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  1. Johnny_Boy

    Adding Amp to Get 5.1.4 Atmos

    Look at the Emotiva entry range. Quite cheap A300 - 2 channel 150x2 A500 - 5 channel 110x5 A700 - 7 channel 110x7 Small form factor and available locally. I run the larger XPA 5
  2. It really does. My new AVR is black, wish I got the silver in hindsite. Just looks much more flash! Haha. Plus the size of the thing is impressive!
  3. Johnny_Boy

    Atmos w/couch on back wall and corner MLP

    Your room in the current seating layout is not fantastic for surround sound. If it was me, i would ask the wife if you are able to block off the side access. It will improve your room immensely. Plus its something you could try for free with your existing speakers to see if you can live with it. Worth a shot
  4. Item: Denon AVR-4520 Silver Location: Perth (NOR) Price: $1050 Item Condition: 9/10 no scratches or visible marks Reason for selling: upgraded to new Denon AVR for atmos Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Can post, but at your risk Extra Info: Top of the line when released. 9 channels of amplification / 11 channels of processing. Has 4k pass through (non 2.2hdcp) so if you use a hdmi stripper or run a media player this will pass through 4k HDR content. Can demo passthrough of 4k HDR iso rips (70-80GB files) if you're local. Included all original accessories - remote, AM/FM aerial CD manual (plus one i printed) and calibration mic. No original box unfortunately. Been using a external power amp, so internal amps have had very little use other than in zone 2/3. Pictures: Will take and upload more pictures of sides/top/back if requested.
  5. Johnny_Boy

    11.2 Atmos receiver

    I have a 6200 so a few generations behind the 6300/6400 mentioned. Very similar unit, but only has 9 channels of amplification (11 processing) the 6300/6400 have 11 channels of amplification. Im running a 5.1.2 system, and two other zone in mono. I run the standard 5 speakers off a separate power amp (Emotiva XPA5) and the rest from the 6200. These amps are remarkably configurable, you can assign the internal amps in weird and wonderful ways, and through power amps into the mix as well. If you did want to go down the power amp for the main 5/7 channels, do that and just run the atmos 2/4 speakers off the AVR. But to save some coin, buy the ARV first and just use the internal amps for a while, see if you feel you need anything further. They are pretty good as is
  6. Johnny_Boy

    The Handmaids Tale

    watched the first season on netflix, and second on FTA. Loved the first season, and 6 eps into season 2. Finding the second season not as good as the first but still good. Wife is in a love/hate relationship with the show. She will only watch it when i'm home there with her lol. Very confronting at times
  7. Johnny_Boy

    Receiver Recommendations - 4k & Atmos

    6200 has arrived, and finished installing the 2 atmos speakers yesterday. wow! been watching a few demo atmos tracks and some UHD BD's with atmos. Really adds another element to the sound. And really nice to now have everything running through the one box. happy wife
  8. Just FYI, i don’t think this model supports hdcp 2.2 spec. It does have 4k pass though though
  9. fantastic thread! and the summary and quotes on your AVS post has been very informative! Don't know if i will ever get the chance to build my own home theatre room, but some amazing information packed in that thread So cheers, and looking forward to mk iii
  10. i have a duel use room (white walls, white roof and non-ideal seating locations) my 110 projector is much better than the 75 tv i have in the same room. Much more immersive and provides lots of enjoyment. Of course i would like to have wall treatments etc to make darker, but at night its pretty good. Much better than the tv. Plus 75 is small fry these days. a 60 would not cut it for movies. As said in the other posts, the newer projectors are light canons and work remarkably well in non-ideal setups. Plus with all the lens shift/zoom functions, you don't even need to have the projector itself in the ideal location!
  11. After hearing about so called speaker salesman driving around in vans, it finally happened to me in Wanneroo WA. Got it out of my car and a van pulls up offering me a theatre system. I said no, but now kicking myself as I should had had a look at the gear. Haha crazy lol
  12. Johnny_Boy

    Emotiva: import vs local purchase

    I imported my XPA-5 gen1 back when they didn't have a local agent. Now i would only buy local. Local warranty makes it worth it for me. You could always pickup some second hand xpa 3/5/7 units to get the channels you need? May work out cheaper...but not by much
  13. I think the main difference is the hdcp 2.2 compliance. To use UHD discs with the X500 you will need something like a hdfury to remove the 2.2 compliance issues. With the X5000 its 2.2 compliant so works with UHD discs. Note: you can still watch 4k HDR source through the X500 without a hdfury, but it cannot have 2.2 encoding. For example, if you have a media player that has 4k material it will play. Just not discs with out the 2.2 stripper
  14. Johnny_Boy

    AVR Year of release lists

    For Denon http://rn.dmglobal.com/usmodel/Denon_AVR_Index_2010-2015.pdf
  15. I'll grab them, PM Sent