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  1. Hi - just wondering if you could maybe pm me with some sets on Foxtel now setup and Netflix - I’ve had Kodo for ages and have the catch up addons but I’m screwed trying to get Foxtel running
  2. Well so far my attempt looks futile as it hasn’t turned up - so I’ll keep my trap shut until it does. I will look like a dick with a shorted circuit though Doh - that’s what usually happens if I drink and diy
  3. I’m guessing no looking at the boot screen in the photos
  4. I would have jumped but I’m after a cord
  5. I just got 1 a doze noise meters - this will satisfy my curiosity as I have a low level hum on one of my components that I’m trouble shooting. The local (Frank Prowse) had a similar device to demo the filtering gear. AJ
  6. Looks amazing - I’ll have to wander down and have another look at one if you have a demo on the floor
  7. The Cure - Disintegration - would sound pretty awesome on that system
  8. Doh I’m in Melbourne next few days - if I didn’t have my beautiful wife with me who I’m still calming down after my recent uplift of a Vitus integrated - I would bring this back with me on the plane in a heartbeat. Lovely amp - I’ll be thinking about this all weekend haha
  9. My only comment (IMHO) is that speakers passively radiate with sound wave pressure - if you felt the cone of the centre speaker while 2ch music is playing you will feel what I’m talking about. My concern would be that this might resonate the enclosure so probably not the perfect base. I would use isolation pads on the TT.
  10. I know what you mean - I feel like I’m putting my money in a grinder sometimes
  11. I’ve always loved wandering into your place Simon - the smell of fresh coffee and some awesome tunes wafting around - lots of tempting stuff. I don’t get down enough.
  12. I’m keen to throw my hat in the ring for all social occasions - I’m very likely to speak a few foreign languages after a few and not short of a few opinions - had to pull out last year for an exceptional alternative but this year I’m 100% go.
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