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  1. Yeah, you could be right. Swapped amplifiers at the same time! Had a Crown (Amcron) DC300A for the Gales and a Quad 606 for the Acoustats. Never tried either amplifier with the other speaker though. It has been my experience that everything, absolutely everything makes a difference. Bruce
  2. Had. a pair of Gales. The wooden ones not the ones with the chrome ends. Used them with those original Bose stands. They looked pretty swish! Loved the sound. Was so good. That is until I replaced them with electrostats. Then the Gales were just relegated to 'yesterday's sound'!!! I have no doubt though, that the Gales were one of the best sounding speakers around - back in their day. Happy memories. Thanks for reminding me about them. All the best with your Gale investigations. Bruce
  3. Tell you what I would like to see in the new model (which I assume is in the pipeline). I would like extra analogue inputs! Maybe one, or even two additional RCA analogue inputs. Now that I am getting more into vinyl these extra inputs are becoming super important. The idea of having to buy some external analogue to digital converters to use the DEQX's digital inputs is not very appealing. Some food for thought for the DEQX people. By the way any indication of when we might see the new model? Thanks. Bruce
  4. If you are thinking of VAF you could not find a more customer focused and professional company to deal with. Especially Simon. I purchased some great (very expensive) headphones from Simon. As I followed up with some specific questions I was surprised (makes that shocked!) at how quickly Simon came back to me with all of the information that I wanted. Simon was also involved in my Thorens TD125 upgrade (he looked after the painting). This guy is an absolute perfectionist and is utterly determined to make things one hundred percent for his customers (no, ninety nine percent is just not good enough!!!). I have over fifty years of purchasing HiFi gear, and, I have learned that, while the make and model are important, just as important is the person that you are dealing with. I was deceived, lied to and taken to the cleaners by a sales guy from a very high profile Victorian HiFi dealer a couple of years ago. I will never buy from them again. I will never say a nice word about them. I will remember the guy who did it to me. I will avoid them like the old plague, and, the new one! Go to VAF. Buy from VAF. They have great gear and great staff. What more can I say? You will not be disappointed. Hope this helps. Bruce
  5. Their owner is a great guy to deal with. Always spent a lot of time in his room at the HiFi show. Bruce
  6. I do agree about the vital importance of HiFi shows for Australian manufacturers. I never would have been made aware (like REALLY made aware) of such manufacturers as, for example, Lenehan (has the mid range of an electrostatic!) HiFi Guru (I am one of their very satisfied customers as a result of the last HiFi show!, Red Gum (such wonderful people on their stand!) & Java (although it is from New Zealand!) - loved that revolutionary pre amp! But, and here is something a bit disappointing, some come to the show only once or twice and then disappear, such as Red Gum, & Java (& Halcro & some others). I realise that there are financial constraints & probably man power constraints as well. Maybe they could band together to help reduce the cost and the manpower issues. I am sure that Marc could come up with something to help them out - but without in your eye (ear!!) exposure it would make it very hard to raise their profile. I will tell you someone who I would love to see at the next show. It is Rob from ER Audio with one of his electrostatic speakers. Maybe Marc could approach some of these companies and see what he could do to get them to the next show which is going be awesome and awesomely big! Hey, maybe Marc already has!!! Just some random observations. Some things to think about. Bruce
  7. Love this new direction Mark. Can I make a suggestion which sort of flows from what you have said? It seems to me that the exhibitors sort of play it a bit safe and try to be a little conservative. I understand that and if I was an exhibitor I would do that as well. But what about some incentive (maybe an award or something) for exhibitors to give us something a little out of the ordinary? Let me give an example of what I mean. In vinyl there are balanced 'current mode' phono preamps. Never seen one at a show. Never seen one period!!! But they lots of advantages over the same old same old! Why not provide an incentive to offer the HiFi public exposure to something unusual even if it is not 'new'? I am sure that there would be people impressed enough to buy!! Could give another example of what I mean and I am sure that there are heaps more examples. Just some thoughts and ideas. I like everyone just wants the next show to be the best that it can be and then some. Again, keep up the good work Mark. Look after yourselves. Bruce
  8. Have been to all of the shows, including staying at the venue hotel for the weekend. I felt that show has improved every year. It seems that Mark is looking for a 'giant leap forward' for the next show, Rather than the usual 'incremental improvement'. Go for it Mark. Really looking forward to next year's show. Yes, it is a long year's wait, But it will be worth it. Look after yourselves. Bruce
  9. All so very true about upgradeitis. Year before last I came back with some very nice headphones that I never intended to buy! Last year came across the HiFi Guru who does turntable upgrades. He is currently rebuilding my Thorens TD 125, that's a new plinth painted gloss iridescent electric blue, a new bearing and a heap of other things that I would never have had done if I didn't go to the HiFi show!! Love HiFi shows. Love upgradeitis even if my wife doesn't! Bruce
  10. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Great to see that you guys are constantly monitoring the virus situation and keeping us informed. It is nice to see that Mark is his usual careful, thorough self. You know, it is not very often, that in HiFi, or life in general that you deal with someone with whom you have great confidence. Keep up the good work Mark (as we know that you will!). Let's hope things have cleared up by November and the show will go on as usual but a bit better every year as we have come to expect. Bruce
  11. A few more random comments & observations. Noticed quite a few rooms used power conditioners but did not see any of them who connected their power amplifiers into those conditioners. Guess that confirms the suspicion I had that power conditioners are not good for power amps. Really liked making regular visits to the Yamaha room. Good room. To the best of my knowledge they just keep playing that Fleetwood Mac album. Loved just sitting down and being transported back to the past with all its happy memories! Everyone who could play my CDs did. The guy from one room explained to me how some people's demo tracks are just room clearers, and some are ultra extreme room clearers. Like the guy who wanted his test tones played!!! I waited until the room was empty before asking them to play my tracks. Never had any problems. Everyone was happy to help me out. Hey, some people remembered me from last year by my test tracks!!! Don't know why any one would drive except on the Sunday. Last year I stayed at the hotel for the entire show and had discounted parking at the hotel. This year just travelled by tram. Quite relaxing! Another interesting observation was regarding room treatments. Some rooms had zero room treatment and others almost made a second small room with their room treatment! Yes, it is amazing what you see at HiFi shows! Bruce
  12. I have had some time to reflect, and, see other people's comments. I wonder it the difference between this year and last might have been that this year it might have been a bit more relaxed? In fact, relaxed and friendly might be my assessment of the show. What do you guys think? Bruce
  13. Looks like Marc can't win. The parameters are all improved on last year but it is not good enough!!! Maybe it is just better & different!!! Yes, it was different. I don't want the same. Well, this punter is happy. Good job (again) Marc. Bruce
  14. Had my Akai deck repaired by Tubularbells. I have it back and had a good listen and I am super pleased. You know, in life, sometimes your expectations are met and quire infrequently they are exceeded. Well, mark this one down as exceeded!! Did a great job and I am very happy. I recommend him wholeheartedly! Anything I say just does not do him justice! Thanks again. Bruce
  15. Just back from my second day at the show. Arrived just on starting time both days and left with less than an hour to go both days so they were long but most enjoyable. I would like to take the opportunity to offer some thoughts and make some comments. Thought things were a bit quiet yesterday but it certainly did get busy today! Could hardly get into some rooms and there was a lot of standing room only - even in the big rooms! Noticed a bit of a change of demographic, still plenty of the 'old codger' audiophiles like me but also a surprisingly high number of young people and especially young women - that has to be good for our hobby. Found that the people manning the rooms were universally friendly and helpful. This was really good because I met the odd grumpy one last year. Was pleased with the variety of gear on offer. Was pleased to see the Avantgarde on very prominent display both visually and audibly. Really like them. The two guys running things were incredibly helpful and friendly - thanks guys, really appreciated it. You don't see many horns at HiFi shows and there were two this year! The VAF guys were at their usual super friendly best. Looks like I will be buying from them again this year. They seem to have the knack having appealing gear and prices. Well done again. Yeah, I love going to their room. Their special presentations were also great. Thanks for being your usual wonderful selves guys! Loved Bill's room - thought his $4K Maggies were best of the show as well as best value! Bill and his very nice wife are always a treat to talk to. Liked the Osborne and the B&W rooms. Felt there was the usual mixed bag. Got listening fatigue after 30 seconds of listing to one set of expensive speakers, some other high priced speakers sounded real 'HiFi' in the worst possible sense. Found it hard to believe that my 'demo' CD sounded so different!!! But that is all part of the show, certainly not complaining, don't expect everyone to have the same listening preferences, AND, what would we do if everything sounded the same??? I have rambled on a little, but let me finish with an amusing little story. There was a room run by two really nice helpful guys who were giving AB, actually black & white, demos of their special speaker vibration dampeners. The demo that I had clearly showed the differences between the damped and the undamped speakers. However I actually liked the speakers without their dampeners. But I did not have the heart to tell them!!!! If you have not gone to the show already, or, if you have only gone once - go back tomorrow. You will enjoy it. Might follow with some further observations later. Just wanted to get these off nice & quickly. But a big thanks to Mark. He always does such a good job. Did see him from a distance and he was busy talking. Here is the 'hi' that I didn't say. Great job Mark!! Bruce
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