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  1. @@Jonboi Thank you so much for a great post. I can easily tell it was written with a mix of truth and emotion and I really enjoyed reading it ( sincerely ) it has been a while since I heard B&O gear and I was very underwhelmed at the time, mainly because the sales guy told me that the fact that the source material was only MP3, that this didn't matter since nobody could hear the difference anyway. There are may aspects of your post with which I heartily agree, especially with people pouring huge amounts of cash trying to find the end of the golden rainbow and the general obsession of some. I am also pleased you have arrived at the end of your journey and I might just explore your thoughts at a B&O store when I am next in Melbourne. TBH the one in Adelaide,I would prefer to avoid for reasons alluded to above. Thanks again Cheers
  2. I think my syntax read wrongly. I didn't mean to infer that Yamaha was designer mid fi. What I meant was that B&O was thus. The parallels were made WRT their overall quality and sound reproduction capability
  3. Item: Revelation Audio Labs Reference i2s digital link cable. I metre length Location: Adelaide Price: $240 (inclusive of postage ) This cable is $549 USD which equates to about $720 AUD Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Bank transfer Extra Info:Pure solid core 4N cryo treated silver core. Here is a link with all the information http://www.revelationaudiolabs.com/cables-digital/index.htm#i2s Pictures:
  4. Hey Hey Dennis and welcome to SNA. You have some really nice speakers there but some details in your listing would help a lot Cheers.
  5. Yep. You pay a premium for the form factor, not the SQ. Which isn't to say the SQ isn't OK, but it is in the same category as Marantz, NAD, Yamaha etc, sonically. It's essentially designer mid fi for for people who want a name to impress their friends and who CBF auditioning anything else and where cost isn't an issue To those who disagree, good luck to you and enjoy your music in good health
  6. @@tkkara Can I ask what stands you were/are using with these? Thanks
  7. It's great to see you have found something that makes you happy. That's what is the core of this hobby
  8. It is completely simplistic to ascribe sonic stereotypes ( pun not intended ) based on the materials used in the driver construction and I agree with the others who say that implementation is the key factor in speaker design. The very best speakers are far more than the sum of their parts and no one method of technology guarantees superiority. Others may disagree, that's fine and I certainly don't claim to be any kind of engineer or scientist
  9. It appears I am wasting my time and flogging a dead horse so I'll leave these until Sunday and if there's no interest by then I will withdraw them from sale
  10. Just my 02, but I would be selling the iNova and keeping these. They are getting much harder to find and are semi collectable, unlike the Nova. No offence meant.
  11. Warranty covers manufacturing defects. User error is not covered under warranty
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