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  1. It switches to HDR, but doesn't select the correct colour profile. I cant remember the exact modes i use, but believe its Digital Cinema for HDR and Natural for SDR
  2. Hi Evil C, it will definitely auto switch over to HRD/SDR mode, but what wont switch is the colour profile mode you are in. The two i have are better suited to either SDR/HDR. Yet to have something not auto switch over correctly. Strange
  3. I've got two user settings set up so far. HDR and SDR. With a simple switch between the two depending on what i'm watching. In saying that, once in HDR mode, my normal SDR reset it still looks pretty good. I can notice the difference, but my wife can't. Depends on the source as well. I watched Gemini Man in 4k HDR and it is amazing, watched 4k HDR A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and was underwhelmed. It could have been standard BD SDR, and even then was average. Though the story of A Beautiful Day was lovely. Enjoy!
  4. I've got one of these S3000i subwoofers. Amazing punch Good luck with the sale
  5. Watched Gemini Man on my Epson 9400 a few nights ago! Wow what a trippy picture! Its easily the best image i've seen with my projector, but the 60fps is hard to get use to. Still not 100% sure i like it. I found the fast actions scenes to be particularly hard to watch. For whatever reason it appeared the that action was sped up, i dont think it was, but it had a fake quality to it. Need to see a few more 60fps films first i think.
  6. Well I guess I shouldn't hold my breath for a Disney+ app on the Panasonic then
  7. Looking to jump into the rabbit hole of calibration for my TV and projector and wondering how hard it is to actually do it properly? I have the Spears and Munsil 4k HDR disc and its helped, but feel there is more my devices can bring. So the question is how hard is it to actually do a full calibration yourself if you go out and buy a colour meter like the X-lite models? Will i eventually get it, or will i be struggling and still not happy. The cost to get my TV & Projector calibrated is significant and frankly much more than i thought it would be. Also, is there some types of guides available online to walk you through the calibration process? Thanks
  8. Glad your enjoying your 9400 and that Al could help you dial it in I've been enjoying my 9400 for a few weeks now and quite like what it can do. Been debating paying to get it professionally calibrated, quite a few $$ to get properly done in Perth. Tossing up between paying someone to do it, or go full diy and buy a x-rite i1D and have a go at it myself along with my spears and Munsil 4k disk. From what the pro's are saying, to do a SDR & HDR calibration its about 5hrs, so about 10-15hrs in regular time for people who don't do it everyday . Thoughts?
  9. Had my tab tensioned 120 Screen technics for about 4years now. used 3-4times a week. Perfect since day one
  10. I totally understand the tape mark. I've done the same to both my units. Hopefully i dont have a tape mark when i remove mine. Really a pain how bright that power button is. Would be nice if you could turn it off. Love my amps, good luck with the sale.
  11. Glad the screen is what you are after. Just a FYI, the cable you linked is not what is listed in the package. It is https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/audio-dimension-ha1810-premium-speed-4k-hdr-18g-arc-hdmi-cable-10-meter.html But my previous comment stands, the cable does not mention it is hdmi 2.0 specification, only 1.4 is mentioned. It might be fine, it might not. Either-way i would get the company to confirm
  12. Screen Only comment about the screen is that the black border is not very black. Can't tell very well from the pictures, but it looks slightly reflective. Ideally you want the frame coating to absorb any light. Not the end of the world, but just a comment. The Majestic screen i suggested does have a black velvet surround that absorbs light very well. Mount Depends on your situation. The PME 45 sticks down from the roof a minimum of 292mm, thats heaps! No idea what your room is like, maybe you need the projector to be that low. It also doesn't look that adjustable to me. Cable The cable mentions 18Gbps in the name (which is what you need) but then mentions hdmi spec 1.4? Very suss. You need hdmi 2.0 18Gbps. The other ruipro from EzyHD is a very good cable. But if you only need 7m, go buy a cheap cable from amazon like Betty Boop suggested, or the office works one. Both will do everything the crazy expensive one will do.
  13. Running Denon 6200 AVR, HiMedia Q10pro as media player (outputting 60hz 4:2:2 12bit colour) and Panasonic UB420 UHD player. Been a good cable I bought on your recommendation when I originally purchased my X5000
  14. If you dont need to go beyond 10m, i would recommend this one. Its cheap and does the job, i use it in my setup and works a treat. Full 4k 60fps no worries. https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/comsol-high-speed-hdmi-cable-with-ethernet-10m-cohdmi100?&catargetid=620015440000508549&CAPCID=276619275512&cadevice=c&catci=dsa-19959388920&agid=11134085785&CAAGID=11134085785&gclid=Cj0KCQiAjfvwBRCkARIsAIqSWlOy1tPKWTh8HZ_2M0Hfy_sP0dpieCfWmKXqJoLMWpr2Lbr3mA3eUkgaAlJoEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds For projector screens, lots of good ones out there. I quite like screens from projectorscreens.com.au the Majestic screens are quite good. I have a motorized screen technics. If i had a fixed screen i would go with a 2.37:1 rather than 16x9 to get better movie experience. Though only get the 2.37:1 screen if you have a motorised projector with lens memory (no idea if the 5700 has that) as it will be a pain to use otherwise. As for projector mounts, lots of good ones again. Peerless projector mounts have a good name. Just look for mounts with adjust ability in all directions. Hope that helps
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