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  1. Rest In Peace.....wonderful guitarist. Hate to read our legends are passing away 😞
  2. @jasper, thanks for dropping me in it Jason 😛 Obtaining the right price ie, selling an item is all about research. The market determines the price. Research what they have SOLD for, not what the asking price is. Take into consideration the condition of the item you are selling in comparison to the item that has sold. If you don't want to sell it , put a high price on it, or for the same result, don't list it for sale. Ask a little more if you think it's a great example, you can always come down, you can't go up. Good luck with selling them, they are well regarded in the industry, someone will love them.
  3. @pete_mac....I hear ya brother....funny breed of cattle those girls 🤣😂👍 But we gotta love ‘em anyway 🤪
  4. Thanks @awayward....appreciate your input, big advocate of leaving the pre amp on all the time, same as with the ESL’s Remainder of the gear stands in stand-by mode
  5. Yup, hand me the deekhead of the day award 🥇 As I said , didn’t disconnect the panels from the speaker cables, BUT I did disconnect the speaker cables from the amp. Low and behold, reconnected out of phase....No doubt that’s gonna be the answer. Never would have found it so quickly without your help. Thanks guys, your blood is worth bottling 😁🙏
  6. Thanks guys, .....didn’t disconnect the speaker cables from the panels.... this cabinet is all timber, and actually the CDP sat on glass (albeit with isolators) in the previous cabinet.......
  7. Is it just me, or have you guys experienced the same ? Case in point, ....built a new timber cabinet to house a few more of my toys. Of course had to dismantle and reconnect all the electronics (57’s remained powered). Same cables and connections as before, only on/in the new cabinet. Turned it on today and it’s all just fallen over (sound wise) , to me it’s lost its magic, it’s not full and musical. It’s thin and edgy, and like I say, not the first time relocation or moving of gear has had this effect on my listening pleasure. Just having a whinge is all....you know how it is “when it just ain’t right” I just shut it all down and left it be, ....maybe the magic sound fairies will visit tonight and bring back the magic 🤪
  8. Totally agree, actually made me stop in for a look see....and of course.... welcome Frank 👍
  9. Might be time to box ‘em up and send them ....someone is gonna love them 😁
  10. Welcome Alan, a few of us stat fellas here. Do you run panels at the moment ? Lots to read here....enjoy your time.
  11. Mid North Coast N.S.W. Welcome , as Tesla says though may be some time.
  12. Guaranteed to sound better with an external DAC , consider the price of the external DAC compared to the Chromecast inbuilt DAC.....But only value for money if an external DAC is already part of your arsenal. Certainly not doubling process, with optical output only the external dac is feeding your system.
  13. The Chromecast Audio does optical output also. Converter plug is required to make this happen, I bought one from Sydney....If I recall only 6 bucks. Output can feed a DAC, which I now do into a Rega DAC.
  14. Love it...great story teller. Looking forward to hearing the next instalment of what you ran it with, and how it sounds. Don’t tell me it’s the first step on your addiction to bottles. I too dipped my toe into glass bottles.......let’s hope it stops there.
  15. Can you imagine how beautiful Waikiki beach would be without people ? But yes, my thoughts too are with the locals that need tourist dollars. We were hoping to return this year too....not looking good . We were supposed to be travelling to other destinations as we had done on previous years, but we went to Hawaii.....and now we can’t stop returning each year. Gotta scratch that itch before we can move on 😉
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