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  1. Steve, you playing in the surf again - SA? SN
  2. Congrats Mr and Mrs Mendes. Pete
  3. Item: Accuphase ASL-10 Interconnects 1 metre. Location: Perth Price: $350 inc standard post within Australia. Comes with original boxes. Purchased from Accuphase dealer. Item condition and description: Excellent. Reason for selling: NLR. Now use Shindo and Auditorium 23 IC’s Payment Methods: Bank Deposit, PayPal (+fee), COD Extra Info: I found these added an analogue touch to digital. And here's a quote from a Steve Hoffman Music Forum post: One of the biggest high end bargains are the interconnect cables.The Accuphase Super Refined [the brown one] sound sublime [better than any other cable I have heard including Jorma costing ten times as much]. It's about half way down this page: http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/accuphase.454039/
  4. FS: Uesugi U-Bros 5 Type L Moving Coil Step Up Transformer – for low output carts. Location: Perth Price: Price reduced to $700 before I post elsewhere. $800 + freight and PP fees. Payment Methods: Bank Deposit, PayPal (plus fee), Cash – Pickup. Reason for Sale: Too many SUT’s and new toys! Item condition and description: Excellent. I purchased from Japan about a year ago. It’s been in and out my system in rotation with a Partridge TK2220 and a silver wired, copper chassis AT1000T. These are all top SUT’s, but I can’t afford to sit on THREE! I have the shipping box – so can freight anywhere. A few of these are on Hi-Fi Shark (and ebay) listed between US$800 and US$1300 - so reckon I’ve priced this very fairly. Thanks for looking. U-Bros-5 TypeL.pdf
  5. FS: Acoustic Revive RR-888 Schumann Pulse Generator + Gieseller Power Supply upgrade. Location: Perth Price: $480 + freight any PP fees. Payment Methods: Bank Deposit, PayPal (plus fee), Cash – Pickup. Reason for Sale: New toys! Item condition and description: Top notch condition. This is an authentic unit purchase new from Aust retailer. The Gieseller power supply has an extended 2.5m cable between the power unit and the RR-888 Extra Info: I’ve included the invoice from Gieseller for the power supply. Can’t find the RR-888 invoice. http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue76/acoustic_revive.htm http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/acoustic-revive’s-rr888-schumann-resonance-generator
  6. Owen, meant to say that I’ve compared the Sovtek’s with Psvane’s and for me the Psvane 2A3B is a much better valve - and is what Sun Audio supply as standard with their newer kits. Pete
  7. Hi Owen, yep the TAMURA transformers are the key to these great little amps. I’ve run quite a few valve amps over the past 50 or so years and have say these SV 2A3s just seem to draw you in. Very intimate and involving. Then, the AUDIO NOTE upgrades move it up a level and they become very sensitive to valve and cable changes, which I guess says not much else gets in the way. Pete
  8. At last an update of my new SUN SV2A3 – Guru built with Audio Note innards. Brief background: I’m comparing this to my original 10-year-old SUN SV2A3 – a 100v Japanese assembled version - running through a step-down transformer. Same tubes and supporting cast of ANE HE speakers, Garrard 401, Thomas Schick Arm, Shindo SPU and Shindo Partager pre, Antipodes DV plus other peripherals. Firstly, I have to say how amazing the basic SUN SV 2A3 is. In the first week of my new amp it was apparent that it had a way to go to better the Japanese kit level, but Bryan had predicated at least 70 hours of turmoil and frustration as the Audio Note caps, resistors and wiring bedded down – and he was dead right. It was almost hair ripping stuff, but hair-wise I was in a safe space! More-or-less on the dot of 70 hours things started to happen. I could hear more texture and depth coming through. Overlaying (or maybe underlaying) the 2A3’s liner characteristic was a subtle mid-range which I hadn’t experienced in my older amp. Not quite up to a 300B mid range, but certainly more than I’d heard before – and I know there’s still a way to go as things settling in. Generally I’m hearing more air, separation and decay. Base is extended, but not exaggerated. And best of all for me, I’m getting more detail at lower volume. I have found this amp more sensitive to tube and cable changes and am still to settle on these. Overall, I am blown away by what the Audio Note upgrades have achieved and am already wondering what a few upgrades and tweaks to my old kit version could achieve. Pics show the completed amp and my old one as a comparison
  9. I have an Audio Grail 401 and can confirm their restorations are top-notch. I terms of quality, I'm pretty sure the early models are better than later (after Garrard was sold). The guys at Audio Grail are very knowledgeable and will give you all that info. SN
  10. Absolutely. Fortunate enough to be running with ANE Sp HE's
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