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  1. The Rega I have is the first model they released, not their R version. Very happy with it, I run my Cambridge Blu ray, Foxtel audio, and the Chromecast into it. To me, a very easy listen.
  2. Thanks Cafad, I really enjoyed reading that. To share findings with your fellow inmates and in such a detailed manner is a very generous gesture, thank you 🙏
  3. Welcome Andy, nice introduction.... plenty of folk here to share knowledge on all things music and audio gear. Once you declare your gear, many will jump in with advice / comparison knowledge. Enjoy.
  4. That’s fantastic....now your life is your own, ......well sort of 😋 Enjoy Sir....🍾
  5. Just my 2 cents worth, .... if a unit is rated on it’s listenable capacity, ie it’s not fatigue inducing , and makes you stop and listen to every track, I have something that is quite left of field, and declaring it comes with a big chance I might get scoffed at..... But here is my take on what I listen to, ...I spent near enough to six hours today listening to Spotify (non high bit rate) on my streamer, which I’ve had in my system for maybe six months or more. Its output signal is fed to a Rega DAC, to a Quad 34 pre to Quad II80 mono blocks into Quad 57’s. The music it p
  6. Knew Marc was a clever guy, but managing to add another 8 months to the year....well done 🙌
  7. Re power supply, mine came with USB cable to provide power. Works a treat.
  8. I did buy one some six months ago, it worked for three weeks. Contacted them, no dramas, replacement sent out. I think there’s twelve months warranty on them.
  9. My 2 cents..... have had a Quad Elite, next in line after the 909.....was enjoyable, but was in the upgradeitis stage so it was sold on. Currently run a 303 or II80 mono blocks. I love both of them, the 303 is a really nice match to the 57’s, and use it when listening in a non serious fashion. It is fabulous until it’s compared to the II80’s, understandably they are a whole new level of enjoyment. I read somewhere the 303 is not so much a star on 8ohm boxes, Quad’s first SS and was designed to sound as close to their Quad II’s as possible. Close proximity list
  10. Your neck deep my friend.....don’t think I’ve ever seen so many projects on the go,....I’m envious, wish I had the knowledge and understanding to take on such things. I too would be as deep as you are 😜 One thing that really has me interested is your Stereo Coffee pre build, read good things about them, would be seriously interested in what it’s like on the 57’s. Drop me a line when you have it running 😁
  11. 🤣😂🤪 the road to recovery is I’m told, is to admit we have an addiction....I’m not going first 🤪🤣
  12. Read somewhere they were considered as “headphones “ for the room . Step upto the plate lebowski and grab a pair 👍😁
  13. Lol...so true....just one more of their quarks.....but it’s why we love ‘em. Not your standard run of the mill box....
  14. Welcome Andrew, and welcome to the world of Quad. They are addictive little buggers aren’t they ? With time and patience with set up, they will reward you with many years of sheer listening pleasure. I do have John Hall’s details somewhere, I will dig them out and pass them on. Do lots of research on them, understand their intricacies, but don’t over drive them....damage can occur and is not cheap to repair. Treat them with kid gloves.... Enjoy !! Jeff.
  15. Cheers mate, appreciate the info. Let’s hope I don’t need him. But I do have another pair that could use some love 😁👍 Cheers Jeff
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