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  1. Johnny_Boy

    SOLD: FS: JVC X5900BE

    where were you 6months ago! Perth too!! Bargain alert. Great buy for someone.
  2. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    what haven't they done? The specs have been provided, the only thing they haven't done is provide a sample N7 unit. And that's their prerogative if they choose to do that prior to launch. Plus, i'm not about to base a major purchase decision on a pre-release sample version reviews. I would be waiting for retail sample reviews before pulling the trigger.
  3. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    dont get this response at all. Sure it would have been nice to have all three available to demo when announced, but they gave the top and bottom models. The N7 is going to be in the middle somewhere. So what if it takes until they are officially on sale before someone reviews them. From the looks of your posts you have had a number of JVC units over the years, and having to wait a few more weeks surly wouldn't put you off purchasing. If you want an example of a really poor launch, look at the new RTX 2080ti graphics card release. Its main promise is ray tracing, yet cant do it at launch. Now that's a stuff up. Simple not showing one of three models is fine. Hell that same graphics card analogy works, as so far they have only shown/released the two top models. Going to be months before the lower spec cards are released. And if you really think having to wait a few weeks for a review on the N7 is a no go for JVC, talk with your dollar and get the sony
  4. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    lol, that's a hard pass on the entire JVC range. Looks like I can get myself a second hand N7 in 3 years time when someone upgrades to the N7gen3!
  5. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    lol, of course the standard remote has presets hahah. I've never used it and just run with a harmony. I'll set up some buttons for when im using UHD player and media player. At least it will save me some time jumping through menus all the time....wife will be happy too
  6. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    How do you do this? I have to go into the menu to change picture mode/colour profile every time I change from BD to UHD. real pain.
  7. Johnny_Boy

    TCL C4 75" UHD TV

    Just a FYI, I managed to get a Panasonic 75EX850a at the beginning of the year (before the FX came out) for $3,200. Yes its more expensive than the TCL mentioned, but does show that for not much more you can get a known good set. If your in no rush, wait for a few months and the current gen sets will be reduced to similar levels. Or check out Hisense, they have some great sets for lower prices
  8. Johnny_Boy

    The iPhone Xs and Xr release

    I've upgraded every 2 years for as long as Iphones have been out. will be giving it a skip this year. Way to pricy. Only the Xr is in my price range. Maybe next year it might me a Samsung.
  9. I would imagine it’s very similar to last years model the EX780 which was highly rated. Should be some info out there
  10. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    lol! way to price out the entry level JVC market. X5900 was close to my max, and now this will be further out of reach.
  11. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    My guess is to differentiate between the models in a clear way. 4k>4k with double the contrast > 8k ish > lazzzor Cant have all the models (or even just the 9) having the top light engine. Maybe next gen a few more models will go laser
  12. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    start saving your pennies!
  13. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    Big increase in weight in this new range 7900 - 15.6kg N7B - 19.8kg Very much looking forward to seeing how the local prices pan out
  14. Johnny_Boy

    All in one media player?

    i run a Himedia Q10 Pro and like what it does. One of the few media players that has internal 3.5" HDD bay if you decide to use it. Most of my media is on a NAS drive but having the option of internal drive is nice. Very easy to connect to PC and transfer directly etc. I watch a lot of 4k HDR material from my media player and works well, though you really need a wired connection as wifi for those size files dont work well. I really like the Shield as well, was my second choice. Was just missing some playback file types i wanted. The AppleTV is another good choice, but you are limited to running Plex clients rather than the server (ie you need another PC on acting as the server for movie transcodes etc). Depends what your content is really as what is the best choice. Q10 Pro/Shield use Kodi, its a very similar layout to plex but does all the work at the box itself. As for app support. the Q10 Pro and Shield are walled off from apple, so you must have a android device for it to work, likewise with the apple tv. I dont have a need for the app and use the remote fine. Though it would be nice occasionally but i am tied into the apple ecosystem unfortunately. Lots of good stuff out there, but no one fit for all your needs. I would suggest separate movie/music boxes.
  15. Watched this at the movies and loved it. Recently got on UHD and gave it a re-watch. Was a bit meh the second time around. Still enjoyable, but didn't really grab me like it did the first time. I think i enjoyed it so much the first time due to not knowing the story etc. On second viewing, the action alone didn't keep me glued to the screen as much. Wife was very much the same, in fact, the second half of the movie she was mainly on her phone. Awesome movie to see once, but dont think i'll be watching again in a hurry.