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  1. I recently needed a new headset for my phone and opted for the 2000's - only because they have a mic, which the 3000 model doesn't. They're quite good - you've got to consider the price here. Pretty cheap and basic, but an improvement over my very old outgoing Sennheisers
  2. We're seeing him at Hope Estate (winery in the Hunter Valley) in January. Cannot wait! I've not read/listened to his book yet, but the Mrs reckons its superb. Taking Miss 7.5 with us. She's thrilled. It'll be her second concert (first being Adele - 90,000 people at Stadium Australia). We've set the bar high for her.
  3. What are its dimensions? does it fit standing inside the BBQ? (assuming it has a hood)
  4. Yep thats what I got her - in fact I think they have another slightly more expensive one. Funnily enough the reason we got this phone was not becuase of its audiophile rep, rather because she keeps dropping them (farm work). The LG seemed to have the best resistance of the non-rugged phones. Which are still miles off in functionality/reliability
  5. Anyone know a good screen protector for these? I got one for my wife recently and the glass one we got is rubbish, keeps coming off.....looking for a new one
  6. Oh right - do you remember the species? looks good, I like it
  7. One option I'd encourage is going and get say 4 bags on insulation nothing sexy, just whats available. Putting them in the corners and see if it helps. If it does, great, go looking for a nicer option, if not, put the bats in your ceiling. Might cost you 2-300.
  8. Apparently the result is provisional until a hearing on the Gold Coast to determine the DJR/Penske behaviour during that safety care period......dodgy A strange race with the delayed start too. I thought the last hour was excellent viewing - typically is. The betting odds were funny. I looked up Reynolds at position 22? on the grid - only paying $9.5. There were some good moves from the back to the top 10 from the look of it. I wanted another Lowndes win....don't know why - I feel he behaves better than the younger guys (not unexpected I suppose). Cool to see Tander on the podium
  9. I'll say it one last time - bad idea. No mass. We have a coolroom made of 100mm thick PIR panels. The door is 100mm thick too and its got an excellent rubber seal around it. I can quite easily speak to my wife inside or out.
  10. Nope. No mass, no damping, and most likely no isolation. Read here https://www.soundproofingcompany.com/soundproofing101
  11. Get them to use greenglue or similar instead of the felt
  12. Forget the sliding door. 2 reasons, they completely suck for sound proofing, not that you are employing such methods, but no point in making it worse. Second - if you need to hang something on it - speaker, acoustic panel etc, you can with a swing door.
  13. Flip it, or move the door to the other end. Well not quite in the corner.
  14. If its sunken, I'd have the door at riser level i.e. 300mm above the room's floor level. Walk onto the riser. Its a very practical way to do it, you can have a full riser from side to side, and it gives the roomer a grander entrance in my opinion - you walk in and look down. This will need a minimum ceiling height of 2700 in that room. This can get expensive. It might be cheaper to do the whole house that height. Build it as a bass trap - search the forum for riser bass trap. Or AVS. If you can't find it I'll dig out the articles for you. You'll want a larger screen I reckon.
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