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  1. Give Screen Technics a call, they may be able to do a tab tensioned screen that is also acoustically transparent. Unfortunately it adds a few dollars to the price. I have a 110 tab tensioned screen and was $2700 from memory. Add on the AT Screen and ceiling flush mount kit and i would imagine $3500 or so. Do you really need a AT screen? Will your LCR speakers be behind the screen. It may be worth moving the speakers out wider, or if they are not floor standers; mount them slightly lower. Will save a bucket load and give you more options. For 110 you may not need a tab tensioned screen either, they are flatter than standard screens, but standard are still good too.
  2. I have had this before. Try using a different hdmi input on the AVR. Some ports are more problematic than others.
  3. Hi Tweaky, I have a full 4k setup and the upscaling is useful. But there is no way to upscale the garbage from a station like 9 life (which unfortunately has a lot of home renovation shows my wife likes to watch). In those situations, I would prefer to watch it on a 50" display. Good tip with always watching HD versions of the channel. Something I have always done.
  4. Ive got a mixed use room with a drop down screen 75" TV - sit 4.2m 110" projector - sit 3.6m I wouldn't want to go any bigger for the projector screen at this distance, but its very immersive. In the same breath, 100 might feel a little small. The TV when watching regular standard definition free to air broadcasts looks terrible. Wish it was a smaller TV! But once HD comes on it looks great.
  5. Dollar for dollar, a TV will always outperform a projector in every way other than size. In saying that, size makes a massive difference no matter the picture quality.
  6. Thanks for the detail description above, always interesting to see how someone ends up with some monster speakers. I’m sure the extra effort with external processors/crossovers is worth it. i have listened to the MX30 and was blown away by its performance. Walked away with a big grin on my face. If my room allowed it I would already have been purchased. Unfortunately I have a mixed use tv/projector room so cannot have behind screen speakers. So looking for something that will work slightly under the screen.
  7. That is one mighty impressive system you have there. Did you audition the MX30 setup before going down the semi-pro speaker line? Im sure your speakers would be a step above but interested to see what you thought of the MX30. I'm in the process of getting some dedicated LCR's and have a few speakers shortlisted, Krix Megaphonix, PSA 110 or 210's, or SLS 50's. All quite similar in design. Would be interested if you listened to any of those or have recommendations. Cheers
  8. Hi, im considering purchasing some Power Sound Audio speakers for my home theatre setup. Looking at either the 110 or 210 speakers Was as wondering if anyone in Perth has a theatre I could come listen to? With Deep Hz Audio being the solo Australian company for these speakers it’s quite hard to demo. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  9. $6k for the lot seams reasonable. I may take you up on the offer to have a look at your system (im NOR) but can make the journey out. My Center is definitely the weakest part of my system by far. That was going to be replace regardless but there are so many options out there. I did contact Krix and they recommended the megaphonix speaker. It just seems so thin and flimsy at 190mm thick. I no that doesn't matter, but just seems small. I dont know if it would look weird in my system. Power sound looks to be almost identical to the Krix in terms of drivers etc. It might have the edge with the better tweeter. The price is also better than the Krix. Can't do much about the room layout. Everything is pretty well set where it is without replacing all the furniture. Center will be replaced, just dont know if i will regret doing that over the full front stage. The two centers i am looking at if i keep my L/R would be the i91 ($1449) or i63 ($4799). I just am unsure that will deliver what i am hoping, or maybe what i am after is not available without a dedicated treated room. Price on the MT-110 is very good, especially the 5 channel package at $850/speaker. Do you know any dealers in Perth? This whole process is a maze thats for sure. I think lots of demo's are in my future
  10. If it was a dedicated room, the MX20 would be top of the list. Being a dual use room, its hard to have a wall of speakers. My sketch above was just me playing around, i dont think i would get approval from the finance minister to build a false wall. I think in reality it will be either floor standers or smaller stand mounts and not in wall stuff. Just had a look at the SLS Audio stuff, they look like pro cinema speakers? Smallest one is for 50-75 seat cinemas, would me massive overkill for my small room. Any idea where to even see prices for these? The two suppliers look like they only deal with commercial installations. Cheers for the suggestions though. The more options the better. have also stumbled across M&K Sound that looks pretty good. Though the speakers are ugly as all hell lol
  11. A centre upgrade is the minimum upgrade for sure. I have been eyeing off the i66, looks like a fantastic speakers. I have the Emotiva XPA-5 for the 5 main speakers, would you think i would need a better amp for the front three? its already quite a powerful amp. The MX30 is a bit of a dream.........one day i'll have a dedicated room and be able to have a proper setup. That centre really does need to be moved, i put it there 6years ago and has never moved. I'll move it up to the top and see if that helps a little. Yup, unfortunately with the room layout, i cant move the speakers too much. I will toe them in slightly, but that is the extent of what i can do. Thats true, but as i have a brick house it would be quite a undertaking. Would be easier to build a false wall for everything to be recessed into. I did think about doing this and bringing the TV out level with the main room wall. Would look pretty cool and give me that baffle wall. This was a design i was playing around with. This was with Krix Megaphonix. Never progressed to working on the cabinets below the screen but it gives you the idea. Shallow recessed box for the tv, and flush mounted speakers for the LCR. This would mean i would need to replace my tab tensioned screen with a acoustically transparent one, quite a expensive exercise. Not sure if it has WAF approval, and with a little one on the way, the TV might make a easy target for sticky fingers. Good thought experiment though haha yes! that's the cat's hangout. Though a sub woofer would put out less noise than my cat. Noisy bugger
  12. I was happy with my speakers, but after attending a demo of a MX30 soundwall system I can just feel my system is lacking. I can't pull my speakers any further forward. I have a drop down screen that blocks the top 5cm of the speakers (not in front of any drivers). So I would need to bring them right into the room which the wife would not allow. I could move the centre back slightly, but then I fear the cabinet its situated it would cause negative effects.
  13. Hi, Interested in replacing my current front 3 speakers (will likely do the surrounds and atmos when funds allow) Currently equipment Speakers - Vaf DCX, DC6cc, DC6 surrounds, DC3 atmos Sub - Seaton Submersive AVR - Denon 6200 Amps - Emotiva XPA-5 A700 on atmos and zone 2/3 Room is 4.1x4.4 with a extra cutout of 0.6x2.8 that my gear/tv sits in. Mixed use room with tv and protector. One side is floor to ceiling curtains, the rest is taken up with BD storage cabinet etc. Happy to modify/replace my AV cabinets to allow for vertically orientated cc speaker if required. Room is used for either movies or tv, zero two channel duties. I have listened to the Krix MX30 and loved the sound, but as this is a mixed use room I cant install something like this. I contacted Krix and they recommended the in room Megaphonix, but not sold on this. The other idea I had was Triad Silver LCR's. When contacting Vaf, they have recommended just replacing the centre with a i91. Does anyone have any recommendations about what I should look at? Checked into the west coast hifi shop in Joondalup and didn't get inspired. Current budget for the front three would be $8k, that's a hard number and can't go over unfortunately. Of course, less would be preferred to get a good result. I am definitely open to second hand as well. (note: I know there are some Triad Platinum LCR's for sale, after speaking with the Triad AVS guru, my room is just too small for these, and I would be better served with the Silvers) Thanks all Cheers
  14. If you don’t need atmos and hdcp 2.2 this is the ducks nuts. Amazing receiver, I do miss my one.
  15. a lot of lust right here. I am in the market for a new set of LCR's but a little out of my price range. Good luck with the sale
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