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  1. What a bargain. Bill, would you mind letting me know how you wired these up? Ie, 2 wires to positive, 2 wires to negative? Or otherwise?! I ask because I recently had to put new plugs on my interconnects (Chord Chameleon silver plus) which also use 4 wires, and found 1 wire connected to positive, 2 wires connected to negative, with the 4th wire not connected. I suppose each manufacturer does it differently, but interested in seeing how you did yours, and if you’ve tried different ways? Thanks.
  2. Looks like a lot of work has gone into making these. Can you tell us anything about the cabinet design/specs/size? Thanks.
  3. Items- 2 Apollo HiFi racks. Black 5 shelf and silver 4 shelf. Location- Marrickville, Sydney Price- $90 for black, $80 for silver Condition- excellent Reason for sale- bought new rack Payment- cash on pickup Other- both racks fitted with spikes. Black rack can be made to look the same as the silver rack by removing the bottom shelf. Both racks could be made to match each other by using all 4 black legs on the front, and the silver at the back, in order to place them side-by-side for massive rackage(!) Both racks 535w x 435d. Silver 780mm high, black 860 high. Distance between shelves 185
  4. mikk

    SOLD: FS- Antec AV/amp cooler

    Hi @Grizzly, the item has just been picked up. Sorry for the slow reply, I just wanted to make sure the sale went through ok prior to getting back to you. sorry @Enzo0001, sold now.
  5. @Andrews_melb yep, sit inside- beanbag not shown! Great peace-of-mind knowing that nothing gets touched by tiny hands. Near field listening position a little unconventional, but necessary due to other acoustic issues.
  6. Fence it off! It’s the only sure way to avoid unnecessary pain.
  7. Note- pics 3 & 4 are the REAR of the stands.
  8. Item- B&W Stav24 speaker stands Location- Marrickville Sydney Price- $100 Condition- excellent, though there are 2 holes on the rear of each base, and 4 smaller holes on the rear of the vertical posts where the stands were temporarily used 'not as directed’ in the manual to mount some unusual speakers. Reason for sale- NLR Payment- cash on pickup
  9. Item- Antec AV cooling fan Location- Marrickville Price- $65. RRP $140 Condition- excellent Reason for sale- NLR Payment- cash on pickup http://store.antec.com/cooling/av-cooler.html Great item for sitting on top of amps or other equipment that tends to get a bit warm!
  10. Stupendous amp for the money. Effortless power delivery, and also great at low volume levels.
  11. True. The Gallo’s mid/high frequencies are brilliant. It all comes down to the choice of sub/s as to whether these speakers are true giant killers, or merely outstanding!
  12. They’re in new condition, ie, perfect and blemish-free. Less than 30 hours use, I’d guesstimate, so not run-in yet.
  13. Item- Anthony Gallo Strada 2 Speakers, with table stands Location- Marrickville NSW Price- $withdrawn from sale Condition- NEW. Bought new by me 3 months ago. Come with all original boxes and packaging. Reason for selling- I recently sold my Gallo Ref 3.1's and AV ref speakers, then missed them so much I bought these instead. Have upgraded now, and no longer required. Payment- cash on pickup, PayPal as friend. Shipping ok at cost. Extra info- bought new by me. Current price is $2798 from AV Australia ($1199 each speaker, $200 each stand), so save $1200 from new. Rave reviews from everyone, and a very unique (and awesome sounding) setup technique can be seen at Mapleshade https://shop.mapleshadestore.com/Gallo-Strada-2-Upgrade-Stands-Natural-Maple-pair/productinfo/STRA%2DUP2CL/ https://shop.mapleshadestore.com/Upgraded-Gallo-Strada-Reference/products/72/ http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/gallo14/1.html
  14. Item- Krell KAV-400xi 200WPC Integrated Amp Location- Marrickville NSW Price- Condition- excellent Reason for selling- NLR Payment- cash on pickup, PayPal as friend Extra info- I’m the second owner of this fantastic amp. It’s in excellent condition, and comes boxed with remote, instructions and power cord. It has home-theatre throughput, and can be used as a pre-only, or power-only amp. The pre-outs also allow easy subwoofer connection. All connections at rear of amp have just been treated with De-oxit cleaner, and De-oxit conditioner. Shipping possible at cost, though pickup preferred so buyer can see unit working perfectly prior to buying!