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    Marantz PM-80

    Good luck finding one, worth finding though! I bought one to use as 'a daily' a few years ago by chance and love mine so much to the point of looking for another as a just in case succession plan lol. There is one on ebay works but looks a bit beaten, also is $450 Similar to mid 80/90s JDM cars, they are being sort after back in Japan now too.
  2. ironhorse


    I'll pm you thanks
  3. ironhorse


    Something for kate ..Beautiful sharks Noiseworks Greatest hits Inxs X The waifs sun dirt water Please Colin ...Thanks
  4. ironhorse

    SOLD: FS: No longer available

    Great looking units...start at the lowest power setting if you use a vacuum cleaner to pull the dent out
  5. ironhorse

    The Pioneer corner

    Yeah it really is inside and out ... the timber case is sun faded in a small spot on the top i think from sitting near a window..i also got a 4ch pre amp with it but it sounds horrible.Looks like it matches at first glance but appears to be a cut down cheap south east asian version or knockoff?plastic knobs,vinyl stickered case,no build plate..really strange for 70's Pioneer.
  6. ironhorse

    The Pioneer corner

    Here's something a bit unusual i'm listening to atm .. a 4ch quad power amp..sounds quite good in 2ch..and as per the list is an October 1972 build ðŸ‘
  7. I think this series and the SU 7300 impart a really nice, warm sound tbh.Glws,great vintage amp.
  8. ironhorse

    Bruce Springsteen Box Set LP's

    Condition of records vary, but other thing to remember about vinyl is there are literally millions of pressings out there available of some artists and some records and only so much demand.Springsteen or Beatles are a good example,there are 10's of millions of copies of these records
  9. I've got one of these,great sound.That's a good price too imo.
  10. ironhorse

    SOLD: FS: aussie artists cd's for sale

    If still available i'd like Fargone beauties James Reyne acoustic Choirboys acoustic You am I #4 Cheers
  11. Always love the foam grills on those jbls..some nice stuff there.
  12. Hi Quark ill take inxs, ricky lee jones vinyl and the doors cd please ☺
  13. ironhorse

    FS: cd's 3 for $5

    Rocket Science MI2 soundtrack 1991 gun hits Thanks