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  1. Mr 57

    CD shopping in Tokyo

    Will be watching for replies to this posting, as Japan is on my list to next visit. Pics and comments on your trip Paul would be good, enjoy you lucky bugger 😁👍
  2. Mr 57

    Quad 33/303 Rebuilds

    Not sure I would call it bloated, certainly full and rich. You are so right about the room having a big influence on the reproduction of the music. Items upstream also contribute to the finished sound. This business is so open, never likely two systems in total, in the similar rooms would exist. A very wise member here, said, correctly....1st biggest influence on a systems sound is the speakers, then the room, then all the rest. After many years of buying , selling, and tweaking, .....he is so right. In the end it’s only ourselves we need to satisfy, find the speakers that best present the music you like.....and enjoy your music. I figure if you can turn on your music, and just relax into it, even to the stage of putting down the magazine or similar you are reading, to think to yourself “wow that is so nice”. I figure you’re there.....the end game (for you)
  3. Mr 57

    F1 2019

    Head was with LH, but so wanted SV to grab it. Heart was for Dan, but hey, we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Dan is still confident of a good race car for tomorrow, either way, great to see it all starting again. Love the F1 stuff 😁
  4. Mr 57

    Quad 33/303 Rebuilds

    I read the design from 303 to 405 was different. Not that I totally understand, but the 303 was a triple (?) and the 405 was a current dumping design, same as all their current designs, except the valve ones of course. I think , (and am now more aware of, ) that room dependency is a big factor. When I first had my 303 refurbished and used it with 57’s in a huge room, (keep in mind the rooms of British listeners would have been rather small, so no surprise they work well in that environment) it was rather wanting. And I went down the road of chasing power and current. Having now satisfied my lust with Quad II 80 mono blocks, the 303 in a smaller room is quite a surprise. Not saying that it’s on par with the II80 , but bang for buck in a small room....I could live with it for sure. Not selling my 303, it’s a keeper.
  5. Mr 57

    Quad 33/303 Rebuilds

    The Quad 303 power amp has an output impedence which is a little higher than most modern power amplifiers. ... As it happens, and as pointed out by Jim Lesurf, the Quad 303 output impedence interacts with the ESL, but does so in such a way that it slightly flattens the frequency response Not the first time I have read the above, I am sure similar is said in Ken Kessler’s book. As an owner of both a 303 and 57’s, the combination is very very good. P. Walker waited / researched for some time before releasing this, his first SS amp. Keeping in mind it followed on from the legendary Quad II valve amp, it had to be close in sound.
  6. They are well worth a try. You might even be lucky enough to score a used pair from one of the guys here. Try a WTB ad, might get lucky 👍
  7. Maybe try 10db in-line attenuator ? Thinking out loud 😁
  8. Mr 57

    F1 2019

    He was doing what he loved at 66, lucky in that way. On a nicer note,.... The press conference is worth watching, nice tributes from 5 drivers. Bonus...light banter / interaction between Seb and Dan 😁
  9. Mr 57

    F1 2019

    I am truly hoping it might be someone else than LH. But then first practice does have a bit of sandbagging. Either way, really looking forward to seeing it 😁 Ps: really sad to hear of Charlie Whiting passing, big shock to the entire paddock.
  10. Mr 57

    The wonderful NBN.

    We too have just changed to Aussie, paid for 50Mbs, (100 gb) reads in high 40’s most of the time. Even received an email from Aussie saying they had done some speed tests on my FTTN and reported it is good to about 59mbs, so we had chosen the best speed to buy. This information all supplied unrequested....can’t beat that sort of service Ps just done a wireless speed test , 49.4 Mbs
  11. Mr 57

    Channel 10 motorsport garbage😠

    Sadly Foxtel and now Kayo are the only way to get any descent motorsports coverage. Changed my ISP yesterday, Foxtel is gone, .... welcome Kayo @ $25 per month.
  12. Mr 57

    Currently Spinning

    Robert Cray....
  13. Mr 57

    R.I.P. Peter Tork

    Sad to hear.....RIP Peter. As a kid of about 8, I was all consumed with their music, thought: they were so cool, So tragic a fan, mum made me an eight buttoned front, Monkee shirt 😛
  14. Mr 57

    Currently Spinning

    David Munyon— poet wind