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  1. If I could paste the Gif of Kermit flailing his arms about in unbridled excitement.....that’s how I feel 🤣😀
  2. Totally relate, a six hour session is easily done. Just don’t tell my lovely wife 😂🤣. She wants me painting the house! And I think that’s pretty much for all of us....if you can sit and play music and not criticise....just relax into it....that’s the end 😎👌
  3. Hey mate, rolling along very nicely. Not heard anything that shouldn’t be there 😀 I think 🤔
  4. How sad to read this ! Brought so much...🙏 Hugely respected, and will be missed immensely.
  5. Digging into some black stuff...long time... Like most of the music that gives us memories, it’s from our past... Sure it doesn’t compete with full blown TT advocates....but sounds sweet 😎
  6. Stop Press.....news story over on F1 .com... Kimi excited about 2021 season ....how would you know? 🤣😂 Gotta love Kimi !
  7. Yay...”.F1 Drive to survive “ returns on March 19th. Love it !
  8. All speakers have limitations, compromises etc. No one speaker fits all tastes. If you can accept the limitations of the ESL, they could very well be your nirvana/end of the road ! Even if you could find a pair this nice, chances are you would spend close to the asking price on refurbishment.....really great value here.
  9. You snooze you lose ! .......You know you wanna 😆 I would have them too if I lived that close, they look fabulous !
  10. It starts out pretty good, ...$39 per month for HD sports. Then $49....now they want $79.....see ya,...hello Kayo. Having said that though, returning at $50 or less per month is a possibility after I have disconnected for 30 days 🤦‍♀️....go figure!
  11. And there lays the rub....we learn something every day, ....did not know that 👍
  12. I hear ya....just as a side issue, not that my tv does allow such things, but Chromecast Ultra does 4K .... and the dang thing , with remote only cost $99 😀
  13. How true is that statement ! It’s just ridiculous what you have to pay now. Not any longer,....switching to Kayo with Chromecast.
  14. @Winno they are very kind words....thank you 🙏
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