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  1. What about the actual controllers that you use to turn car alarms on and off? Ie battery operated. Seems weird to me...
  2. Hi guys, Ive recently added (rented) an Adam Sub12 to my current set up of Adam Tensor Deltas. A few nights ago i was listening to music for the 1st time with the Sub hooked up and apparently there were a few issues with the neighbours as far a electrical equipment playing up ie Car Alarms not working, House alarm across the road faulting and going off etc. The music was above average in volume but definitely not loud… Is it possible the sub could have caused these issues? Is it a grounding issue? A power supply issue? Could it be the sub or just a coincidence? I know have a handful of neighbours convinced it was the sub. As i said it wouldnt have been loud enough for them to hear it across the road so seems strange it would cause these issues? One of the neighbours was trying to resolve the issue and called the local energy guys and apparently they said it was more than likely the sub? Really??? Im not sure wether i believe him or not... Thanks Ed
  3. ed612313

    Next upgrade or add on?

    So ive found a place online that will rent me a 12in adam sub.... I have it for the next 6 months Will be interesting to see... Next step a DAC of some sort (if required)
  4. ed612313

    Next upgrade or add on?

    OK. Thanks guys for all the feedback. My music selection mainly revolves around Electronic (ie Ambient and Detroit techno) along with modern classical. This in case 75% of the music i listen to are sub par 320kbps DJ mixes at best. So in this regard i am downloading music to my NAS and then streaming it via my Cambridge Audio CXN. My Adam Tensor Deltas are connected directly to my CXN. And my CXN is connected to my NAS via ethernet. I find the CXN internal file playing system more efficient to use than Roon (which is frustrating) but when it comes to listening to actual albums i use Tidal (which is built in to the Cambridge Audio CXN) or spotify. The reason i find it more efficient is because my music collection consists of folders (by artist name) but i have folder that is labelled "new" and it generally consists of 50 plus dj mixes that i want to listen to prior to deciding wether to keep or delete. Roon doesn't let me view folders in this same manner unfortunately ie i cant see all the random music in my "new" folder....
  5. ed612313

    Next upgrade or add on?

    Im happy with my speakers so wanted to keep them.... So im guessing its looking like a DAP is where is should start looking
  6. Morning, Im looking for a bit of advice as to where i should go in regards to my next upgrade/Additions. My set up is currently - Adams Tensor Delta (active speakers) - I love these - Cambridge Audio CXN Streamer Budget is approx $2k I stream all my music through my Synology NAS via Airstream on my CXN, Spotify or Tidal. Sometimes i use the bluetooth feature on the CXN - Which i think is average at best and the fact that it is an add on (required a dongle) really annoys me as im continually having to "re pair" Any "next step" advice appreciated Thanks Ed
  7. Item: Astell & Kern AK300 Location: Newcastle Price: $725 Item Condition: Used. Great condition. No marks at all. Been in a leather case with screen protector since day one. Reason for selling: Not getting enough use/surplus to requirements. Leather case included. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Express delivery included. Leather case included. Pictures:
  8. Hi Matt, Yes its still available
  9. Item: Astell & Kern AK Jr Location: Sydney, Artarmon Price: $300 (includes a $20 donation to stereonet) Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used Astell & Kern AK Jr. Great condition. Comes with brown leather case which is marked from a leaking pen in pocket. Actual AK Jn is in perfect condition. Will post Pictures:
  10. Item: Olive One Streaming Music Player Location: Sydney, Artarmon Price: $500 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this when they were originally released and I only used it for approx 4 months. I then released 1TB was nowhere near enough room for what i required. I upgraded soon after and it has been sitting in storage ever since. Pictures:
  11. Wow.... Great price for great speakers. These kept me happy for years
  12. ed612313

    FS: [Syd] #BREXIT vinyl clearout (many NEW/SEALED)

    Some great slabs their.....
  13. I emailed them about it and they said they are "working on it" and that it is "much harder" than you'd think to bring in.... Seriously..... ????
  14. Ive had the unit for a year now and like it but have 2 major complaints.... Which i cant believe they haven't sorted yet. 1) You cannot fast forward through tracks at all. You can only skip. 2) You cannot control it over your Macbook Pro (El Capitan). I don't have an iPhone/android so i don't have a remote control option... (I have a blackberry)