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  1. Price drop to $1500. If I don't get a sale shortly it will be up on Fleabay!
  2. Can't believe this unit is still for sale! I have included a review . http://bryston.com/PDF/reviews/2015_03_Review_BDP1_USB.pdf
  3. Bump! The unit is still for sale. Offered for what I consider to be a very fair price but open to sensible offers.
  4. Item: Bryston BDP-1 USB digital music player Location: Melbourne Price: $1,600 Item condition: excellent Reason for selling: would prefer a streamer because I'm too lazy to update and back-up my library Payment methods: pick up cash, EFT or PayPal (with buyer to bear PayPal fees) Details The BDP-1 USB was introduced by Bryston in 2015. It is essentially the same as the BDP-2, without the sound card and with USB output only to an external DAC. This unit was specifically imported into Australia for me, and is possibly the only unit sold in Australia. Please message me should you have any questions. A couple of stock photos below, in addition to a photo of my unit, shown with my BDA-2 DAC, which is not for sale.
  5. My P7 is still for sale. It's a fab TT - if you are interested get in touch!
  6. Please check your private messages.
  7. I'll be (reluctantly) putting the P7 up for sale on Fleabay in the next few days, if I don't find a buyer here. My asking price will obviously be higher on Fleabay.
  8. Thanks Dennis, looking forward to setting up the P9. Agree with your comments re the P7.
  9. Go right ahead - you have a spare after all!
  10. . Item: Rega P7 turntable Location: Melbourne, Victoria Price: $2,200 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Recently upgraded to a P9 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: I recently purchased this turntable from a Stereonet member. The turntable is conservatively in very good condition, in full working order, and sounds fantastic. I arranged for it to be serviced by Craig at Promusica - I have the invoice. The turntable comes complete with PSU and dustcover. New after market fasteners have been installed for the right hinge, which had come loose. The VTA has been set using stainless steel shims, for an Ortofon 2M cartridge (not included in the sale). I would prefer a local sale. Pictures:
  11. Cheers. The cables are still there alright!
  12. Below are a few photos of my system, which is used primarily for music, but also doubles for AV duties. It has taken me a few years to acquire the various components. Most recently I acquired the Rega P7 from a stereonet member, which I have had serviced and a new Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge fitted. Not shown in the photos is the Rega Aria phono stage. Having ripped my CD collection about 12 months ago I am principally using my Bryston BDP-1 USB (possibly one of the only units of this particular model imported into Australia) for digital duties, fed by an external hard drive. The BDP-1 USB is connected to the Bryston BDA DAC. My amp is a Leema Tucanna 2 and my speakers are PMC FB1is. I also have an Apple TV connected to my DAC, for streaming movies and TV. Overall pretty happy with my set up. [emoji4]
  13. Thanks Davidro and legselevens
  14. Thanks Betty Boop ... all good points! I agree that packing is important. I have made it a condition of the sale that the TT is packed securely. Not sure I can do much more than that? The TT will not come in its original box but instead in a box by the same manufacturer, reflecting a new acquisition by the seller. Hopefully that box will prove suitable. Going back to the question of couriers, is there one you can suggest?
  15. Hello I just purchased a TT from another stereonet member. Is anyone able to recommend a reliable courier service that offers insurance for electrical goods? And isn't too expensive ... I hope I'm not asking the impossible!
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