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  1. Johnny_Boy

    Projector Setup

    The 5600 has a throw ratio of 1.33-2.16. use the Epson throw calculator on the website https://www.epson.com.au/distance_calculator/ So if you wanted a 120" screen you can mount your projector between 3.54m - 5.75m from the screen (from lens to screen) Anything outside of that range will not work. If you wanted 110" screen its 3.24m - 5.27m and for 130" its 3.84m - 6.23m. If the bracket is 3.7m from the screen, it will be very very close to the 3.54m limit when measuring from lens to screen for a 120". Just mount it and see how you go, you might just be inside the limit. The one thing you will need to be spot on with, is making sure the projector lens is exactly in the centre of the screen. Your model of projector does not have horizontal lens shift so you need to be exact with hardware position. Measure and measure again before you mount the screen. One other thing to look out for, is you only have 15% vertical lens shift in the one direction. So make sure you get the projector up and test on the wall before mounting the screen. Very limited amount of image movement is possible
  2. Apple TV just works right out of the box without having to play with any other settings. Very wife/kid friendly. Netflix for example only plays in full resolution on a very limited number of boxes. AppleTV and Shield play at full resolution, where as my Himedia Q10pro is limited to 480p (thus why i wish i got the Shield) The limitations with AppleTV are how i wanted to play back my media. I store all my media on a low power NAS 20TB system that is storage only, no decoding/transcoding. If you are running plex, you need a relatively powerful computer running when watching content as the appleTV does not have the grunt for high bitrate video. With a separate streaming box like HiMedia/Shield, the decoding/processing is done in that box, and you only need to have the NAS running. Just works out better for my situation. There is also the limits in AppleTV in what files it can play. As i do not remux my UHD rips, there are very few media players that will play this file time. AppleTV is not one of them. Then there are some other HDR, 3D and audio difference as well. Software updates are also different between the boxes, apple is very easy. The other two are more fiddly. Really depends what you are doing with it. All three boxes mentioned are about the same price. If you want easy no fuss but with some limitations, get the apple. If you want no compromises and happy to mess around a little, get the shield.
  3. If you are planning on streaming local UHD 1:1 rips through plex/Kodi then the Shield is a very good way to go. It delivers all the audio/visual benefits as a UHD disk player. I've got a Himedia Q10pro that works similar to the Shield. If i had my time again i would have gone for the Shield. The only issue with these android boxes is they can be a little fiddly, and you will need to tinker to get the most out of them but they do have features the appleTV cant do atm. If you want something to just 'work' the appleTV is the way to go. Ive got both, because for something things the apple tv just wins. Cheers
  4. Johnny_Boy

    SOLD: FS: Mega Rack of Awesomeness!!

    How funny! i have basically the same rack! Though smaller rods and black boards. (Excuse the mess) Looks great, good luck with the sale
  5. These are pretty much my dream HT speakers..... Wonder if the wife would notice that i don't get a tax return this year
  6. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    Good to see the budget model (LX-UH1) being shown as well. 45.30 in the video above. $2,499 USD, 2000 lumins and 4k. Wont compete with the big boys, but might be ok. Though would still rather a a X5xxx or above
  7. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    As it always will be for all things subjective.
  8. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    Agree with this. The naming doesn't really work.
  9. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    Yes, i have a X5000 currently and really enjoy its picture. Im sure i would like a 7xxx more. That's my point, its minor upgrades for a whole lot of dollars. The only thing that really is different is the true 4k, the rest is minor improvements (like what you would expect year on year with each release). If we take the RRP pricing for the X5000 range, the % increase in price based on what we know is N5 - $9,400 56% increase, N7 - $11,999 36% increase, N9 - $26,799 168% Still a pretty massive increase based on RRP
  10. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    I'm suggesting that there should be a increase in price, but not to the extents of this current range. We had faux 4k and now we have 4k, its a slight improvement imo. Its more that JVC have now pushed many people out of their price bracket. (me)
  11. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    What i can't understand about this new JVC projector line is how understanding everyone is of the new prices. Last year people generally viewed the 7900 as good value at around 7k , and viewed the 9900 as too expensive at 10ishk for what you got. Now we have a full 4k and its adding on 75% more cost for the equivalent NX7 and 100% more for the NX9. How are people not outraged by the increase in cost?? Yes, its now got 4k, fancy lens, dual iris bla bla bla, but does that justify the massive increase in cost? The way i view it is, that this is just the next step, the next feature, like when tv's went from 1080p to 4k, or when 3D was all the rage. And with all these changes, TV's have stayed relatively similar prices. I just don't get how everyone is now comfortable spending so much more than the model before it. Maybe its just me, and if i had more money to throw around i wouldn't care about paying 5k more for a NX7, but for now it seems crazy.
  12. Johnny_Boy

    SOLD: FS: JVC X5900BE

    where were you 6months ago! Perth too!! Bargain alert. Great buy for someone.
  13. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    what haven't they done? The specs have been provided, the only thing they haven't done is provide a sample N7 unit. And that's their prerogative if they choose to do that prior to launch. Plus, i'm not about to base a major purchase decision on a pre-release sample version reviews. I would be waiting for retail sample reviews before pulling the trigger.
  14. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    dont get this response at all. Sure it would have been nice to have all three available to demo when announced, but they gave the top and bottom models. The N7 is going to be in the middle somewhere. So what if it takes until they are officially on sale before someone reviews them. From the looks of your posts you have had a number of JVC units over the years, and having to wait a few more weeks surly wouldn't put you off purchasing. If you want an example of a really poor launch, look at the new RTX 2080ti graphics card release. Its main promise is ray tracing, yet cant do it at launch. Now that's a stuff up. Simple not showing one of three models is fine. Hell that same graphics card analogy works, as so far they have only shown/released the two top models. Going to be months before the lower spec cards are released. And if you really think having to wait a few weeks for a review on the N7 is a no go for JVC, talk with your dollar and get the sony
  15. Johnny_Boy

    2019 projector releases ?

    lol, that's a hard pass on the entire JVC range. Looks like I can get myself a second hand N7 in 3 years time when someone upgrades to the N7gen3!