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  1. Item: 18" Down firing Mal-X Subwoofer from Aslan Location: Hunter Valley, NSW. Near Branxton/Maitland/Singleton Price: $1,500 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Moved house and not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I may well rue this day, but being prudent and honest with myself I really don't need this beast....Only selling because we've moved house and only have room for one system now (not 3 as in the last house!) It has some light scratches on the outside. The inside (not on the photo) sides should be perfect High quality Audio Point spikes included Its about 600 x 600 x 600 I feed this thing with a 1,000 watt QSC amp (not for sale) and it laps it up. More punch than Tyson is his hay day. It weighs more than your average mother in law. Come "armed" to lift it. Sooks need not apply. This is a real man's sub. Its in a plywood shipping crate, so I can freight anywhere. I could also deliver locally.
  2. Peter the Greek

    FS: VAF Soundwall Speakers

    Item: 2 x Vaf Soundwall speaker modules Location: Hunter Valley, NSW (Near Branxton/Maitland/Singleton) Price: $1,000 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Moved and no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 2 Vaf Soundwall speakers. In excellent condition, hardly used. In my study. The grills are 1/4 strength Dulux Hogbristle - basically white/slight off white Vaf can make you any coloured grill you can dream of. Images too - http://vaf.com.au/vaf-speakers/soundwall/ They're in a ply box now, so shipping is possible Pictures:
  3. Peter the Greek

    FS: Acoustic Art Panels

    Item: Acoustic Art Panels Location: Hunter Valley NSW, near Maitland/Branxton/Singleton Price: Varies, see below Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Moved House/Not Needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Four Acoustic Panels for Sale - all 50mm thick (with Acoustisorb3) Knox Gorge: 900 x 2400 $1,000 The Chute: 1330 x 520 $500 Fire Girl: 1200 x 800 $650 Hamersley Gorge: 1600 x 430 $500 Boatshed: $750 (2300 x 520)
  4. Item: 10" Aslan Sub with RGSW2 AV Redgum Subwoofer Plate Location: Hunter Valley, NSW - near Branxton/Singleton/Maitland Price: $1,250 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Moved house / not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This sub punches way, way above its weight. Its a superb little thing. I believe its a custom P-Audio driver. Comes with the Red Gum Amp Plate. Has the odd scratch on top, but hard to see with the laminated ply construction - easily buffed out. Only selling because we're moving house and I don't want it in storage for several year's whilst we build a new place Amp details (sells for $790 buy itself): 200WRMS power output into 8 ohms (300WRMS into 4 ohms) using a 300va transformer Fully sealed plate for installation direct into subwoofer enclosure wall Electronic Crossover adjustable from 20Hz to 200Hz Highly-stable, Audiophile-quality MOSFET output stages Phase reversal switch for ease of position adjustment Level control to allow matching with a wide range of Home Theatre systems ‘Always On’ allows for instant operation with no ‘warm-up period Power switch incorporates overload circuit-breaker with ‘trip’ light Rigid one-piece heat-sink and plate prevent vibration Attractive slimline design: 250H x 172W x (60 internal + 30 external) D mm; 9.8H x 6.8W x (2.4 internal + 1.2 external) D in Pictures:
  5. Howdy, thanks for he comments. I would not use room in room again. For two reasons: 1. Its actually rather expensive, bt the time you buy the timber for the frames and then the HY joists for the ceiling 2. Clips and channel are better in my opinion and subsequent experience. They give the wall some flex (good thing), they're very easy to install and quicker compared to framing out, and they take up a LOT less space. I am not sure if they're "quite" as effective, but they're pretty darn close and given the other advantages I'd be happy with it. Unless of course you have a VERY cheap supply of framing timber....but even then
  6. LOL, you say that, but I doubt you've been living with one of these as your only source of sound for the past 2 years! I'm over it
  7. We're DIY'ing our entire home at present...probably 4-5 months to go until its "finished" (sort of). That will include getting our old living room system back up and running in what will be our study area, which adjoins the dining area, and my wife's sewing area. Post that, these need to find their way into boxes, we need to find some cash for a LOT of new amps and DSP's (say $15k), and then we'll have a 3.5 channel system in our living room. Open plan, but still with an AT screen and a good amount of treatments.....then longer term its a question of priorities......we'd like to build a house on our place (110 acres), but that is a big undertaking, and will no doubt include a suitably grand cinema. Note: that's the old house
  8. We dragged my good speakers down there to enjoy the room for a while after we sold
  9. The finished product: This is a "normal" solid core door that sealed the air lock passage. Not a whisper of sound could be heard from the other side
  10. The crap speakers I left behind, the buyer was a prick, so I left what I had laying around. The left and rights are pretty decent actually (QSC):
  11. Detail of how the ceiling went together
  12. 600 x 600 panels for the ceilings. These were all BADS, 50mm thick with the laminating film in between