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  1. BruceS

    Quad ESL 2905

    Another experience. I have left my acoustat spectra 22s on continuously for almost 30 years. Same with my quad 606s. Only time I have turned them off is if I needed to paint the room or relocate them to another room, or to add a new component to my system - never off for long. Can't give any specific reasons other than 'to keep them warmed up' and 'to have them ready to go at a moment's notice', or maybe 'I thought it seemed like a good idea'. Have not had any problems. Still going as good as new. One thing that has amazed me though is that the (cheap) wall warts for the electrostats are also still going strong after all that time (don't really think the gold plating I had put on them when I purchased them had any thing to do with it!). Just another experience to put into the mix. Hope that helps. Bruce
  2. Budget/starter systems/components were at the show anyway. There was those really -good-value-for-money Legend speakers for example. There was the really-good-value-for-money home theatre at the Selbys room, as an other example. I saw some great value turntables at the VAF room, as a further example. I am sure that there were more examples but these spring to mind without even working at it. It is just that they were spread out rather than condensed! Bruce
  3. I know that I expressed my appreciation to Clive on my other post. BUT ... I would like to do it here as well. There is a lot of work (& possibly personal financial cost) in doing this. Clive put his whole heart into making this dinner the success that it was. I know that he does not do it for the 'congratulations'. He does it because he loves both the hobby and the people. Thanks again. Bruce
  4. I'd like to offer some considered reflections about the show. Loved Bill's room with his warm & friendly atmosphere and his innovative Dutch & Dutch speakers. Yes, was a regular visitor to this room. The Holton/Hulgich room sounded good with Anthony being helpful and friendly with his new & updated products. Really loved it! Another room that I visited a lot! The M8 Audio was another good one. Really good sounding speakers with a great mid range and an attractive price. Ian and the crew were outstandingly friendly & helpful. Spent a lot of time there. Like Bill's room these folk went out of their way to put on music that they knew that I liked. Thanks guys! The DEQX/legend room was another room offering great value, a friendly environment & just a nice place to be. Can't believe that those Legend speakers sounded so good - and what a bargain! Enjoyed the Osborn room and a big thanks for making a special time for me to bring along my own music to play. These were speakers that are always going to sound good, no matter the music type, good value to! Thanks guys! Mid range was great with the Martin Logans, and the guy running the room was always happy to play my music. Purchased some great headphones from the VAF room, the presentation from Peter Ledermann was really good, a loverly welcoming room and always happy to play my CDs. Great. Thanks guys. Yes, there were some rooms where I felt they were not welcoming, or did not want to play people's CDs, at least one felt to me, to be a little on the arrogant side! Four rooms promised on the Friday to bring along a CD player the next day - and guess how many delivered??? ZERO! But, no names, I only want to say nice specific things or no specific (named) things! Great show! Marc told me that Saturday set an attendance record. So many wives, girlfriends, young women, older women, younger guys, early middle aged guys, not mention kids. So good! Seems HiFi is not just for old codgers!! Great atmosphere. Great environment. Great show. Big thanks to Marc. Big thanks also to Clive for all the work he did regarding the dinner. Would just like to end on the note that there was something for everyone. The Selby home theatre rooms nicely rounded things out - and their staff were also so really friendly. Just so good. Bruce
  5. Well .... Two day have passed, the dinner is eaten and we are getting ready for Day three! First off to the Osborne room where they are going to play my female acapella track and some of my other mid range testers. Maybe my 'goosebumps' test track as well. Then back to Bill's room for some nice relaxed, family environment listening. Then just general milling & listening. If anyone has missed the show so far there is still one day left! All of the rooms were at least good and many of them were great. When I get home tonight I will maybe give some overall reflections. Meanwhile I would say that this year was better than last year. But different though. And that is not just my opinion from wandering around but also based on my observations on Marc! Last year he looked so stressed. This year , whenever I passed him he look very so relaxed, like everything is under control. Great show. One more day to enjoy. Bruce
  6. Thanks for being so organised, keeping us informed & looking after us so well. See you tonight in the bar meeting area. Looking forward to it. Meanwhile back to the show. Bruce
  7. BruceS

    What's HiFi?

    Could not agree more! It is about the music. I guess the HiFi 'gear' helps us to enjoy the music more. Someone in one of the rooms yesterday remarked that they had never heard some particular thing before as the music was played on some pretty good equipment. One of the motivators for an upgrade is to hear those 'extras' - the other is probably the desire to hear what we already hear more 'clearly' ie more distinctly, more accurately, less distortion, etc. Great 'hobby' though! Bruce
  8. Just saw Bill at breakfast this morning (he happened to be at the next table). Reminded me again of what a delightful, warm and friendly room his room was. Great atmosphere - really family. Goes to show that the HiFi show is not just about hearing great expensive gear, But it is also about enjoying yourself in a wonderful relaxed environment. Thanks Bill! Yes, I will be back again today. Highly recommended. Bruce
  9. BruceS

    What's HiFi?

    Wrong fencing! That's Gerry in the fore ground, And that pathetic old codger in the background (on the right) is me!
  10. BruceS

    What's HiFi?

    Just before my fencing lesson yesterday afternoon I told my coach I was spending the long week end at the HiFi show. To which he replied, "What's HiFi"? What's HiF?!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrr! Makes me wonder if our hobby is less widely know that we think!! Bruce
  11. By the way. Let me apologise for the lack of checking before posting the above. What an idiot you are Bruce!!! Really good atmosphere. Everything seemed to go like clock work. Whenever I walked past Marc he looked very relaxed, like everything is good! Yeah, really looking forward to tomorrow, and, of course, the dinner! See you tomorrow. Bruce
  12. A few observations regarding Day On eo the HiFi show. First it was great! I was a little surprised that there were not a lot of CD players to play our 'test' CD. Interesting that a lot of the rooms promised to get players in for tomorrow. Some rooms seemed to think that Roon was the answer & then found out that Roon is not as comprehensive as maybe they thought! Thought there was more of an emphasis on playing music rather than static displays this year. Felt there was a strong emphasis on being out there, friendly & interaction with the show patrons (only one negative experience regarding that - went to one room near the end of the day (maybe a bit after 6.30) and wanted to play my acapella female vocal CD, the two guys running the room were to busy to talk to me - they looked at me & kept talking - eventually one of their colleagues came along & helped me!!!!! Really liked the Martin Logan room, the DEQX/Legend room, the Holton/Hulgich room & the MercureLounge were great as was their singer and also the vinyl talk. Hey, I think I could go on and on! Look see of the rooms were still going when I arrived back after getting a bite to eat! Yeah another good day tomorrow - looking forward to it. Wonder if it would be a good idea to start up a 'Here's What I thought of the Show' thread? Bruce
  13. Thanks Marc. Well you win some and you lose some. Won't in any way diminish the show. Looking forward to it. The count down is nearly over!! Bruce
  14. Just been confirming everything regarding my staying at the hotel on the Friday & Saturday nights. Yes, all systems go, BUT, it seems that there is a real likely hood that we can be exempted for the $20 per day ($60 for the show) car parking fee. Anyone know what specifically we have to do to get it? I got the idea that we needed something like a stamp or note from someone like Marc. Sounded pretty easy to do from what the girl at reception told me. The answer could be helpful others who are also staying at the hotel for the show. Thanks. Bruce
  15. Nice to see that I was not on the 'avoid list'!! Glad there is a meet up point and a 'travel group'! Did not know where the restaurant was and was going to post something along these lines. Beat me to it. Thanks. Looking forward to it all. Now, how many sleeps?? See you then. Bruce