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  1. That is really cool....how enjoyable are The Floyd ! So from an iPad, Laptop or Pc, how do I get to listen to this on my HiFi ? Help !
  2. Valve amp, Which one ?

    Zaph’s said dumb decision.....same as stupid decision....does not imply in anyway you are either. But the man is right, choose speaker first, it is the most obvious!
  3. Help: Rega DAC no input lock

    Did you try a different device on the same input?
  4. My money is on the poms
  5. Netflix currently watching

    Hey neighbour....our local library has 1st and 2nd season of Billions on DVD
  6. Trump

    The people of the US must be so embarrassed having him as their president, and I would probably include the idiots that voted for him in that too.
  7. A panel that big would be gob smackingly lovely
  8. So tell us....what's the deal ? New product for Halcro ? So does any one buy left testicles these days ?
  9. Currently Spinning

    Now that’s a great album.....and not that many of those boys left
  10. Lightspeed Attenuator

    Have to join the chorus.....my Lightspeed is a piece of gear I love to use. It truly is transparent, even while only in a temporary set up (renovating) I had to put the LS into service....it just works.....no fuss, just music. I love it. And such an inexpensive “try it” piece, like Zaph’s coax cables.....ya just have to try it. And at the price it is not a buyer substantiation piece, just buy one and wonder how it does what it does
  11. YouTube Spinning

    So it;s early , and by the time my fellow inmates arrive here, this post will be buried (to save me embarressment)....because ole' stupid here, wants to know how a guy could watch the videos he likes from Youtube on his big plasma and feed the audio through the amp/Lightspeed ? Go gentle on me guys
  12. FS: Halcro EC800 CD/ SACD

    That's a pain.....
  13. FS: Halcro EC800 CD/ SACD

    UPSAMPLING...... How many have tried this on their new toy? Fly into the setup menu and give it a whirl....I guess it would/could be system dependent, but I find it an improvement, if you can believe that, when the unit is already a great listen. Enjoying it for sure....thanks again Mike
  14. Life after Magnaplanars

    Since "flat" is your thing, don't sell any....and to the mix you should add a pair of stats.