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  1. Wow, what a cracking Stereophile review. It's a pleasure to read about such obviously well designed and great sounding equipment. Can't imagine this amp taking too long to sell.
  2. https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/genelec-ones https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/video-reviews/2018/7/12/genelec-8331-sam-8341-sam-the-ones-studio-monitors-re-writing-the-rule-book https://darko.audio/2018/02/genelecs-the-ones-8341-think-inside-the-box/ https://www.musictech.net/reviews/genelec-the-ones-review/
  3. Item- 2 x Genelec 8341 SAM monitors, with Genelec GLM kit. Also available, 2 x 3m XLR interconnects to suit, using Neutrik plugs and Klotz MC5000 cable Location- Marrickville, Sydney Price- $6100, + $60 for XLR leads Condition- as-new, still under warranty. Reason for sale- trying something new Payment- cash, PayPal as friend. Shipping available at cost if no local interest. Extra info- Monitors present as-new, with boxes/manuals/packaging. Genelec offers a 2 year warranty, and this has 15 months remaining. Absolutely remarkable sounding 3-way monitors, contains 3 amps per speaker (250w/150w/150w), digital crossovers, digital and/or analogue input, 15ch parametric eq per speaker for room correction. Pinpoint imaging- the best I’ve heard from any speaker. Every review for the 'Ones' monitors is overwhelmingly positive, with Darko forking out for a pair with his own money. GLM/SAM capability means not only is the sound optimised for any speaker location, but also that awkward positioning (corners, close to walls etc) isn’t an issue. I can’t imagine the buyer of these monitors being disappointed. Measured in-room frequency response is flat down to around 35Hz, and I didn’t find I needed a sub. The Genelec 7360 would probably be the most appropriate IF lower bass is needed, and the GLM kit would allow the positioning of the sub anywhere in the room, with level, crossover and any required time delays taken care of automatically. Apparently this gives Kii-level performance, for much less money. It should be noted that Genelec's new monster W371 sub is also designed to go with 8341's. Pricey, but would be expected to deliver performance at least on-par with the vast majority of monitors at any price. RRP for 8341's is over $9000, and GLM kit over $600.
  4. RME ADI 2 Pro fs would probably do it, as well as being a DAC, as well as taking analogue input, as well as giving you bass management via 2 separate 5 band para eq, as well as having 2 DAC chips meaning digital crossover abilities and feeding mains/sub via separate outputs. I think the analogue input also has its own 5 band para eq too. I know it’s not really what you’re asking, however it would seem to be a good fit for your setup?! No remote though, if that’s important...
  5. Great to hear. I’ve been hoping you’d post an update to let us know how the Kii's are going! Having had a a very thorough listen to some 8341's over the last week, I can’t help but feel you’d have been happy with either option, though the Kii's definitely look prettier. I found the near field performance of the 8341's to be simply stupendous, driven straight from a PS Audio Directstream Jnr making it a very neat and simple system. if I had the budget, I’d probably go with Kii's too, although with Genelec just having released new 8351B and 8361 monitors, and a stupendous $15000 W371 'sub' to match the 8341/8351/8361 range, Kii definitely has some competition, especially once the cost of Kii,s bass modules were factored in. Either way, I suspect owners of either would be very happy! Best of luck getting the Kii's setup up and dialled in properly, I suspect you’ll be very impressed.
  6. Sensational looking monitors. Glad to see those extremely limited edition and extremely capable Genelecs being put to good use outside the music studio! Glws.
  7. Item- Thor PS-10 power conditioner, includes power board Price- $670. RRP is $1999 Location- Marrickville, Sydney Condition- excellent, includes all original packaging Reason for sale- no longer used Payment method- cash on pickup, or PayPal as friend Extra info- Retails for $1999. Selectable between 240 or 220V output. Power bard alone sells for a few hundred dollars. Pickup preferred, however can post at cost if there’s no local interest. The box is very large and heavy though, so might be a bit pricey! Photos show the excellent condition of the item, and also it doing a great job of reducing the voltage to a more acceptable level...
  8. Hi Bill, I’d like to buy these if still available. Pm sent.
  9. Stereophile class A+ DAC. Surprised at no takers yet!
  10. I’d like to go backup if the sale doesn’t proceed. Thanks.
  11. Item- SGR Signature rack- single level. Can be used as an extra level for an existing Signature rack, OR as a stand-alone single level amp stand with the supplied Finite Elemente Ceraball vibration isolation feet Location- Marrickville Price- $800 or $950, firm. See below. Condition- excellent Reason- not being used Payment- cash on pickup, PayPal as friend. Insured/registered postage available at buyers expense. Dimensions 750 x 560 x 130, 15kg packed. Extra- awesome quality rack, one of the best available, IMHO. $800 is for the rack level, including 4 x 330mm legs, in order to add another level to an existing rack. Ie, doesn’t include Ceraball feet or post caps. $950 is for everything as shown, including Ceraball feet and post caps, in order to use as a standalone rack, and/or extension to an existing rack. New Ceraballs are $400, so a bargain here at the price! The cable tidy's are removable. Platform size 510w x 460d Overall rack size 690w x 460d without cable tidy's, 690w x 500d with tidy's Weight limit is 45kg max with 12 sorbothane pads. 4 pads are supplied, giving a 15kg max limit. 8 pads give a 30kg max limit. More pads are available from SGR, and the pads are moveable to suit unbalanced loads.
  12. I can’t help with a pre amp suggestion,but wanted to say that I’m very happy with the Nord NC500 One Up, fitted with Rev C Sparkos op amps. I’ve heard that people using Sonic Imagery op amps like the sound of valve Pre-amps, however the Sparkos is kinda valvey already, and sounds great fed directly from a Chord Hugo. So, my suggestion would be to get the amp that you want, get used to the sound, and then get a Pre to suit. If funds allow, nords new NC1200 amp would be an absolute ripper! FWIW, I think there’s a Nord Pre on eBay UK at the moment, if that suits.
  13. For what it’s worth, I was using an iPad mini 4 with Tidal for all my music. The iPad fed a Chord Hugo DAC via its FireWire to USB camera connector, with a Curious cable. It sounded great, but once I tried using a cheapo laptop solely used for music/tidal, feeding the Chord Hugo vis a PS audio LANRover, the audio quality took a significant jump up. Also on the plus side is that the LANRover sender can be a looooong way from the receiver, with a very long Ethernet cable connecting them, in case that’s advantageous in your situation? So yes, iPad is great, and so much easier to use than a PC, but once audio quality is also considered a pc isn’t too bad after all...
  14. Sounds like it’s been pretty hard work to get your curve looking as good as it does? I can only assume that your system sounds as good as it looks?!
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