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  1. Further information: Selling a pair of 2.5m Audioquest Gibraltar biwire with banana plugs on both ends. Just surplus to my need and declutering stuff that's pilling up here (yes, she says). Pick up is in Travancore area or I can post these out at buyers expense. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't incl
  2. Further information: For sale is a pair of AR58 BXi. If I'm not mistaken, these are the last of their speakers under the Teledyne umbrella before they started branching to home theatre prologic stuff. The cabinet is in immaculate condition, dare I say like day one. The foam on the woofers and mids have deteriorate and will need refoaming, both the tweeters are performing as they should. These are really heavily braced and constructed, sealed infinite baffle enclosure stuffed with acoustic blanket and weighing close to 23kg each. Pick up is the
  3. Don't know if the thread still alive or not but this just my 2 cents as a proud owner of a pair of these beaut', safe to say I stopped on my hifi nirvana journey as soon as I came across these 2 bad boys. I haven't heard the Wilson puppies, nor a high end Martin Logans, nor the Duntech Sovereign, nor the B&W 801's (those are my "if only I'd say no at the altar" wish list) and nor I would be able to afford any of them in the near or any future in this lifetime lolz. But by God, the AR9 are the most accurate, 3 dimensional, sweetest female vocals, cleanest percussion
  4. Some more info on the net, the housing is not actually aluminium, but it's die cast magnesium alloy and it is time aligned design and carbon tweeter with neodymium magnet, which explains the sweet highs.
  5. And lolz, while we're at it, check out the gear that kenwood, jvc and pioneer were making back in the 70's (droooooll).
  6. I also haven't tried many bookshelves my self, I sort of stop my hifi nirvana journey on a pair of Teledyne AR9, and as a comparison, I'm quite amaze that a Sony can make a sound like these. The top end is actually more crisper than the AR, maybe it's the neodymium magnets, the 3 dimensional and depths are comparable but obviously the AR fills the room a bit more. And just like the AR, it needs a decent amp to make it sounds to it's full potential and if I can make a small imperfection side note, the bottom end is not as extended, but we are comparing a 4.5" with a twin 12" in an
  7. Forgot to mention, total weight of each speaker with the stand is about 10kg.
  8. Further information: Selling a pair of Sony SS-LA500ED speakers with the matching WSFV500 floorstands. I have no idea on how much these would normally goes for as I couldn't find any reference locally, so please advise if the pricing is way off. SPECS Speaker System Type - satellite speaker Drivers - 1 x 11cm woofer, 1 x 2.5cm carbon tweeter Cabinet construction - Die cast Magnesium alloy
  9. Selling an as new Bose RC48S2-40 Lifestyle expansion multiroom remote control. The unit was purchased as a spare and never used, in excellent as new condition. Compatibility: Bose Personal Music Center II Bose Lifestyle 48 Bose Lifestyle 38 Bose Lifestyle SA-2 Bose Lifestyle SA-3 I have 2 available for sale, both are never used.
  10. Selling a pair of Bose SA3 multiroom amplifier. In excellent as new condition, these were spares and rarely used. Comes with the power adapter and bose link cable. Pick up is at Travancore, melbourne or I can post this out at your expense.
  11. Selling a pair of Bose SA2 multiroom amplifier. In exxellent as new condition, these were spares and rarely used. Comes with the power adapter and bose link cable. Pick up is at Travancore, melbourne or I can post this out at your expense.
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