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  1. Way too narrow.....coming from someone whi lived in one for 12 months..... A small shed, adequately soundproofed is the way too go. Edit: sheds can have insurance issues if not classified as a dwelling by councils
  2. He's said a number of times that the narrative in the books will be very different to the TV show. Too much too soon imo if it was going to happen.
  3. Gets my vote. ....please, as if Daenerys would turn mad - she's all about free the slaves, let people live in harmony blah blah, there is NO way she would just go and burn a million odd people on a dragon....its garbage So who'll survive? Arya had better not get killed....
  4. Riteo, thanks guys. Will do. As an aside, I was looking at industrial plugs etc last night. It gave me some thoughts for some sexy speaker cables.
  5. Anyone know the cheapest place to source say 100m of 4mm 3 core flex? Edit: its for an outdoor extension lead
  6. LOL. He had it out on SNA with Ted White. I can't find the thread - it got pretty hostile. Talk about backflip....well better late than never
  7. Oh now this is funny. I can probably find 20+ threads on various forums where David has slammed Green Glue relative to "Quiet Glue" (which he sold at the time) and he now sells the former! Ha! Hilarious (good price too) - these guys are another option Acoustica sell the floor underlay you'll want We used Tullipan about 10 years ago - back then they were excellent (Edit: no cutting corners - that house is rock solid and when we sold it 7 years later it looked like new (gardens aside) - and you're dealing with a family, each brother takes control of a part of the build)
  8. Yep. There is no reason not fill out your baffle, put a hard face on it, except say 100mm gap around the wall/floor/ceiling joins and line it with 50mm of 48kg (that'll work in a similar fashion to a riser trap). jam them in wherever you can imo Clips and channel are definitely the way to go. Double wall is a bastard (specifically, suspending the ceiling joints)
  9. Mass loaded vinyl I'm somewhat familiar with how it works (sorry some of the earlier posts confused me, I thought you were using Acoustiblok)
  10. I've heard the pro's condemn this approach in the past. I'll try to dig up a post why. Have you read the Acoustic Frontiers article on baffle walls? " Over a certain thickness even low density pink fluffy fiberglass becomes internally reflective (as in you increase the depth but absorption DECREASES). That effect is due to GFR or gas flow resistivity. " http://www.acousticfrontiers.com/2013322baffle-walls/
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