A J

    Fasting, anybody done it?

    I feel like I need to do something I need to lose my beer belly by my daughters wedding in March - to be fair I’m only about 10kg over my optimum weight
  13. Item: Pro-ject 1 Xpression Classic mahogany finish with Speed Box MkII and OM2 Red cart Location: Perth 6010 Price: $750 $700 Item Condition: In very good condition with no obvious marks or wear - some micro swirls but as close to new as you could get Reason for selling: Too much stuff Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Do not have the box for this so local pickup only. This turntable (with aluminium platter) comes with either OM2 Red cart with about 40 hours max on stylus or OM10 if preferred. Aside from no box as was water damaged (the box only) while the turntable was in use. Table is in perfect condition and with speed box upgrade meaning more stable speed rotation and also quick switching between 33/45 on the fly. Have a look at reviews - this table gets a lot of positive feedback and sounds amazing