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  1. @Fitzroyalty thanks for the info. The Directream (and junior) have a switchable attenuator installed in the unit to allow the analogue output level to be run much closer to 100. You’re right that running your perfectwave at such a low level may affect the sound quality, hence the preamp helping in that regard. Impedance wise, the PW low output impedance and Job high input impedance should be fine, in my limited experience. After seeing your post, I’ve re-tried using the DS Jnr’s attenuator with good results, and the DS Jnr output level is now able to be set at 90ish and runs directly to a power amp. PS Audio themselves say that high-end preamps will improve the sound of their DACs, however them saying this seemed to happen at roughly the same time as them releasing their own BHK pre-amp, so not sure how much of that to believe.
  2. Just wondering what your typical listening volume was on the Directstream prior to the addition of the preamp, and whether you tried the built in attenuator, and/or the Directstream balanced output? Also, you refer to the Directstream 2- did you mean just the regular Directstream, or Perfectwave 2/Bridge II? Just wondering, as i have the DS Junior using XLR without the attenuator, listen at 50-60, and love the sound, but have also considered whether a preamp would improve things! The attenuator allowed listening at higher DAC output levels, but seemed to lose a little clarity, in my opinion... I've also thought that using the Directstream rca output into the amp xlr input would allow the Directstream to run at much higher levels (90+?) with no attenuator and no preamp.
  3. I’d love to buy this if it’s still available. Messaged.
  4. Wow-worth it for the looks alone! Wishing I lived nearby and could pickup.
  5. Nice work- bet you can't wait to get the second one done now! Don't rush it- any complacency or rushing to do #2 might see a few mistakes done. That's probably what I would do, anyway... Let us know how they sound please.
  6. True. I was a bit shocked, but even if I was to DIY the bumph and blockout linings, the materials cost would be about $700, vs about $400 for just the acoustic fabric. Edit- i thought the Bumph and blockout liner would be cheaper than the face fabric, which it is, however they're much narrower (1.5m vs 2.8m), so require more sewing, so the cost for each extra layer is much the same as the face fabric layer...
  7. Old thread, I know, but I thought I’d add to it, since I found it helpful in my own need for curtains. Im placing an order for my curtains next week, and found that OnlineCurtains have been great to deal with. Pricing wise, for a 5.4m wide x 2.8m high window using Materialised Cameron acoustic fabric is about $860 including track/delivery, using 2.25x fullness ration (ie, 5.4 x 2.25m uses 12.15m width of curtains for the 5.4m wide window). Adding a Bumph interlining and blockout lining bumps the price up considerably to $2350. In this case, the Bumph would be sewn to the blockout liner, and then attached to the curtain hooks of the face fabric. The noise reduction specs for the Cameron fabric are pretty decent, so if blockout is not required then they’re probably worth a try without lining first, especially if the curtains are mounted 10-15cm away from the window/wall, as recommended. Even 2 layers of Cameron with some spacing between them might be very effective, if blockout isn’t required?! Hope this helps the next person after acoustic curtains that are visually acceptable for partners etc!
  8. Is this sold? I PM’d a few days ago but haven’t received a reply yet.
  9. It’s an excellent opportunity to buy a quality power conditioner at a bargain price without the somewhat overpriced original cord!
  10. Item: IsoTek Evo 3 Aquarius power conditioner Location: Sydney 2204 Price: $1150 Item Condition: perfect working condition, with a few minor marks on the case here and there. The photos show all noticeable imperfections, being 1 mark/indentation on each side of the front panel, minor rubbing on paintwork on the underside, and some marks on 1 of the plastic feet. Used condition, but no other major imperfections. Reason for selling: Don’t need 2 power conditioners! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info: Doesn’t include original IsoTek power cable, just an generic power cable. No box, but can package securely for postage if no local interest, at buyers cost and risk. Local buyers given preference. Photos:
  11. +1 for Panasonic plasma picture quality. Long lifespan too.
  12. Wow, what a cracking Stereophile review. It's a pleasure to read about such obviously well designed and great sounding equipment. Can't imagine this amp taking too long to sell.
  13. https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/genelec-ones https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/video-reviews/2018/7/12/genelec-8331-sam-8341-sam-the-ones-studio-monitors-re-writing-the-rule-book https://darko.audio/2018/02/genelecs-the-ones-8341-think-inside-the-box/ https://www.musictech.net/reviews/genelec-the-ones-review/
  14. Item- 2 x Genelec 8341 SAM monitors, with Genelec GLM kit. Also available, 2 x 3m XLR interconnects to suit, using Neutrik plugs and Klotz MC5000 cable Location- Marrickville, Sydney Price- $6100, + $60 for XLR leads Condition- as-new, still under warranty. Reason for sale- trying something new Payment- cash, PayPal as friend. Shipping available at cost if no local interest. Extra info- Monitors present as-new, with boxes/manuals/packaging. Genelec offers a 2 year warranty, and this has 15 months remaining. Absolutely remarkable sounding 3-way monitors, contains 3 amps per speaker (250w/150w/150w), digital crossovers, digital and/or analogue input, 15ch parametric eq per speaker for room correction. Pinpoint imaging- the best I’ve heard from any speaker. Every review for the 'Ones' monitors is overwhelmingly positive, with Darko forking out for a pair with his own money. GLM/SAM capability means not only is the sound optimised for any speaker location, but also that awkward positioning (corners, close to walls etc) isn’t an issue. I can’t imagine the buyer of these monitors being disappointed. Measured in-room frequency response is flat down to around 35Hz, and I didn’t find I needed a sub. The Genelec 7360 would probably be the most appropriate IF lower bass is needed, and the GLM kit would allow the positioning of the sub anywhere in the room, with level, crossover and any required time delays taken care of automatically. Apparently this gives Kii-level performance, for much less money. It should be noted that Genelec's new monster W371 sub is also designed to go with 8341's. Pricey, but would be expected to deliver performance at least on-par with the vast majority of monitors at any price. RRP for 8341's is over $9000, and GLM kit over $600.
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