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  1. Hi Bill, I’d like to buy these if still available. Pm sent.
  2. Stereophile class A+ DAC. Surprised at no takers yet!
  3. I’d like to go backup if the sale doesn’t proceed. Thanks.
  4. Item- SGR Signature rack- single level. Can be used as an extra level for an existing Signature rack, OR as a stand-alone single level amp stand with the supplied Finite Elemente Ceraball vibration isolation feet Location- Marrickville Price- $800 or $950, firm. See below. Condition- excellent Reason- not being used Payment- cash on pickup, PayPal as friend. Insured/registered postage available at buyers expense. Dimensions 750 x 560 x 130, 15kg packed. Extra- awesome quality rack, one of the best available, IMHO. $800 is for the rack level, including 4 x 330mm legs, in order to add another level to an existing rack. Ie, doesn’t include Ceraball feet or post caps. $950 is for everything as shown, including Ceraball feet and post caps, in order to use as a standalone rack, and/or extension to an existing rack. New Ceraballs are $400, so a bargain here at the price! The cable tidy's are removable. Platform size 510w x 460d Overall rack size 690w x 460d without cable tidy's, 690w x 500d with tidy's Weight limit is 45kg max with 12 sorbothane pads. 4 pads are supplied, giving a 15kg max limit. 8 pads give a 30kg max limit. More pads are available from SGR, and the pads are moveable to suit unbalanced loads.
  5. I can’t help with a pre amp suggestion,but wanted to say that I’m very happy with the Nord NC500 One Up, fitted with Rev C Sparkos op amps. I’ve heard that people using Sonic Imagery op amps like the sound of valve Pre-amps, however the Sparkos is kinda valvey already, and sounds great fed directly from a Chord Hugo. So, my suggestion would be to get the amp that you want, get used to the sound, and then get a Pre to suit. If funds allow, nords new NC1200 amp would be an absolute ripper! FWIW, I think there’s a Nord Pre on eBay UK at the moment, if that suits.
  6. For what it’s worth, I was using an iPad mini 4 with Tidal for all my music. The iPad fed a Chord Hugo DAC via its FireWire to USB camera connector, with a Curious cable. It sounded great, but once I tried using a cheapo laptop solely used for music/tidal, feeding the Chord Hugo vis a PS audio LANRover, the audio quality took a significant jump up. Also on the plus side is that the LANRover sender can be a looooong way from the receiver, with a very long Ethernet cable connecting them, in case that’s advantageous in your situation? So yes, iPad is great, and so much easier to use than a PC, but once audio quality is also considered a pc isn’t too bad after all...
  7. Sounds like it’s been pretty hard work to get your curve looking as good as it does? I can only assume that your system sounds as good as it looks?!
  8. The sub output is as shown separately on my post previous to that you quoted, and indicates that it’s still generating meaningful output much higher than the crossover setting frequency, and actually goes a long way to filling a dip between 80-180hz, thanks to its very gentle roll off. A 30hz crossover setting, in this instance, with my particular sub, provides the best results possible, whether or not the frequency content of the music played goes anywhere near that low. Having said that, the dial markings on the sub are pretty vague, making REW measurements all the more important...
  9. It looks improved to me, does it sound improved?! Perhaps the REW waterfall would show time domain improvements too. Is your low bass nice and clean, or a bit boomy and 'one note'? I’d love a bit more bass in my setup, but it simply isn’t possible in its current position without things turning to mush. It took a while to learn to live with that fact, but that’s just how it is!
  10. No LFE processing is applied, or available with my setup. The main speakers get a full range signal, and the sub is sent a full range signal to which it applies it own low pass filter. Sub low pass freq is set to the lowest possible setting. in an ideal world, my sub would be bigger/go lower, and the main speakers would have a high pass filter around (maybe) 60hz applied. Ive taken another measurement with the sub and L/R main speakers combined, which is prob what I should have posted initially, and it looks pretty good. Explains why the sub helps so much in critical listening- even with the crossover set to 30hz, it’s still helping much higher up too. Either way, my system is in a VERY compromised room location, so to get results like that shown below is quite satisfying!
  11. An old thread, I know, but a good one, so I thought I’d add to it with my curves... sub + left + right shown, 1/6 smoothing. Wish I could do something about the slight 80-180hz dip, but considering the challenges of the current room setup it’s the best that’s going to happen, and I’m enjoying how it sounds very much. Mmmicro One speakers, Rega Vulcan sub.
  12. Wow, what an impressive piece of gear. Very tempting, though at this price should sell quickly regardless. I’m hoping for my sake it’s sold already!
  13. What a bargain. Bill, would you mind letting me know how you wired these up? Ie, 2 wires to positive, 2 wires to negative? Or otherwise?! I ask because I recently had to put new plugs on my interconnects (Chord Chameleon silver plus) which also use 4 wires, and found 1 wire connected to positive, 2 wires connected to negative, with the 4th wire not connected. I suppose each manufacturer does it differently, but interested in seeing how you did yours, and if you’ve tried different ways? Thanks.
  14. Looks like a lot of work has gone into making these. Can you tell us anything about the cabinet design/specs/size? Thanks.
  15. Items- 2 Apollo HiFi racks. Black 5 shelf and silver 4 shelf. Location- Marrickville, Sydney Price- $90 for black, $80 for silver Condition- excellent Reason for sale- bought new rack Payment- cash on pickup Other- both racks fitted with spikes. Black rack can be made to look the same as the silver rack by removing the bottom shelf. Both racks could be made to match each other by using all 4 black legs on the front, and the silver at the back, in order to place them side-by-side for massive rackage(!) Both racks 535w x 435d. Silver 780mm high, black 860 high. Distance between shelves 185
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