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  1. They are in beautiful condition. Perfect, really. GLWS
  2. Brilliant cable for the money. One of my favourites
  3. Thanks everyone for your interest had a lot of messages. Cables are sold. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Have for sale here a fantastic sounding speaker cable - the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 5.2 in a 3m length. Single ended pair, bananas all ends. These have been fully conditioned on my Audiodharma Cable Cooker. Unfortunately when removing these SC's from my amp's binding post recently, the end of one of the bananas got caught on the edge of the post somehow, and snapped the banana in two (thus, the damaged disclaimer above). However, although messy I simply taped it back together (pic attached) and upon reinserton into my amp's binding posts the cable
  5. Excellent condition. Provides all the latest Hi-Res formats from Bluray, TrueHD etc.
  6. One of Tara's best digital cables. RRP $1800. This is the current version of "The One" digital. Beautiful sound but no longer required. In as new condition - all original packaging included. Price is (somewhat) negotiable. Cable has just been fully conditioned on the Audiodharma Cable Cooker, in order that it sounds at its absolute best for the buyer.
  7. This is my 2 channel amplifier. I auditioned/owned many other amps in this range in my system, prior to settling on the P2. Krells, a Meridian, Bryston 4B-SST.. I just found these had "compromises" somewhere, be it sound that was too warm, too bright, a bit sterile.. not musical enough.. etc. When I heard the P2, I knew this was my amp. Neutral, neutral, neutral. It just plays exactly what your source, pre, and cables produce. Not warm, not bright, great rhythm and timing.. musical. I couldn't stop listening. It was perfect. GLWS. If I had the $ I w
  8. Sold the components this was connected to so up for sale here is one of the best digital cables available. The Tara ISM onboard digital. This is the current version of Tara's "The One" digital. RCA, 1m in length. All original packaging. In as new condition; only used lightly.
  9. Hi all, Selling my Transparent Reference 3xSPDIF cable. This is typically used to connect Meridian sources, with their equivalent preamp/surround processors. However, I have also been using them as incredible sounding 75ohm digital cables (3 of them!) If you are familiar with the Transparent Reference line you will know how good these sound. I have also fully conditioned these on my Audiodharma Cable Cooker for the buyer - doing so results in drastically improved sound quality. Full disclosure - one of the cables has "come away" from the connec
  10. Further information: Hi all - selling this X800 as I simply don't use it. As noted above it has only played a movie once. I purchased it with the intent of buying a 4k tv to support its use, but due to unforseeable circumstances I never bought a 4k tv and now don't plan to. Unit is effectively brand new. Pickup very much preferred. Can ship at buyer's cost if absolutely necessary. Thanks Photos:
  11. My amplifier ! I love this. I sold a Bryston 4B-SST for this and never looked back. So neutral. Just tells you what's on the recording. Hugely powerful. The perfect amp.
  12. Beautiful. I have the same cable but in RCA's. Together with Cardas Clear and only a couple of others (Tara the One, and Nordost Odin), this is the best interconnect ever made. I am also in Canberra and if I didn't need to put funds towards a new DVD player that just busted I'd be keen! GLWTS
  13. Item: Meridian DVD Player Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hello, Looking for used Meridian DVD player in working condition. Prefer 598 or better. Thanks
  14. Item: JVC Pro S-VHS VCR HR-S7600 Location: Canberra Price: $350 + ship Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Purchased to digitize a handful of VHS tapes. Now complete so, no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: If you want to digitize your VHS tapes, JVC's final-run Super-VHS players, were the finest models available for preservation of quality of your precious VHS tapes. These are highly sought after units, and are never seen on the used market. The model offered here is one of the 'official' recommended units from the pro-video community
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