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  1. Your council will likely have a definition of what a granny flat is in terms of SQM. Presumably you want some sort of complying or exempt DA? I'd just talk to them on a no-names basis. If its deemed "illegal" your insurance company may (will) refuse payouts if its damaged, fire, theft etc
  2. Superb, thanks! Just need optical or coax I suppose. Is $100 out of the question? I'm liking the idea of this. The PC stays on nearly 24/7 and is plenty powerful enough and is hard wired to the router.
  3. So if I have this right, I could run the Roon server on a PC and then have an "endpoint" hooked up to the hifi which would stream the music to it? Where can I find a list of endpoint hardware? A quick google search suggests a chromecast with an optical out cable? The PC doesn't have wifi - presumably that wont stop me from using an ipad to run Roon via an endpoint?
  4. If that mass in the walls in insufficient to stop the flanking, then you'll need to go the 2 layers....in my overkill approach to soundproofing, I'd say just do it (the two layers). It'll cost more though as you'll need more clips and more channel for the extra weight
  5. @Battler009 I'd allow room to clip and channel the whole thing. But you might be lucky enough that there is enough mass to stop the bass. Maybe. Otherwise get the opinion of a professional. Actually, you'd probably need to line it anyway?
  6. Bummer. Looks like I'll be watching the new Bose 700 reviews with interest. Thanks for the insights
  7. Here is a good summary of the main contenders: https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/bkmuuw/battle_sony_1000xm3_bose_qc35_vs_beyerdynamic/ I think I need to get a usb dac for my phone. The Bose just dont do it for me (sound wise), but they are so stupidly comfortable to wear
  8. @dalethorn how'd you come by these? I didn't think they were available yet?
  9. Anyone else watched this? I reckon its brilliant, highly recommended https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5788792/
  10. Practically speaking, I dont like carpet so will never have it. Dust, dog hair etc etc. I've found very pleasing results with a hard floor and completely treated ceiling. I'd happily do it again I probably wouldn't want a hard floor without some pretty heavy treatments elsewhere (front wall, ceiling etc)
  11. Could I ask in what sense they caused fatigue? (I'm considering a pair)
  12. God damn.....Qantas store did the same thing during the week.....bah!
  13. Hi Folks, This goes live in an hour or two https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2019/06/deals-get-sony-1000xm3-noise-cancelling-headphones-for-289-ebay-sale/ I want a new headset for work that is wired and closed back. I figure I could use these. I know they're wireless, but call me paranoid about EMF Would there be a better closed back, over ear option out there for that sort of money? ~$300 Needs to be closed and needs to have a mic for calls
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