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  1. Johnny_Boy

    SOLD: Denon AVR 4520 Black

    Loved this AVR, plus it just looks mean! Good luck with the sale
  2. Johnny_Boy

    TW9300 vs X5900

    Ive got a 110" screen. No idea about output, never measured it. I have a light meter at work I could borrow (we sometimes need to measure street lighting light output), I would say its a reasonable output but don't have numbers. Yes, using a calibrated BT2020 profile. It is brighter using the REC709 for sure but the colours don't look right. I have a white room that doesn't help things either.
  3. Johnny_Boy

    1080 BD player

    If the sony doesnt have wireless, then yes, you will need a Ethernet cable to access the web/BD live features. again, its really not that amazing. I checked out a few features a few years ago and never used it since. (old BD player). Only thing i've used the ethernet cable for was for updating firmware a little easier (can still do that on usb). and some streaming stuff Cheers
  4. Johnny_Boy

    1080 BD player

    BD live was added years ago and adds some online elements to extra features. It allows additional extras to added to a site and the BD disk will allow access. I've never used it and don't think too many BD's have a great deal of content. BD-Java is just a newish standard for special features. picture in picture stuff. Again pretty much all players have this and not a big deal. All still around, but not that big a deal.
  5. Johnny_Boy

    1080 BD player

    Grab the Panasonic UB400 its quite cheap and does everything you want. Dual hdmi (though you wont need it if your just running 1080 displays), atmos, 3D and decodes everything pretty well. When i first purchased mine i just changed the output to 1080p in the player (can set to auto, but as i had a 4k receiver it sometimes mixed the resolution a little), and worked very well with 1080p material. Now i have upgraded to 4k display and 4k projector i just set to auto. Great unit. Can always buy a cheap $100 BD player that will do everything you want. Check out the classified page, been quite a few UB300/400 and sony's pop up as people have opted for higher end models.
  6. wow, beautiful cabinet!! I would consider if in WA Best of luck in the sale
  7. Johnny_Boy

    TW9300 vs X5900

    I stream 4k HDR stuff via my HiMedia Q10pro to my X5000. Ive done some full 1:1 rips and cant tell the difference between 4k BD and the ripped version. With 4k/1080p/HDR there is a difference for sure, but i'm still not 100% sold on HDR. You really need a light cannon to get the benefits, and projectors still cant re-create the light levels required. It gets close, not not all the way there. On the other hand 1080p on the x5000 is incredible! Has so much pop (my pj has been fully calibrated for different sources, and that makes a massive difference over stock)
  8. Johnny_Boy


    I just sold my denon4520 in Perth for $950. Unless your after 4k this would have trumped any new AVR out there. I would recommend second hand. Can get some really good bargains
  9. Johnny_Boy

    Which 2ch Amp for Atmos

    The above was purely based on listening to the physical speaker. I was worried the atmos signal wasn't being processed by the AVR. It was, just not much information was getting to the atmos speakers. I have done the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 calibration for the 6 or 8 points it allows but not the full pro. I have no issues with how the system sounds as a whole, and find i can accurately pick out sounds and experience the 3D effect. But in terms of amount of sound from the physical speaker, its minimal for the two movies ive tested on the ladder haha. I would be interested to see anyone else have a listen to the speaker itself to see how much the speakers are being used in your system. Should be the same/similar theoretically Anyone fancy listening to some movies on a ladder and getting back to me? Thanks for the recommendations, i have a few of those films so will test them out and see if we can make those pesky atmos speakers earn their keep. Had a quick google and some scenes came up i will check out 1. Mad Max Fury Road Opening Scene. 20 Second Mark to 2:15 Mark 2. Final Combat Scene - American Sniper. Submitted by rblnr 3. Chapter 10 - Mad Max Fury Road Harpoons from projector to screen. Submitted by CINERMAX 4.The music video by Enrique Iglesias - submitted by the bland 5. San Andreas Tsunami Scene - submitted by Rowan611 and CINERMAX 6. John Wick chapter 15 near about 1:24 point - panning of choppers and car chase and rain fight. Mentioned in another ATMOS thread.
  10. Johnny_Boy

    Which 2ch Amp for Atmos

    This really depends on the source material. The other day i was sure i my atmos information wasn't getting passed through, so spent 10mins on a ladder with my ear to the speaker. Was watching the action sequence in Black Panther 4k (Casino fight and car chase) and in that 10mins i heard the atmos speaker only made any kind of sound for about 5-10 seconds total. Surround speakers were going nuts, but just not a lot of height information in that section. Had a similar experience with the Greatest Showman 4k. I read a review saying that the trapeze section was full of awesome atmos goodness. Again on the ladder and again only a few seconds of sound out of the 3-4min song. The surround information is incredible, just nothing up top. When i first installed atmos i was watching lots of atoms demo material (rain, explosions, helicopters etc) that really show its potential. But so far for action movies, im not seeing a huge amount of additional information being presented. Maybe because its still relatively new and the sound engineers arnt using it fully? who knows. Anyway, what all this was about in relation to the post was that you probably dont need to spend a fortune on amplification as its just not needed. Match it up as best you can to your receiver/other amp. but dont worry too much. Cheers
  11. Fantastic remote, love mine. Plus the app is basically a full remote if the main one goes flat Good luck with the sale
  12. Johnny_Boy

    Adding Amp to Get 5.1.4 Atmos

    Look at the Emotiva entry range. Quite cheap A300 - 2 channel 150x2 A500 - 5 channel 110x5 A700 - 7 channel 110x7 Small form factor and available locally. I run the larger XPA 5
  13. It really does. My new AVR is black, wish I got the silver in hindsite. Just looks much more flash! Haha. Plus the size of the thing is impressive!
  14. Johnny_Boy

    Atmos w/couch on back wall and corner MLP

    Your room in the current seating layout is not fantastic for surround sound. If it was me, i would ask the wife if you are able to block off the side access. It will improve your room immensely. Plus its something you could try for free with your existing speakers to see if you can live with it. Worth a shot
  15. Item: Denon AVR-4520 Silver Location: Perth (NOR) Price: $1050 Item Condition: 9/10 no scratches or visible marks Reason for selling: upgraded to new Denon AVR for atmos Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Can post, but at your risk Extra Info: Top of the line when released. 9 channels of amplification / 11 channels of processing. Has 4k pass through (non 2.2hdcp) so if you use a hdmi stripper or run a media player this will pass through 4k HDR content. Can demo passthrough of 4k HDR iso rips (70-80GB files) if you're local. Included all original accessories - remote, AM/FM aerial CD manual (plus one i printed) and calibration mic. No original box unfortunately. Been using a external power amp, so internal amps have had very little use other than in zone 2/3. Pictures: Will take and upload more pictures of sides/top/back if requested.