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  1. LOL, of course that'll work. But lets consider the cost - 50mm of Ultratel is say $35/sqm. That excludes fabric, the panels or track system, labour......$30k later, you could have built and treated a nice little sound proof, treated granny flat out the back
  2. Patchworks Communications (if they still exist) would do it. The used to be in Artarmon, now looks like Gladesville 9817 7597 http://www.patchworks.asia/contact.html
  3. I agree.....I'm by no means an expert here. But I hate seeing people waste money, which I'm pretty sure the curtains will be....well at least in achieving an acoustic objective. These modern rooms are really hard to deal with. We managed it in our last house with a variety of printed panels, a sisal rug, and fabric furnishings. But it wasn't perfect. Funnily, I sold those panels to another member last year and it made a night and day difference to his room - different dimensions and layout, but similarly large. The issue I'd have with that room is that it wouldn't be a nice acoustic environment just to be in and talk to someone, let along listen to music or watch a movie. Paying some coin for some advice I think is a prudent approach.
  4. @$piro what portion of you day is spent in there curtains drawn v not drawn? if the later dominates I'd encourage you to look at other solutions.
  5. What type of curtains are you thinking? they're not going to suit the decor IMO. Blinds will look better. I'd batten out these areas, put 50mm of 48kg insulation in there and then cover with a fabric track system.....but as I said....expensive
  6. We had a space like that in our last house.....have you got another room you can use for listening? In my experience you'll need to cover a good portion of wall or ceiling in acoustic planel. It'll be very expensive, even DIY, given the scale.....
  7. Nope. I didn't bother with Club 4x4 either Our broker got it done with Zurich, Blue Zebra. Only a few hundred more than our existing policy with NRMA
  8. I'd hazard a guess you have ineffective absorbers (foam is notoriously ****). It would seem to me you've got sufficient absorption in somewhat appropriate places. That or its positioning. Or a speaker issue (not likely) Where do you live? I'd get someone like Paul Spencer around to advisr before you go spending more money on "stuff" that may or may not help.
  9. This is what you want https://www.bradfordinsulation.com.au/commercial-and-industrial-insulation/walls/martini-acoustic-polyester-products/martini-absorb
  10. Not likely. 48kg is more "typical" Are you sure you want to be rid of said reflections?
  11. They're poly diffusers and provide some trapping, but not really. Mainly poly diffusers and a shelf to put surrounds that could be pointed at the MLP A mix of absorption, diffusion, scatter, and combo panels - each one is different 50mm 48kg is the standard. I can't speak to your plan. It'd be different for every room, speaker type, and preference. If you want professional help, I recommend the service that Quest AI provide
  12. G'day Gang, I was just looking at our policies with NRMA for our two Ford Rangers. The maximum insured value is about $30k less than our replacement cost for each car. Mainly due to modifications and NRMA not doing new for old replacement. Any recommendations on an insurer who we can nominate a value and stick to it? Canstar list: - Allianz - Youi - Budget - Woolies - Virgin Cheers, Peter
  13. Rubber mallet technique. Plus had it flowing nice with the plasticizer. Then fill using a mortar mix. I found a bagged product at Bunnings for repairing concrete. Worked pretty well. Comes in 1kg bags. I've got it somewhere. One of the most time consuming bits was the caulk. Tape and caulk. Needs to be VERY thin, otherwise it creates an indent.
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