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  1. Yes I learn about Decca from Lenco Heaven and Decca Club forums and now a Decca lover. I have got a Decca Super Gold and 2 Decca C4E all had been rebuilt by John Wright. With the right synergy of arm and TT they perform (IME) magic and I like Decca Cartridges very much. I am not comparing as there is no end to it and I do have other good cartridges like Kansui and Ortofon A90 on my other TT. Cheers, Keng.
  2. As mentioned earlier I did make up new arm wands and they are 120 mm long. The weird looking thing next is the first generation Trans-Fi knife edge arm that I bought before its call Terminator. Can't remember much (for a 75yo) on the mechanical changes as it was done many years ago, did remember replacing the black plastic ring under the big thick greyish rubber ring with three shorter segments of 7000 series Alu to reduce internal motor resonance/vibration to ensure the motor runs quieter. I happen to have made a spare set just in case a new SP10 joins my collection. Those three pieces next to the black ring were the replacements for the black ring. Attached photos.
  3. Just rotate the black knob at the top clockwise or counter and if you have the digital caliper option you'll be able an adjust the height within .01mm. Keng.
  4. Hi Owen, One other important point I like to mention is IMO geometrically a slight tracking set up error in a normal radial arm may result some compromises in part of the tracking and usually the first and/or last track is close to acceptable. With the tracking error of a Linear Track arm is a different story altogether. It’s either gradually getting bad all the way from first track to the last or gradually getting worse from the last track. Cheers, Keng.
  5. Hi Owen, Yes I did saw that link years after my creation of the mounting base. Whether you notice the arm mounting screw still rely on a single screw. Most with some mechanical engineering experiences will know when one tightens a screw it is unavoidable that the piece the screw is supposed to hold will move minutely. That minute movement is enough to cause the Terminator to move/rotate upon that one screw whilst being tightens. As I was (retired) a mechanical designer besides other precision professional experiences I thought out of a concept that enables me to fine tune the whole Terminator forward or backward and radially as close to the theoretical line/track of the stylus movement from the outer track tangential point towards the centre of the TT spindle. Now I am talking about stylus moving from first track to the last track of the record within less than 0.05 mm conservatively. That is within less than 0.05 mm to the recording cutting head of the lathe. As we are aiming for the stylus to travel from the tangential point at the first track to the centre of the TT spindle close to perfect as anything less defeat the purpose of linear tracking otherwise conventional arms would (IMO) be a better compromise in performance and setting up. My creation allows me to just place the whole Terminator on the plinth and tighten four screws that whole the arm base onto the plinth. I then adjust radially and slide forward or backward over the line of the HFN template without the frustration of try and error that I experienced prior to my creation unless a “close enough is good enough” attitude is adopted. I am very happy with this set up but in some occasion I find it too accurate for some recordings and my other two TT with normal radial arms manage to camouflage the defects. In general I use the SP10 with the Terminator as often as those other two TT. Cheers, Keng.
  6. SOMETHING DIFFERENT: This project started in 2008 and originally this something different was my prototype but I was/am so pleased eventually ended up as my final in 2009. I visually copied the original plinth of the SP10 and I designed and made the rest of the plinth. The basic of the arm is the TRANS-Fi Terminator but I have completely redesigned and remanufacture to suit the SP10 plinth and improvised to ease of setting up and normal usage. The only bit I retained from the original is the horizontal sliding bar. IMV many users found linear track is not as good as compared to the normal arms and I can comprehend being a mechanical designer. I have also redesigned and made many arm wands (terminator) over the years. This allows me to have as many cartridges as I can afford and the original TRANS-Fi intelligent concept facilitates arm wand changes (with the cartridge already attached prior) in less than 5 minutes, jokes aside. The azimuth can be pre-set and is a matter of keeping a record for the VTA to be very easily adjusted via the digital calliper to within 0.01mm. The SP10 have been fully re-capped and some mechanical modifications. I used to have access to super precision 5 axis CNC machining centres and the above was a breeze to achieve.
  7. I will be interested if my sale of Watt Puppy 7 is successful!!! Good recorder!!!! GLTS
  8. Ohhhhh yes sweet. Creeping to 1300 views but no serious enquiry yet!!! 1300 views?????
  9. Dacman thanks at least you got it and just enjoy red or black!!
  10. Audiohifiaudio, Thanks for the good words but there are lots out there very much better and costlier. This pair is absolutely value for money and hope that someone will take up the advantage on this sale!!!
  11. Yes Mord sad to part was trying to hang on for some years!!!!!!
  12. Item: WATT PUPPY 7 ….. PIANO BLACK Location: Melbourne Price: $9900 O.N.O. Item Condition: NM ABSOLUTELY NO SCRATCHES. Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: bank transfer and COD upon pick up. Extra Info: THESE PAIR IS AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN GET TO NEW CONDITION!!!!!!!!!!! I am the original owner of these pair of Watt Puppy 7 belongs to my second system and has only been used very rarely since the sale of the second system a few years ago. Was a keeper for emotional reason but have now retired and like to see if I can convert into cash. All tools, manual, boxes, bags and shipping crates are complete and well preserved. I am not in the position to provide more photos other than those shown taken without moving the speakers as these things are heavy to move around. If you are able to view on site would be highly recommended and test them out while you are on site. No time waster please. THE SEPARATE UNIT IN THEIR PERSPECTIVE CRATE IS MANAGABLE BUT THEY ARE VERY HEAVY A LOCAL PICK UP PREFERRED UNLESS YOU CAN ARRANGE FOR YOUR OWN COURIER OR SOMEONE TO PICK UP AS IT IS VERY HEAVY!! I AM OPEN TO DISCUSSING THE LOGISTICS PART OF IT. As always donation will be made when sold. If you are interested please PM me. Pictures:
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