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  1. Peter the Greek

    Post some pics thread...

    A few pics of our completed bathroom and kitchen (been finished a year or two now, hadn't got around to take some pics of it). Not too shabby for an off grid shed. We had 3 bathrooms and a laundry in our last place, now we have a combined bathroom/laundry and the kitchen is the same size as our old island bench (smaller in fact)
  2. Peter the Greek

    NBN SkyMuster satellite experience

    @proftournesol did you see we're getting un-metered content next year? browsing, software updates etc.....no Netflix, but its a start I suppose
  3. Peter the Greek

    5 Way Active Speaker build....

    Can we move this thread to the DIY forum? PS very excited to see this progress
  4. Remember you'll need to deal with hvac too. Cool, and fresh air in/out. Deal vents on everything. A mini split is easiest for cooling if you are worried. Still needs (should) have a fresh air return/supply - dead vented Also, surface mount everything - power points, lights etc Do a double door, one on each frame of the double wall. Perimeter seals all round. Solid core. It goes, ceiling - wall - gg/ceiling- gg/wall. Use acoustic sealant on all gaps for both layers Consider the floor. See what I did, its gold standard. But will raise the height about 25-30mm (angel step with t&g over.
  5. Peter the Greek

    Is anyone watching Rake?

    I know, how much did he fizzle!?
  6. Peter the Greek

    $5k budget - setup from scratch

    2nd hand all the way
  7. Peter the Greek

    Room treatment - with bells

    @JohnA wow, that was a nice looking room. Do you miss it? We lived without an operating system for nearly 2.5 years. It drove me nuts....
  8. This isn't a question for the builder, its the people making the window. Get on AVS and search for "Window Plugs" - forget the foam, complete waste of time. You want/need to board it over, otherwise all your other efforts are a complete waste. Buy GG here - https://foamsealant.com.au/ You have two choices (well three) with the ceiling: 1. Do nothing and it'll negate all other efforts 2. clip and channel it - cheapest and easiest I suspect 3. drop the ceiling height 25mm and run a second set of ceiling joists, so that the wall and ceiling frame of the room doesn't contact the rest of the house You need to read the soundproofingcompany.com website word for word. Any half measures will make the entire effort a waste of time. Its all or nothing. I say nothing, as you'll be wasting your money. Have a squizz at the thread on my signature - the last few pages explain the detail of how to do it, with photos
  9. Peter the Greek

    Room treatment - with bells

    @JohnA Off topic, have you got a system or room thread these days? Did you end up selling your SGR's?
  10. Depending on your isolation plan, per Mike's comments above, I'd just build a permanent "plug" to go over it. Have the window tinted with the darkest most reflective tint you can find. Then build a plywood "plug" (say 2 or 3 layers of ply with GG in between) and screw that in. Then seal around the edge with an acoustic caulk (I like the green glue one, its great to work with) If you're doing the room property, I'd put the "plug" on the walls, so it doesn't touch the window/frame. You want the double glazed window to have thermal breaks - they work as acoustic isolators
  11. Peter the Greek

    $3k budget - Audio setup from scratch

    I agree, 2nd hand all the way
  12. Peter the Greek

    Acoustic transparent screen negatives

    Buy whatever you like.....I feel Triad are terrible value for money in this country. Better off with VAF IMO who use the same/similar driver array and do it better IMO. But then I don't feel either are really suited to HT - the Krix's of the world are more suitable. They're probably the best local option, Red Spade Audio also make similar ones. You really want something with a compression driver.....but that's a whole other topic, best post another thread. You'll get a bazilion opinions on the topic
  13. Peter the Greek

    DIY - HiFi Racks - Stands - Cabinets

    Pretty well. Not qite as sharp as I'd hoped, but good enough. Once the joinery goes in it'll look great.