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  1. YouTube Spinning

    So it;s early , and by the time my fellow inmates arrive here, this post will be buried (to save me embarressment)....because ole' stupid here, wants to know how a guy could watch the videos he likes from Youtube on his big plasma and feed the audio through the amp/Lightspeed ? Go gentle on me guys
  2. FS: Halcro EC800 CD/ SACD

    That's a pain.....
  3. FS: Halcro EC800 CD/ SACD

    UPSAMPLING...... How many have tried this on their new toy? Fly into the setup menu and give it a whirl....I guess it would/could be system dependent, but I find it an improvement, if you can believe that, when the unit is already a great listen. Enjoying it for sure....thanks again Mike
  4. Life after Magnaplanars

    Since "flat" is your thing, don't sell any....and to the mix you should add a pair of stats.
  5. FS: Halcro EC800 CD/ SACD

    Sweet job......well done. Looking forward to sorting mine. Time is a problem (moving house).....but loving the music these things make
  6. Pay it forward my friend
  7. It's yours Frank.....makes it easier for the seller .... Jeff
  8. I will take it if you will post for me Cheers
  9. FS: Halcro EC800 CD/ SACD

    Cheers to you Sir
  10. FS: Halcro EC800 CD/ SACD

    Great idea....starting with the how to of removing the face plate..... looking forward to seeing the brave ones making a start....
  11. FS: Halcro EC800 CD/ SACD

    Woo Whooo.....does this get any better ? What a true gent ! Thanks Mike.
  12. Currently Spinning

    Manfred Mann EarthBand.....Solar Fire ....great choice
  13. Currently Spinning

    It"s a well known fact that both EC and MK have been influenced by JJ. His touch is sublime, wonderful stuff !
  14. Wow, how can it be 4 years? Gone so quickly. Just love his gentle touch on the guitar....brilliant ! I think I have every album he has ever done. I am a tragic JJ fan, and easily every time the audio gear is fired up it would have a JJ disc at some stage played if not two or three during the session. Apparently a real gentleman in the industry .
  15. Currently Spinning

    and as my wife sits next to me, asks why I come here LMAO ! Feel very at home with you blokes