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  1. Mr 57

    My System this morning

    Not long ago this bloke was lucky enough to obtain a pair of Quad II 80 mono blocks, and as we all know, when a new toy arrives we need to tweak, test and play. Anywho, been blown away with these things, today I pressed George’s Lightspeed back into service (my wife calls it the Flux Capacitor). Well that sure transforms the whole game, takes it to another 🌍,damn those Lightspeed Attenuator’s are just a volume control, nothing more. Just so open. Feeding it from the Meridian G06.2 into the II 80’s into 57’s is THE best I have ever heard any of my music. Wow are tubes my cup of tea 🍵 😀 Will attempt a pic tomorrow, sans feet, after I have tidied up the cable mess etc 😉
  2. Things ya see while in (warm) Singapore. No info to go with them, shop owners were not that interested in a tourist
  3. Mr 57

    F1 -- 2018

    Now confirmed, .....and rumoured to be going to Renault ?
  4. To Keith, really sorry to hear about the passing of Dale. Our deepest sympathy to you and your family...... Jeff and Niki
  5. Mr 57

    Where was your lunch location today?

    At the pool side restaurant at the Shangri-La 5 star hotel, Singapore
  6. Lmao.... 😃you been listening to my misses, or is your dearest of the same breed as mine ?
  7. Truly cherished Andy....I am a Quad tragic, the combination is just so damn musical, like nothing I have experienced. Thank you again.
  8. My dearest wife/ finance minister WAS on board when I bought these from Andy @trippinonprozac. (Who by the way is a top shelf gentleman !) Now she asks why I’m not continuing with the laundry renovation....sheesh! How sweet are tubes and stats? This is a different league! And bless her little cotton socks, the first thing she asked was how much are the “globes” ? Of course the first day is always the best day to explain only full eight set at a time....she went a slight pale of green lol. But softened the blow with, oh lots of hours to be had with these though. First step into tube territory, and sooo loverly 😁
  9. https://www.stereophile.com/content/magic-moment So true, have we not all done this 😉
  10. @Assisi....well thought out and said John. A good take on the subject. I too find that if a system moves me emotionally then I know it’s worthwhile
  11. Not sure we get too involved with the gear as in obsessed, .....but here on this forum it is made WAY too easy to keep climbing the gear ladder and upgrading. Thank goodness my finance minister is onboard. The 🎶 music is the reason we buy the gear , round and round you go, where you get off....whose to know, just enjoy the ride. You are a long time on the other side “pushing up daisies “ 😉
  12. Mr 57

    FS: Marantz CD67 mkll

    Would entertain offers.....try me, ya never know 😉
  13. Mr 57

    FS: Quad QSP Amp.

    Thanks Frank....had I not got silly with a replacement....it would still be with me.
  14. Mr 57

    FS: Quad QSP Amp.

    Item: Quad QSP stereo amp Location: N.S.W. Price: $1500 ono. Item Condition: Very nice clean unit. Reason for selling: Would like to offset funds against new amp. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal only if purchaser pays costs. Extra Info: Second owner, 100% functional, just too many amps, was using this in the bedroom. That’s a waste of good gear. Current model. Have original box and packaging, so can be posted/couriered at purchasers expense, or twist my arm 😉 Pictures: