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  1. FS: AUDIOCRAFT AC-4000 Tonearm

    Great Japanese brand - making excellent products. Very well priced. SN
  2. FS: PARTRIDGE TK2220 step up transformer

    Top SUT. Use one with my Shindo SPU. Good price too. Would be snapped up in Japan in a flash. First one I've seen here. GLWTS SN
  3. PM sent - interested.
  4. FS: Okki Nokki – Record Cleaning Machine

    could do, but wife would hang me in their place
  5. Item: Okki Nokki – Record Cleaning Machine Location: Perth Price: $480 + freight Payment Methods: Bank Deposit, PayPal, Cash – Pickup. Reason for Sale: Have upgraded to KL Ultrasonic Item condition and description: Very good. About two years old. I’m the original owner and have probably only cleaned about 100 sides (conservatively). All in top working order and includes original boxes (triple boxed), Goats Hair brush and manual. Thanks for looking. Pictures:
  6. Item: Audiocraft EX-100 RCA/RCA Phono – twin core double shielding 1M length. Location: Perth Price: $200 Inc post in Aus. New on eBay currently selling for $780 Payment Methods: Bank Deposit, PayPal, Cash – Pickup. Reason for Sale: Surplus with my integrated phono Item condition and description: Excellent condition. High quality pure copper twin core double shielding. Made in Japan. Extra Info: Had these about 2 years and used between my Shindo SUT and Leben Phono – very nice!
  7. Item: MHDT Havana Tube DAC with USB input Location: Perth Price: $450 + freight Payment Methods: Bank Deposit, PayPal, Cash – Pickup. Reason for Sale: Have upgraded to the MHDT Atlantis Item condition and description: Very good. These went for about $1150 in 2008. I’ve had various DAC’s over the past few years, but have always come back to the Havana. Works beautifully with my Squeezbox Touch and Antipodes. If you like the smoothness of tubes read the links below. It’s been recently checked out by Ultra Systems here in Perth and had the RCA’s upgraded. Also has a Hi-Fi Tuning Gold fuse and 1958 Tung Sol 2C51 tube. The more expensive Atlantis is better, but not by much. Unfortunately, I don't have original boxes, but will pack well for shipping. Manuals are downloadable form MHDT. From Jeff Day's Positive Feedback review: The Havana is Mhdt Lab's statement USB DAC, and frankly speaking, at $899 (USD) it bests the superb Wavelength Cosecant V3 ($3500) in my Hi-Fi rig, making it some kind of miraculous bargain, and one which will surely delight music lovers on a budget. Without reservation I recommend the Havana to music lovers everywhere as a high performance USB DAC, and also as a remarkable bargain. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/1208/mhdt_labs_havana.htm http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue45/mhdt_havana.htm
  8. Item: Soundsmith Denon Gold 103/R Gold with almost new Boron Cantilever and Nude Contact Diamond. Location: Perth Price: $950 (ono) including freight. New around $2100 + $580 on new Boron Cantilever Payment Methods: Bank Deposit, PayPal, Cash – Pickup. Reason for Sale: Shindo upgrade Item condition and description: Excellent. Purchased about four years ago and due to snapped Ruby cantilever (after only about 300 hours) it sat in a drawer for over two years. Recenty upgraded with a Soundsmith Baron cantilever and nude contact diamond. This has had (conservatively) 100 hours since October last year in rotation with my Miyajima Shilabe and Ortofon SPU. Info from the Soundsmith upgrade page: Our new Boron cantilever and ultra low mass Contact Line stylus is an excellent replacement for those who desire to have the Boron material used. Our new Boron cantilever which holds a Nude "Contact Line" diamond of a low mass design. This combination of Boron cantilever and low mass stylus creates an ultra low mass system, capable of the finest reproduction from your cherished vinyl. The Contact Line Diamond has three times the contact area in the vertical direction of the groove wall compared to an elliptical shaped diamond. This lowers the force per unit area on both the diamond and the record groove, resulting in lower record and diamond wear. Review from Enjoy the Music - conclusion I might say that the Denon Gold was better than any two thousand Dollar or three thousand dollar cartridge. But there are so many to choose from, which one would you have me compare it to? The sonic transformation of a very good low cost cartridge into one that is comparable to cartridges costing many times more is a story worth telling. The Denon gold shares some attributes of the stock DL103 but adds many layers of articulation and transparency, midrange detail and bass resolution. I can still detect an overall similarity in the sound of these two cartridge siblings. The quality of the frequency response of this pair is still just as it was, essentially flat. The bottom line is the performance and cost of the Denon DL-103 Gold should set a new benchmark for value. This cartridge extracts so much of the music's natural body and air and I could just sit and listen and forget it was there. Full Review and specs of the standard SS DL-103 Gold - this one for sale is the SS DL-103/R Gold http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0610/soundsmith_dl_103_gold_mcp_2.htm Extra Info: All my vinyl is regularly cleaned with an Okki-Nokki. The pics: This is a very difficult cart to photograph with its tiny and dark diamond. Last pics shows box with Peter Ledermann signature
  9. Item: Decided to KEEP - no longer for sale: Ortofon SPU Classic GME MKII – As New (see Extra Info) Location: Perth Price: $850 including freight within Aus Payment Methods: Bank Deposit, PayPal, Cash – Pickup. Reason for Sale: too many carts and financing an upgrade Item condition and description: Excellent condition - Purchased about 3 years ago and recently undergone complete refurbishment by Ortofon. Since the refurbishment, it’s only had about 50 hours – so hardly run in. Extra Info: From Ortofon repair notes: **A new motor is installed. A new diamond and cantilever mounted. Cartridge is in fact a new product with a new motor. All my vinyl is regularly cleaned with an Okki-Nokki - so the 50 hours have been on clean records. See Ortofon Certificate PDF included. OrtofonCertificate.pdf Pictures:
  10. If they're the Duntech's that I'm thinking they are, you'll find the seller keeps his gear in top condition and is a very trustworthy. SN
  11. Gieseler Power Supply owners thread

    I'm another very happy Gieseler PSU owner. Just received mine for an Acoustic Revive R-888. There was an immediate improvement followed by more after a day or so powered up. I have to thank Clay for the excellent service and advice. The whole thing, from initial interest to working up a few special needs to getting it across Australia took less than a week. It doesn't get better than that! SN
  12. Looking for technician in perth

    Jason at Ultrasystems is your man. Will pm with more info SN
  13. EOI: Audio Note, AN-E Spe HE speakers

    My Shindo is rated 4 to 5 watts and drives my AN-E HE's with ease. Gorgeous!