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  1. B&w make a decent lcr you could afford. JBL has good value in walls. Or better still, Vafs DC series lcr and rears
  2. They're pretty horrific.......I wasn't impressed with the Gold let alone the Bronze. Wasn't Wavetrain a Triad dealer? That was pre-Control4 For $1k a speaker, I'd look at other options. Is DIY an option? Something like what the DIYsoundgroup kits would be excellent. Maybe even Red Spade Audio might do their AV8? for that, maybe as a kit? (I've no idea on pricing)
  3. Yep - otherwise any gap around the door will be his return and it'll whistle like a steam train
  4. Mini splits are the way to go for AC - saves all manner of expensive duct work and design. You can get ones (Mitsubishi make one) that go ina bulkhead, so it can be dressed up to look like ducted. Then just have fresh air supply and return with dead vents Put the return vent near the projector (or better still in its hush box if making one)
  5. Just have them use isolation clips and channel. Most builders can get their heads around that. Room in Room framing is actually kinda difficult and specialised because of the ceiling joists.
  6. I reckon they look fabulous......a bit like painting over a luxury car mind you....were you packing it when doing it?
  7. DIY an option? I'd cover the entire ceiling in a 50mm absorber and stretch fabric via track over that
  8. What about digital or active crossovers? Mind you, this'd get mighty expensive if you were using your DAC.... PC-DAC-[min dsp/deqx]-amps-drivers. Any word on when Atmos is coming to PCs?
  9. I've got a little baby Lenovo ThinkCentre M92P for ours. Its silent. I've got an external soundcard for it, SPDIF out into the receiver. Also a Windows wireless keyboard (has a touch pad). Its awesome. That stays on 24/7 and if I need to get online etc I can by just sitting on the sofa - also good if I want to move music around or have downloaded it and not in the music folder etc. But we run Roon off an ipad. Very tidy setup. I've only been using it 3-4 weeks. Very pleased. Music is stored on the NAS
  10. This still intrigues me. I love the idea of ditching a processor. Can you please tell me what the brand/model of the DAC is?
  11. I don't know why people keep getting caught up with room ratios. Every room will have bass troubles, its a given. Construction will vary, its a given. The best approach to sizing is like what @Al.M outlined - decide on how many chairs, how many rows, ad adequate offset around the edge of those seats so no one is sitting near a wall or speaker. If its a HT, draw some triangles and work out viewing angles - that'll give screen size and room depth. Add extra for baffle walls, gear racks etc. Done. Then treat as needed. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'd take a massive cube ANY DAY over a small "perfect" ratio space
  12. You can get spray and leave on upholstery cleaner. It'll make the car smell like a cheap motel, but might be better than the dog smell.
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