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  1. 4K hdmi cables

    Unlike HDMI copper cables the Ruipro Fibre Optic are directional source and display, display box says so as do the plugs. They do have an out layer on them for protection but one does need to be careful of course not to stretch any long cable when installing in a wall.
  2. 4K hdmi cables

    As said above it has some its only used for ARC, its the Fibre optic that carries the video signal then converts its back to HDMI.
  3. 4K hdmi cables

    Yes Staino pleased to hear it, not had any problems with all those we've shipped out to date all performed UHD 4K as expected, can see the growing Ruipro reviews on site here - scroll down page). Interesting in depth review by Arrow Electronic in USA only 2 of 35 tested made the grade. HDMI CABLES PERFORMANCE EVALUATION & TESTING REPORT #1 ~ 50FT 15M+ LENGTH CABLES.pdf
  4. 133 inch fixed screen

    No doubt about it Richard at OZtheatre is the go to guy for screens.
  5. 4K hdmi cables

    new offer free express post...
  6. Projector distance.

    Some use Projector Central's distance calc. here for guide.
  7. Fair enough, cant see any locally delivered AUD$ price?
  8. I've not heard of a HDMI copper cable over 10m that will carry true UHD 4k at 60Hz gamma 4:4:4 and is it this 2 dongle job?
  9. 4K hdmi cables

    New shipment of Ruipro HDMI Fibre Optic cables arrived, few left after back orders filled.
  10. New shipment arrived Friday 8th Sept. of the Ruipro HDMi Fibre Optic cables but not a lot left after back orders filled, currently have 10m, 15m and a couple of 20m.
  11. think I like the last one al
  12. In red might stand out a bit bolted to my white ceiling
  13. The review of the Epson LS100 from PJ Central is in here