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  1. Peter the Greek

    Satori 2018

    Does the DEQX sum and average out a number of measurement positions? @jkn whats the smoothing the DEQX applies to the measurements? can you change it like REW? (sorry for the pedantic questions, I've been toying with buying one)
  2. Peter the Greek

    Satori 2018

    Will DEQX "correct" or "smooth" that out?
  3. Peter the Greek

    Satori 2018

    Quick question. Did you pour the concrete wet or just put in dry?
  4. Peter the Greek

    Satori 2018

    Love the work, awesome stuff. Agree the grain is very nice. @BioBrian CMT make a 38mm round over bit. Looks about right to me
  5. Wasn't there someone on the old DTV page who was doing 3d renders for people?
  6. 10 to 12 awg multi stranded wire. I've used this stuff and liked it https://www.renovatorstore.com.au/cables/speaker-cables/ultra-premium-speaker-cable-12awg-100m.html I'm a fan of racks out side of the room, but failing that, back is best IMHO. Don't worry about run length. That's a great sized room, best of luck with it!
  7. What's the thickness of the insert?
  8. I agree. I'd be most interested to see the in room results They're an acquired taste though @Wiffle are you going to dress them up at all?
  9. Peter the Greek

    Painting Theatre Room

    See here, one of the most technologically advanced rooms in the world, looks terrible IMO....that's my opinion of course, this might work for you and that's cool, just go into it with your eyes open
  10. Do you have some sort of absorption chart for those? Don't be dissuaded about DIY. Do you have a need for insulation batts anywhere else in the house? ceiling for example. I'd get a few bags of green stuff poly batts and have a play
  11. Peter the Greek

    Painting Theatre Room

    Definitely a good call out. I just want to get rid of the reflections. That's why I'm considering grey with black ceilings. I may consider other dark colours if it still gets the job done The only time I've been in a room that is all or mostly black that hasn't made me want to hang myself is when a variety of timber paneling is used to provide some texture. So you might have timber in black, up to a chair rail that is painted white (or something lighter) then a light gray above that. Ceiling done with a timber slat diffuser, again textured and in black. A lot of people have been going gaga over a newish room on AVS that is 100% black. Everything. It obviously is no compromise from a viewing perspective, but I'd put my last dollar on it being a depressing place...despite the very elaborate equipment in use. You've got to consider resale too....I've been quoted as never moving....read the thread on my signature...
  12. This is not a good idea. I cant find the formal reference I had on that, but the density from an acoustic perspective is an interplay between air to fibre volume in the batt, simply "squashing" it wont achieve the desired outcome. Better off buying a suitable density for the task at hand
  13. Peter the Greek

    Painting Theatre Room

    Do you really want black? makes fora terribly depressing room when not in use...just sayin
  14. Peter the Greek

    New Mini DSP 2X4HD

    LOL, Found my wife's near 20 year old laptop. I'll be buggered, it works! No need for new dsps for a while....going to get me a usb mic though, screw stuffing around with sound cards and the like.
  15. Peter the Greek

    New Mini DSP 2X4HD

    Oh right, got you. Mini dsp first for crossover and Dirac after that. They talk about that here....which is what prompted my questions https://www.minidsp.com/forum/dirac-series-support/13950-ddrc-88a-for-dirac-and-fir-linear-phase-crossover