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  1. Get them to use greenglue or similar instead of the felt
  2. Forget the sliding door. 2 reasons, they completely suck for sound proofing, not that you are employing such methods, but no point in making it worse. Second - if you need to hang something on it - speaker, acoustic panel etc, you can with a swing door.
  3. Flip it, or move the door to the other end. Well not quite in the corner.
  4. If its sunken, I'd have the door at riser level i.e. 300mm above the room's floor level. Walk onto the riser. Its a very practical way to do it, you can have a full riser from side to side, and it gives the roomer a grander entrance in my opinion - you walk in and look down. This will need a minimum ceiling height of 2700 in that room. This can get expensive. It might be cheaper to do the whole house that height. Build it as a bass trap - search the forum for riser bass trap. Or AVS. If you can't find it I'll dig out the articles for you. You'll want a larger screen I reckon.
  5. Wow, done by hand! I'm impressed....what a PITA of a task.
  6. Room looks great! good outcome with the ceiling 😉 Nice to see another hard floor without the need for a rug or carpet. So much better in my opinion. Presumably you get a bit of screen reflection though?
  7. https://www.minidsp.com/products/plate-amplifiers/il-dsp-headphone-amp miniDSP have entered the portable USB market. Looks interesting, good price too assuming it delivers the goods
  8. Phones, laptops etc - I want to get one of those dragonfly dacs at some point size?
  9. Looks don't bother me so much. My current arrangement is a cheapish pair of Sennheiser buds. I had liked the appeal of an over ear model, but I think in hindsight the in ears are better for me. No heat issues and more portable etc I use the qc35s at home a little, but as I say, I find them dull. Super comfortable though, which is why I got them for my daughter. Comfort and SQ are paramount
  10. My first test for these things is comfort and my benchmark to date has been the QC35's. It seems universally agreed the P9 is a lot less comfortable by comparison. Its a shame I find the QC35's "dull" ....aggh this is annoying. I'm starting to think a pair of CIEM's would be a better solution for me...and that isn't a cheap option from the look of it.... I need to hot foot it down to Sydney to listen to some Thanks all for the discussion.
  11. Yep. Its interesting. You've got to look hard for a negative review on the P9. Most of the common sites, including SNA are pretty glowing.....piss poor
  12. Nice. Very cool. What amps and dsp are you using?
  13. Wow! High praise indeed. I've been wanting to hear them since I saw Quested started using them. Very cool. What's the laundry list? I's pretty sure you've used PHL. What about Acoustic Elegance?
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