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  1. AND ... Just booked my ticket for the show (the three day 'special' one). AND ... Would you believe I am the first to get my ticket!!! Wow! I am finally first in something!! I have possibly started an avalanche! Now who can be number two??!! Looking forward to the show even more now. AND ... I got a special call from Marc Yep, I am flying high today. Bruce
  2. Just booked into the hotel. Now isn't that eager? Before the show tickets are even available! Looking forward to the show already!! Bruce
  3. Like to make a few general comments. First though I would like to congratulate Marc for such a great show. Fantastic! Passed Marc a couple of times at the show. Did not stop and remind him that I had met him. Looked like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. No, it was only the weight of the show!! Regarding the effectiveness of the show. I spoke to Anthony Holton on the Saturday and collected his details. I emailed Anthony late on Saturday night with some questions and he answered me at 1 am Sunday morning!! I am very probably going to buy the amp, in the short or medium term. Fantastic to deal with! Great product! That's what the show is all about! I thought the show had something for everyone. And that is good! One last comment about expectations. It is difficult to satisfy everyone's expectations. Reminds me of the story I read in primary school. Someone (presumably God) installed a rope that connected to heaven and this controlled the weather. One pull for rain, two for sun, three for wind, and so on. The farmer wanted the sun for harvest, the wife wanted wind to dry the washing, the gardener wanted rain for his garden, and so on. No one could agree and they yanked the rope so hard and so often that it broke! Everyone lost! Be encouraged Marc - you are deeply appreciated! Keep up the good work!
  4. Hi audiofeline No, that was not me. Vaguely recall hearing something similar around the show. But did not listen closely. Bruce
  5. Frankn, of course you are right. Most of the SoundLabs do, only three of their speakers don't reach 30Hz. Still not all electrostats get down that low, which is why some electrostats use a cone speaker to get down low. Say the Martin Logans. Still enjoyed those Halcro electrostats! Were they better than my spectra 22s? Very probably. Loved those Halcro electrostats to death and they were the only speakers that coped with my female vocal CD. Hey, they gave me goose bumps!!! Bruce
  6. Might take the opportunity to comment about the willingness to play a visitor's CD tracks. Most of the rooms were extremely accomodating. But some were not. Two different rooms had the exact same (poor) attitude. 'We only play from our server'. There was no polite smile on their faces. In fact I felt these people were looking down their noses at me!!!!! I even told one of these rooms who knocked me back that I also had my tracks on a memory stick but it made no difference!! The word that came to me at the time, and it has not left me since, was arrogance!! Didn't spend long in those rooms but I did stay for their presentation and was not impressed. And these people were not the 'little boys'!!! Let me tell a story that illustrates the exact opposite. Went into a room early on Friday. Asked them to play my CDs. Guy told me that they used some internet interface for their music. He told me the internet was not good but he would rip my CDs, do the internet stuff overnight, and I could listen on the Saturday. Talk about making an effort for the visitors. But there is more to this story. When I went back the next day. Would you believe that this guy told me that he got a CD player overnight so that they could play the visitor's CDs!!!! Guess this is all a comment on human nature, and, more narrowly on businesses. I posted above about the rooms that made visitors feel welcome. Hey, I spent a lot of time in those rooms that made me feel welcome. And, It is very likely that I will buy products from a number of those rooms!! Bruce
  7. No problems Jventer The CDs are: REUNION, The Lost Album, track 6, 'I Don't Want To Go Home'. Five part harmony, very prominent bass singer and a very powerful lead vocalist. Think it might be a bit hard to get as it did not show up on some of the show room's internet connections. KENNY VANCE and the Planotones, Acapella, track 11, 'Please Be My Love Tonight'. Four part harmony and includes Kenny Vance singing both tenor and high tenor/falsetto at different times during the song. Think it is pretty readily available - you can also get it on Kenny Vance's website. PENTATONIX PENTATONIX Deluxe Edition, track 11, 'Take Me Home'. Five part harmony which includes a female. Extremely well recorded, probably real demo quality. Think it is very readily available. Quite a few of the stands people took a strong interest in these CDs. They are an extreme test of the speaker's mid range. Had all the people walk out of one room because their speakers sounded so bad!! Some of the big name speakers just could not cope - and that does not relate to price. One guy, early Friday put me off when he heard that I wanted to play aceppella music. 'Come back later in the day when we are not busy.' Came back later in the day when there was no one in his room. 'Can't play your track because I have people coming later'!!!!!!! That guy was as transparent as glass - he certainly knew his speakers could not cope with mid range but they were quite OK with bland jazz!!! If you wanted you could go through the show with those or equivalent mid range testers and grade the speakers!! I couldn't be bothered - that's not why I go to a HiFi show! The Halcros were just glorious, but mid range is an electrostat's strong point, but, for example the speakers in the Redgum/Legend room coped extremely well, and they are certainly not expensive!!! Must say that I am constantly surprised how poor the mid range is is some speakers. Hope that helps. Bruce
  8. A reflection based on an incident at the show. It was late on Friday and I had been making the rounds with my three acappella CDs. Went into a room which had only one visitor. Went up to the guy running the room and asked if I could play a track from my aceppella CD. That visitor got up and walked out saying that he did not like that kind of music. While the CD was getting organised more people came into the room. At the end of the track one of the visitors came up to take a photo of the CD so that he could buy it. Goes to show that we all have different tastes! And what a good thing that is!!!!!! Bruce
  9. Back from day 2. I have eaten dinner and now it is time for some more reflections. I found that there were some very special rooms that stood out, both with regard to their fine products AND their friendliness and co-operation! Yes, some (but by no means all) of the rooms seemed to me to be marked by these characteristics. Took my female vocal CD along today and found yesterday's impressions strongly reinforced! The Redgum/Legends folk were just so nice. I was continually amazed by the fantastic value for money - and there were plenty of other speakers at the show that came nowhere near them regardless of price. They even especially picked out music for me that they thought that I would like!! The VAF Research folk always had a smile on their faces and could not do enough to help. Loved their new innovative premium speakers. I enjoyed every minute that I spent in their room. The Holton Audio/SGR Audio room was another standout. Always happy to run my CDs, their guys chatted to me when they were taking their breaks way away from their room! Thought their speakers coped pretty well with my really demanding female vocal CD also. Last, and the best of a brilliantly fantastic group of stand outs, were the Halcro people. Nothing was too much trouble. Always friendly but never pushy. These people were an absolute delight. Let me relate a story that puts things right in perspective. It was pretty late in the day when I arrived ready to run the CD on those wonderful electrostats. Everyone's speakers had struggled with my female vocal CD (I thought the best other copers were those 3 above) and I then came to the Halcro people. As soon as I arrived Mike saw me and came over and asked for my CD. I will tell you that it came together so well that it gave me goose bumps! I remarked to Mike how I got goose bumps listening and Mike said, "Me too"!!! Wow! So good. If you are going to the show tomorrow be sure to visit these four wonderful rooms and their fantastic folk first. Then just enjoy. Bruce
  10. Spent the whole day at the show yesterday and still did not get a chance to listen to everything properly! Did not get a chance to properly listen to the Hulgich's. Going to do that today. Definitely recommend two days at the show. Off at 9.30 to catch a tram to the city and then another tram along St Kilda road. Want to be there at opening time again. Can't miss any show time!! Will post the left over comments from yesterday tonight. As well as whatever interesting happens today. See you at the show. Bruce
  11. Just back from the show. So good! Went in before 1pm and left just before 8pm. The new Halcro electrostats sounded great. Best sound of the show in my opinion. My second best sound was the new VAF Research speaker. Really liked it and the people in the VAF room were great! Thought the best value for money was the Redgum/Legend room. Had my 3 acappella CDs and most people were most accommodating about playing them. Funny story about those 3 CDs. A guy from one of the rooms wanted to buy those 3 CDs! At a high price! Didn't sell because I wanted to take them to the rooms and listen! Ended up agreeing to loan them a CD for most of Saturday (tomorrow)!! If you hear a lot of acappella from one of the rooms - that's my CD!!! The new Halcro electrostat is a monster. I reckon maybe 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide with a price that related to the size. But a great speaker it really was! An electrostat that goes down to 30Hz. And the Halcro people were very friendly and helpful, including running my 3 tracks (one from each CD) immediately after running their setup tracks. New Halcro amps looked good and there is a mass of other new products in the pipeline. All in all a great show and I will be back again first thing tomorrow. Could say a lot more (& maybe I will) but these are my first impressions. Bruce
  12. You know, looking again at the picture, and, depending on how tall that guy is, These look like SoundLab size speakers. Just hoping that they do not have SoundLab size pricing!! I could be seriously interested in these. Yes, I am continuing my eagerness to get to the Halcro room. It will certainly be my first stop! Bruce
  13. Looking forward to going to the show and getting all the details. Not to mention listening to one. Bruce
  14. It's Showtime!

    Thanks for all of your hard work Marc. It is about to come together now. Must say that I am very excited about the Halcro room. I am counting down with the count down!! See you at the show. Bruce
  15. Who's going Friday???

    Luc, surely you are not going to the show just to get a free beer?!!! Just joking. Enjoy the show. Bruce