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  1. Thanks, tried that a few times, got put through to the Accounts department via IVR and asked to leave a message -- doubt they'll be able to help but will keep trying. Also Emailed Support & still waiting for a response. They're a completely different entity these days compared to 2001, located in Perth now so not sure if they'll be very helpful even if I do manage to receive a response...
  2. Hi all, Need some assistance from Melbournites if possible. I have an older vehicle that was fitted with a Quiktrak system back in 2001. I'm unable to disarm the alarm unfortunately so the car is dead in the water at the moment due to the ignition kill. I've tried all the obvious stuff -- two different remotes, remote batteries are good, vehicle battery reads 12V, etc. -- without luck. There used to be an auto sparky that was able to service these systems, he may have been located in Essendon once upon a time. Does anyone out there know of this guy, or co
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