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  1. Hi All, Been using the Denon AVR 6200 for a few years now and always wondered about this. When watching 4k material via apple tv, or media player (playing full 1:1 rips of 4k UHD's) the volume shows up on the display fine and works a treat. However, as soon as i use my BD player with either a BD or UHD i dont get any volume overlay. (if i set my BD player to output 1080p, the overlay will work, just not upscalling to 4k, or native 4k) Any ideas why this is the case? I could understand if it did it with all 4k material, but its only from the UHD player. Its not a huge deal, just curious about it. 99% of the time, i rip everything to my server. Just all original collection of 700+ BDs im yet to get around it. All the new stuff is straight on the server. Cheers
  2. For JVC I wouldn’t go any older than the X5000 which will give you good 4K HDR and good black levels. If one comes up the X7000 and above is a nice jump from the 5000. if you like the epson’s either the 9300/9400 are pretty good. should be able to pick up a used 9300 for about $2k. A very capable projector for sure. Lots of JVC fan’s here so that likely what you will be recommended mostly. But go to a shop and look at the Epson 9400, it’s pretty incredible image wise.
  3. Judging from the above its clearly the bee's knee's, but how do you think it compares to previous years lower end JVC's like the 5900 etc. Im curious about a upgrade from my X5000 and don't have the $$ for a N5
  4. If your in the $3k range check out used JVC’s anything from the X5000 or newer. Similar (but better) faux 4K to the epson. Epson has just released the 9400 which looks to be fantastic. Still a few dollars given its a new model though.
  5. I have, I just puchased a S3000i last month. Loving it so far
  6. What PSA subs you going for out of interest?
  7. I had this exact cutout. Used a drop down tab tensioned screen and PSA 110’s for LCR places horizontal with the horn as rotated. (and for surrounds for that matter!) add in a PSA S3000i and Submersive for 15”x4 sub goodness. Works really well
  8. I was tempted with the 210's but Peter didn't have any in stock at the time and after getting the 110's I don't think I needed any more volume! They 110's are crazy loud as it is. They really are easy to drive, the 4311 has some good power and would be heaps. I had some power amps already so put them to use. Though my X6200 would have been more than capable of driving them. I think a rewatch of John Wick would be in order. On Saturday I visited my dads house and watched Venom in his dedicated theatre room. The whole time I felt that the sound just didn't sound right and was lacking. And his room previously sounded awesome as I helped him design it. These new speakers are just good! Might have to convince my old man to get a little upgrade haha.
  9. Had to lay the 110's on the side so they aren't covered by my drop down screen. and slightly more WAF with the centre laying down. @Peter @ Deep Hz Audiowas all over it, he shipped them with the horns rotated so I didn't have to do anything when they arrived. Great customer service. Yup, It was the front runner for sure. I had a listen to SLS stuff locally with @WasM and loved how they sounded. Unfortunately, they are just huge speakers! and would need a dedicated room to get the tick of approval. After listening to the SLS I was more sold on the cinema horn speakers and knew that was the route I wanted to go down. Had a few conversations with Peter and also a few emails directly with PSA, and the S3000i was the consensus with subs. Just watched the three videos Z Review has on the PSA gear. hahaha he describes them very well. They do take all the punishment you can give them! Ears will definitely give out before the speakers do. I am a total convert for sure. Horns make a massive difference. They can be driven by the smell of an oily rag! Impressions So Far S3000i Sub This was a really nice match up with my existing Submersive. What I can say is that I think the PSA is the leader of the two subs, it pushes that little bit harder/cleaner after calibration. The form factor is slightly smaller than the Submersive, so much so that I had to put the S3000i on some timber offcuts to get it level. And as my LCR's are resting on the subs, they needed to be level. On level matching in Audyssey setup, I found that the gain controls on the PSA was much more graduated compared to the Submersive. A small turn on the Seaton amp would raise the sound pressure by 8-10dB, and was actually a pain to setup. The PSA was super easy and matched the calibration volume nice and easy. The PSA also has much more control with you able to set the crossover point, audio delay and well as the room size setting. Only down side was no XLR input on the S3000i, though this has been added on the new S3010. In saying all that, if you are using room correction, your AVR with take care of all that. Having dual subwoofers really has really made the room base response feel more omnidirectional and the two subs compliment each other quite nicely. Oh, the auto on/off is also nice on the PSA. I just leave the submersive on all the time due to laziness. So that PSA saves a little power by switching off when not in use. Only down side to this is if watching tv programs with no base the sub will switch off and this makes a little noise when it turns off. Freaked me out the first few times. MT-110 Speakers These have just really brought my whole movie enjoyment up a few notches. The sounds is now much more like going to the movies. Its a big sound and punches you in the chest (could be the sub haha). And just begs you to turn up the volume higher and higher! Was watching a movie yesterday and the wife could hear it though our big double solid core doors! The flexibility to rotate the horns is awesome, and was the deciding factor as they would work with my room with limited modification. It also means that should I upgrade to a dedicated room in the future I wont need to replace the speakers. After speaking with PSA directly, they informed me that the sound performance is identical in both horizontal and vertical configuration. Most of the other speakers I was looking at could only be orientated one way. Cost of these speakers is also pretty amazing for what they are. I managed to take advantage of the special at DeepHz's making each speaker $850ea. Great value for what they are. Another thing that has really made a difference to my overall enjoyment was how to tweek the Audyssesy setup a little. Before I never used Dynamic volume, and Dynamic EQ. Dynamic EQ really improves the sound without having to turn up to reference and still being able to enjoy the whole range. Recommend you turn this on if you haven't. As for Dynamic volume, this just helps when you want to listen at lower volumes and not miss out on the audio goodness. I toggle between off and light quite often now Downsides Speaker grills on the MT-110. They are just glued onto the grill without any stapes or a recessed channel. Even when received new, they show signs of lifting. It should be a simple case of gluing back down, but a better fixing system would be nice. Weight - These are all very heavy speakers. the MT-110 are 16kg each for what is effectively a bookshelf speaker. You will need some beefy stands. What's next I am extremely happy with how everything is sounding at the moment but there is always things to look towards. The minidsp range of products has been calling me. The 88A with dirac looks to be pretty amazing, but quite expensive. Will enjoy what I have for a while and see how I go.
  10. So I did a thing! full setup of PSA 110’s and S3000i subwoofer to play nice with my existing Submersive. Have does some basic calibration and really loving the sound! It now sounds more like the movie sound I was chasing. Will give it a little longer to wear in and then go for a more detailed calibration. At at least my audio itch has been scratched for now Cats are more impressed with the boxes that the speakers
  11. Was just underwhelming, It really needed a big twist at the end to get back to the GoT we all love. Unpredictability was what made the show great.
  12. Give Screen Technics a call, they may be able to do a tab tensioned screen that is also acoustically transparent. Unfortunately it adds a few dollars to the price. I have a 110 tab tensioned screen and was $2700 from memory. Add on the AT Screen and ceiling flush mount kit and i would imagine $3500 or so. Do you really need a AT screen? Will your LCR speakers be behind the screen. It may be worth moving the speakers out wider, or if they are not floor standers; mount them slightly lower. Will save a bucket load and give you more options. For 110 you may not need a tab tensioned screen either, they are flatter than standard screens, but standard are still good too.
  13. I have had this before. Try using a different hdmi input on the AVR. Some ports are more problematic than others.
  14. Hi Tweaky, I have a full 4k setup and the upscaling is useful. But there is no way to upscale the garbage from a station like 9 life (which unfortunately has a lot of home renovation shows my wife likes to watch). In those situations, I would prefer to watch it on a 50" display. Good tip with always watching HD versions of the channel. Something I have always done.
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