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  1. Sounds like a HDR colour space issue. If your projector isn't put in the correct colour mode/gamma curve for HDR, everything will look dull. Its a problem with quite a few projectors. Its manually switching colour profiles each time you watch a HDR source unfortunately, mine does it as well. You just need to figure out what the correct colour space is for HDR or look to get a calibration done so everything is as good as it can be. Easiest way to check that this is the issue is watch something 4k HDR on youtube (provided your youtube app or however your view
  2. Looking at getting one of these units. Not sure if I can see a benefit of anything above the mini considering all my media is on a external NAS but happy to here endorsements for higher end models. I was watching a review. See 11mins in It shows the browsing speed/loading of thumb movie posters. Looks quite slow and chunky compared to my HiMedia Q10 Pro (that has different issues and looking to move on from it). What's everyone real life experience with browsing? So far I'm either Shield pro or one of the Zappiti's. Cheers
  3. The 9400 is fantastic! I've had mine for about a year and love it. Its a beast considering the price. Enjoy!
  4. Glad you're enjoying the shield. i'm hoping to pick one up soon myself. As for what settings to run, it really depends. (like everything in this hobby) Assuming you have a 4k TV/projector Either 4k/24 or 4k/60. There are very few 4k titles running at 60 frames a second (Gemini Man is one i can think of), but its a real wow moment watching a 4k/60 film for the first time. A bit jarring if im honest. But if you have it set for 60fps it means you dont need to mess with anything when 60fps content comes up. For the colour space, if your in 4k/24, go with 4:4:4 12-bit
  5. $318 is a really good price for the Pro!! Lowest i'd seen before this was $350. I've been looking to get one myself. Currently use the HiMedia Q10 Pro, great unit, but not a lot of support these days. Looks wonderful on my 9400
  6. I had a X5000 some years ago and had the same issue. it would automatically swap to Gamma D. I would always have to manually change to another gamma curve. I ended up setting up a button on my universal remote to change curves quickly without having to go into the menu system. Pain in the bum. Then again, even with my current projector i have to change from SDR to HDR curves. Though the image doesn't look bad in either of them if i forget, unlike the JVC that is unwatchable in Gamma D
  7. Both will work, JVC will be better. Quite a big price difference, so depends if that is worth it to you. I have the 9400 as i couldn't afford the N5. Very happy with the 9400 in any case.
  8. Can you please provide some dimensions. The website lists custom as width. Thanks
  9. Im getting there. All cabinet doors are finished and did a test run on the speaker grill cloth. Glad I did, who would have guessed there are slight colour variations from the front and back of the cloth. Turn up your screen brightness to see, 5 in black, 6 in greyish colour. Glad I did the test fit before final glue! Overall I'm super happy with it, there are some small errors I can notice, but I don't think anyone else would. Also needed to get some extra RF blasters to keep all the equipment connected. (Oh and one trip to the emergency department! Stupid safety gla
  10. Everything is a compromise in a non-dedicated room. Even dedicated rooms can't have everything. I have a 5.2.2 and it sounds great to my ears. I would love to have 4 atmos speakers but as my couch is almost against the back wall and atmos speaker directly above the couch. Having a extra two speakers further forward might help, but might not be worth the cost. Do what you can, but i feel the 5.1.4 would be better than 7.1.2. Eitherway, get the speaker cables put in for as many as you can. Putting in spare cables is cheap insurance if you want to upgrade.
  11. No idea about the projector so can't help on that side. Regarding the projector screen, if a fixed screen will work in your room i would go for that. It generally a better screen that drop down screens (some exceptions as always but generally). While there is some good results from painting a wall, you need to research how to do it properly and can be a little involved. I would just get a fixed screen and go for it.
  12. If you don't almost pull a hernia mounting a massive TV, did you even do it?
  13. Go for the bigger screen. I was in the same boat. either 65 OLED or 75 LED. Its a huge difference in size and never regretted my decision. Once its in the home, any potential difference in picture quality will be forgotten. Not that i think you will be disappointed! I have the 75 and a 120" projector in the same room. about 4m from both. no issues with viewing distance from my eyes.
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