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  1. Item: Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. Hi all. Have two OA02 Meridian 800-Series cards for anyone needing extra analogue outputs. Price is per card. Thanks. Andrew
  3. I have the same cable. Best sounding HDMI cable ever made. Will never sell mine. GLWTS
  4. Great preamplifer/processor from Meridian and arguably their best behind 861. I have all the original Meridian packaging protecting the unit (for shipping), but I don't have the original "Meridian"-labelled box anymore. Nonetheless the unit will be packed into a suitable box for shipment. Comes with the hard-copy (bound) manual, and Meridian System Remote. Thanks
  5. Thanks Steve - I'm aware what BDR does.. I was curious what actual BDR piece they were. The pucks, or discs, etc
  6. True. Actually, can I ask what the BDR devices are that are pictured above ? Are they pucks/pits or, maybe even the later 'discs'?
  7. What makes the P2 a classic is its neutrality. It just plays whatever the preceding equipment tells it to play. It really does completely get out of the way of the signal. A completely uncoloured amplifier. I auditioned a LOT of power amps before settling on the P2. Even at its Aus RRP I thought it was an amazing value. Slam and power to die for. The fact that Anthem is owned by one of the heaviest hitters in the market (Paradigm), meant that the development of this amp was funded by the 'mother' company and the result was an amazing amplifier for what it cost.
  8. Great isolation devices from Black Diamond Racing. 5 for sale and price is for the lot. Includes the screw-in threads for connecting to BDR's cones. (Or they can be used as footers/cone cups). BDR is the best isolation I've ever used. I'm only selling these because I've upgraded over the years to BDR's Shelves and as a result 'Those Things' have been sitting unused for a while. I no longer use them. Thanks for looking ! Andrew
  9. Hi there. I don't have pucks but I have five Mk3 Those Things that I'm no longer using, if they would help your needs. Cheers.
  10. Thanks. Yes best thing about HD621 is it's cheap. Only a few hundred $ on the used market, but even better is that it is universal voltage (110-240v) so can be purchased anywhere in the world. They are often advertised for sale.
  11. Hey there. The MHR Smartlink input : yes this was originally for Meridian DVD players to connect to, to obtain lossless 24/96 sound from DVD movies, DVD-A and music material (via a VGA connector/cable). In this fashion the 568.2mm sounds just amazing. Watching films losslessly in 24/96 is really something to behold. However, the same input can also connect via 3xSPDIF from a Meridian HD621 HDMI Processor (itself connected to a Blu-ray player) to accept lossless PCM from Bluray via HDMI, and send it to 568.2MM via the Smartlink connection input on the 568.2mm (MHR/VGA) - this
  12. Hi all, Selling one of the best processors Meridian ever made. 568.2mm. As a preamp, this rivals other preamps costing far more - for music it is just glorious. I don't have the original box/packaging anymore so would prefer local pickup, but can pack securely with other packaging and ship if transport is required. Meridian System Remote included. The 568.2mm remains current today by virtue of its mm status - mm referring to its multichannel input module (see rear photo) ie it can accept lossless codecs from Blu-ray. U
  13. Item:. Meridian 861 Surround Processor : v4 or later Price Range:. Happy to discuss Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Title is self explanatory. Happy to buy outright. Or, happy to sell my current processor (Meridian 568.2mm in perfect condition) to fund an 861. If interested, please let me know? Alternatively also happy to swap/trade my 568.2mm on an 861 (with changeover $ payable of course). Used is ok. Happy to transact privately or commercially via dealers. Thanks Andrew
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