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  1. Have always enjoyed the way Steve writes his reviews and opinions, stumbled on his YouTube channel, an easy watch and rings fairly true to me. Found most of what I have seen so far as most enjoyable ... https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC9wBmplRUhaCi-aNrkfgeTg
  2. I picked up it’s 50inch smaller brother, you have to see the quality of this picture to believe it. Ridiculously cheap !! Someone is going to be astounded at this price !
  3. Mr 57

    NSW Mid Coast hifi repairers?

    Hal, could give Roy at Forster Electronics a call. He has done some work on early Quad valve gear, so might be worth chatting to.
  4. Mr 57

    Currently Spinning

    A to Z....Paul Kelly is totally enjoyable “live”
  5. Mr 57

    Off The Rails Cinema

    That’s a great looking room....great effort, attention to detail makes all the difference. And thanks for taking us all along for the ride....well done 👍
  6. Lmao....took some selling to the boss, but I got there 😎
  7. Just bought the exact same tv from Len Wallis, for the bedroom....wow...stunning picture. Plasma are the ducks....I still have a Panasonic plasma 58” in the lounge, again awesome picture but not of the caliber of the Pioneer. Someone is going to be super happy with this !!
  8. That is a serious bit of kit....WOW !!. They look fantastic, I can only imagine how totally involving they are. Well done young man, every right to be stoked. Wonderful ! PS , it’s just 3.37 am , I’ll bet your still listening to them 😀
  9. Mr 57

    Getting out of hifi

    @mrbrown66, to share your love of music with your kids is a very special thing. Their appreciation of music will last them a life time, it’s a special thing to share with them. Way back in the late eighties, I used to sit with my eldest daughter for hours (she was about 8 at the time) watching James Taylor, Queen etc on VHS via the audio system. When Mum would come in to explain it was bedtime, she would always ask for one more. She was killed when she was ten, and thinking of that sharing time with her still tugs at me. But she got her love of music from me. So do spend time with your little ones with music, it’s a beautiful thing to share!
  10. I tip my hat to you sir, that is a serious commitment. But can totally understand your love for stats. Sure looking forward to seeing pics, and hearing of your delight. When are the new children due to arrive ? Many many hours of emotional listening to be had. Congrats !! Now where is the green with jealousy button ? 😂
  11. Mr 57

    Currently Spinning

    Trip down memory lane....
  12. Mr 57

    My System this morning

    Not long ago this bloke was lucky enough to obtain a pair of Quad II 80 mono blocks, and as we all know, when a new toy arrives we need to tweak, test and play. Anywho, been blown away with these things, today I pressed George’s Lightspeed back into service (my wife calls it the Flux Capacitor). Well that sure transforms the whole game, takes it to another 🌍,damn those Lightspeed Attenuator’s are just a volume control, nothing more. Just so open. Feeding it from the Meridian G06.2 into the II 80’s into 57’s is THE best I have ever heard any of my music. Wow are tubes my cup of tea 🍵 😀 Will attempt a pic tomorrow, sans feet, after I have tidied up the cable mess etc 😉
  13. Things ya see while in (warm) Singapore. No info to go with them, shop owners were not that interested in a tourist