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  1. Yeah, in doing some more googling over the past couple days I've actually been leaning this way. Possibly Y splitting an optical out to two DAC/Headamps. Separate volume would be handy. Or perhaps split the RCA's out of a single DAC into separate headphone amps. Not sure which is better... I use an Audioengine D1 with some ATH-AD700's in the bedroom, so I can watch without bothering the other half and that works well. I'm keen to step the quality level up a notch with this setup though.
  2. Thanks for the ideas folks. Gives me some things to Google. Kinda liking the Myriad at the moment...
  3. I'm throwing together a small system in my study for watching movies that leaves the main room free for kids etc (if I don't want to watch Frozen again for example), but may end up using it at other times when it would be preferable to keep noise to a minimum. I'm going to include 2 seats, and so I'd like to be able to run 2 pairs of headphones simultaneously. What's a good way to go about this on a reasonable budget, but perhaps not by way of a Y splitter (unless that really is a good way to go). Any headphone amps with two outputs out there? Some other means? Thanks!
  4. It's available for dowload here: http://download.yamaha.com/search/product/?site=au.yamaha.com&language=en&category_id1=16445&category_id2=16446&category_id3=&product_id=1968585
  5. Just a recent photo. Rega Planar 2. Something old by PSC Motorsport, on Flickr
  6. I've got 3 x UPA1's and love them!! It was certainly hard pressing the 'buy' button (like shaky says above)... I'm happy though, and zero problems after nearly 2 years of daily use.
  7. I love the look of dark curtains that Drizt has going on there. So... Why not just paint the walls something brighter and happier and then open the curtains when not in HT mode!! If I remember right, Drizt has bass traps etc behind the curtains which prob aren't very attractive, but not a problem in that case, cause the curtains don't open?? Could still work though.
  8. Thanks Quark, I appreciate all your help... I think at this stage I'll investigate replacement. It's always nice to move to a newer model!! Not so nice to part with the cash though! Oh well!!
  9. The power button LED (green) stays on, then the power indicator LED (orange) eventually starts flashingonce every few seconds like it would if it were trying to power on as normal. It just doesn't go out as it should when the PJ fires up into life. It'll stop after 30 seconds... THen go through the same sequence again another 30 seconds after that. I haven't just let it sit for too long to see what eventually happens if anything! Thanks agelessgoodguy, that's something to check. Although I can't honestly say it was the power outage that caused it. I should also point out that I knew the outage was happening, and just forgot to turn that power point off!! So, I would feel guilty claiming an insurance claim when it's my own fault I didn't protect it. There's a lesson to be learnt there, and a cautionary tale for others.
  10. Fan does come on, and I get lights in various sequenses... It looks like it's trying to power up. If I leave it long enough, I sometimes eventually get the usual blue screen, then I can access the menu for a few seconds then it locks up, and appears to start searching for a signal (it tries HDMI 1 because it's set in the settings), then it doesn't do anything else, just appears to freeze. It's a BSOD!!! The remote also stops responding, and none of the hard buttons work. I think it's toast.
  11. Yep, pulled it from the ceiling yesterday and left it all day, then tried to power it up with no connections. Can't get far enough into the menu to try a reset to defaults. I'm annoyed that I only got 3 years and 750 hours from it, but I don't think it's the projectors fault, so hard to justify fighting for a warranty claim. Time for a new one I guess!!
  12. Hi all, After some opinions on what to do about a failed projector. Not sure why it has failed, but got two theories. The power was shut off for a day earlier in the week, and potentially has caused the projector to get a surge or something and killed it, or... My HDMI 2 way splitter I found dead the week before, may have done something wierd and taken out the PJ. So, it's a Benq W1000 and at the moment it sometimes turns on, but if it's connected via HDMI the receiver will mute for a few seconds. I can eventually get the menu up, but it'll freeze after a few seconds. It's 3 years old, and only has 752 hours. Is it worth sending it off to get looked at?? I'm in Canberra, so I think I'd need to send it to Sydney which adds to the cost of getting a diagnosis, and quote for repair. Should I just buy a new one? The new Benq W1070 looks interesting. I appreciate any opinions, or advice.
  13. I believe most speed issues (Rega's do run fast from factory) are because of the crappy plastic sub platter. You could get a replacement for that from somewhere like Groovetracer (there are others though, just google it), and that goes a long way to improving speed from what I've read. My Planar 2 runs fast too, but I haven't replaced the sub platter yet... It's on the list! Also consider a new belt. Rega sell a white belt, which is supposed to be better, but not sure exactly what effect it will have on speed, if any.
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