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  1. Talk to the supplier of the clips. I'd have thought not to put anything between the block and the clips - its usually used to stop cavities resonating like a drum. Presumably you're going to clip and channel the whole room?
  2. I'll be frank. Your lack of knowledge on the subject is likely to lead to more bad than good. Just fit out the room and see how you like the sound. If there is an issue, pay a professional to help - Red Spade Audio would be a good place in Vic. It'll be cheaper in the long run. PS....just put the damn doors on gumtree and cop it on the chin. They're in a hallway, no one will ever appreciate them
  3. I missed the windows......you're pretty much stuffed, unless they're big double glazed thermally broken jobs? Be rid of the doors, line the room with 2 layers of 16mm fire rated board and hope for the best.......I'd still spend money on clips and channel though...can't easily do it again
  4. Yes and you can't - unless you hinge mount the bloody things and seal appropriately. Doing that with such large doors is hard...trust me, I've tried. You say you're on a budget - the number one thing you need to do first if you're doing to want it soundproofed is isolation. Given the small size of the room, every inch matters. You need to clip and channel the whole thing. You can add layers of dense plasterboard later if you want/can afford. But unless you isolate that room day one and be rid of the doors, you're totally wasting your money. Here's the layout for my old
  5. I had a similar sized room - not as wide. This might give you some ideas on layout/spacing:
  6. I've lived with rooms like this......not fun. More rugs will do SFA. If it were me, I'd start by covering the front wall i.e. behind the speakers in a suitable acoustic panel. I'd cover the whole thing for aesthetics. Then see. If that doesn't fix it, do the back wall. Then see. If that still hasn't got you there, consideration to the side walls, but that is a risky business without knowing what your speakers off axis response is. Practically speaking you just want to get the sabin count up. Actually, my first suggestion would be to cover the ceiling in panels, but that
  7. That's annoying. I was hoping it'd be a "normal" coax cable like Skymuster uses or what we run up to our 4G antenna......we live in a lined "shouse" getting cable up onto the roof whilst not impossible can be painful. I was really wanting to just switch out the Skymuster one....bugger
  8. Yep, we're testing 4g optus with an antenna at present. Ditching Skyduster shortly. This Starlink thing looks promising....I'll wait and see how the hardware works first. Anyone know what cable runs to the dish?
  9. Beautiful work, thank you for sharing! Way out of our budget sadly.....I'll stick with QSC....maybe I could get one to run my tweeters....
  10. Superb! mind if I ask the all up cost? Having multiple Toroid was my concern - space, cost, heat etc.....I say that like I know what I'm talking about. I've NFI
  11. I don't suppose by chance anyone has done a fan upgrade on one of these? I'm sick to death of the noise. I found one reference online to a Noctua upgrade, but it was a bit hit and miss - didn't work, then worked etc. Its got 40x40x20 fans in it. 12v I'm pretty sure
  12. Nice write up. Does he do a multi channel amp kit? Say 8 channels or more? Nothing mentioned on the website and I've never wanted to hassle him about it as I'm not currently in the market.
  13. Shun and Henckel and some old [shudder] Mundials - I hack the pumpkin with those. I also have a set of F-Dick butchers knives I use for field dressing. They're good, they keep a great edge. I'd really like this guy to make me one....or several....but at close to a grand each that aint happening.
  14. What's the floor covering? Not that it really matters. I'm really happy with my 18" mal. It's down firing
  15. Riteo. Acoustic Elegance told me not to mount PRs on the same baffle as the driver. Better to have like your second Imagine. I've not built mine yet.
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