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  1. Can relate, these were shown to me by Graham Esler in Geelong in about 1973. Was 2nd yr carpenters apprentice earning about 90 bucks a week...via the bank of Mum, managed to buy a pair of OA 14’s in rosewood for $519 still have them. Combined with the P4000 and the cassette player. At the time I remember you could buy an lp for about $12, friends thought I was nuts to buy a Lincoln Mayorga disc for $42, you couldn’t tell ‘em Where it all started !
  2. Mr 57

    F1 -- 2018

    Max Ver Stacken strikes again !
  3. Mr 57

    Amplifier for Quad EL57

    Welcome to the “flat land” @wartman, I am bias , but audio contentment awaits you. If they are fresh in repairs and at their peak, long listening sessions are to be enjoyed. There are quite a few thoughts on amp. choice. It really gets down to what you like the sound of. Enjoy.....
  4. Mr 57

    The Song Game Mk III

    Such a cool period, I remember watching Morning of the Earth at the Pix theatre in west Geelong....non smoking signs everywhere....but could barely see the screen for the weed smoke. Everyone totally hootin and a hollerin.... Bird rock the next day was a huge buzz !
  5. Mr 57

    Thanks Len Wallace Audio

    Agreed, purchasing from these guys is easy, professional and straight forward. Always recommend them.
  6. Mr 57

    Have I finally found my people?

    A better bunch of guys to buy audio gear from would be hard to find !
  7. Mr 57

    Have I finally found my people?

    Welcome Nick, plenty here to entertain a young man ! Just be careful of the classifieds....can cost ya !
  8. Mr 57

    Fraudband and the NBN

    Can feel your pain, that is a ridiculous amount of time to be messed about. I did 10yrs with iiNet (Westnet) stuffed me around royally....change provider, it will not get any better with these clowns......
  9. They are doing an Amazon type thing now, with third party sellers. Ended up buying CD set from them, being sent from the US.
  10. Mr 57

    Provider advice for the NBN

    If you check out productreview.com.au.....Boom Broadband rate mightily high. We have all had a crappy deal with large telcos, mine was with iiNet. Purely chose this time on customer feedback, I went with Boom. WOW...fantastic, if any issues arise , the guy on the other end of the phone is actually an Aussie. He fixes Every issue, be it upgrading your speed or account details. And the speed promised is the speed you get. Check them out. (No connection , pardon the pun, to Boom)
  11. And all in Sydney apparently. How can one guy have so much top end Vintage gear ?
  12. Well done, great satisfaction from finding a solution. Never feel you have to throw lots of money at it. It’s a journey of discovery, and we all learn something. Only by trying and sharing these ideas do we progress in our hobby. Well done Sir ! Now time to enjoy, until another tweak twitch itches ...
  13. Mr 57

    Sharing/ selling music on file.

    Sharing I can’t see as a totally bad thing either, ....how many times have we obtained a copy of a new (to you) artist, only to go out and buy more of their music.
  14. @frankn absolutely correct sir, I see someone else has indulged in KK’s book....only the diehards lol. Great read, kneeling at the temple of Quad
  15. Mr 57

    The Quad Esl founder passed

    He lives ! (edit) Wonderful news, gee there are some dirt bags out there !