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  1. Peter the Greek

    Ideal Cabinet Construction?

    Sweet, thanks guys, understood (my naive enthusiasm was getting in the way). I'll mock up something when time permits. Need to get my dsp's working with windows 10....just ordered a new usb to serial cable. I'm going to build something that will allow pretty much any speaker to be measured 4-5m in the air. Weight is a non issue...well up to say 1t or so. Good to know concrete isn't a bad idea.
  2. Peter the Greek

    Ideal Cabinet Construction?

    Hello, I am possibly getting ahead of myself, as I am not sure when I'll find the time for this, but this topic has been niggling me for a while so was hoping for some direction (I have a pile of drivers for a 3 to 4 way build and also subs that need to find themselves into boxes) It would seem that common knowledge is to build cabinets out of a thick board material, say mdf/ply, and have lots of bracing. Then apply damping (some sort of rubber membrane) along with something to mop up high frequency artifacts. I have become pretty handy at casting things in concrete and was contemplating building cabinets using that method and then still applying damping as appropriate. If I understand correctly, Terry's speakers are concrete and @jkn if talking of using concrete in part for THIS build (though I am concerned in that case about the concrete shrinking as it cures and it coming away from the internal mold, ableit only likely to me small - potential for "rattle"). Then I came across THIS thread on DIY audio and wasn't too sure. They quote he work of Harwood specifically, which if I surmise correctly, a light weight box is better as it means the cabinet resonances are in the bass region and are less (not) audible. BUT, if using concrete moves the resonances up into the mid range, surely they're easily damped with a combination of a rubber membrane glued to the inside, covered in something like high density insulation (25-50mm thick) Anyway, what are peoples thoughts? concrete? plywood? should the sub cabinets be different to the LCR cabinets? I am not concerned about practicalities, we moved a 900kg free standing bench in easily enough, a few speaker cabinets are not a concern. Cheers, Peter (relative newcomer to the DIY speaker space, ok total NOOB...)
  3. Peter the Greek

    Soundproof / sound absorbtion blankets (curtains)

    Curtains can absorb yes (albeit not well), soundproof? no A couple of old threads here:
  4. Yep, or the Aldi baby week ones....godsend
  5. Peter the Greek

    Room that inspires me !

    LOL, well maybe I could flick the first two around. It'd be too late to veto either which way (hence position number 3 )
  6. Peter the Greek

    Room that inspires me !

    LOL, it certainly is! Negative noise floor! OMFG.....if you're bored, read the AVS thread, it has invaluable insights from Keith about how the room is set up and calibrated. Freak show! If I win Powerball I'm making 3 phone calls - first to our neighbours to buy their farm, second to Keith to engage, third to my wife
  7. Nice! wishing you the best. My only advice for new parents, well two bits of advice 1. Do what YOU feel is right. Every wog and his dog will tell you how to do it...mostly not helpful. My sister in law has a 16? week old, and a stupid app on her phone telling her when the developmental changes (updates I call them) should happen. Creates masses of anxiety 2. In saying that, onzies with zips....the greatest invention ever! It must have been the birth child of Hitler and Stalin who invented those with buttons or studs. There is nothing worse at 2:00am trying to figure out stud pattern. If you are given them, donate them to charity. Fill your drawers with the zipped versions only
  8. Peter the Greek

    2018/19 EPL Fantasy League

    Hello all, Whilst the World Cup draws nearer to a conclusion (go England!) I am reminded that it’s exactly one month until the English Premier League kicks off again. As in years gone by, I will again host a Fantasy League Challenge for my work (a very large institution - I think the most we've had was 50 people...mostly locals to my respective teams/offices). I did once see if SNA members would warrant a stand alone one, but got no contenders. I'd be happy to establish a stand alone SNA one if we got the numbers this year, but better off joining in on my work one if you would like. Be warned, it is a 38 week exercise, so it’s not for the faint of heart, a grueling challenge of wit, skill, and a lot of luck. It is simple to join, register a team here with this code - 269086-55639 Please share this with all those who may be interested, the more the merrier. Entry fee is $30, winner takes all. Good luck Cheers, Peter
  9. Peter the Greek

    Room that inspires me !

    Gawd....doesn't do it for me....hard to see on my phone, but is that a horizontal center speaker? Alarm bells....whatever floats your boat I guess This is the only room I've seen in recent years that has really got me excited, like, really excited
  10. Superb! very well behaved off axis....noice, very noice I just went back through my messages, its been 12 months since we spoke. Nice to see it coming to a conclusion. Seems like Paul owes me a spotters fee
  11. Peter the Greek

    High Efficiency 3 way

    This in my experience is quite hard in (a) a room that isn't soundproof and (b) one that isn't acoustically treated appropriately I find you physically can't hear the "micro detail" without it. The first is due to the dynamic range of music and the second makes sure it doesn't get muddled ....just sayin....what you might be searching for isn't a speaker, rather the room
  12. I like those rafters, solid as. The side surrounds should probably be further forward shouldn't they? I'd hang it on the rack door at a minimum. Any chance you can move that door at the front closer to the stairs? That's a rubbish spot for it, doesn't give you much space at the front That's quite an investment in gear....if I were you I'd drop a couple of grand on a professional layout - Shawn Byrne does one.....you wont get it done in time for wiring though.....
  13. If you're walling over the windows there is no point. Will you take out the windows and brick/clad the space? or just leave them there? If you leave them there, I'd have them tinted with the darkest/most reflective tint you can get so you dont see the mess behind. Regarding the shutters, it'd be an expensive exercise, as they'd need to be a 50mm thick frame that you could install suitable acoustic panels in - which would vary depending on location. Walling over it is the way to go. In a light controlled room, which you'll have, AT screens really are a must. As I said, having the speakers, especially the center in the correct location provides a HUGE improvement to dialogue etc, if there was one thing I'd have over all others, its an AT screen. Oz Theatre Screens make an excellent one - http://www.projectorscreens.com.au/
  14. Have you considered an acoustically transparent screen? They're fantastic for a whole host of reasons, not least of which is proper placement of your speakers, especially the center. If you went an AT screen I wouldn't square off that front wall, I'd put a rack in the bottom left corner, build out a false wall for the screen to sit on and treat behind appropriately (50 to 100mm of dense black insulation) Will it be a multi purpose room? if not I'd build permanent or semi-permanent "plugs" to cover the windows. Otherwise custom made shutters, perhaps with inbuild acoustic treatments - how handy are you?......I really dislike curtains....dust, mould etc and they're rubbish from an acoustic perspective - can do more harm than good in my experience Have you considered soundproofing? might be a bit hard with the budget, but as I often bang on about, you cant "upgrade" it later - read this site word for word. Its a big room you have, would be hard to do it cheaply. Especially with windows - if it were me I'd build a wall right across/over them (as you suggest). Otherwise you'll blow half your budget on suitable glass doors/windows....note, council's dont like rooms without windows, as an FYI...people often seem to get away with it though Lots of good advice above from Paul et al
  15. LOL, that's hilarious. I assume Paul still hoists them up onto a ladder or something outside to test them? (P.S. they look awesome) Do you know any plans for the crossover? FIR for the tweeter? LR for everything else?