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  1. One I have always enjoyed....
  2. We all want to buy at the right price, it’s human nature to want a bargain. But at the end of the day if it’s something you really like, ....after the pain of parting with your money has subsided, it’s what you’re left listening to that counts 😁
  3. Dada Electronics in St Kilda Melbourne is another alternative.
  4. Used to be obsessed with the car detailing, not so much now....got more money tied up in my amps than I do my car. Bought the car near two years ago....not washed it yet 🤪
  5. Am sure you will enjoy the 2912’s. Read once, Quads are like old MG’s, ya just need to spend some money on them every now and then to keep them at their best. For what they do, they do really well, every speaker bar non is a compromise in some area. If they do what you love, you’re there. Have to agree re ML’s, cones and panels don’t integrate seamlessly. Maggies are a good thing, would be where I go next time I buy.
  6. @Jumbuck, what’s your choice of poison in the Quad range? Is it your first fling with stats and what turned you onto them ? And welcome to the dark side 👍
  7. They are a superb silver spinner. Red Book and SACD !! This is great buying !! Not that it would be needed, but local manufacturers, local service with parts available, makes this a purchase with confidence of many years of great sound.
  8. I thought it was an awesome weekend. CL is the guy I’ll be supporting this year. And the support he received from LH etc after the race....fantastic. CL is no doubt going to a world champion one day, and he has to do it in the red team. Immense pressure !! Heart again is with Dan, but geez Louise!! I really enjoyed the Sky telecast...outstanding fun. ps: I hope CL gets to buggar up any run at the title MVs thinks he has 😝
  9. Welcome aboard Sam. Lots of guys to discuss all things audio here. Very nice intro, .....welcome 😁 Ps: lucky to be in a job that also covers your hobby 👍
  10. Android or Apple ?....toes in both water bowls. Was going to sign up to Kayo after changing isp, and also purchase Netflix. Went to cancel Foxtel but was given another 12 months of HD sports for $38 month. Could not argue with that. Re streaming to big tv,....bought a lightning to hdmi cable,...plug and play iPad to tv..now after the swap around, we ended up with Netflix and an extra 50G for only an extra $4 per month more. Shows ya have to shop around 👍
  11. Will be watching for replies to this posting, as Japan is on my list to next visit. Pics and comments on your trip Paul would be good, enjoy you lucky bugger 😁👍
  12. Head was with LH, but so wanted SV to grab it. Heart was for Dan, but hey, we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Dan is still confident of a good race car for tomorrow, either way, great to see it all starting again. Love the F1 stuff 😁
  13. They are well worth a try. You might even be lucky enough to score a used pair from one of the guys here. Try a WTB ad, might get lucky 👍
  14. Maybe try 10db in-line attenuator ? Thinking out loud 😁
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