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  1. Good to see the ABC posting the same boring click bate vinyl story Im sure many here already know CD is still outselling vinyl world wide no matter how may news articles “predict” it will change https://darko.audio/2020/02/the-cd-is-still-the-king-of-physical-formats-in-germany/
  2. I used the roon trial imho it’s the friendliest interface I have ever come across for streaming files to my amp and loved how tidal worked with similar music recommendations it’s just a pain I own a MusicCast amp - it does work great through AirPlay on my iPhone I don’t know if I would use it enough to justify paying for it
  3. It really is I would have hoped with the boom they may have come down but they are getting more expensive .... The new interest has been great in other ways I will admit So many more stores are stocking vinyl and more companies are making turntables etc It's just odd that every week you read a news article about how many records have been sold and how no one buys CDs anymore when that is just not true
  4. The vm95 audio technica carts would be the safest bet with new Rega P2
  5. I'm surprised no one has tried this and put a video on YouTube yet
  6. I'm starting to wonder if the vinyl revival is just a play by record labels to get everyone to buy everything on vinyl again I love vinyl but the more I think about it the more suspicious I get
  7. https://darko.audio/2020/01/cds-outsold-vinyl-5-to-1-in-the-uk-in-2019/ The death of cds is not as soon as you may want
  8. Around Vic Park then Burswood or Lathlain im guessing
  9. I have never seen a rental like that before amazing Is it in Maylands ?
  10. Are you looking at a new P2 seriously consider the AT VM Cartridge range the new Rega RB220 tonearm is preset to track at around 2 grams and unless you want to use magnets or other little tricks you will find on other forums you will have issues with most carts I found this out myself - the AT VM carts have a recommended tracking of 1.8 and 2.2 and and solved all my issues - google new Rega skipping anti skate issues
  11. The Pixies Albums Are The Standard Reissues I Picked Most Them Up A Few Months Ago From JB https://www.discogs.com/Pixies-Surfer-Rosa/release/6068217 https://www.discogs.com/Pixies-Doolittle/release/2449546 https://www.discogs.com/Pixies-Bossanova/release/1899480
  12. The RB220 arm has been frustrating me for weeks the automatic bias adjustment is what is causing the issues
  13. Reminds me of the Vestax VRX-2000 from years ago
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