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  1. Yes - custom made. From memory around $270 inc Express Post to Perth. I discussed my amp with them and they took it from there. SN
  2. Totally agree. Just brought one from Tortech and made a huge improvement on my 300b which was rated 200 to 230v
  3. Pretty sure these got into Sterophile's Recommended Components in the early 90s. I had a pair back then and can vouch for their all-round quality. Good buying! SN
  4. I have seen the time log that Smp maintains - so you can be certain of the facts here. BTW - great price for basically new Elrogs. SN
  5. Sensational! I grew up with a pair of these in London in the 50's and my old pop had them right up to 2001. And in those days they sat right in the corners. If only I had more room Hope they go to a good home - they deserve it. SN
  6. Smp amp would be like buying new. I can confidently vouch for the excellent quality and condition. SN
  7. Further information: Very good condition for age (1982). Quite a rare beast. Weighs in at a massive 8kg (for a SUT!!) Considered one of the best Japanese manufactured SUT’s ever made. Audio Technica only made 1000 – this one is numbered 450. Has steel casing with 5mm cooper plating and is super shielded. There are 3 impedances (3-20-40ohm) with 4 transformers to suit a fairly wide range of cartridges from Denon DL-103 to SPU-G etc. With only 1000 made there are not many for sale. These two links indicate prices (listed in US dollars and Euro) from around $2300 upwards. http://soundgate.net/product/NTM5.highend https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184175046336 Pics are of actual SUT on offer and copy from an old Audio Technica brochure Thanks for looking. In Summary – from brochure: · Has 4 transformers · Coil wires are directly terminated to the gold pated RCA’s · The 4 coils are housed in a 78% permalloy 4-layer shielded case · Coils are also protected by a special filler · Case covering is steel plate with thick-film copper plating
  8. Would be interested in smaller lengths too - 2 x 4m and 1 x 2m SN
  9. Item: Western Electric WE16GA Cable Price Range: Market rate Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for around 10m or so Thanks for looking SN Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. All OK now> I was needing to know length, but checked back on the early post. Unfortunately the 2.5m is too short. Thanks Pete
  11. Can you PM me your address. There's a bit of an email queue lining up, but will keep you advised on how things go.. Pete
  12. Item: Leben CS600 Tube Amp Location: Perth Price: $3700 + freight and insurance. Payment Methods: Bank Deposit, PayPal (plus fee), Cash – Pickup. Reason for Sale: Just too many amps and impending house move. Wife says CLEAR!! Item condition and description: Excellent. More Info: Due to an impending move I’m thinking of selling my Leben CS600. I brought new from Soundlabs about 6 years ago and has all original packing. I’d estimate I’ve only used for around a year in all that time, mainly due to my Shindo 300b and Sun Audio 2A3 amps. I tweaked the speaker terminals to get rid of those awful spade lugs that the EU require to sell in Europe. Even Leben came back to me saying they were totally unnecessary, useless and a problem**. This is the response I got direct from Leben re the speaker terminals: “In fact, the plastic guide is no meaning/useless and even disturbs a perfect insertion of spades sometimes. We sometimes remove the plastic guide for easier use. The following valves will be included: 1) 4 x Sovtek 5881/6L6WGE - original in Leben 2) 4 x vintage 5881 – 3 x Tung-sol and 1 x Rytheon - purchased as matched 3) 4 x Russian 6n3cE. The ones Jeff Day raves about. NOS hardly used 4) 4 x Mullard/Philips EL34 - purchased secondhand on SNA so can’t vouch for life expectancy. My favourites. 5) 4 x Leben supplied 6CS7 in amp. 6) 4 x Haltron 6CS7 - Pretty sure these are a Japanese Matsushita NOS - hardly used 7) 4 x Rytheon 6CS7 – NOS and unused
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