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  1. The Rocky Mountain Express 4K UHD Blu-Ray disks (2) arrived from Amazon USA yesterday in just a week, says NTSC on box/disks but low an behold it is PAL too, anyways popped disk into the new 4k player and wow was gobsmacked at the fantastic 4K video with brilliant detail and panoramic film taking, we could not take our eyes off it and what a great story it is too. Highly recommended for train buffs or not. https://tinyurl.com/yb9opjmp
  2. Set up my new Samsung M8500XY yesterday to watch Planet Earth 11 in 4k on the 65" Panny, wow the colour and sharp detail blew us away, I can see myself on the hunt for more 4K titles for sure.
  3. 4K hdmi cables

    While off topic - I do not know anyone who has used 3D, for me it didn't take 1st time around then a few years later ditto just not enough titles and I thought it would not last. For those who missed new HDMI 2.1 specs the HDMI goal posts get moved once again... here
  4. 4K hdmi cables

    It certainly is the end for my own personal use. Over the last decade its been a problem with all these HDMI variations, some fair others excellent, however, it not only confuses the public but can leave us AV resellers with outdated stock, 8K may just go the way of 3D IMO not enough takers to see the difference and enjoy it.
  5. 4K hdmi cables

    HDMI 2.1 Specification Released Its never ending - whats new today is old tomorrow, but the march toward 8K is on as the HDMI goal posts get moved once again... here
  6. JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    Its not knocking anyone, its just a big jump from what we think about general PJ prices to $10K, gee if one can afford $40k for a Pj best of luck to them, now where is my invite
  7. 4K hdmi cables

    Unlike HDMI copper cables the Ruipro Fibre Optic are directional source and display, display box says so as do the plugs. They do have an out layer on them for protection but one does need to be careful of course not to stretch any long cable when installing in a wall.
  8. 4K hdmi cables

    As said above it has some its only used for ARC, its the Fibre optic that carries the video signal then converts its back to HDMI.
  9. 4K hdmi cables

    Yes Staino pleased to hear it, not had any problems with all those we've shipped out to date all performed UHD 4K as expected, can see the growing Ruipro reviews on site here - scroll down page). Interesting in depth review by Arrow Electronic in USA only 2 of 35 tested made the grade. HDMI CABLES PERFORMANCE EVALUATION & TESTING REPORT #1 ~ 50FT 15M+ LENGTH CABLES.pdf
  10. 133 inch fixed screen

    No doubt about it Richard at OZtheatre is the go to guy for screens.
  11. 4K hdmi cables

    new offer free express post...
  12. Projector distance.

    Some use Projector Central's distance calc. here for guide.