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  1. Hang the expense....found one 😉
  2. Seriously....where’s the drool button ? 🤑🤤 WOW !! Jaw dropping sound 🙏
  3. Still looking guys...any leads would be appreciated too, if you pass one in your searching travels 😁🙏
  4. @frankn...yumpin yiminy....look at those brute amps,...Ye gads 😜 Love it !
  5. Starting over...wow bold move. Big open sound with relatively small footprint? Just my two bob’s worth, spitballin’ and stuff. And something that doesn’t cut your ears off in the treble department? I would suggest you try to listen to something with a ribbon tweeter...very sweet, accurate and open. To cover the bass, and be smallish footprint, a high quality sub. Don’t waste your money any anything cheap, better to buy a used high end Rel for example. Good luck on your journey 🙏
  6. Might be true old school, but such an enjoyable easy listen. There is something about that combination. 🙏
  7. It’s a dangerous business this hifi business 😁
  8. Valves and stats are a really nice combination.....well worth seeking out 🙏
  9. Recently acquired, another 303, a very late untouched 33, and an FM3. Running into the ESL’s, a very very easy listen. Just how the great P.Walker had envisaged.
  10. Just love it...🤣🤣..is it that we are audiophiles or audiofools ? As mentioned above, if Bunnings run out of stock quickly, you know you’re in an area of your brethren 🙏👍😁
  11. The audiophiles “covid” toilet paper 🤣😂
  12. And they look so cool !! Awesome 😎
  13. I was lucky enough to score one of the unfinished EC800 CDP from Mike at Magenta Audio, way back when. Without a doubt the best sounding CDP I have heard, it just plays music without any fuss or highlighting any frequency....to me it’s all things....you choose the describing feature and it does it in spades. Extremely happy and will never part with it. Anyway, my reason for singing their praises and making this post. The tray slider was not extending to its full opening position. I made contact with Magenta, expecting to pack it up and send it away. But not the case,
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