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  1. Item: AVP Price Range: ~$300 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for an old, working, but totally outdated avp. Preferably with balanced outputs. Doesn't need many channels, nor hdmi. Just after something that was perhaps top of it's game back in the day, collecting dust now. Needs an optical input.
  2. Not quite. You're going to miss out on dynamic range if the sound floor of the room is above that of the recording. All rooms have bass issues, they can be fixed with in room techniques and eq. You can't solve for a low sound floor any other way than building big, heavy, isolated, damped walls, floors, and ceiling.....doors, HVAC vents
  3. @murrmax love your work! got any WIP pics you can share? What ware they? PHL and RAAL? Are those amps in those wooden boxes?
  4. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/spandex-screen-visual-quality.3150162/ This saddens me greatly.....I didn't want to DIY a screen again! Now it looks like I'll have to! The economics are way too hard to ignore.... Thanks @niterida!
  5. I forgot to say - angling walls is generally a bad idea in my opinion. All it does is change the angle of incidence, and its going to do SFA for bass. You're better off keeping parallel walls and controlling what you want done with reflections (absorb, diffuse, both, or nothing).
  6. You can make a frame, staple it, then hang your existing black frame/border over it. PITA, but if money is tight....
  7. Get some proper fabric http://www.seymourav.com/store.php How will you attach it?
  8. I'm certainly no expert. I did these ones with a Festool track saw and some biscuits. Worked well enough. I'd echo @Ihearmusic's comments about play in cheap tools. I've got a GMC drop saw at the in-laws place. It wobbled like a drunk sailor.
  9. PS if I was doing a new, dedicated build. I'd be hiring a pro to help with the design work. One of the big American guys (Yates, Erskine et al)
  10. As big as you can afford. Noting the gear need may well (ok will) change as it gets bigger. In saying that, my approach is as follows: 1. Decide on how many people 2. Type of seat and desired seating arrangement (rows etc) 3. Decide a preferred MLP 4. Add 1m to each side from the nearest chair and the back wall (2m for the back wall if you can) That gives a room rough width 5. Draw a 45 degree triangle from the to determine L and R position - keeping them 1m the side wall 6. Add 1m to allow for a baffle wall or other such arrangements 7. If a
  11. Sorry to be a PITA. Just to confirm, so when you go to your own profile, you can browse through your listed posts, topics etc. You can't make a search function to just search your own content, which has already been narrowed down in your profile? That's be a few thousand entries, not 4.5m. AVS has something similar, put the user name in and then word search their content.
  12. Does the Google site search picks up the Chillout room forum? I did try that, without any luck
  13. Thanks. Fair enough. I don't suppose you could add a search profile function without date limitations? That'd be really handy/just as good.
  14. P.S. @Marc the forum search function couldn't find this thread....really irritating. I know its old, but still......this isn't the first time I've had issues.
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